Rick Scott First Out of the Box With TV Ad in 2014 Campaign

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: March 11, 2014 3:00 PM
Rick Scott

Rick Scott

Trailing in the polls behind Charlie Crist, Gov. Rick Scott released the first television ad of the 2014 gubernatorial campaign on Tuesday.

The ad features Scott talking about his experiences growing up in poverty and how it drives him to focus on Florida’s economy and creating jobs.

“Gov. Rick Scott's tireless and singular focus on improving lives for Florida's families, by creating jobs and investing in education, comes directly from his life experiences,” said Florida Sen. John Thrasher, R-St. Augustine, Scott’s campaign chair. “Rick's story speaks to why no one works harder than he does to make Florida the best in the country for families and job creators."

Thrasher talked to the media and said it was a "significant buy," costing $2.2 million and running across the state and online.

“The ad continues to show his heart and his personal passion for creating jobs in the state of Florida,” Thrasher told the media.

Asked if Florida voters did not know Scott after four years on the political stage, Thrasher said that was a possibility and one of the reasons for the new commercial. “This is an opportunity to reintroduce him to some people,” Thrasher said.

Thrasher looked to defend Scott from Democratic jabs and went on the attack against Crist. During Thrasher’s time as chairman of the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) in 2010, Crist left the GOP to continue his bid for the U.S. Senate to run with no party affiliation. Crist joined the Democrats at the end of 2012.

“Charlie Crist is a professional politician,” Thrasher said. “He’s a professional mudslinger.”

Noting that Crist worked for prominent trial lawyer John Morgan, Thrasher said the Democrat’s career in the private sector is more problematic than Scott’s. During Scott’s tenure in charge of Columbia/HCA, that company paid a record high fine to the federal government for Medicare fraud.

The Florida Democratic Party quickly weighed in on the new ad as spokesman Joshua Karp returned fire on Scott.

"Rick Scott wants Floridians to think he’s on their side, when in fact he has spent his whole career rigging the system so that only he and his special-interest friends will profit,” said Karp. “Rick Scott’s hypocrisy is on full display and no amount of campaign cash can change that. Rick Scott’s priority is where it’s always been -- helping the wealthy special interests and his campaign donors, not Florida’s middle-class families."

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Just A Voter
10:50PM APR 21ST 2014
I just want to know why his ad clearly says he's RETIRED NAVY?? He only served 29 months! Said he didn't know anything about the Medicare fraud, either...
Bush Push to Privatize everything
2:09PM MAR 12TH 2014
Even before he was in office, Florida Gov. Rick Scott proposed privatizing much of Florida’s prison system, and state House and Senate negotiators agreed to do just that Monday as legislators hammer out a budget. The agreement will move thousands of inmates to prisons run by for-profit companies in an 18-county region in Southern Florida.

As the Miami Herald reported last month, Scott’s plan “could open a lucrative door to politically connected vendors who stand to profit.” GEO Group appears to be the company with the most to gain. The nation’s second largest private corrections company, GEO — based in Boca Raton, FL — already manages two of the state’s seven private prisons and four of its seven mental-health facilities.

A “prime financier of the Republican Party,” GEO Group gave more than $400,000 to GOP in the 2010 election cycle alone and gave the maximum $25,000 to Scott’s inaugural fund.

The company has also deployed a small army of lobbyists in Tallahassee, including Florida “uber-lobbyist” Brian Ballard. Ballard and Scott have an unusually close relationship. Scott appointed Ballard to the finance committee for his inaugural fund and Ballard helped raise $3 million for the festivities. The month after Scott was sworn in, Ballard hosted a fundraiser Super bowl party at his Tallahassee home — Scott was the guest of honor.

Ballard is also a lobbyist for the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) — the nation’s largest corrections company with close ties to GOP statehouses across the country — which also stands to gain from the privatization scheme. The company has spent $373,000 in political contributions in Florida since 2003, over 60 percent of which have gone to Republicans.

Meanwhile, a third company, The Boca Raton company, is a “a reliable contributor to the Republican party” and gave Scott’s inaugural fund the maximum $25,000. It also employs a stable of 16 lobbyists in Tallahassee.

“It’s really just a gift to the private-prison industry,” said David Murrell of the Police Benevolent Association, the union which represents correctional officers. “It’s very political. The private corporations have been very helpful to the governor and his people.” Ironically, Scott “campaigned against the influence of special interests,” the St. Petersburg Times’ Marc Caputo notes. “But that was so 2010.”
Some Documented Facts
9:06AM MAR 12TH 2014
As Jeb Bush moves up to the top spot in his family dynasty it’s easy to see how he and his cronies move people around like they are playing a game of chess. Moving son George P. Bush in to the Texas Land Commissioner while son “Jeb, Jr.” runs the Florida Maverick PAC.

Check out Richard (Rick) Lyn Scott's (uses Richard L. Scott) corporate histories. Just like the Bush family he was once in the state of CT. 1999 Corporate filing for his Delaware Corporation “America’s Healthcare Network” carried a address of – Stanford, Ct.; other entries are Annapolis, MD probably when he was in the Navy.
After graduating, Scott practiced law at Johnson & Swanson in Dallas, Texas, where he was eventually made partner. In 1988, Scott and multimillionaire Richard Rainwater founded their own company, Columbia Hospital Corporation, through which they bought old hospitals, including many in South Florida. The venture was so successful that Business Week named it one of the best performing companies in the nation. A 1997 fraud investigation forced Scott out as CEO and Chairman. From then on until his venture into politics, Scott dabbled in several profitable investment schemes, and was even co-owner of the Texas Rangers baseball team with President George W. Bush.
GOOGLE “The Sources of George W. Bush's $41 Million Texas War Chest” and you will find a lot of familiar names. The Bush Profiteers: 100 Donors Who Enjoy Hands-off, Handout Government. {The Bush family scheme also called “pay to play!”

In identifying the economic and ideological interests of Bush’s donors, researchers kept coming across large contributors who became known as the Bush Profiteers. Many of these Bush Profiteers are:
- Corporate welfare kings who derived a portion of their personal wealth from the taxpayers; or
- Donors who appear to have an interest in taking the regulatory cops off the beat.

In fact, many large Bush donors straddle both camps, seeming to want the government off their backs except when it is giving them taxpayer’s money. The ranks of the Bush Profiteers include corporate welfare kings, snake oil salesmen, money launderers, tax evaders, tort dodgers, tobacco hacks and toxic waste dumpers.

The following Bush Profiteer profiles cite the total amount of money that the Profiteers contributed to Bush’s two gubernatorial campaigns (some totals include the contributions of nuclear family members).

Number 65 on that list is Richard L. Scott (Ft. Worth): $10,000
with start up capital from Richard Rainwater (No. 10), Scott started Columbia/HCA Healthcare chain. The HMO’s 10-year, hospital-buying binge ended in 1997 with federal investigators raiding Columbia facilities for evidence of Medicare fraud.

# 63. José Fanjul (Palm Beach, FL): $10,000 [Sweet Sugar Deals!]
The First Family of Corporate Welfare, the Fanjuls control a third of Florida sugar production, collecting $60 million a year in federal subsidies. Their Everglades land was drained at public expense, an environmental nightmare that costs taxpayers $63 million a year to maintain. The Fanjuls invest heavily in politicians of all parties.

# 80. George/Richard Wackenhut (FL): $6,000
The largest U.S. prison company, Wackenhut Corrections (2003) – WCC officially changes name to The GEO Group, Inc. .had tens of millions of dollars in contracts with Texas. The state had to take over a Wackenhut-run facility in Austin in 1999 following criminal charges that Wackenhut understaffed the jail, falsified its records and employed guards that beat and had sex with inmates.

NOTE: Former University of Florida Prof. Charles Thomas conducted “a supposedly impartial research on the private prison industry” until it was learned that he owned private prison stock, had been paid $3 million for consulting for a private prison firm and served on the board of Prison Realty Trust (Now Corrections Corporation of America). Thomas was fined $20,000 by the Florida Commission on Ethics and stepped down from his university position.

NOTE: Florida is embarking upon the largest prison privatization plan in history. As part of a last-minute budget amendment, the state legislature mandated the privatization of the correctional services of 18 counties in south Florida, for a total of nearly 30 correctional facilities.

No state has ever undertaken such an ambitious expansion of their private prison system, and for good reason; private prisons consistently fail to live up to contractual obligations, don’t save money, and provide less efficient services than government-run prisons.

But that hasn’t stopped Florida from forging ahead, even despite the fact that the Senate’s Budget Chief at one point even called this initiative an experiment to see if the state could save money by privatization. While that’s not a gamble most sane politicians would ever want to make, JD Alexander was probably swayed, as were many other politicians, by the more than three-fourths of a million dollars that the GEO Group spent lobbying the state legislature in the last election cycle.

Thankfully, one of Alexander’s fellow Republicans, Mike Fasano, is able to easily identify the root of the deficiencies of private prisons, and has been challenging this plan from the get-go.
“Talk about a dangerous situation for the public! Because, in my opinion, privatizing our prisons, you bring a private company in, all they care about is the bottom line. That’s why they’re a company. That’s why they trade on the New York Stock Exchange, that’s why they trade on any exchange for that matter, they have stockholders, they have board members to be answerable to; therefore, they have to make a profit and by doing that, in my opinion, you put people at risk.”
(The article cited here goes into a lot more detail on the lack of oversight and transparency of the industry, which in turn results in a breakdown of accountability)

In addition to Mr. Fasano’s agitation within the legislature, the Florida Police Benevolent Association, the union for COs in the state, has also come to the rescue of Florida’s prisoners by filing a lawsuit seeking to prevent the privatization push. The lawsuit contends that the process by which the plan was passed actually violates the state constitution, part of which is designed to keep budgetary and policy decisions separate. By utilizing the budget as the sole forum for discussing the plan, legislative leaders avoided a public debate that could have proven disastrous to the interests of privateers. The legislature also pulled a nifty trick by tying the plan to the entire corrections budget, making it virtually veto-proof.
Registered independent
12:38AM MAR 12TH 2014
I have seen teachers literally crying because of what these people have done to education in Florida. May God have mercy on their cold dark souls.
and he's out the gate
4:27PM MAR 11TH 2014
Rick Scott needs to "get to work" early this time all right. The people of Florida was fooled by this Bush henchman in 2010 claiming he was an outsider with $70 million of his own money the by the governor's Mansion. Who in their right mind would spend $70 million of their own money to buy a political office unless they figured than was an investment and multi-millions in returns would come flowing forth? No One! and neither did this organized Medicare thief!

he will win again just like Obama did because he had the Bush electronic voter chips in his pocket, but the real people of Florida and the teachers, firemen and people he screwed over on their retirement won't vote for him. And, hopefully the teachers and parents won't vote for him even though he's trying one of those Bush slights of hand by changing the rules of Common core which is "copyrighted" and can not be changed!

And just who is this Rick Scott the donut king???

Rick Scott (full name: Richard Lynn Scott) is the 45th Governor of Florida. Having served in this official capacity since his swearing in on January 4th, 2011, Governor Rick Scott has centered his political career on helping build up Miami as one of the largest seaports in the United States. An example of his efforts to develop a stronger Port of Miami includes dredging the port so that it’s depth reaches 50 feet, thus allowing much larger vessels and cargo ships to dock and unload.

Rick Scott’s Early Years
Born December 1, 1952 in Bloomington, Illinois, Governor Scott’s early years showed a dedication to public service and politics. As a young adult, he served in the Navy as a radar technician for two years before moving on to earn a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He later earned his law degree from Southern Methodist University, after which he married his wife, Ann.

After graduating, Scott practiced law at Johnson & Swanson in Dallas, Texas, where he was eventually made partner. In 1988, Scott and multimillionaire Richard Rainwater founded their own company, Columbia Hospital Corporation, through which they bought old hospitals, including many in South Florida. The venture was so successful that Business Week named it one of the best performing companies in the nation. A 1997 fraud investigation forced Scott out as CEO and Chairman. From then on until his venture into politics, Scott dabbled in several profitable investment schemes, and was even co-owner of the Texas Rangers baseball team with President George W. Bush. [A connection that kept Rick Scott and Jeb Bush from being charged with Medicare Fraud] And all Rick Scott could remember about his life was those stinking donut shops his mother run for him!
Rick Scott’s Political Career
Scott’s political aspirations arguably began in 2009, when he campaigned for a Democrat-controlled Congress to pass legislature that would allow health care to operate based upon free-market principles. On April 9, 2010, Scott announced his campaign to run for Governor of Florida, and won later that August with 47% of the vote.

Since taking office, Governor Scott has focused much of his career on ensuring that Florida doesn’t accumulate a massive debt burden. In February 2011, Governor Scott rejected a $2.3 billion federal proposal to build a high-speed rail between Orlando and the south Florida area, citing the need to be fiscally responsible. Additionally, Governor Scott recently signed a bill that requires welfare applicants to submit to random drug screenings.
Soon Rick Scott is slated to attend a $25,000-a-head fundraiser with former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney “at the South Florida mansion of health-care executive Mike Fernandez of Coral Gables” (who has given $1.25 million to Scott’s re-election).

The largest Medicare Fraud case in US history with Rick Scott at Columbia/ HCA being the second largest. Did Rick Scott assume INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CENTERS, INC. when Jeb Bush’s friend financed by the mob boss Santo Trafficante, Jr. fled to Spain? You bet he did!
Last Event DISSOLVED BY COURT ORDER Event Date Filed06/26/
Principal Address
1505 N.W. 167TH ST.
MIAMI, FL 33169
Address Changed: 04/21/1987
Officer/Director DetailName & Address

Title PD - RECAREY, MIGUEL [Jeb Bush pulled off the Medicare fraud enhancement for Recarey who is still on the run for Medicare Fraud]
1505 N.W. 167TH ST.

1505 N.W. 167TH ST.

Since 1993 Richard Lynn (Rick) Scott had been in the South Florida Hospital business
Columbia/ HCA and other ventures: CORAL SPRINGS VENTURE I, II, III and IV INC.

Document Number365811FEI/EIN Number591279056Date Even tCORPORATE MERGER Event Date Filed02/02/1994
Principal Address
STE 2100
FT WORTH, TX 76102
Registered Agent Name & Address
THE PRENTICE-HALL CORPORATION SYSTEM, INC. [Pearson Publishing publishes the
THE PRENTICE-HALL – WORLD HISTORY text books being pushed by jeb Bush and his Common core movement] This is the text books that are heavy in the Muslim religion pages!

Title DC

777 MAIN STR, STE 2100

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