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Rick Scott Slams Trump's Lewd Comments

October 8, 2016 - 7:15pm
Gov. Rick Scott speaking at Cecil Field Saturday

Gov. Rick Scott expressed disapproval of lewd comments by Donald Trump that emerged Friday, but stopped short of condemning the Republican presidential hopeful.

Scott chairs a super PAC backing the GOP nominee.
“I think what he said was wrong,” Scott said while making an appearance at Jacksonville's Cecil Field to discuss Hurricane Matthew recovery efforts. “I don't know why anybody would say things like that. I think it's absolutely wrong.”
But when asked if he still supported Trump, Scott turned back to Hurricane Matthew recovery.
“There is going to be a time for politics,” Scott said. “Right now we've got one million people, I think, still without power. We're working hard to get everybody back to work. There will still be plenty of time for politics when this is over.”
Trump was recorded making lewd and sexually aggressive remarks in 2005 while taking part in an unaired segment for “Access Hollywood.” Video of his recorded remarks was released Friday, causing a firestorm throughout the political arena.
After issuing a statement on Friday in which he “apologized if anyone was offended,” Trump, who has struggled to attract female voters, issued a defiant 90-second video early Saturday, apologizing and calling the 2005 tape a “distraction.”
“I've never said I'm a perfect person nor pretended to be someone that I'm not. I've said and done things I regret and the words released today, on this more than a decade old video, are one of them,” he said in the video released by his campaign. “I was wrong and I apologize,” he added.

Trump also attempted to shift from his own gaffe, which elicited condemnation from numerous fellow Republicans, to the conduct of former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary, the Democratic presidential nominee.

“I've said some foolish things but there is a big difference between the words and actions of other people. Bill Clinton has actually abused women,” he asserted.

For Scott, the question about Trump's recorded comment is the second political issue he's sidestepped this week by focusing on Matthew.
Scott said Thursday and Friday he had no intention of extending the state's voter registration period, despite being urged to do so by the Clinton campaign, Democratic members of Florida's Congressional delegation, the League of Women Voters of Florida and the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida.

Tuesday is the last day to register in Florida for the Nov. 8 election.


Who cares.

The only reason to be happier as this year draws to an end is that it is so much closer to Mr. Scott being OUT OF OFFICE! GO TRUMP!!

C'mon Governor, Don't you have something better (and more productive) to do back at your desk, other than to "mold" the english language in a more a more "politically correct" fashion?!?!? (That's what got into all this crap in the first place...)

Gov. Scott had the perfect response. If Trump had actually done what he claimed, media / DNC would have paraded every female on stage.


Rick Scott is the man who ducked behind the 5th Amendment when grilled about his part in the multi-million dollar defrauding of Medicare when he was CEO of Hospital Corp. of America, so now he ducks behind Hurricane Matthew so he can wait to see which track the political storms will take in the wake of Trump's latest debacle. AND . . . Rick Scott wants to run for President in 2016, so he fears upsetting the Trumpkins among you.

Trump is a saint compared to Hillary.. and you know it. yes Vote your conscience.. and look hard.. Your country depends on it.

RNC is directing their cash and support to down ballot races. Effectively cutting ties with the Donald. And there's Donald Trumps child rape case coming up in December.

OK JEB, enough is enough!

What happened years ago means nothing to me as far as Trump....I will vote for him. I always felt we need to sweep off our own back porch before starting on someone else. Nothing could compare to what the Clinton's have done over the years and they never stop screwing everyone. It is sad that the Democrats who think they are better than all are the ones voting for Hillary...the liar, the killer and the one who is married to a rapist. Oh yea, some Republicans also think they are better but we all know better.

2005????...REALLY?!?!?... You people (and especially 'commenters' at "SSN") can't even remember what happened the beginning of THIS year, much less way back in 2005 ! You "sheep" can only remember what your favorite "gossip" source told you yesterday; (It's no wonder this country is screwed up !) GO TRUMP ! (THIS Democrat is tired of being lied too !!!)

Bad advice, bad logic, bad knowledge, bad understanding of what "Trump" is as a semi-human, and what "Trump" means for civil process. Don't need another Hitler (but deranged Hitler type) in this volatile world.

What in the world are you rambling on about? Can't tell if you are for or against? The lies, bad judgement, semi-human.. fits Hillary to a T. We don't need another Hitler.. Hillary is just that.. her idol now is Merkel.... you see what is happening in Germany? Just found another Terrorist among the 'refugee's' .. which wouldn't be there if it weren't for Hillary's greed and blunders.... She created this mess.. why do we have to clean it up?

Another BS Scott answer. If you really cared you would withdraw your endorsement and remove yourself from Trump's Super PAC.

It's about reasonable, responsible judgement - not perfection anymore.. Today's GOP - with few exceptions - has none. Trump is beyond the pale. And now, Rick Scott - trying still to find excuses for Trump at this late stage - is confirming what most Floridians have known about Scott's loyalties for his entire tenure. Enough is enough.

I am so reliably Republican that the political operatives I know say that candidates do not even try to reach out to me except for money. But Donald Trump does not belong in the White House. I will probably write in Jeb.

You are better Judge than Jesus? Amazing... wonder how He feels about that... ?? You would rather killer Clintons, and rapist Bill back.. you need some serious soul searching...

HaHa!.........Republicans ran on hate and fear for decades has come home to roost that the crazies have taken over. ..............Luckily for the country some decent senate, house republicans are going to join dems and Hillary to get the economy going again for everyone. ......... You only have yourself to blame for the destruction of the republican party. ............ HaHa!

Wrong, it's turds like you that is the destruction of the republican party. Look how the left took over the FBI in it's decision on clinton national security, look how the left has taken over the media. Look how America has fallen backwards because of the left. Look at today where it's ok to be gay but Trump talks trash some 11 years ago and it all of a sudden it shows up today, Oops but in 2005 Trump was a democrat and it's what democrats do. Why is fox news firing staff that support Trump, they even have Megyn Kelly cheering clinton on. You on the left want open borders, you want dope crossing into America, you hate the fact that Christianity is still around. Trump must be winning or the left would not be so scared than through words down our throats. Freedom of speech, we didn't hear the left condemn Howard Stern, but you demand Trump be replaced 30 days before the election because, you on the left are scared he's ahead of that sick old clinton woman!

It is hard to take a guy seriously who looks like he just disembarked the mother ship freshly landed from the planet Blextron.

It isn't what he said that is the problem. It is his behavior that he described. Not someone else, himself Was he lying? I mean with this guy, it is totally possible, because nary a word he says is truthful. How tiny is he?

"Behavior?"..."Lying?"... Can you spell H-i-l-l-a-r-y & B-i-l-l !?!?!

If women or so offended by the hot Mic episode of Donald Trump… Then who in the hell bought 80 million copies of Fifty Shades of Grey?!?

B I N G O ! ! !

Women ask to be groped? Not Nancy O'Dell.

Know Nancy do you 'Stevie'? (Back away from your TV buddy,.. Your brain is already mush !)

Gov Scott I love and Redpect you a lot. I bet you as a young Man did some of the Wall talk as this. Don't condemn. Donald. Not a one of you are talking about what Obama and Hillary has done to Destroy America. Hold your Fire. Let those with out Sin. Cast the First Stone. That's no true any of us. We must Dippoft Donald. You have Young Grandchildren as we all do. They will never have a Free World under Hill.

Sorry my Key Board has worn out and the words I type don't come out and are misspelled. Sorry. I will get a new one.

Well, goodie--another Republican acting like Mr. Goody Two Shoes. This was 11 years ago. You all act like he committed murder. Let's go after Crooked Hillary who actually, in retrospect, did commit murder when she let 4 American's die in Benghazi. Her actions are so much worse in every respect. And Scott is doing the right thing by NOT extending voter registration.

Exactly. ... Jesus is not running for President... but it seems Satan is.. you pick which one has the evil heart.........Get over your selves.. Trump is not a Saint but he has never killed innocent people, slashed tires and killed the pets of the women Bill Clinton raped. Covered Gun Running by letting 4 men be brutally killed in Benghazi, stolen from all of us taxpayers, and etc. etc.. Trump is a saint compared to Hillary.


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