Rick Scott's and Charlie Crist's Teams Double Down on Attacks

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: March 24, 2014 2:30 PM
Rick Scott and Charlie Crist

Rick Scott and Charlie Crist

Both sides are ramping up the attacks in the Florida gubernatorial race as Gov. Rick Scott's and former Gov. Charlie Crist’s teams exchanged fire in recent days.

Let’s Get to Work, a group with ties to Gov. Rick Scott, released a new television ad on Monday which will hit airwaves across the Sunshine State on Thursday. The ad, which is being backed by a $2 million ad buy, hits former Gov. Charlie Crist -- the Democratic favorite to challenge Scott despite spending most of his political life in the GOP -- for supporting President Barack Obama’s federal health-care law.

“While Charlie Crist continues to talk about how ‘great’ Obamacare is, the facts tell us that it’s been anything but great for Florida families,” said Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera. “Over 300,000 Floridians have lost insurance plans they like, seniors are losing their doctors due to Medicare Advantage cuts, and job creators are being hit with higher taxes and burdensome regulations. Obamacare seems to only be ‘great’ for Charlie Crist and his political career.”

Crist’s team quickly fired back at Scott after the video was released.

"When after four years, you have no record and no vision, you spend millions attacking your opponent," said Kevin Cate, a spokesman for Crist, on Monday. "It's the Rick Scott playbook and Floridians have had enough."

Lopez-Cantera spoke to the media on Monday and was bombarded with questions about Mike Fernandez, who had been Scott’s campaign finance co-chair, who resigned his post on Thursday night. The Miami Herald is reporting that Fernandez resigned due to campaign aides doing an over-the-top Mexican accent around him. Lopez-Cantera insisted on Monday there was no basis to that report.

"We don't tolerate inappropriate comments and I don't believe they even happened," Lopez-Cantera said. “There's no validity that we can find to any of those comments or what was written."

That also prompted the Democrats to fire back. “Making racist jokes appears to be a major part of Rick Scott's Hispanic outreach plan,” insisted Christian Ulvert, the political director of the Florida Democratic Party. “How long will it take for Carlos Lopez-Cantera to denounce these tasteless jokes made by his campaign team?"


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A Long Way To Go
3:19PM MAR 24TH 2014
Let's see, Raoul Cantero the former Supreme Court Justice Jeb anointed in 2002 was born in Spain come to Miami as a child and he was proud to admit he was the grandson of former Cuban Dictator Batista. Carlos Lopez-Cantera was likewise born in Spain and come to Miami as a child in 2004 Jeb and GW was pushing the 30 year old Cantera as a Repub had to have elected State Rep. At 40 Rick Scott appointed him Miami-Dade property appraiser. Now our co-governors Jeb and Ricky Poo have anointed Lopez-Cantera Lt Governor.

"Lopez-Cantera spoke to the media on Monday (that translates to looked down his nose at the media) and was bombarded with questions about Mike Fernandez, who had been Scott’s campaign finance co-chair, who resigned his post on Thursday night." The same Mike Fernandez, the hospital maggot that has already given Rick Scott $1.25 MILLION BUCKS! Maybe someone should have asked Lopez-Cantera what relations Mike Fernandez is to Eddy Fernandez also a hospital "maggot." Eddy Fernandez was partners with International Medical Centers founder Miguel Recarey (financed by now deceased Tampa born mob boss Santo Trafficante, Jr. whom Castro run out of the casino's in Cuba) The same Miguel Recarey that paid Jeb Bush to secure office space at the same time Jeb was dialing for Medicare dollars to Washington When daddy was VP. Recarey is still on the run from the Feds, With Jeb's help old family friends Rick Scott and Richard Rainwater picked up the pieces of IMC and the MILLIONS more in Medicare fraud to go along with it. there old friends Bill clinton and GW Bush come along and saved the day with Columbia/ HCA the second largest Medicare Fraud in US History all laid out by the same bunch of criminals.

But don't worry CharLIE Crist is just as rotten to the core as Rick Scott is, so if the people of Florida are really tired of this scum playing their games with our so called tax dollars they had better figure out how to replace the entire political establishment in every city, town, county, Tallahassee and right on up to "Washington, DC as well.
5:55PM MAR 24TH 2014
You seem to have a lot of knowledge about the behind the scenes. Please tell us more about Richard Rainwater and his relationship with Rick Scott and the medicare fraud.
Jeff C.
2:54PM MAR 24TH 2014
No offense to Cantera but the players in Scotts current administration (Adam Hollingsworth, Melissa Sellers) have a long history of lying. It is time to boot them out before they do even more damage.

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