Rick Scott Promises Speed-Limit Veto, Wins Applause

By: Sunshine State News | Posted: May 14, 2014 3:55 AM
Trooper Chelsea Richard Accident Scene

Trooper Chelsea Richard Accident Scene

Saying he was moved by the death of a highway patrol trooper this month, Gov. Rick Scott announced Tuesday he will veto SB 392, which would have raised the speed limit by 5 miles per hour on some highway stretches.

In a conference with reporters after the Cabinet meeting, Scott said he attended the funeral last Thursday of Master Trooper Chelsea Richard, 30, killed on duty May 3 along with a tow truck driver and the driver's friend, when a pickup truck veered onto the shoulder of Interstate 75 near Ocala.

With Scott at the funeral was Attorney General Pam Bondi, politicians, hundreds of law enforcement officials from agencies inside the state and out and many complete strangers, according to news reports.

"It was convincing," the governor told reporters. "(Richard) ... had a 4-year-old son."

At her funeral, Richard's fellow officers asked Scott to veto the controversial bill -- legislation that bumped along, barely passing in the House every step of the way. On the House floor it passed 58-56, with eight members not voting.

No agency had asked for the increase and no agency spoke on its behalf.

"I'm going to stand with law enforcement," Scott said. "I want everybody to stay safe. I don’t want anybody to be injured, so I'm going to veto that bill.”

After the governor promised a veto, messages of thanks came into his office. Here are some of them:

trooper Chelsea Richard

Trooper Chelsea Richard

Kevin Bakewell, senior vice president of AAA, The Auto Club Group, said, “AAA thanks Gov. Scott for listening to our organization and to constituents across the state when he announced his veto of the increase to speed limits on Florida highways. By his action today, the governor has demonstrated a commitment to the safety of Floridians and the millions who visit our state every year, and we are proud to stand with him.”

President of the Florida Sheriffs Association and Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said, “The announcement that Gov. Scott will veto the increase to speed limits on our highways is welcome news. By standing together with law enforcement and safety advocates today, Gov. Scott is sending a clear message that he is focused on keeping Floridians safe.”

Amy Mercer, executive director of the Florida Police Chiefs Association said, “Creating the safest possible environment for Florida’s families and visitors is our No. 1 goal, and that is especially true of our highways. Gov. Scott’s decision to veto the increase of speed limits on Florida’s highways will help ensure this goal is met, and will also help keep our law enforcement officers safe as they serve our state.”

Colonel David Brierton of the Florida Highway Patrol said, “I applaud Gov. Scott’s veto of the legislation that would have allowed speed limits to increase on our roads. This decision exemplifies the governor’s strong support of the law enforcement community and his continuing commitment to the safety and well-being of Florida’s families and visitors.”

Wakulla County Sheriff Charlie Creel said, “Gov. Scott made a smart choice today when he announced that he will veto the irresponsible increase of speeds on our highways. The law enforcement community stands with Gov. Scott as we work to keep all Floridians safe.”

Walter Dartland, executive director of the Consumer Federation of the Southeast said, “Gov. Scott has taken a positive step for everyone who drives or rides on Florida’s highways. This legislation was a bad idea from a safety standpoint, and it was even worse when you consider the potential impact to consumers of higher insurance rates, reduced fuel efficiency and other societal costs.”

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12:03AM MAY 15TH 2014
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11:53PM MAY 14TH 2014
robert stevens
3:51PM MAY 14TH 2014
I am saddened by the loss of life by the Trooper....however I see NO mention of the speed of the pick up truck, whether the driver was impaired or whether he violated the move over law... This was about less room to ticket drivers on open highways at 75 with a 5mph cushion. I seriously doubt that a rural highway with 20 miles between exits would be less safe at 75 vs 70. It is about the organization votes.. Well Rick - I supported you once - but you have turned away from true Floridians on this one.
Ed Robinson
3:19PM MAY 14TH 2014
What a pathetic milquetoast. The AAA wants to protect the insurance surcharges it gets from speeding tickets and the police never support anything that lessens their involvement in peoples lives. The governor is supposed to look past these interests and focus on facts and science, which clearly supports an increase in the limit. How does the death of a police officer under the current speed limit have any relevance to increasing the limit 5 mph where the transportation department engineers deem safe?
katie kat
2:32PM MAY 14TH 2014
Rick Scott is years to late to get my vote,
He has taken more from my State of Florida than he can ever pay back.
I have numerous friends that feel the same as I do..
Rick Scott has got to go..VOTE NO/RICK SCOTT.
Ron Scott
2:04PM MAY 14TH 2014
I am sick of Scott moveing left he lost my vote ! He cares more about illigal imigrants then the people that put him in his chair. Vote for Crist ! Show Scott the door for betraying the tea party
the bald headed Bush
6:12AM MAY 15TH 2014
Rick Scott is the bald headed Bush. Bush family Dallas, Tx Oil and hospital lawyer. Immigration, Common core, privatizing public schools into Charter Schools for their for-profit friends including Muslim Schools run by Gulen, Gary Grappo and others!

Partnered with GW and Tom Hicks in the Texas Rangers........

Partnered with Richard Rainwater to pick up the pieces of the Jeb Bush and Miguel Recarey IMC Medicare Fraud network!

Bought the governor's office with $70 million of stolen tax dollars from the Medicare Fraud instigated by Jeb Bush and Miguel Recarey!

No wonder Rick Scott supports everything Jeb Bush instigates and supports - he is the bald bush who too the fifth 75 times in 1995 and along with Jeb and the Bush machine pay to play schemes avoided prison while Miguel Recarey fled to South America.
katie kat
2:38PM MAY 14TH 2014
Ron Scott in case you haven't heard, everyone is betraying the tea party. The tea party is dead almost buried. Hopefully the old respected GOP will rise again and help get our country back on track. We can do it together if the right will put their guns back in their gun racks.
Pinellas Native
6:22PM MAY 16TH 2014
Ron Scott is right. Rick Scott lost my vote too do to the Collage tuition for illegal immigrants bill. The speed limit veto is just another example of how Rick Scott is now for special interest and not the people.I will vote third party this time because what is the difference between Charlie and Rick Scott anyway ?
1:15PM MAY 14TH 2014
If Gov. Scott is serious about wanting everyone safe, he'll outlaw all forms of wheeled conveyances.
1:12PM MAY 14TH 2014
I couldn't find anything about WindSock Charlie's stance on raising the speed limit. Please share.
Stephen Donaldson
11:43AM MAY 14TH 2014
Really he vetoed this for "safety". Looks like more about money.

WE WERE TALKING A 5 mph increase, NOT A 20 mph one. This "veto" is NOT about safety. BUT politics!

Next the trooper death was reported as a potential DUI! wtxl.com/news/fhp-trooper-tow-truck-driver-and-pedestrian-killed-in-i/article_39d241c2-d319-11e3-bacc-0017a43b2370.html

“Troopers are now looking into whether the driver of the pick-up truck was impaired at the time of the crash.” Funny no mention of that by those there.

Third, here are the other Death rates of 75 mph states. NOTICE that with one exception. THEY ALL WENT DOWN!

If 75 is so "unsafe" THAN WHY DID THEY GO DOWN!

Here are the FARS data:

AZ 1996 55/65 mph death rate 2.36 2011 with 75 mph speed limit death rate: 1.38
ID 1996 55/65 mph death rate 1.99 2011 with 75 mph speed limit death rate: 1.05 (Now 80 mph)
KS 1996 55/65 mph death rate 1.89 2011 with 75 mph speed limit death rate: 1.29
ME 1996 55/65 mph death rate 1.32 2011 with 75 mph speed limit death rate: .95
MT 1996 55/65 mph death rate 2.12 2011 with 75 mph speed limit death rate: 1.79
NE 1996 55/65 mph death rate 1.80 2011 with 75 mph speed limit death rate: .95
NV 1996 55/65 mph death rate 2.18 2011 with 75 mph speed limit death rate: 1.02
ND 1996 55/65 mph death rate 1.26 2011 with 75 mph speed limit death rate: 1.62
OK 1996 55/65 mph death rate 1.96 2011 with 75 mph speed limit death rate: 1.47
SD 1996 55/65 mph death rate 2.24 2011 with 75 mph speed limit death rate: 1.23
TX 1996 55/65 mph death rate 2.02 2011 with 75 mph AND 80 MPH speed limit death rate: 1.27.
UT 1996 55/65 mph death rate 1.64 2011 with 80 mph speed limit death rate: .92
WY 1996 55/65 mph death rate 1.94 2011 with 75 mph speed limit death rate: 1.46 (Now 80 mph)

FL death rate is almost the same as TX who has 80 mph speed limits!

Rick Scott, "stands" for AAA, really what this is. NOT Florida motorists!
Harold Monoginslogin
8:19AM MAY 14TH 2014
Well that was a "no brainer", he should have made the announcement two weeks ago!! Ironic that it takes him attending a Trooper's funeral to listen to what law enforcement has been saying for three months! Is it any wonder he is losing to Crist in the polls.
katie kat
2:44PM MAY 14TH 2014
This is all about Scott getting re-elected, nothing more.

vote Charlie Crist and take 20 others to the polls with you...
you owe it to the state of FLORIDA to use your vote..


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