Rick Scott: Give Workers Performance Bonuses

By: Brandon Larrabee News Service of Florida | Posted: January 8, 2013 3:55 AM
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Gov. Rick Scott is looking to take another run at getting performance bonuses for some state employees, he told a newspaper in an interview published Monday. But the move could do little to quiet calls for broad-based pay increases after workers have seen their wages stagnate in recent years.

In an interview with the Tallahassee Democrat, Scott said the proposal would be similar to one he pushed in 2012 -- when he said agencies should be able to provide performance pay for up to 35 percent of their employees.

"I'll be proposing something again this year," Scott told the paper. "I think it's extremely important that we do that this year. I think that we've got to recognize the hard work and the dedication of these state workers."

Scott portrayed the idea as something that came from his experience in business. The former health-care executive said many agencies were making government more efficient and reaching their goals now.

"I think we ought to reward state workers," he said.

It's not clear whether Scott's proposal would be more successful this year than in 2012, when lawmakers faced a budget shortfall. So far, economic forecasters project that Florida will see a large enough increase in state revenue to cover its needs in the coming budget year, which begins July 1.

The plan comes after several years in which employees have not received a pay raise. And the performance pay initiative championed by the governor would not appear to permanently increase workers' salary, instead acting as a one-time bonus.

At least one group that represents state workers said any performance bonuses should come only after a broader pay raise.

Doug Martin of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees said it was "unacceptable" for Scott to make up for six years without pay increases by giving bonuses to 35 percent of workers.

"All of the employees have been doing the work of the people of Florida," Martin said. "All of them deserve a raise."

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El Boricua
8:53AM JUN 27TH 2014
I am a candid person, who takes responsibilities seriously, and I met my State Employee Performance, but never got the Bonus, as the people at Central Administration Office, and those that were the eyes/ears of them. It's dissatisfying, discouraging and no wonder there is a big turnover rate of State Employees leaving this office. I am discouraged, and feel my sacrifices are invain. I feel like a non-entity (A NOBODY HERE).
8:40AM NOV 1ST 2014
My overall yearly evaluation was 4.33 out of 5. I was put in a new unit of peers 12/13 and those same peers did not opt for me to get a bonus a few months later. I can't say I blame them as I had only met them for one hour on two occasions. I am happily on my way this morning to do my early voting and I am not voting for Rick Scott. I've been so disgruntled I make much less effort doing my job now than I did before and I will never do anything above and beyond because it's not appreciated.
El Boricua
8:42AM JUN 27TH 2014
If it's to be based on Performance, then why didn't I get the Bonus this year-2013; I was expecting it, but never got it like everyone in the Central Administration. Its this a joke or a chicanery to integrity?
7:00PM JAN 30TH 2013
Rick Scott is a piece of garbage. State employees have not received a pay raise for 8 years and this moron that money away.
9:23PM JAN 9TH 2013
several yrs. try 6 yrs. this is nothing more than a feeble attempt to win back some of the 99 % of public sector employees he has stolen money from, lied about and fired. sorry ricky you are gone dude.
6:36PM JAN 8TH 2013
As a state worker, it would be nice to get a raise like the public sector :)
10:48AM JAN 8TH 2013
This is gov. Scott's half a**ed attempt to save face. State workers didn't get the bonuses last year because he didn't make it a priority. What makes anyone think he will make it a priority this year? If you actually believe this, you're delusional. This 'man' is a snake.

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