With Rick Scott Out There, Elections Are Not Over

By: Lloyd Brown | Posted: November 27, 2012 3:55 AM
From the Right Coast
It was not only liberals who were celebrating on Nov. 7. Many conservatives were elated as well – not at the results, but at the fact that it was over. 

American elections are nasty and enervating and those are among the reasons only half the potential electorate votes.

But, for Florida residents at least, the celebration was premature.

Liberals, to whom government is a deity and politics is a religion, merely morphed from one election to another, in the process hilariously claiming that the re-election of Barack Obama was “a referendum on Rick Scott.”

From Nov. 6 until November 2014, the effort to unseat Florida Gov. Rick Scott will be under way.

There will not be one day during that time without an editorial, column or editorial disguised as a news story that trashes Scott in one way or another or praises one of his potential challengers.

Liberals longed for Jeb Bush to go also. But not in the way they do Scott. He is loathed by the left.

Largely, it is because he is not a politician. Thus, he desecrates their religion by his presence.

He also was a successful businessman. Strike two. Success deserves punishment, not reward, in the liberal view.

From what I can gather, Scott's major offense during his first term was to suggest that state employees actually pay for part of their own retirement.

In the era of European socialism we are entering, this gives sensitive liberals the vapors.

Government's function, as they see it, is to coddle us from cradle to grave. Even now they are straining to get closer to the cradle by making the voluntary pre-kindergarten program mandatory.

Scott also has supported sensible reforms for the government schools, such as merit pay for teachers.

Currently, he is proposing that higher ed find ways to keep tuitions low. This makes him a radical when it comes to education.

To the left, he also harbors other subversive views, such as keeping taxes at a reasonable level so as to attract business and economic growth that would produce jobs.

How Florida liberals must envy the California politicians who just persuaded voters to trade a cow for a sack of beans by embracing even higher taxes. That already bankrupt state now will sing and dance like Crosby and Hope along The Road to Insolvency at a more rapid pace.

Who will topple Scott while waving the banner of liberalism? Liberals are tossing around the names of retreads like Alex Sink and even are speaking of “Chameleon Charlie” Crist, who is a Democrat this week. I think.

It won't be hard to sell any liberal in Miami and the college towns, but the rest of Florida might still have other ideas that more closely match those propounded by the Founding Fathers. (Public school grads, see Wikipedia.)

So, for those surfeited on politicking, I would suggest turning off the telly and listening instead to old-time radio shows such as Fibber McGee and Molly on the Web. Even the worst of McGee's whoppers couldn't approach some of what you are likely to hear during the next 12 months.

At least his were funny.

Lloyd Brown was in the newspaper business nearly 50 years, beginning as a copy boy and retiring as editorial page editor of the Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville. After retirement he served as speech writer for Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.


Comments (9)

4:37PM DEC 14TH 2012
Bah. Scott stinks. And I'm a Republican. I still think he stinks. For all the reasons you know but conveniently forgot to mention. Copy boy suits you, Mr. Brown.
Lloyd Brown
9:32PM DEC 10TH 2012
Thank the good Lord I found a job at the Florida Times-Union. If I had worked at any other paper, I would never have progressed beyond copy boy.
3:19PM NOV 29TH 2012
Yeah, if you bothered to actually GO to the website, you'll see it wasn't about re-electing Obama, but about voting out Rick Scott's puppets... Top notch reporting here.
12:39PM NOV 29TH 2012
Referendum on Rick Scott had nothing to do with President Obama. It was about unseating the legislators who voted with Rick Scott. Get your facts straight.
10:47AM NOV 29TH 2012
some nice whoppers of your own in that piece lloyd.
Roger Bennett
3:29AM NOV 28TH 2012
This is not a news website, it is a creation of neoconservatives for testing, adopting, and promoting the spin only morons could swallow and portray as plausible. The same brainless, lackluster fools whose votes elected a plain thief to serve as governor of this state need a propaganda section all their own, and this is it. Ignore them, and they will wither, dry up, and blow away..
Jimmy Miller
11:17AM NOV 27TH 2012
Wow, Lloyd, you're a total idiot. You must be blind to see that Rick Scott is a crook. Columbia Healthcare ring a bell? Hates the Fed but doesn't mind ripping it off for a couple billion. And now that he's got the former head of the Republican party admitting voter suppression, that's just even more proof. Anyone who supports Rick Scott after the crap he's done in Florida as our worst governor ever stands with evil as far as I'm concerned. And all morons like you have anymore is name-calling. Face it, pal...we see through your charade, and your kind of obstructionist, mean-spirited, pig-headed conservatism is no longer wanted or needed in this country. I suppose that's why you write for this rag of a website and not a real newspaper.
1:22PM NOV 27TH 2012
From his comments Jimmy seems to have anger problems. Cut back on the Red Bull and increase your anger management counseling'll see Mr Brown's point more clearly when you calm down.
Roger Bennett
3:38AM NOV 28TH 2012
Juggs, if you manage to find something in Mr. Brown's column that warrants any sort of respectful comment or consideration, you might have your nose too deeply buried between the jugs...Come up for air, and you, too will experience the insult at the heart of Mr. Brown's thesis. Garbage in, garbage out.

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