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Rick Scott Signs Nearly $1 Billion Tax Cut Package Into Law

April 13, 2016 - 2:15pm

Gov. Rick Scott signed Florida’s newest tax-cut package into law Wednesday. Scott has said the package adds up to $1 billion in tax cuts over the next two years.

Scott ceremonially signed the recently passed legislation, HB 7099, at a jobs announcement in Jacksonville Wednesday. Scott was in Jacksonville to announce jobs at Novolex, a company which manufactures plastic bags for grocery stores in Florida.

Scott’s original tax cut proposal to the Florida Legislature was for $1 billion, but state lawmakers downsized the governor’s plan considerably. The House ultimately offered to pass a smaller tax cut package of $991 million in cuts over the next two years, not over one year, while the Senate went even smaller, proposing $250 million and later proposing $400 million when a property tax cut was included.

The total tax cut package adds up to around $129 million.

The new tax cut package included a three-day back-to-school sales tax holiday as well as the permanent elimination of sales tax on manufacturing machinery and equipment for businesses. 

Scott nevertheless was cheerful in making his announcement at the signing. “This bill will not only give Florida families an important back-to-school sales tax holiday, but it will also permanently eliminate the sales tax on manufacturing machinery and equipment so companies like Novolex can invest more money in growing their business and creating new jobs,” he said. “We will continue to do all we can to cut more taxes and support economic growth so Florida can become first for jobs.”

Bill sponsor Sen. Dorothy Hukill, R-Port Orange, said the tax cut package would have a wide effect on companies in Florida.

“This tax cut package will have an incredible effect on the businesses growing jobs in our state and the Floridians who work each day to provide for their loved ones,” she said in a statement. “Governor Scott and the Florida Legislature have proven time and time again that we want to give more money back to those that most deserve it- Florida’s hardworking taxpayers.”

Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fort Walton Beach, who sponsored the bill in the House, released a statement later Wednesday applauding the governor’s signing of the package.

“We have made the decision in Florida that we can grow our economy, meet the needs of our state and care for the vulnerable not by having more taxes, but by having more taxpayers,” he said. “These tax cuts welcome new families, businesses, and visitors to our state each day.

“I was proud to spearhead the House’s efforts to cut taxes by over half a billion dollars this Session. As Finance & Tax Chairman, I have made it my mission to leave no tax safe and free as many Floridians as possible from the burden of crushing and unfair taxation.”

Gaetz said the tax cut package would be a boon to help grow the state’s economy. 

“The adoption of this law constitutes more than $1 billion in tax cuts over the past two years,” he explained. “That is $1 billion less for government to squander and $1 billion more for our families, veterans, and job creators to harness to grow our economy and keep Florida on the path of prosperity.” 


Reach reporter Allison Nielsen by email at or follow her on Twitter: @AllisonNielsen


This "billion dollar tax cut" would be better spent raising teacher salaries and expanding medicaid. Florida taxes are low enough, we don't need more corporate welfare.

Supporting plastic bag manufacturing when many states are outlawing them due to their negative environmental impact. The guy is out of touch and nuts.

Exactly. He's not a conservative hers a REGRESSIVE.

Plastic bags? Old technology, waste of money.

It's good for you, Ken, because little Ricky says it is! Meanwhile, these alleged tax cuts will be used by him for his run at Congress. He'll brag about all he's done, even though most of us know (or should know) he's full of crap! GO TRUMP!

Okay how much of this is going to help the local public to cut their tax's. It looks like a snow job to convince the public they are getting something three days of no tax's for back to school kids what about those that don't have kids. The bottom line the way I see it big company's are going to reap the harvest. I can't believe how his kind think the public is so stupid but then maybe they are right.

That is a very stupid comment, tax money cannot be used for his campaign. PLUS he self-funded his campaign for Governor, and if he runs for anything else, he will probably self-fund. Not to mention, he has not even accepted a salary as Governor. If he does run for another office, I will certainly vote for him. You are a very bitter person, and your remarks are always both ugly and misleading. Go Rick Scott!!

You are a total retard. How dumb can you be.

What an idiot you are. Can't you read? The post was clear and easy for a kid to understand. Then you wise off after you prove how stupid you are! You make Rick Scott real proud. What a fool.

Sorry you did not understand the comment,Walker. Scott would use the facts that he signed off on the cuts, for his campaign! NOT that he'd get the money, just the bragging rights. Next time I comment I'll try to keep you in mind. You seem the typical Scott worshiper. Willing to close your eyes, pull the voting lever, and continue to hope for a different outcome while continuing to vote the same way each time. Voters such as yourself cause others, such as me, grave concerns over the future of Florida. Don't like my remarks? Too bad as you're the idiot who cannot read very well! Scott will always suck.... GO TRUMP!

yes, Scott endorsed Trump...I can see why you see him as stupid.

Excuse me, but I'm not going back-to-school or manufacturing machinery and equipment - what good is this for me?

You are so right, but the public is so stupid if politicians give them a nickel they will say we won while nothing else get even noticed. The tax breaks for large company's flew right over their stupid heads.

None. Your food stamps are unaffected.

At least I am eating.

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