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Rick Scott Would Sanction Turkey for Increased Ties to Russia

July 22, 2019 - 9:45am
Rick Scott
Rick Scott

U.S. Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., is pushing a resolution in the Senate condemning Turkey’s increased ties to Russia and calling on American allies to discuss that nation’s continued role in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

With the support of U.S. Sen. Todd Young, R-Ind., increasingly an ally that the junior senator from Florida is working with, Scott brought out the resolution on Thursday which would sanction Turkey for buying a S-400 air and missile defense system from Russia. The resolution also questions if Turkey should be included in NATO. Turkey has been a member of NATO for more than 65 years. 

“Turkey’s purchase of military systems from Russia threatens our national security and the stability of NATO,” Scott said on Thursday before turning his fire to Russia. “We cannot allow Russia – which tries to interfere in elections across the globe, supports Maduro’s genocide in Venezuela, and threatens the peace and security of democratic nations – to interfere in Turkey. It is our responsibility to protect the safety of American families and our allies, and we must call upon members of NATO to determine if Turkey presents a danger to the alliance.”

Scott’s resolution calls for NATO members “to discuss the future role of Turkey in NATO given its engagement with Russia.”

While the Trump administration has been reluctant to support adding sanctions Turkey, there have been increasing calls to do so on Capitol Hill. 

“The law clearly mandates sanctions penalties for ‘significant transactions’ with the Russian Federation’s defense and intelligence sectors, which would clearly include the delivery of an S-400 system,” U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez, D-NJ, told Reuters

Scott’s resolution was sent to the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee last week. 


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So is Senator Scott officially a Swamp Dweller yet? I predicted he would become a Swamp Dweller within 7 minutes after his fancy private jet touched down in D.C. Maybe I was wrong?

Glad Rick Scott just found out where Turkey is located.

KEEP OUR F-35's "AT HOME"; I've got a sneaking suspicion that we're going to need them sooner, rather than later...!

But he's OK with trump's ties with putin. He's a coward and an opportunist.

It was Hillary that had very very strong ties with Putin. Normal Americans figured it out though and Hillary was sent back to her New York mansion.

Nobody seemed to have a problem with Russia when they got the Orange Boob, elected. But now that a NATO ally wants closer ties with them, that's where we draw the line in the sand. I'm done with politics, American style.

Although Putin worked very closely with Hillary and the DNC, ultimately America prevailed and Hillary was defeated.

ChromeDome should be careful! He might aggravate his liege, Trump - and Trump's liege, Putin!

..and that sums up the contribution from the Democrat party (very very stupid).

...they are EXTREMELY STUPID "Stacie Brown" ! The sad thing is, they are totally oblivious of that fact... and sadder yet is the fact that I, myself am a Democrat "from better times" when the Party was rife with true "Statesmen"... Only NOW, I am able to point out their "self-destructive ways" along their blindly determined "path to oblivion"..!

Muslim "oblivion" if a "Democrat Party Congress" has ANYTHING to do with it !

Maybe if they fixed the problems, they could sell this plane------- WASHINGTON — Over the past several years, U.S. Defense Department leaders have gone from citing technical problems as their biggest concern for the F-35 program to bemoaning the expense of buying and sustaining the aircraft. But the reality may be worse. According to documents exclusively obtained by Defense News, the F-35 continues to be marred by flaws and glitches that, if left unfixed, could create risks to pilot safety and call into question the fighter jet’s ability to accomplish key parts of its mission:

Bill, this is the reality with advanced technology. If they knew how to design it perfectly, they would have. However, this is new stuff and there is no previously cleared trail to follow. On the up-side, the majority of the modifications/corrections will be made in software - which is way easier to do than changing hardware. Keep in mind that there is no other combat aircraft in the class of the F-35 that is so well proven - it is clearly the leader in its class.

Folks complain about aid to Israel, but they use those credits to buy our equipment (including this aircraft), and in many cases test and improve on it under real warfare conditions. Until Turkey ends its' plunge into a theocracy, it is a bad actor in the region. If Turkey gets an F-35, they'll hand it to the Russians.

You don't have to convince me, convince the Turks who are buying the Russian S-400.

The Turks already know, but Erdogan is stuck in the Islamic past and thinks that creating a rift with Washington will improve his relations with Islamist nations. There's no reason to get the S-400 system other than that the deal has been made. Unfortunately, Erdogan's pride and foolishness are about to deal yet another damaging blow to Turkey's military potential and perhaps their economy at a time when they can afford neither.

You might be right, yet I am old enough to remember the Ford Pinto---- took Ford a long time to admit it had a bad product, Ford Motor Company agreed to recall 1.5 million Ford Pinto and 30,000 Mercury Bobcat sedan and hatchback models for fuel tank design defects which made the vehicles susceptible to fire in the of a moderate-speed rear end collision. My point being that maybe the F-35 is another Pinto in disguise.

Of this you can be certain, the F-35 is no Ford Pinto! :-) And neither is it a Chevy Corvair! But also, what Russia and China have as competition doesn't come close to the F-35 and may in fact be the real Pinto's and Corvair's. One other thing that I'm reasonably certain of is that by the time they almost understand all of the flaws of the F-35, it will be near retirement.

An informative article that you might find an explanation for what is going on---

Interesting article, but I disagree with its pretense. Turkey has no-one to defend against, so the missiles are not needed. And the last time Turkey shot down a military jet, it was a Russian jet. I wonder how well the Russian S-400 will work against Russian jets. I believe, and the general consensus is, that Erdogan made a major blunder.

In the words of Major General Smedley Butler--War Is A Racket ---- the words of John Lennon---Give Peace A Chance

Ahhh, whirled peas...

I'd say do not act with haste on sanctions for Turkey, but instead simply back down on allowing them to have the F-35 and other next generation western military hardware. Their economy is hurting and their currency, a few years ago trading even with the dollar, is now trading at almost 6 to 1. The problem is Erdogan, but he may be ousted in the next election in about 3 years. We saw Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir (their three largest cities) recently elect opposition party candidates - this marks a clear turn that may continue with the defeat of Erdogan. If it doesn't, then take another look at that time.

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