Rick Scott Seeks to Drive Road, Seaport, Airport Upgrades in Second Term

By: Jim Turner News Service of Florida | Posted: August 19, 2014 3:55 AM
Rick Scott

Gov. Rick Scott

Gov. Rick Scott is hyping a plan to reinforce the state's roads, ports and airports as he campaigns across Florida this week.

The proposal, which also pushes safety enhancements for bicyclists while highlighting spending on transit since Scott has been in office, is the latest part of the governor's re-election platform.

"I am committed to keeping Florida moving by creating strategic investment opportunities to expand our state's transportation system," Scott, who appeared Monday in Jacksonville, said in a prepared statement.

The plan focuses heavily on expanding parts of the existing transit infrastructure by affirming support for the state Department of Transportation's $41 billion 5-year work program.

Specific projects that could be undertaken would still need to be worked out annually with the Legislature if Scott is re-elected, a campaign spokeswoman said.

Scott, who has conducted similar tours for other parts of his platform, has titled this week's campaign effort "Let’s Keep Florida Moving."

Additional stops are planned in Daytona Beach, Fort Myers, Miami, Panama City and Tampa.

The plan doesn't address any proposals for passenger or freight rail transportation, which has become a hot topic in parts of the state during this year's elections.

"The governor right now is pointing out places where investments can be made because the governor is all about jobs," said campaign spokeswoman Jackie Schutz.

Along the Space and Treasure coasts, opposition has been growing to the proposed All Aboard Florida passenger service.

The Tampa Bay Times reported last month that Scott, who in 2011 rejected federal funding for high-speed rail across 84 miles of Central Florida, expressed support for the Coral Gables-based All Aboard Florida. However, the governor's office has also tried to distance Scott from All Aboard Florida, which is a division of Florida East Coast Industries.

The Florida Democratic Party called Scott's transit plan "disingenuous" and "misleading."

"Rick Scott put politics over good policy when he rejected funding for high-speed rail," the Florida Democratic Party said in a statement.

The Democratic Party also noted that Scott's vision for transportation has turned since he took office, as the governor's first budget offered a more tea-party friendly proposal to cut transportation funding by $441.5 million.

Scott's campaign tour comes after the governor's office announced Thursday that six large road projects, at a combined cost of $806.7 million, have been formally moved to the front of the state's 5-year work program.

The campaign stops this week are being set up in regions impacted by each of those advanced road projects.

Along with $25 billion over the next five years to maintain and add extra lanes to existing roads and $325 million for aviation improvements, the campaign proposal touts $1 billion for the state's seaports.

The port total includes funding approved the past 4 years, Schutz said.

Scott announced in May that he wanted to spend $300 million during a second term for upgrades at most of the state's 15 seaports.

The state has spent $582 million the past three years on improvements at Florida's seaports, with an eye on establishing Florida as a global trade crossroad. An additional $139 million is included in the current fiscal year budget for more than 20 port projects across the state.

The plan also promises to expand Florida’s space industry, which recently failed to sway billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk to set up the world's first private launch facility in the Sunshine State, and to ensure a safer environment for bicyclists.

In June, Scott signed the state's $70 billion budget, which included $15 million for work on a coast-to-coast bicycle and pedestrian trail across Central Florida that is backed by incoming Senate President Andy Gardiner, R-Orlando.

Scott vetoed a $50 million allocation for the coast-to-coast trail a year earlier.

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The Swampfox
3:03PM AUG 19TH 2014
Whew....I was getting eye spasms trying to follow this story moving from Google back here for confirmations The only thing I see missing here is the story about Halliburton:)))) What about the Clinton's aka. Rose Law Firm, the shady dealing Bill as governor was involved in hmmm? Lets take the current narcissistic, sociopath president Obama, his dealing with Bill Ayers, his mentor Saul Alinsky, sealed Occidental college records, his fathers background, and Obama's background as a Muslim. Alcee Hastings. Perhaps now we can see why this country is in such disarray and the world is in such a turmoil. No one was killed, these were business deals that governor Scott was allegedly involved in well before his election Politics makes for strange bedfellows and it appears by your timelines that this was well in the past. I would like to steal a recently famous quote: WHAT DIFFERENCE AT THIS POINT DOES IT MAKE??
it makes the difference of survival of our youth
5:01PM AUG 19TH 2014
Yes you are right the IMC Medicare Fraud schemes of Jeb Bush and Miguel Recarey, Jr. later rescued with the help of Rainwater and Scott started before both Bushes and Rick Scott were governors.

We could have included Halliburton and Carlyle as well. And yes we could have tied Iran-Contra George HW Bush, Bill Clinton (whom George HW Bush no calls his adopted son) picking up drug shipments at the Mena Little Rock Airport. The 1983 pictures at the Walker home crab bake of then VP Bush and Bill Clinton with former Alabama Governor George Wallace. By 1991 GHW Bush had Clinton at the Bilderberg meeting getting his NAFTA training and in 1992 after eight years of breathing over Reagan's shoulder and four years at the job Bush (41) let his adopted son William Jefferson Blyth Clinton become the 42 president of the USA. You names some of Obama's friends and advisors above, but you left off the entire Bush family. GW Bush funded Common Core with his No child Left Behind act and his adopted brother Obama even funded it some more with his Race to the Top! Just one big happy family. As you quote Hitlary let us quote "Moma Pearls" Barbara Bush "this country is about more than just four families!"

And if indeed Rick Scott and Jeb Bush was parties to the massive Medicare Fraud beginning in the middle 1980's aith IMC and continuing to this day under Jeb's leadership at Tenet. They were and are stealing the taxpayers dollars. Why would the taxpayers ever elect persons who have ever stolen one red cent from them? You act like no matter hwo much they stole in the past or how many lives they have destroyed in the past as long as it is before they get elected to public office it's all forgiven.
lets have some Scott Bush Eisner Rainwater facts here
8:41AM AUG 19TH 2014
Old Tampa Florida born mob boss Santo Trafficante, Jr. was run out of Havana, Cuba by Fidel Castro in January 1959 along with the rest of his mob, one of which was Miguel Recarey, Jr. Trafficante is said to have financed Recarey’s venture into International Medical Centers.

By 1984 Recarey was having problems with his Medicare percentages and recruited Jeb Bush to help solve those problems. Jeb called both HHS Secretary Margaret Heckler and a top aide, C. McLain Haddow and successfully convinced them to waive the regulation for Recarey, Haddow testified to Congress. Bush’s lobbying of HHS took place during the same period that top-level Congressional testimony proves Jeb made calls to Washington DC and the Medicare funds flowed.

In July 1987 Recarey was indicted for Medicare Fraud and other federal crimes and fled the country. Federal regulators accused Recarey of the largest Medicare Fraud in US history!
Recarey resigned from IMC and was immediately replaced by John Ward. (Ward had been law partner to Reagan-Bush campaign manager John Sears. And Sears had also been a lobbyist for IMC.) But Recarey's Medicare scam would never get to a public courtroom airing. Before his trial on the wiretap charge, Recarey skipped the country. His getaway was remarkable: just in time for his flight, the normally tight-fisted IRS expedited a $2.2 million income-tax refund, which Recarey claimed he had coming. Recarey's last act before becoming a fugitive was an attempt to wire $30,000 into the bank account of Washington consultant and lobbyist Nick Panuzio -- whose partner was then managing George HW Bush's 1988 presidential campaign. (The wire transfer failed only because, in his haste, Recarey had gotten Panuzio's account number wrong.) It was only after Recarey was safely out of the country that the U.S. attorney in Miami -- a political appointee -- filed formal charges of Medicare fraud against him.

In October 1987 Jeb Bush with the help of his brother George W. Bush contacted investor Richard Rainwater to put together investors to take over the former assets of International Medical Centers of which most had been sold by state regulators to Humana, Inc. along with $30 million in monthly Medicare income payments - Humana an insurance company rolled it’s newly acquired IMC hospital assets into a new corporation called Galen Hospitals, Inc.
Rainwater’s team was in Miami forming corporations and acquiring hospital assets - among others Rainwater brought along Dallas Lawyer Richard (Rick) Lynn Scott, Johnson and Swanson Law Firm and former partner with George W. Bush, Tom Hicks, Rusty Rose and Rainwater in the Texas Rangers buy out. Soon they settled on the corporate name of Columbia Hospital for their new acquisitions. Scott pulled off his first megadeal: the $3.2 billion acquisition of Galen Health Care, formerly the hospital arm of Humana Inc. on August 16, 1988 along with all those millions of monthly Medicare funds that come with the deal.

Richard Rainwater, best known for his leveraged takeover of Disney in 1984 and his hiring of Michael Eisner to run the Disney empire who later purchased Eisner’s former employer ABC along with other media groups making Eisner the single most powerful media control person in the world.

As Rick Scott and investors grew Columbia he was eventually contacted by Dr Tommy Frist – Nashville for-profit HCA (Hospital Corporation of America) CEO with a merger offer. HCA was started by Frist’s father (co-founder of KFC with Colonel Harlan Sanders) who was also the father of Tennessee US Senator Bill Frist who supported George W. Bush’s nominee John Roberts for Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court who controls US security and appoints NSA Judges for life!
One member from the Columbia side of the Columbia/ HCA corporate marriage: T. Michael Long, was partner at investment banker Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.
NOTE: In 1919, George Herbert Walker [Grandfather of George Herbert Walker Bush (41) organized W.A. Harriman & Co which merged with the British Brown Brothers in 1931 Prescott Bush [father of Bush (41)] was an officer of the W.A. Harriman bank since 1926, and was a director of the Union Banking Corp from 1934 through 1943.
HCA had agreed to the same kind of deal as Galen had: a "pooling of interests" merger. Finalized February 10, 1994, the deal produced a $10 billion giant. It was Scott's dream: "I had picked the name Columbia because it sounded good in front of HCA." Three months later, Scott announced another billion-dollar merger, this one with Medical Care America (MCA), the country's largest chain of outpatient surgicenters, with 96 sites.
That merger was completed on September 16, 1994. Three weeks later Scott announced the most recent merger. HealthTrust Inc. - The Hospital Company, with its 116 hospitals and $5 billion price tag, would join Columbia/HCA, in a deal that both sides expect to complete in the first quarter of 1995. This brought the other big chunk of what had been HCA - the smaller, more rural hospitals - into the Columbia fold.
With the continued positive results of the 1984 Jeb Bush phone calls to the HHS supervisors on behalf of the former IMC from 1987 until 1997 – Columbia/ HCA was the [filtered word] that laid the golden Egg.

By 1997 their Medicare schemes was once again breathing down their necks. In 1995 Rick Scott had taken the Fifth – 75 times to avoid criminal prosecution himself in what federal regulators was now calling -Columbia/ HCA- the largest Medicare Fraud to date in US history.

March 1997, federal agents raided Columbia offices in El Paso and carted out documents by the truckload, Frist met privately with Scott and urged him to adopt a more statesmanlike stance. Scott listened, but did he hear? Publicly, anyway, the CEO has not conceded that he needs to modify either the substance or style of his approach. "There are certain things beyond your control," Scott told BUSINESS WEEK in a June interview. "But what I like about this industry is that if we do a good job of taking care of patients, things will work out."

February 1997, Rainwater reaffirmed his faith in Scott and Columbia's prospects in an interview with BUSINESS WEEK. "As far as I'm concerned," said Rainwater, who still owns 9.8 million shares of Columbia stock to Scott's 9.4 million, "Rick will lead the company forever, or until he wants to step down." But on Monday, July 21, 1997 - Rainwater suddenly backpedaled from his unconditional embrace of the status quo, saying only that significant developments were imminent.
Almost immediately, reports surfaced that Columbia was talking to Tenet Healthcare Corp. about a merger. Both companies declined to comment on the reports. Tenet, the industry's second-largest company, is roughly a quarter of Columbia's size. Its CEO, Jeffrey C. Barbakow, guided the company through its own Medicare scandal four years ago when he forged a settlement of massive fraud charges for $380 million. Many in Washington and in the industry believe prosecutors won't let the next violator off with just a fine, but will seek jail terms. The rumors gave a lift to Columbia's battered stock, which had fallen as low as $32.as investors fled.
May 9, 2007 - Tenet Healthcare Corp announces it is placing John Ellis (JEB) Bush on it’s board of directors-

This is the same Tenet that had to pay $900 million to Uncle Sam last summer (2006) to settle charges that it had overbilled Medicare and Medicaid over many years.

The U.S. attorneys announcing the settlement accused the company of "fraud" and trying to "manipulate and cheat the system.". It's also the same Tenet that just paid $80 million to the IRS after an audit found it owed back taxes going back as far as 1995. The company recently had to restate nearly five years of earnings statements after an investigation into its books. As of the 2014 corporate filing Jeb Bush is the only director; Paul A. Castanon is the secretary and Trevor Fetter is the president – they all have an address of 1445 Ross Ave Ste 1400 - Dallas, Tx 75202. So, it is fair to say that Jeb Bush controls the Tenet Healthcare Corp, lock, stock and barrel.

In fact if you follow the corporate records and follow the players put in place from time to time to protect the Bush family interests you will see Jeb Bush and his partnership with Cuban exiled mobster Miguel Recarey, Jr. with financial support from Tampa born mob boss Santo Trafficante, Jr. (who was run out of Cuba by Fidel Castro) instigated and enhanced the International Medical Centers Medicare Fraud using his Washington DC connections at the time his father Bush (41) was vice president under Reagan. In 1987 as a disgruntled federal HHS employee who had been documenting their Medicare Fraud for years with the help of a couple of congressmen and the Miami office federal organized crime unit was able to shed the light of day on this massive scheme. To rescue their massive fraud scheme in late 1987 Jeb and brother George W. Bush recruited their Dallas, Texas investor friends headed by Richard Rainwater who had already been successful in overtaking Disney and installing Michael Eisner as CEO and who had headed up George W’s investor group including Rick Scott in the Texas Ranger’s buy out.

Their hospital scheme began with IMC, was shifted to Humana, Inc by Bush controlled state Regulators. Humana packaged it into Galen Hospitals, Richard’s Rainwater and Scott picked up Galen and rolled it into Columbia. Along come the Frist brothers Tommy and Bill and added their HCA to the scheme. Then when Columbia/ HCA crumbled under the largest Medicare Fraud scheme in US history, they rolled Columbia/ HCA into the Tenet Healthcare Corporation. Then after Jeb Bush left the governor’s office he took over control of Tenet Healthcare. In 2010 Jeb’s old hospital scheme partner Rick Scott took $70 million dollars he acquired from Medicare Fraud and used it to buy the governor’s office where he works for the people for 12 cents per year.
7:56AM AUG 19TH 2014
Hairport up grades. Ha Ha Ha.

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