Rick Scott Leads Charlie Crist, Adrian Wyllie in New Poll

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: June 23, 2014 12:30 PM
Rick Scott and Charlie Crist

Rick Scott and Charlie Crist

A new poll released Monday from the Florida Chamber of Commerce Political Institute finds Gov. Rick Scott ahead of former Gov. Charlie Crist, his leading Democratic opponent.

The poll of likely voters shows Scott, who is backed by the Florida Chamber, ahead with 41 percent, Crist right behind with 38 percent and Libertarian Adrian Wyllie taking 4 percent.

The poll finds 43 percent of those surveyed think Florida is heading in the right direction and 41 percent think the Sunshine State is going the wrong way and that’s helping Scott. A majority -- 52 percent -- of those surveyed approve of Scott while 42 percent disapprove of him. While 43 percent see Scott as unfavorable, 45 percent see him as favorable.

Crist is upside down in the poll with 45 percent seeing him as unfavorable and 41 percent viewing him in a favorable light.

“I’ve been saying for a long time the voters of Florida appreciate leadership and the Florida Chamber’s poll is an indicator voters believe our state is headed in the right direction again,” Mark Wilson, president and CEO of the Florida Chamber, said on Monday. “Gov. Rick Scott’s favorability numbers are increasing, voters recognize more jobs and opportunities are being created for Floridians and they are feeling more confident.”

The poll shows the economy and jobs remain on Florida voters’ minds with 29 percent of those surveyed saying those are the most important issues while 14 percent say education is the most important issue and 13 percent say it’s health care. A near-majority -- 46 percent -- are aware that the unemployment rate has dropped during Scott’s tenure and more than a third -- 37 percent -- say they are better off now than last year.

“While these numbers are encouraging for Gov. Scott and Florida’s economy, it’s important to remember this is the time of the year when we would expect the opposition to try and change the subject,” said Marian Johnson, the Florida Chamber’s senior vice president of political strategy.

The poll finds both Scott and Crist do well keeping their party base intact with 75 percent of Republicans backing Scott and 71 percent of Democrats staying behind Crist. Scott edges Crist with other voters 34 percent to 33 percent, while Wyllie takes 8 percent of this group.

There is a gender gap in the poll. Scott takes 45 percent of male voters while 35 percent of them back Crist and 5 percent support Wyllie. Crist leads with female voters with 42 percent followed by Scott with 38 percent of them and 3 percent of them supporting Wyllie.

The poll of 806 likely voters was taken by Cherry Communications for the Florida Chamber on June 11 and had a margin of error of +/- 3.5 percent.

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Comments (37)

11:02PM AUG 11TH 2014
Adrian Wyllie is the only sane choice. It’s hard to understand why anyone would want scott or crist again. Both failed miserably. Adrian deserves my vote (and yours too) simply because he is honest, along with many, many other good reasons. I believe all that is needed is name recognition and for people to know there is another choice beside the same old corrupt candidates. Support Adrian by donating to his campaign and also the super brochure program, which I think is very powerful. Visit his website today
9:11AM AUG 1ST 2014
Who would believe the Chamber of Commerce and their crony Capitalism anyway?
4:19PM JUL 26TH 2014
I am a Democrat and I am outraged that Charlie Crist is pretending to be one to get elected. He is a conservative in hiding and hopes all democrats are stupid. Charlie Crist works for corporations, teach him a lesson vote for the libertarian, if all the democrats and libertarians vote for the libertarian candidate we can win this.
9:17PM JUL 11TH 2014
No big surprise here. Why would anybody trust the Chamber Of Commerce crony capitalists with an unbiased poll?
Jonathon Galt
11:53AM JUL 6TH 2014
Wow! a choice between the current Republican Gov. (Rick Scott) or the former Republican Gov. (Charlie Crist) and now a Democrat. Bleah!

Aren't we getting a little tired of the 2-Party-really-1-Party system? I know I am.

There's a 3rd Party candidate this time... Adrian Wyllie, Libertarian, who actually is polling at over 10%, but this article is biased towards Republicans, so they're not going to tell you that.

You have a choice between Adrian Wyllie, the people's candidate or Rick Scott & Charlie Crist, the corporation's and big-money candidates.
not a losertarian
7:41PM JUN 26TH 2014
dear losertarians, thank you for your support via adrian wyllie... sincerely, chain gang charlie
10:42AM JUL 15TH 2014
At the end of the day on November 4th I'll be able to keep my head up no matter the outcome. I will not reduce myself to voting for "lesser evils" when there is an outstanding veteran Libertarian on the ballot. I'll be voting my conscious and I hope that other Floridians will wise up and vote for the truly best man. There is no doubt that the best man is Adrian.
Rick Adams
9:10PM JUN 26TH 2014
Must be an RPOF troll.
Brian C. Cole
7:30PM JUN 26TH 2014
Adrian Wyllie is hands down the best candidate running for governor of Florida this November. If Rick Scott will not hold a press conference where he cannot pick the reporters and the questions, why should you trust him to do what is best for you or your state?
Jack beasley
12:37PM JUN 26TH 2014
Not one person I know democrat or republican will vote for Scott. Not only is he a crook, he made thousands voters wait in line for 9-12 hrs, some were sick and elderly. He tried to screw teachers, minorities and union workers. After 4 yrs of bieng a prick, rick is trying to look like he's not by with his BS campaign. This only fools stupid people. Crist helped me and my family after Andrew fighting insurance co's, and lowering taxes on stressed homeowners. You either believe in the Fraudster or you vote for a guy that helped floridians instead of trying to rip them off.
11:42PM JUN 27TH 2014
Lowering taxes? Not only are you misinformed, clearly, you're clueless. Taxes went UP under CharLIE Crist!
Also, might I suggest going back to school to get your GED? Your spelling and grammar suggest you should!
Jim Burkiewicz
9:52PM JUN 24TH 2014
Neither Scott nor Crist is worthy of my vote. The last poll fair enough to include Adrian Wyllie has 16% of Florida voters choosing him. That's a phenomenal starting point for a third party candidate. He's got a real shot at winning. When it's just you and God in that polling booth remember this: When you vote for the lesser of two evils, you are voting for evil. Adrian Wyllie is the best man in the race hands down. The only way to get real change is to vote for the best man in the race, not a bought and paid for corrupt politician!
William Dail
9:28PM JUN 24TH 2014
Glad to see Wyllie was included in this poll!! Great job! Now if the rest of the media would just follow suit, voters might be able to make better decisions for Florida's future!
Ron R
11:40AM JUN 24TH 2014
21% = undecided. could these be supporting Adrian Wyllie?
Average Man in Florida
11:28AM JUN 24TH 2014
Rick Scott = crooked thief.

Charlie Crist -- maybe not the ideal candidate, but it's no contest when you consider the opposition. Scott doesn't give a rat's ass about anyone except big business.
Peter Richter
11:03AM JUN 24TH 2014
Adrian Wyllie is the ONLY choice for Florida! Stop Common Core! Stop Crony Capitalism. Stop the wasteful spending! Did you know that Florida's budget under Rick Scott is the largest in the state's history? #VoteLPF
C Breeze
9:48AM JUN 24TH 2014
Am I the only one who remembers seven Florida youth camp Correction Offices, a Nurse and a Florida Medical Examiner fired by Charlie Crist over an inmate who dropped dead due to sickle-cell complications ??? AND to make matters worse,"governor" Charlie Crist gave the inmate's family FIVE MILLION DOLLARS of taxpayer monies almost before the investigation even began ! This was the ultimate type of "photo op" OPPORTUNIST PANDERING that "The Tuna" was well known for.... NOT AGAIN Charlie,...Not This Time !
C Breeze
9:59AM JUN 24TH 2014
Oh yeah Charlie,...How about reminding us again how, during the "BP crisis", you and Obama took off your suit jackets, rolled up your white shirt sleeves, and 'strolled' across the beach sand in your shiny black shoes for just another "politician photo-op" to show "the folks" that you care...REALLY? I'm surprised you "lost boys" weren't holding hands so that neither of you got lost in the "oily sand". No Charlie,..you've already "had your shot"...You better not give up your desk at "Morgan & Morgan".
Independent Floridian
4:09AM JUN 24TH 2014
I would be scared if I were in the Scott camp and found out that a republican leaning poll showed Scott only 3 point ahead of Crist after that thief Rick Scott spend $13 million dollars of stolen taxpayer dollars on ads attacking Crist before summer and before Crist has spent a dime. It's even more pathetic of Rick Scott and the GOP for spending $13 million on attack ads on Charlie Crist before summer, yet he won't debate Crist in public or answer any questions. That scumbag Scott has got to go.
2:17AM JUN 24TH 2014
I voted for Obama & I would vote for him again but given the lesser of 2 evils I'm voting Scott just look at the bank account for Florida it's in the plus 8 billion turn around from when he took office! The better part is he's starting to spend it in the right places & I don't care if he's doing it just for the election atleast he's doing it
7:53PM JUN 23RD 2014
Umm yeah. We get Rick Scott again or we get Charlie Crist again. Wonderful. Boy am I excited about these choices.

Can't we do better than this in Florida?
William Dail
9:37PM JUN 24TH 2014
Why does everyone think they only have 2 choices???? Do your home work people and research your options!! There are 18 candidates in this election!

Candidate Status Primary General
Adeshina, Yinka Abosede (REP) Qualified
Allen, Joe (NPA) Qualified
Blass, Piotr (WRI) Qualified
Burkett, Glenn (NPA) Qualified
Crist, Charlie (DEM) Qualified
Cuevas-Neunder, Elizabeth (REP) Qualified
Devine, Timothy Michael (WRI) Qualified
Gazetas, Vassilia (WRI) Qualified
Gibson, Kyle Chaderwick (WRI) Qualified
Harris, Emelia Sandra (WRI) Qualified
Khavari, Farid (NPA) Qualified
Lee, Monroe (WRI) Qualified
Rich, Nan H. (DEM) Qualified
Riley, Clarence (WRI) Qualified
Scott, Rick (REP) *Incumbent Qualified
Stegath, Keith (WRI) Qualified
Tolbert, Charles Frederick (WRI) Qualified
Wyllie, Adrian (LPF) Qualified
8:45PM JUN 23RD 2014
Not without a basic change in our current crooked, special interest and lobbyist run system. Would you support a new centraist party? I hope you will do as many of us will. Choose Charley while holding our noses and wishing for a real 3rd party. Personally, I do not have much love for Charlie, he is after all a politician. But I detest Scott. He has done terrible damage to the Florida Goverment and services, harmed education and been a hypocrit of the highest order. Charlie, while a career politician has shown he does care, a bit, for the everymen, tried to be fair and has been willing to compromise when needed. He gets my support, reluctantly
6:21PM JUN 23RD 2014
Yes, yes, Cherry Communications . . . . one week before the 2012 Florida Republican Presidential primary they had Gingrich and Romney tied at 33% with a 4.4% margin of error declaration . . . . . . Romney won 46.4 to 31.9 . . . . . so they were just a little off . . . . by more than 3 times their margin of error estimate . . . .

Pathetic . . . .
Joann davis
6:16PM JUN 23RD 2014
I would vote for anyone than Scott. He is just as crooked as they come. He cares for his self only. Just check out the job rate 6.3. He just in it fore him not us people trying to make a living.
4:21PM JUL 26TH 2014
I feel the same way but Charlie Crist is not the answer, he hopes we forget he was a republican governor who jumped ship to run for congress right after being elected...traitor...typical republican.
9:31AM JUN 24TH 2014
Joann, obviously you haven't been paying attention. The unemployment rate under Charlie Crist was over 11%. Tell me, what has he done as Governor that makes you believe he is crooked? Lowered unemployment? Significantly improved the state's financial position, including a budget surplus and improved credit rating? Actively worked to bring thousands more jobs into this state? The only reason you say he's crooked is because you're a liberal koolaid drinker. Wake up!
11:45PM JUN 27TH 2014
Don't waste your time here, Arthro. Joann is just a typical, female, low informed, voter. She gets her talking points from MSNBC.
5:23PM JUN 23RD 2014
Scott has consistently lied about his policies being the driver of the improving economy. All fact-checking sites confirm that not has Scott exaggerated his influence, but also he lied about the employment numbers and he jobs created. Even faced with fact, Scott continues to assert that he is responsible for the turn around in Florida's economy. The real picture isn't quite as Rosy as he states. In fact, the jobs created are mostly part-time and seasonal. Many have either stopped looking or moved to other states. The ONLY people Rick Scott has helped since he bought the governor's office have been his out-of-state capitalist cronies-all of whom realized great profits at the expense of the disappearing middle class.
I would hope that those who are considering a vote for Nan Rich or Adrian Wylie will reconsider. The ONLY way to get Scott out of office is to vote with a single voice against him. Those votes to Rich or Wylie will serve no purpose other than to split the vote, thus allowing Scott a clear shot. Do you not see the Repugs laughing behind their bankers? This election will be between Crist and Scott-better Charlie Crist than another day of Rick Scott. All one needs to do is look at those groups and PACS who are supporting Scott-they are the very ones who, by their policies from education to environment, have bankrupted this State. Scott needs to lose this election if the average Floridian is to have a chance to recoup. His recent efforts claiming to be "in favor" of education, teacher salaries, schools, first responders and all others have only come after he slashed all these budgets in his first term. He's sucking up now-trying to buy votes and hoping that the people in State have short memories. I certainly don't.
William Dail
9:51PM JUN 24TH 2014
Another "vote for one so the other will lose" voter? That's why we are in this mess to begin with! People quit voting for the best qualified person to get the job done! A vote for someone else is not a vote taken away from the other candidate if it was never headed there to begin with! You have 18 choices this election, choose wisely!

Candidate Status Primary General
Adeshina, Yinka Abosede (REP) Qualified
Allen, Joe (NPA) Qualified
Blass, Piotr (WRI) Qualified
Burkett, Glenn (NPA) Qualified
Crist, Charlie (DEM) Qualified
Cuevas-Neunder, Elizabeth (REP) Qualified
Devine, Timothy Michael (WRI) Qualified
Gazetas, Vassilia (WRI) Qualified
Gibson, Kyle Chaderwick (WRI) Qualified
Harris, Emelia Sandra (WRI) Qualified
Khavari, Farid (NPA) Qualified
Lee, Monroe (WRI) Qualified
Rich, Nan H. (DEM) Qualified
Riley, Clarence (WRI) Qualified
Scott, Rick (REP) *Incumbent Qualified
Stegath, Keith (WRI) Qualified
Tolbert, Charles Frederick (WRI) Qualified
Wyllie, Adrian (LPF) Qualified
Floridian man
3:46PM JUN 23RD 2014
Rick Scott is widely despised and a Chamber of Commerce poll showing him only 3 points ahead is good news for Charlie Crist.
3:05PM JUN 23RD 2014
Absolutely correct.

Florida Chambers of Commerce do little more than pimp for the Republican Party and a lot of the office-holding freaks therein.
dave fe
2:20PM JUN 23RD 2014
Is this the same chamber of commerce that cancelled a Charlie Crist speech because the Scott campaign team complained? Yup... "galactically stupid" describes any poll taken by Florida Chamber of Commerce. "Florida Council of 100 tries to impose GOP discipline on business community, bans Charlie Crist from luncheon speaking engagement."
(Sen) Jim Sebesta
1:39PM JUN 23RD 2014
It's not only good news that the Gov. is leading, but the trend is even more important. Remember, Crist had a pretty sizeable lead not too long ago.
1:24PM JUN 23RD 2014
806 polled throughout the state? The Chamber is getting Headlines with this ? It's a joke right? 16 million Floridians and they polled 806?
Was Adrian Wyllie , Libertarian mentioned, or was the choice other? I can tell you this is a propaganda stunt by this media source .

This is not a horse race and Floridians better realize the choices they have from the RD Party ARE the same choice! There is no difference, look at the Legislature and Rick Scott conspiring for illegal invaders for in state tuition on the backs of Floridians and American taxpayers. Common Core federal funding did NOT go back to Washington so bet your bottom dollar Floridians will be making a BIG mistake in choosing the R or D team of crony corporatists rather than a truly honorable, principled man like Adrian Wyllieforgovernor.com .

Time to do your homework Florida! Don't believe this rediculous poll. Oh, and Crist has a primary, Nan Rich, no mention of that! My vote goes to Wyllie for taking this country back, one state at a time. Your Party is not your team!
1:33PM JUN 23RD 2014
And your knwoledge of polling?
6:33PM JUN 23RD 2014
That's ok, your demonstrated knowledge matches your partisan ideology (and spelling) . . .

Pathetic . . . .

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