Rick Scott, Charlie Crist Break Out New TV Spots

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: August 7, 2014 1:50 PM
Rick Scott and Charlie Crist

Rick Scott and Charlie Crist

As Florida starts to focus on the 2014 elections, and with the Aug. 26 primary looming and the general election waiting in November, the two leading candidates in the gubernatorial race launched new TV ads this week.  

On Gov. Rick Scott's side, the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) released a new TV ad defending Scott from former Gov. Charlie Crist’s charge that he raised property taxes. The ad also notes that Crist raised taxes during his term in office. 
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“Charlie Crist found one thing he’s worse at than being governor – basic math,” said RPOF chairwoman Leslie Dougher on Wednesday. “Crist invents new math to claim that Rick Scott raised property taxes. That’s false. What’s true is that Charlie Crist raised taxes by $2.2 billion. And while he calls himself ‘the people’s candidate,’ Charlie Crist has never paid property taxes and never made a mortgage payment. Charlie Crist may have reinvented himself, but he can’t invent new math or a new record.”

With less than three weeks until he faces Democratic primary voters, Crist launched a new TV ad of his own on Thursday. In the ad, Crist points to his record on the economy, claiming to have taken on the utilities and insurance companies and saving the jobs of 20,000 teachers during his time in Tallahassee.

“It wasn’t about right versus left, it was about right versus wrong,” Crist says. “You deserve a fair shot and a governor who will fight for you. And that’s exactly what I’ll do.”

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Matt Moon, a spokesman for the Scott campaign, was quick to punch back after the ad's release.

“It’s laughable for Charlie Crist to claim he’ll give people a ‘fair shot,'" Moon said. “In his alternate universe, Charlie Crist’s definition of helping Floridians is increasing their taxes by $2.2 billion, increasing college tuition by 15 percent every year, and taking nearly $1.4 billion in state funds away from schools. The only person Crist is fighting for is himself.”

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Rebecca Sharp
11:08AM AUG 8TH 2014
Interesting the slings and arrows flying across the isle. Rick Scott just cut the School Budget 1.3 Billion and increased the tuition at 15 universities across Florida. They both tell such GIGANTIC lies they can not seem to keep them all straight. Crist is just a big a crook and liar. He not only raised our taxes, he ruined the Judicial Branch, forcing Judicial Foreclosure Fees into the General Fund, leaving the Judicial Branch to fend for itself, now BORROWING funds from the General at a 7% interest rate to keep our Judicial Branch open on crutches, hiring magistrates instead of Judges and decimating our "Rule of Law" and Florida Citizens Due Process rights. These two are the equal of two evils. Vote for Adrian Wyllie, Libertarian for Governor. A man with integrity with his finger on the pulse of our States needs and the experience and education to make it happen. Please don't waste your precious vote on the "lesser of two evils" because there is no LESSER, just more of the same political "Bla, bla bla" and mud slinging. The definition of INSANITY is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. VOTE ADRIAN WYLLIE!
Barbara Gelfond
8:48AM AUG 8TH 2014
Don't reelect the CROOK!!!
Joe Public
4:50PM AUG 8TH 2014
Which crook are you talking about?!!?
9:33AM AUG 8TH 2014
Which one?

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