Rick Scott: Why I Said 'Yes' to Medicaid Expansion

By: Nancy Smith | Posted: March 6, 2013 3:55 AM

Rick Scott

Gov. Rick Scott delivers the State of the State address during the opening day of the 2013 legislative session Tuesday at the Capitol | Copyright: Colin Hackley 2013

Gov. Rick Scott is one of 24 governors nationally who supports the Affordable Care Act's Medicaid expansion.

He said Tuesday during his State of the State address that he did so after much soul-searching. His family background -- including the death of his little brother -- played into the decision.

Have a look at how Scott explained it in his address.

When he shocked the Sunshine State Feb. 20 by announcing the state's participation in the Obamacare program, the governor pointed to Health and Human Services' conditional support for a waiver to shift most of Florida's Medicaid beneficiaries into a managed-care program.

But he said that the state would only take part in the expansion for three years. Then the decision could be re-evaluated.

It was, nevertheless, a courageous act.

Scott, once among the nation's leading critics of President Obama's health reforms, has upset his staunchly conservative base, particularly Florida's tea party faithful who are most responsible for putting him in office.

The governor's support now may be meaningless. A House select committee overwhelmingly turned expansion down on Monday, and the Senate -- where there might have been some sympathies for a "take the money" approach -- is now unlikely to back it without the House's full support.

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Video Credit: Dave Heller

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Comments (2)

Bob Rollins
11:33AM MAR 7TH 2013
Oboma care would be the last stray for our country. I have lived 23 years in socialist countries around the world, and it dont work. My family depended on the pharmiacy on the corner, not the doctor. The pharmacy sold all the drugs without "doctor's perscription. I served on American hospitals Board of Directors in Paris and Madrid, we served eyeryone without a federal mandate. WE need a well managed "Medicare", and a more lienent pharmacy regulations. Bob
Conservative Voice
10:45PM MAR 6TH 2013
What a line of crap Governor. You stated on the day you decided to flip on this issue your mom took your brother (whom you must only mention when need politically) to the Shriner's Hospital. What you did not tell everyone is that they do not charge.

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