Rivals Call Out Charlie Crist's Shifts on LGBT Issues

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: June 14, 2014 3:55 AM
Adrian Wyllie, Charlie Crist, Nan Rich

Adrian Wyllie, Charlie Crist, Nan Rich

Two of Florida’s largest LGBT groups endorsed former Gov. Charlie Crist for governor and some of his rivals aren’t happy with it. 

Crist won the endorsements of Equality Florida Action PAC and the Human Rights Campaign on Thursday as he continues his run for the Democratic nomination to challenge Gov. Rick Scott.

“The early endorsement reflects the urgency of electing a governor who will speed progress when it comes to equality, not stand in the way of fairness,” said Stratton Pollitzer, chairman of Equality Action Florida PAC. “Florida is at a critical moment in our struggle to end discrimination, and the next governor will have a tremendous impact on the everyday lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in our state. Charlie Crist has taken a clear stand for equality and fairness and is delivering a message that will inspire the growing pro-equality majority in our state to stand on the right side of history.”

The LGBT activists noted Crist spent most of his political life as a Republican, with Equality Action Florida PAC insisting “Crist broke from his party over its increasing hostility toward gay people, women, the poor and the party’s voter suppression tactics” and pointing toward his apologies over his past stances. Crist left the GOP in 2010 after being caught by underdog Marco Rubio in the U.S. Senate primary and continued his campaign with no party affiliation. After backing President Barack Obama’s re-election efforts, Crist joined the Democrats in December 2012.

In 2008, when he was angling to be vice president on the Republican ticket, Crist was a vocal supporter of a proposed state Constitution amendment recognizing only traditional marriage in Florida. With Crist’s support, the amendment passed with 63 percent of voters backing it.

“Floridians deserve a governor who fights for them – including for their right to marry the person they love and to be safe from discrimination in the workplace,” said Crist. “I am proud to stand with Equality Florida Action PAC, the Human Rights Campaign and Florida’s LGBT community to fight to make Florida fair for all hard-working families.”

Crist also went on the attack against the Republicans on the issue.

“Right now, Florida is on the wrong side of history,” Crist insisted on Thursday night before proceeding to attack Republicans for holding a position he embraced only a few years before. “Rick Scott believes marriage equality is a ‘nonissue.’ Attorney General Pam Bondi has argued that same-sex marriage could be ‘harmful’ to the public -- and neither will support policies forbidding employment discrimination. It's embarrassing to our state. All Floridians have the right to marry the person they love, and to be safe from discrimination in the workplace. That's simply what I believe.”

Former Florida Senate Democratic Leader Nan Rich, trying to catch Crist in the primary, noted that the former Republican governor switched his position on the issue just as he had switched parties and political ambitions.

“The belief that all Floridians deserve to be treated with fairness and equality has been one of the driving principles of my career in public service,” Rich said. “I opposed the ban on adoptions by same-sex couples, I opposed the discriminatory ban on same-sex marriage, and I’m the only candidate in the race for governor who can say that.”

Libertarian Adrian Wyllie’s team also called out Equality Action Florida PAC for backing Crist, wondering if they forgot the “2008 ban on same-sex marriage was under Crist” and insisting their candidate was better on the issue.

“Adrian Wyllie has consistently supported marriage rights,” his campaign insisted.

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1:08PM JUN 16TH 2014
You're confused, Equality Florida Action PAC and the Human Rights Campaign. You should be smarter than to believe that the mere fact that Wind Sock Charlie says he's a democrat, is enough reason to support him as governor. He wants to get into office; he's not about you, your opposition or the State of Florida, for that matter.

If you're honest, you'll go with a candidate who is consistent on the issue.
Pray Tell Us Who That might be
2:15PM JUN 16TH 2014
"If you're honest, you'll go with a candidate who is consistent on the issue."
Please Sweet William can you tell us who that candidate is.......

The suspense is killing us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And don't you dare come back with that 75 X the Fifth dudette Richard (Rick) Lynn Scott the Texas lawyer faking out as the Florida governor!
4:24PM JUN 16TH 2014
Governor Scott has done an excellent job as Governor. He has cut taxes and created a positive business environment, hence the low unemployment rate.
12:57PM JUN 16TH 2014
To Crist's supporters, one question, what makes you believe he won't 'evolve' on the issues again?
Privatize and lying eyes!
3:47PM JUN 15TH 2014
December 17, 2010- Grand jury recommends Florida public corruption crackdown measures

Former governor Charlie Crist did do one important thing. And, he was blocked at every move and had to get the Florida Supreme Court to intervene, but in the end he caused the 19th Statewide Grand Jury to be called to investigate public corruption in Florida [mostly South Florida] And when they released their recommendations what did his successor Rick Scott Do? Well, to put it mildly the taxpayers might just as well spent that money on toilet paper!

The Statewide Grand Jury on Public Corruption released its first report urging lawmakers preparing for the upcoming legislative session to consider a number of measures that could curtail corruption deemed “pervasive at all levels of government” and hold accountable those public officials who “flagrantly abuse their positions,” yet escape reprimand.
The 127-page report stresses the need for harsher criminal penalties for those who “seek to steal, waste, and abuse our taxpayer money,” outlining a list of reforms that include redefining the term “public servant” to include private contractors fulfilling government contracts, the creation of an independent Office of State Inspector General to monitor stage agencies and instituting stricter rules requiring elected officials to abstain from voting on issues with which they have potential conflicts of interest.

“Better efforts to prevent and penalize corruption are necessary in order to stop fraud, waste, and abuse of our State resources,” the jurors write. “Given the serious fiscal limitations at all levels of government, anti-corruption efforts must stop the theft and mismanagement of vital public funds. This mismanagement and theft penalizes taxpayers by driving up the cost of all government services. Therefore, we call for an immediate repeal of what can only be referred to as Florida’s Corruption Tax.”

“We recommend the 2011 Legislative Session address our concerns with urgency, so this report focuses primarily on recommendations to changes in laws of the State of Florida.”

“We believe that the time for action is now, and we urge the Florida Legislature and other governmental bodies to address anti-corruption efforts using our findings and recommendations as a starting point.”
From outgoing Attorney General Bill McCollum’s press release on the report:

The Office of Statewide Prosecution today released the first Interim Report of the 19th Statewide Grand Jury on Public Corruption. The report outlines legislative changes that are recommended to strengthen existing civil and criminal laws to combat public corruption in the State of Florida.
“The Cadets at our nation’s military academies swear an oath to neither lie, cheat, steal, nor tolerate those who do. There is no reason we should hold our public officials to a lesser standard,” wrote the Statewide Grand Jury. “We hope our words are heard and our recommendations are followed.”

Key recommendations of the Statewide Grand Jury include:
- Expanding the definition of public employees to include private employees contracted by government entities that perform government services;
- Creating sentencing enhancements for offenses committed by officials who use their public position to facilitate their crimes;
- Creating an independent State Office of Inspector General, responsible for hiring and firing agency Inspectors General;
- Expanding definition of criminal bid tampering to include bid-rigging schemes; and
- Authorizing the Ethics Commission to initiate investigations with a supermajority vote of commission members.


If Rick Scott and our Florida lawmakers had of followed the recommendations of the Florida 19th Statewide Grand Jury:
Rick Scott would not have been at that Super Bowl Party at the home of Brian Ballard!

Gov. Scott Set to Hand Florida’s Prisons to Corporate America
Florida Gov. Rick Scott and the Republican-controlled legislature are moving fast to privatize all 29 prison facilities in 18 counties in southern Florida.

But For; last year, the GOP prison privatization proposal was ruled unconstitutional because it was wrapped into a budget proposal, a violation of Florida laws that requires policy changes be in separate laws. Tallahassee Judge Jackie Fulford ruled that the lawmakers rushed the process.
The privatizers aren't making the same mistake this time. Not only are they proposing to privatize the prisons but they are changing the law to be able to privatize any service as fast, as easily and as secretly as possible. Under the latest proposals, an agency would not have to report its privatization of a program or service until after the contract is signed. And they also would eliminate a current legal requirement to do a cost-benefit analysis before privatizing any government function.

In other words, don't let the public know what you're doing and don't bother to find out the costs.

Scott, former CEO of hospital giant Columbia/HCA, came into office on a mission to privatize Florida government. Scott left HCA as the company was being investigated for the "biggest Medicare fraud case in U.S. history." Columbia/HCA ultimately paid a record $1.7 billion in fines, penalties and damages.

Scott has already privatized the state's Medicaid system, state park campgrounds, the state's three remaining public mental hospitals, three centers for the developmentally disabled and six veterans' homes.
Privatize and lying eyes!
3:44PM JUN 15TH 2014
The two largest prison companies, Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and GEO Group (formerly Wackenhut), are poised to strike, in what Judith Greene, director of Justice Strategies calls, "an unprecedented" expansion of the use of private prisons that no other state has undertaken.

GEO has been a consistent force within Florida politics. GEO Group alone gave more than $400,000 to the party in the past election cycle. Geo Group‘s lobbyist, Brian Ballard, hosted Scott at his Tallahassee home to watch the Super Bowl. GEO Group and CCA donated nearly $1 million toward the Scott's inauguration celebrations.

AND, if they had followed the recommendations of the 19th Statewide Grand Jury the Florida legislature and it’s “Trade Secret” henchmen like Pat Bainter would not have been sued for fixing the Congressional Districts to benefit their Republican cronies. This mostly top secret affair has brought out all the cronies to protect the criminal actions of these district manipulators some of whom “attended our nation’s military academies swore an oath to neither lie, cheat, steal, nor tolerate those who do.” But, the toxin of millions of dollars is just to great to overcome!

And, if they had followed the recommendations of the 19th Statewide Grand Jury Florida Senator Charles Dean who is on the Committee on Environmental Preservation and Conservation and this is what this Committee has oversight for would not be in the garbage dump business and sending his associate David Dee around to all the local counties and strong arming them to pay him millions to dump their garbage in his Sumter County landfill – the only approved game in Central Florida!

The committee has oversight over the Department of Environmental Preservation; the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission; and the five water management districts. Subject areas include environmental land acquisition and protection, Everglades restoration, clean air and water, wetlands and other environmental permitting, state parks and preserves, beaches, fish and wildlife resources, oil and gas exploration, hazardous and solid waste, recycling and many other environmental issues.

Charles Dean Sr. is Senator Charlie Dean, the former Sheriff of Citrus County. This guy owns landfills, (ACMS, Inc. he controls all calls on the state agencies which regulates them and is currently writing bills on septic tanks to be shutdown and farmers are to be shipping their cow manure to landfills?

December 14, 2011- The Marion County commission approved a deal that should end the long search for a solid waste answer. It requires the county to commit $20 million up front and, in return, be given the right to dump 2.5 million tons of trash over the next 30 years at a new privately owned landfill in Bushnell, to our south in Sumter County. It is a deal that is, frankly, impossible to pass up. After several months of cautious legal reviews and revisions, the County Commission moved forward with the contract with ACMS Inc., a company owned by State Sen. Charlie Dean, R-Inverness, who also sits on the company's board.

The reason Marion County is getting such a good deal is because the current economic climate made it impossible for Dean to get traditional financing. So it is Marion County's $20 million up front that will not only fund the first phase construction and development of the landfill on Bushnell's outskirts, but also give the county first dibs on taking over the landfill if the current ownership should go belly up for any reason. Moreover, “the agreement locks in an $8-per-ton fee for the 30-year length of the agreement” — an unheard-of price that is less than one-fifth the average per-ton state ($41) and nation ($44) cost of disposing of solid waste.

August 27, 2013 - Lake County sticks with decision to drop garbage incinerator, switch to landfill

TAVARES — Lake Commissioners stuck with a plan Tuesday to dump a controversial garbage incinerator in favor of hauling the county's garbage to a Sumter landfill despite Chairwoman Leslie Campione's appeal to toss out the solid-waste bids. Campione wanted to start the bidding process over after she said viable alternatives weren't considered when commissioners by a 4-1 vote awarded the garbage-disposal contract to ACMS Inc., which recently opened a landfill near Bushnell. As chairwoman, she is responsible for signing county contracts but refused to sign the solid-waste bid awards. Commissioners then turned to Jimmy Conner, the vice chairman, to execute the contracts. That vote was 3-2 vote, with Campione and Tim Sullivan dissenting.
“Conner said the decision to go with the landfill was based on cost. ACMS will charge $19 a ton” or $1.3 million annually, to bury 69,000 tons of garbage at the Sumter landfill.

Let’s see, Marion County is paying Senator “Garbage” Charlie Dean a guaranteed price of $8 per ton for the 30 year contract. And the wiz-bang experts who declare swore an oath to neither lie, cheat, steal, nor tolerate those who do” in Lake County are paying the same company $19 per ton to put their garbage in the same landfill side by side with Marion County garbage.
Where in the world does the voters find such cost saving experts to elect and make all these decisions based on what is best for the taxpayers?
When you buy an expensive article like a car, boat or home you can get a guarantee or warranty on you purchase, just in case something goes wrong.
Why then can’t we get a refund on our money we pay “the best politicians on earth that money can buy?”
Every last one of these goons has got at least one scheme. Some have many more. But, none have a scheme in which the taxpaying public and their best interest come to play. It’s always for the dollars they can put into their pockets and their friends pockets that matter!
6:46AM JUN 16TH 2014
I hear tell Senator Dean owns this compost company near "the Villages." If this is true that's why he's going to have all the farmers shipping their cow manure to his landfills. Buy, why is he trying to pass laws to make us pump the septic tanks every five years? Is he planning to compost that too? Who knows for sure, they will do anything they can turn in big bucks!

Florida Profit Corporation
Filing Information
Document Number H48936
FEI/EIN Number 592505026
Date Filed 03/22/1985
State FL
Effective Date 03/18/1985
Event Date Filed 04/08/2003
Event Effective Date NONE
Principal Address
11424 CR 237
Changed 01/23/2006
Mailing Address
PO BOX 190
Bernie Long
1:36PM JUN 15TH 2014
The one issue jerks would return the State to the horrible condition in which Slick Charlie left it in 2008. Isn't that just grand. A pox on all of them
6:24PM JUN 15TH 2014
Hey Bernie, Slick CharLIE left in 2010 not 2008.

Bush family Dallas Tx lawyer Rick Scott run in 2010 against Bill McCollum and somehow won the primary and then the general in 2010.

He took office in january 2011 that is the year Brian Ballard and the prison privatize people pumped millions into his "naugaration."

No wonder this state and nation is in such bad shape, people like you can't even keep up with the changing of the guard of the culture of corruption that "ruins" everything for us!
1:19PM JUN 16TH 2014
How is the State in bad shape.
let's have some honesty here for a change!
11:51AM JUN 15TH 2014
Rick Scott, it is interesting that you would do political advertising with your grandson after you were a party to covering up the cover ups of the Green isle Boys Ranch rapes by Lake County Sheriff Gary Borders for his friends who owned Green Isle (Don Brown who is also the DOC Vendor –Bridges of America collecting millions for his early release programs and prison ministry)
The question to everyone is this. If you dialed 911 to report a crime [any crime, bank robbery, home invasion, a rape, any crime involving an act of violence] and, law enforcement arrived in a timely manner and took a report, and, you and other (witnesses) people at the crime scene positively identified “the perpetrator” would you expect that law enforcement would do their sworn duty and arrest “the perpetrator” in a timely manner as well?
If you found out 74 days later that “the perpetrator” was still at large and had not been arrested would that be a cause for concern? Then if you found out ‘the perpetrator” was personal friends with the head of the law enforcement agency and his agency employee’s leaked to the public that their boss had stopped them from arresting his friend and doing their sworn duty would you be concerned?
What then if you found out when news of the crime finally leaked to the public 74 days after you had reported it that the head of the agency put his employee’s back to work on your case and with the help of his friends in the so called criminal justice system faked up an arrest, prosecution and probation of “the perpetrator” in an effort to cover up the cover up of the head of the agency you reported the crime against you too

Governor Scott, we are sure you remember this very well. The crimes occurred before you took office. But, you enlisted the help of FDLE Agent Tom Berlinger to cover up the crimes of his old friend from his days at the Florida Sheriff's Association. Just a little reminder of the facts - On November 21, 2009 five little boys ages 12-15 reported to the Green isle Administrator Rev Stephen Zepp that they had been molested by an old boy then 17 from July to early Nov. when he left the ranch. He had viciously sexually assaulted them over and over, used a weapon (a drum stick) and threaten their lives if they told anyone. Only after he left did the five victims feel safe to report his abuse.

But, the results was Rev Stephen Zepp was fired within two days and Gary Borders, the Sheriff of Lake County who was also a founding Board Member of Green Isle did not immediately arrest the rapist who was immediately identified by all victims involved. From then until Feb. 3, 2010 these five victims remained at the ranch, during which nothing was done for them and some of them attempted to commit suicide. Again Sheriff Borders had deputies respond, but no reports was taken and nothing was done for the boys. On Feb. 3, 2010 house parent hired in Jan. 2010 was able to get the breaking news of the boys plight on all Orlando TV stations. Then low and behold the next morning Sheriff Borders sent two detective teams to Citrus County to interview the rapist who should have been arrested and jailed 75 days earlier! The Sheriff’s detectives updated their report which plainly shows no arrest was made and the case was closed for a lack of probable cause. And, the sheriff and his friends in the 5th circuit of Florida faked up an arrest, prosecution and sentencing of this rapist. Around this time some insiders at Green isle release some photo’s on the internet of Sheriff Gary Borders pictured with the rapist in July 2009 at the ranch – the same month the victims said he started abusing them. You go figure!
Concerned citizens contacted your office and reluctantly your legal advisor had your FDLE look into this matter. They spent more time trying to figure out who the concerned citizen’s were than they did covering up the sheriff and friends cover ups!

Their white washed report did not address why the sheriff did not immediately arrest his now known to be little friend the rapist. But according to your FDLE the sheriff arrested the rapist on Feb. 9, 2010. He pled no contest to 5 felonies on May 20, 2010 and was later sentenced to “community control.”

But that don’t hold water because while he was supposed to be on “community control” according to Citrus County Sheriff’s reports and court records he was out getting traffic citations and having victims file an injunction for protection against dating violence against him. In which details outline he also committed the criminal act of assault with a motor vehicle against the parents of his victim.
Any of these actions would have violated the probation of a person on community control and obviously when Citrus County Deputies confronted him for those violent acts he was not in the system as being on community control or probation!

And then we found out that Mel Sembler was somehow involved long ago with some similar houses of horror to Green isle and that in fact Green isle was one of those Religious Exemption schools that sprouted up as a result of Sembler’s political connections. Now we heard you have already made your sabbatical to Mel Sembler’s home for him to spread the cash of his ill gotten gain from the abuse of children. And it makes us realize you don’t give a rat’s rear end about how many children are abused by your Republican friends and supporters, just as long as you can turn your head and not have to hear about it. Well I hear tell lawsuits are coming, and they are coming from lawyers you and your buddies can not control and going to federal judges who reported are just about as sick of this organized child abuse as the parents and children who have first been victimized by their rapists and them victimized by so called law enforcement people like Sheriff Gary Borders covering up for this friends and then they have to be abused by someone like you who dares to flaunt his own little grandson on TV in his political ads.

Rick, there can be no human on this earth lower than one who abuses a child except the ones who band together to protect those abusers of our children.

If you want to be governor of Florida so bad you are willing to work for a penny a month, will you please get off your behind and get your head into the air and demand your lying FDLE lick their calf over on the Green isle Ranch cover ups. All you have to do is tell Mel Sembler to stick his money where the sun don’t shine and grow some manlyhood and stand on your on two feet. The real people of Florida are tired of looking at you limp wristed men, even Nan Rich looks more manly than you or Charlie!

Actually if you did and become a man the real people of Florida might find they like you and they might even vote for you in spite of all the crazy things you have done with their state retirement plans and such.

After all when we look at you (Rick Scott) and Charlie Crist the only difference is the white hair and the bald head. You are both products of a sick establishment that has not only condoned the abuse of our children, but the two of you have both worshipped Mel Sembler and his magic dollars. Much of which was made as the results of the sickness and perversion he bestowed on youth in his custody empowered by his dollars with which he bought lawmakers to change the Florida laws giving exemptions to so called religious schools. Exemptions not only from DCF State Licensing requirements, but also from DCF State inspections which had already uncovered his massive organization of child sex abuses.
That’s just like a bank robber with (lawmakers) friends in high places having them to pass a law against the law enforcing the crime of bank robbery! Yet you people worship this devil and his dollars and the children of Florida thanks to this monster and his (mostly Republican) money friends can take a trip to hell as far as you are concerned.
Patrick McShane
1:20PM JUN 19TH 2014
If this is all true, who would vote for either one of these [filtered word]s, so why not vote for anybody that would run against them. This [filtered word] about the children you talk about is sick, and if true why are not Scott and Crist not in jail.
Ron R
9:58AM JUN 15TH 2014
Bet the Crist campaign bought this endorsement. Write a large enough check and all is forgiven.
Steven Dorries
12:09PM JUN 16TH 2014
It probably wasn't the Crist campaign itself but rather the DPoF that got them to endorse Gov. Crist since he has a sizable lead against Ms. Rich in their primary race.
8:47AM JUN 15TH 2014
Let's see, Charlie Crist was:

Against abortion now supports it
Against gay rights now supports it
Against Obama before now supports him
A Republican before he became and Independent and now democrat
A Conservative before now is a liberal
Against Obama Care now supports it
Believed that D.B. Cooper was alive and now believes he is dead
Once thought that Rocky and Bullwinkle were enemies but now thinks otherwise....

Really, Charlie Crist is in it for himself! Period! Equality Action Florida like any other group is kidding themselves if Charlie Crist is really going to help their cause.
Farid Khavari
11:33AM JUN 14TH 2014
Everybody should be free and have the right to be with whomever s/he wishes to be or marry that person. A marriage brings more security in a relationship. I must say that I am very happily married and have two wonderful kids. Why not other people feel like me whatever it may take to get there. By the way this issue should have been a closed subject in 21 Century.
Really "Farid"
11:49AM JUN 14TH 2014
Just what the people of Florida needs, another nut job in what was formerly referred to as a "public office!"

The United States of American was founded on Judeo Christian principals of which homosexuality is defined more as a disease of the brain than a lifestyle.
So what country did you come from?

Prior to December 14, 1973, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) considered same-sex attraction a disorder. The disorder was listed in the /Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-II/ (/DSM-II/) under the label, "Homosexuality." Psychiatry's authoritative voice influenced public opinion, which at the time was negative toward both sodomy and the types of people who engaged in such acts. Although public sexual activity in parks and public restrooms contributed to societies negative views, "scientific opinion" was crucial in the public attitude.

In an effort to remove "Homosexuality" from the /DSM/ pro-sodomy activists began a program of intimidation aimed at the American Psychiatric Association circa 1970. Activist Franklin Kameny states the movement's objective clearly, "I feel that the entire homophile movement ... is going to stand or fall upon the question of whether or not homosexuality is a sickness, and upon our taking a firm stand on it..."Lawmakers in the state of Florida and some other states actually removed “sodomy” from the criminal laws of Florida!

Anal or oral intercourse between human beings, or any sexual relations between a human being and an animal, the act of which may be punishable as a criminal offense.
The word sodomy acquired different meanings over time.
Under the Common Law, sodomy consisted of anal intercourse. Traditionally courts and statutes referred to it as a "crime against nature" or as copulation "against the order of nature." In the United States, the term eventually encompassed oral sex as well as anal sex. The crime of sodomy was classified as a felony.
Because homosexual activity involves anal and oral sex, gay men were the primary target of sodomy laws.Culturally and historically, homosexual activity was seen as unnatural or perverse. The term sodomy refers to the homosexual activities of men in the story of the city of Sodom in the Bible. The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah because of their residents' immorality became a central part of Western attitudes toward forms of non-procreative sexual activity and same-sex relations.
Beginning with Illinois in 1961, state legislatures reexamined their sodomy statutes. Twenty-seven states repealed these laws, usually as a part of a general revision of the criminal code and with the recognition that heterosexuals engage in oral and anal sex. In addition, state courts in 10 states applied state constitutional provisions to invalidate sodomy laws. As of early 2003, eight states had laws that barred heterosexual and homosexual sodomy. Three other states barred sodomy between homosexuals.

Franklin Kameny led the Washington D.C. chapter of the Mattachine Society during the 1960's. In the tradition of Magnus Hirschfield and Alfred Kinsey, Kameny viewed one's attraction to a specific gender as fluid, and viewed sodomy as morally equivalent to natural sexuality. Led by radicals like Franklin Kameny, pro-sodomy activists attacked psychiatrists across America, as /Newsweek/ describes:

"But even more than the government, it is the psychiatrists who have experienced the full rage of the homosexual activists. Over the past two years, gay-lib organizations have repeatedly disrupted medical meetings, and three months ago—in the movements most aggressive demonstration so far — a group of 30 militants broke into a meeting of the American Psychiatric Association in Washington, where they turned the staid proceedings into near chaos for twenty minutes. 'We are here to denounce your authority to call us sick or mentally disordered,' shouted the group's leader, Dr. Franklin Kameny, while the 2,000 shocked psychiatrists looked on in disbelief. 'For us, as homosexuals, your profession is the enemy incarnate. We demand that psychiatrists treat us as human beings, not as patients to be cured!
they can't lose
11:24AM JUN 14TH 2014
They have Mel Sembler the big Bush friend and Republican pedophile national coast to coast organizer funding former Bush family Dallas lawyer Rick Scott and we have the trial lawyers and the pot heads funding CharLIE Crist. Everyone with one-half an ounce of gray matter knows exactly what both Rick Scott and CharLIE Crist are. They are products of a pay to play establishment that has made both of the rich by playing leeches for the likes of Jeb Bush, Mel Sembler and Paul Singer.

It never matters who loses anymore - the establishment always wins because they play more than one horse in every race.

And like the Belmont stakes the establishment even places other horses in the political races to crowd out their less desirable's or should I say their less controllable ones!
Tom Bryson
8:33AM JUN 14TH 2014
This endorsement is so crazy, especially since Charlie said goodbye to all his big money friends several months ago.
Farid Khavari
8:18AM JUN 14TH 2014
I guess Kevin Derby was not aware of my position, therefore I add my position. I am an independent candidate for Florida governor 2014:
"I believe that a person has the right to love whom they wish. I believe that people have the right to marry whom they wish. I believe that discrimination against any person or group is wrong, and completely against most sacred traditions of America. I believe that any true “conservative” respects human rights before all else. In this respect, I am the most conservative person in the world. As governor I will support the rights of all people, and I hope I will be the first governor to perform a same-sex marriage in Florida."
10:20AM JUN 14TH 2014
No to you and no to turn coat charlie.NO to homosexuality.One man and
one woman.Please read the BIBLE.
6:55PM JUN 14TH 2014
Actually, the Bible includes many examples of plural marriage, concubines and consorts. Abraham, David and Solomon come easily to mind. OOPS!
Steven Dorries
12:11PM JUN 16TH 2014
Stop that reading the whole thing nonsense. Don't you know you're only supposed to read the selections that people pick to support their position?
Tom Bryson
8:31AM JUN 14TH 2014
We need more conservatives like you, Farid.

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