Rick Scott: Republicans Will Rebound in 2014

By: Jim Turner | Posted: January 5, 2013 3:00 PM

Rick Scott

Gov. Rick Scott

The 2014 election will be a marked improvement from the shock of 2012 because the focus will be on the accomplishments of the state, Gov. Rick Scott said Saturday after addressing members of the Republican Party of Florida in Orlando.

“I think one of the reasons the Republican Party will do extremely well in 2014 is we have a track record,” Scott said.

“We have a track record of job growth. We have a track record of paying down our debt. We have a track record of improving education. We’ve got a track record of housing prices up, tourism up. And I believe our economy is going to continue to grow rapidly.  

“The Federal Reserve came out and said that in the next six months our economy is going to grow faster than it has grown since 2005.”

“We’re going to have a track record and we’re going to get our message out.”

At the RPOF annual meeting some remained stunned -- Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam admitted "We got our teeth kicked in" and "we didn't see it coming" -- as President Obama took Florida, dragging U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Orlando, to victory and redistricting helped the GOP lose its supermajorities in both the Florida House and Florida Senate.

Scott and all three members of the Florida Cabinet will be up for re-election in two years and as party leaders retained the Republican Party of Florida leadership on Saturday the emphasis is squarely on 2014.

RPOF Chairman Lenny Curry vowed “We’re going to elect the members of our Cabinet.”

Both Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam and Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater described the party as a “team,” with Atwater noting the GOP has an all-star roster that's “like looking down a bench at DiMaggio and Musial.”

Addressing the party leaders at the Rosen Centre Hotel, Scott continued to focus on the gains made in the state since 2011 when unemployment was above 11 percent.

While many take the comparison as a slight at potential Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist, who was Florida’s Republican governor during the recession, Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater said that Scott doesn’t emulate President Obama.
“There is not a moment that Barack Obama can’t say this one word, he can’t walk by a camera without saying this word, every time someone talks about a challenge, he says 'inherited,'” Atwater said.

“Rick Scott says that’s an issue. I’ve got a moment in time. I’ve got the charge. I’m going to work with everybody I know to solve it.”

Asked about a potential Crist match-up in 2014, Scott said he will run the same kind of race as he did in 2010, focusing on what he intends to accomplish.

“It’s going to be focused on our track record of holding government accountable, reducing taxes, reducing regulations, getting the job market going, getting housing coming back and getting exports up, improving education,” Scott said. “That’s what I’m going to talk about.”

Scott was greeted at the RPOF meeting with a standing ovation.

Florida Rep. Jimmy Patronis, R-Panama City, tweeted that Scott was “sounding strong at the RPOF meeting.”

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Comments (9)

Cindy Norris
11:03PM APR 10TH 2013
Oh yes - and he is putting about 14000 out of jobs ! That really means "a record of job growth" as he reportedly has said.
Cindy Norris
11:00PM APR 10TH 2013
Down with Rick Scott ! Unfortunately voting him OUT will probably NOT bring back Internet Cafes, or undo any of the other negatives he has perpetrated on the state of Florida. How do jerks like this get so damn rich and achieve power so they can abuse it ? Makes me sick.
4:28AM JAN 13TH 2013
Rick Scott seems to be completely detached from reality. He will definitely lose. He is (arguably) the most disliked Gov in the Nation. Floridians don't appreciate his demeaning, non responsive, totalitarian approach. He will lose soundly. Likely we'll elect Charlie Crist - Hurry back Charlie, Scott is ruining Florida. R Scott is terrible.
12:21AM JAN 8TH 2013
Delusional republicans .will have thier the arsses handed to them again and will be in denial until sentenced or ousted.
6:42PM JAN 6TH 2013
scott has a track record of, educational chaos, environmental destruction, corporate welfare, poor agency head appointments, making a fool of himself in public, and flaunting sunshine laws. yes quite a track record indeed.
4:29AM JAN 13TH 2013
@ wbp Well said!
1:02PM JAN 6TH 2013
Yes, the last I checked (just before Christmas), Rick Scott had a 36% approval rating, with 53% of REPUBLICANS saying they'd like another Gubernatorial candidate in the primaries . . . .

Adam Putnam seems to be the only Florida Republican that can speak the truth on occassion - "We got our teeth kicked in" . . . .

Yes, and without a major change in attitudes and actions, it'll happen again in 2014 to the legislators who promoted voter suppression and a Governor who refused to extend early voting . . . . among many, many other flaws . . . . such as lying to justify the abolishment of much of the state's growth management system, and the continuing attempts at quietly trying to privatize water supplies and most governmental functions, including prisons, schools, and new roads, . . . . all while providing their colleagues with their own fiefdoms, such as a new 12th university, on the backs of taxpayers . . . .

Pathetic "Big Lie" self-serving politicians . . . .
11:17AM JAN 6TH 2013
Governor, Floridians are counting the days, to correct the mistake we've made.
4:31AM JAN 13TH 2013
Can't WAIT til this oppressive, dark cloud is dumped!

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