Rick Scott Elbows Charlie Crist Aside in New Poll

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: August 2, 2014 3:55 AM
Rick Scott and Charlie Crist

Rick Scott and Charlie Crist

Rasmussen Reports released a poll on Friday which finds Gov. Rick Scott edging leading Democratic rival former Gov. Charlie Crist by the slimmest of margins. 

The poll of likely voters shows Scott taking 42 percent, Crist garnering 41 percent, 8 percent backing other candidates and 9 percent still undecided. A Rasmussen poll from April had Crist leading 45 percent to 39 percent for Scott.

There is a gender gap in Florida as 49 percent of men back Scott and 40 percent of them support Crist. Only 37 percent of women back Scott while Crist takes 42 percent of them. Voters 39 and under break Crist’s way, 41 percent to 25 percent, and he edges Scott with voters between 40 and 64, 47 percent to 41 percent. But seniors overwhelmingly break Scott’s way, with 59 percent supporting the governor and only 31 percent behind Crist. 

The poll finds both candidates have secured their respective bases. Scott gets the support of 73 percent of Republicans while only 16 percent back Crist who, before he left the party in 2010, had run for statewide office fives times as a Republican. Despite only joining the Democrats in December 2012, 72 percent of Democrats support Crist while 13 percent back Scott. Voters outside the major parties go for Scott. 40 percent to 34 percent.

Scott is upside down in the poll, with 48 percent of those surveyed seeing him as unfavorable and 46 percent viewing him in a favorable light. But the governor’s job performance gets his nose above water, with 46 percent approving of it and 45 percent disapproving of it.

Crist is also under water in the poll, with 46 percent seeing the former governor as favorable and 47 percent viewing him as unfavorable.

Asked which candidate would do better on spending, voters preferred Scott, 43 percent to 34 percent. Voters also went Scott’s way on taxes, 42 percent to 39 percent. Crist did better when it comes to social issues with 44 percent thinking he will handle them better, though 40 percent say Scott will. On ethics, 39 percent said Crist is the best choice while 36 percent think Scott is preferable.

The poll of 900 likely Florida voters was taken July 29-30 and had a margin of error of +/- 3 percent.

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Comments (25)

11:46PM OCT 8TH 2014
Polls mean nothing, they are put out to sway the weak minded voters that don't really know what is gong on in Florida. Rick Scott is a bonifide crook that stole millions of dollars from you the taxpayer through medicare fraud. I believe he will be indicted if he is not elected and can't pay off the people that protect him now. Rick Scott is so wrapped up with the Insurance companies that operate in Florida that you will never get good rates with him in office. Don't be stupid check into his background, this man has put Florida behiind for his own gains.
Rob house
9:39PM AUG 25TH 2014
Hmm let's see ,largest bilking of Medicare and Medicaid in history a 1.2 billion dollar fine,he pleads the fifth 65 times.charging government for services not rendered and tests not needed or donesometimes. Yea he's right to run this state,vote for him. And oh yea we are surrounded by water ,the science is there,perfect. Let's let the band play on,.yea he's right to run this state.
11:08AM AUG 9TH 2014
No more Democrats anywhere!
I'm voting for Scott and volunteering for the RPOF. Must do something - I am sick of what the low information crowd has done to Florida and the USA. Look at the world right now under Operation Martha's Vineyard. I am proud of my Romney vote - Romney was right and it's time for a halt to leftist ideology.
Charlie seemed to be decent, years ago, but that video of flip-flops is hilarious. Must educate the short-of-memory.
As far as George W Bush - I miss his leadership. (Can you imagine the US under Gore?! Have mercy! Bush had 587 more votes did he not (and my family were three of those having newly moved to Florida.)
Every vote counts and I'm making phone calls.
Tyler Barrett
1:48AM AUG 6TH 2014
the only poll that counts
4:33PM AUG 2ND 2014
All these polls are just smoke and mirrors and always favor the one who pays for them.

The only poll that counts is the CLINT CURTIS POLL.

That's the man who made the vote fixer chips for Tom Feeney and Jeb Bush that their fiends in the voting offices can insert into the optical scanners and make the scanners read out for the chosen ones.

They been doing that sine at least 2002. In fact George W. even told jeb that's the only way he got re-elected in 2002 that electronic vote fixing equipment they had got and Jeb's "executive order" that paper ballots can not be hand recounted - if necessary they must be recounted on the same optical scanner that counted them the first time!
3:21PM AUG 2ND 2014
Anyone that pleads the 5th on the stand when they own a company and are asked about how his company handled government funds does not belong as a Governor of a state period. HE IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED!!!. Taking money from healthcare for your own gains???

That is his true colors. Can't run from your past Rick Scott.. Come on people. The guy doesn't belong as Governor period let alone acting like he is better than the other guy... He must really think that the voting people are stupid....
3:07PM AUG 2ND 2014
An overwhelming amount of people feel Rick Scott's MMJ policy is a sham. He won't get elected just on this as 88% of the people want it like it is in Colorado... In Colorado the average age of a MMJ card holder is 42 not children like Scott would like you to believe. Stop taking money from the lobbyists Rick Scott and do what the mass majority of the people want you to do. This jerk even wants Dr's to pay 5000 for the right to prescribe it.

As soon as he lets his position out of the bag publicly on MMJ its over for him. It is about having our rights as humans back and not being misled and lied to. Scott just tried to set up a system to fail just like NJ.. If people want Amendment 2 to pass then Don't vote for Rick Scott. HE will hold it up and fight it even if it is what 88% of the people want. I hope it is worth it for him as it will be the end of his political career.. Thank God...
Ken Willey
3:03PM AUG 2ND 2014
What good is this poll if it doesn't include Adrian Wyllie? The Quinnipiac poll clearly showed he is a factor in this election. Once the Florida Democratic Party succeeds in forcing Chaingang Charlie on their party we will see some Democrats come to our side.
11:52AM AUG 2ND 2014
Charlie Crist was born, Altoona, Pa. So he is not from Florida.
Ken Willey
2:58PM AUG 2ND 2014
I guess only Adrian Wyllie was born in Florida.
12:04PM AUG 2ND 2014
Neither is "your" faux candidate Nan Rich (NYC, NY) nor Rick Scott (Illinois) . . . .

Pathetic . . . .
3:33PM AUG 2ND 2014
Read davefe comment. My reply was directed there but somehow it did not. I could care less where one is born are where they are from. Except the President of the U.S. because that is how the founding fathers wrote in the U.S. Constitution.
10:31PM AUG 2ND 2014
Then double nonsense on even making your comment, since -->"I could care less where one is born" . . . . . so why shouldn't we read that last comment as being one made by a birther . . . .

Pathetic . . .
11:50AM AUG 2ND 2014
I guess the pollsters don't call NW Fla.
11:37AM AUG 2ND 2014
It's not about Nan Rich, who is a fine person no doubt. It is about getting rid of rick Scott. That is goal number one. It takes money and lots of it to defeat Ricky. Now Charlie is not perfect but give him some credit for having a heart. He is from Florida and does care about Floridians. As a moderate republican, Crist was pressured by the right wing crazies.
3:35PM AUG 2ND 2014
Charlie Crist was born in Altoona, Pa. Not from Florida.
9:41AM AUG 2ND 2014
Hard to believe there gonna allow Goofy's brother Rick Scott to run again. Nan Rich needs to win this primary, don't give on her Florida get out and support her.
lynne sherrer
9:15PM AUG 4TH 2014
9:42AM AUG 2ND 2014
Don't give up on Her! My bad.
Kathleen McCook
8:38AM AUG 2ND 2014
NAN RICH is running in the Democratic primary. By showing NAN RICH the respect due a life long Democrat and deigning to debate Charlie come lately might win over some Democrats who are currently supporting NAN RICH.
Ana Gomez-Mallada
8:06AM AUG 2ND 2014
People DO see through Charlie "the Windsock" Crist!
8:02AM AUG 2ND 2014
Once again, money talks and Scott will repurchase this election, considering all the lying TV commercials. Scott raised property taxes, drastically cut education funding, and only recently gave back some of the funds for political reasons only. I am hopeful that Floridians are not dumb enough to believe Scott's misleading campaign information. Crist may not be the best answer, I actually favor Nan Rich, but anyone will be better, in my opinion, than the lying Scott and staff.
7:28PM AUG 2ND 2014
You need to get your facts straight before posting . .. if you care anything about the truth. Scott LOWERED taxes, Scott INCREASED education funding, . He did NOT give back campaign funds . . He cut the budget and returned the funds he saved to the Tax Payers!!! This is all a matter of record . .. somebody has lied to you and sold you a rotten bill of goods.
You need to search this out for yourself . . .instead of blindly following the purveyors of misinformation.
Mark Castellano
12:25AM AUG 3RD 2014
Walker - YOU need to get YOUR facts straight. Rick Scott has lowered taxes for CORPORATIONS, not middle class Floridians. Rick Scott CUT education spending - his first budget cut $1.3 BILLION from public education, while siphoning millions into corporate charter schools and virtual schools. He signed budgets 3 years in a row that eliminated PECO funds for public schools, while providing MILLIONS for charter schools. These are the funds that school districts count on for new construction and maintenance of schools. He only began "I want to get re-elected" funding decisions starting nearly 3 years into his term. Farcical "teacher raise"; a pittance return of PECO funds to public schools in 2014 (charters still received lion's share this year); and claims of "record funding" for education, which is an outright deception, as funding is still below 2007-2008 funding levels! He cut the budget to subsidize outrageous corporate tax cuts. YOU need to search out the truth because someone from his campaign has sold you a rotten bill of BS. His TV ads are simply one lie after another. Don't drink the Kool-Aid, or in your case, don't drink anymore.
7:24AM AUG 2ND 2014
Charlie Crist is like Mr. Potato Head, he can be made into many faces, too bad he has none of his own.

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