Ron Paul Gaining Traction in Iowa

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: November 30, 2011 11:23 AM
Ron Paul

Ron Paul | Credit: VictoryNH - Flickr

Following a strong second-place showing in the Iowa Republican straw poll in August, the campaign team behind U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, now making his second bid for the Republican presidential nomination and his third attempt at the White House, focused on the Hawkeye State this week.

Iowa will hold its caucus Jan. 3 to kick off the procession of states that will determine the Republican nominee to challenge President Barack Obama in 2012.

Paul took just less than 10 percent in Iowa to place fifth in 2008, but two polls released this week indicate the maverick congressman is poised to do better in 2012. On Wednesday, the Paul team pointed to two polls released Tuesday that show Paul in the top tier, but far behind former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Gingrich leads a We Ask America poll of Iowa Republicans with 29 percent, followed by U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota and former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts tied for second with 13 percent each. Paul takes fourth with 11 percent, followed by businessman Herman Cain with 7 percent. Gov. Rick Perry of Texas and former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania take 5 percent apiece, followed by former Gov. Jon Huntsman of Utah with 4 percent. The poll of 962 likely Iowa Republican caucus voters was taken Nov. 28 and had a margin of error of +/- 3.16 percent.

Gingrich also tops an Insider Advantage Iowa poll with 28 percent, but Paul places second in this poll with 13 percent, followed by Romney with 12 percent. Cain and Bachmann tied for fourth with 10 percent each, followed by Perry with 7 percent and Santorum with 3 percent. The poll of 509 likely Iowa Republican caucus voters was taken Nov. 28 and had a margin of error of +/- 4 percent.

“The latest poll results clearly prove Ron Paul’s status as a top contender, and confirms that our campaign is continuing to surge in early states,” said Jesse Benton, Paul’s campaign chairman, in a statement released Wednesday. “The American people are ready for real change in Washington and Dr. Paul is the only candidate who has a plan to cut $1 trillion in spending, balance the budget, and restore prosperity to the American people.”

With Paul doing well among young voters in Iowa -- taking 47 percent of 18- to 29-year-olds in the InsiderAdvantage poll -- his team is looking to organize them for the caucus. They will be holding “Youth for Ron Paul” rallies at Iowa State University in Ames on Dec. 8 and the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls on Dec. 9. In less than three months, the campaign has set up more than 300 youth organizations with more than 15,300 Paul backers in 46 states.

“The enthusiastic support for Ron Paul continues to grow, especially among college students,” Edward King, Paul’s national youth director, said in a statement. “Young people understand he is the only presidential candidate who will fix our economy, so they’re eager not only to vote for him, but also to volunteer for his campaign.”


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1:00PM DEC 1ST 2011
Why Ron Paul is right on Wars: The U.S. Congressional Budget Office states that we will spend (2.4 TRILLION) dollars on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan by the year 2017. In 2010 the former chief economist of the World Bank stated that a conservative estimate on the U.S. expenditure is (3 TRILLION). WOW!! How does that equate with the national debt , people out of work, people without homes. How about putting that into the economy and into technology to protect our country from terrorism from within rather then protecting everyone else's abroad.
"War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts and taxes...known investments for bringing the many under domination of the few...NO NATION COULD PRESERVE ITS FREEDOM IN THE MIDST OF CONTINUAL WARFARE" JAMES MADISON 1795

Why Ron Paul is right on Immigration: "In the recommedation to admit indiscriminately foreign emigrants of every description to the PRIVILEGES of American citizens, on their FIRST entrance into our country, there is an attempt to break down every pale which has been erected for the preservation of a NATIONAL SPIRIT AND NATIONAL CHARACTER; and to let in the most powerful means of perverting and corrupting both the one and the other" ALEXANDER HAMILTON 1802 Enough said!!
Why Ron paul is right on the drug war: Estimates are that we have spent over 1 trillion dollars on the drug war. I have spent years working in a law a enforcement capacity and have lived through the evolution of Marijuana, Cocaine,and other designer drugs. I have worked with all the federal agencies involved in the drug wars at top secret levels and I can tell you that the war on drugs as we are fighting it now, is a losing battle. We would do much better to put the money towards educating our citizens and offering other preventive programs. This would reduce drug related crimes, save lives and save the future of many of our young people. This may initially rub many people the wrong way because they have not been exposed to the complexity of the problem. These feelings would soon be diminished by the results

Why Ron Paul is right on the other issues like the Federal Reserve , IRS and size of government: Do your own homework and learn. You need to understand what is going on to make the right choice. It is too important to ignore!
2:39PM NOV 30TH 2011
Not just young people support Ron Paul; I support Ron Paul and so do many of my middle age friends. He is the only honest person running for president. We are sick of the big spending politicians on both sides of the aisle and we are sick of the pro-war agenda on both sides of the aisle.
Chris Smith
1:41PM NOV 30TH 2011
THESE are the Ron Paul straw poll results the media decides not to cover:

2nd – New Hampshire GOP 2012 Straw Poll – (1/22/11)
1st – DC CPAC Straw Poll – (2/10-12/11)
1st – Online Phoenix Arizona Tea Party Straw Poll – (2/27/11)
1st – Combined Phoenix Arizona Tea Party Straw Poll – (2/27/11)
3rd – Onsite Phoenix Arizona Tea Party Straw Poll – (2/27/11)
1st – Republican Liberty Caucus of California Presidential Straw Poll – (3/20/11)
1st – New Orleans Republican Leadership Conference Straw Poll – (6/16-18/11)
1st – Clay County Iowa Republican Party Straw Poll – (6/19/11)
2nd – Ames Iowa Straw Poll – (8/13/11)
1st – New Hampshire Young Republicans Straw Poll – (8/20/11)
2nd – Georgia State GOP Straw Poll – (8/27/11)
3rd – Maryland GOP Straw Poll – (9/9/11)
1st – Pre-Debate Cincinnati Tea Party Straw Poll – (9/12/11)
1st – Post-Debate Cincinnati Tea Party Straw Poll – (9/12/11)
1st – California GOP Straw Poll – (9/17/11)
1st – DC Values Voter Straw Poll – (10/7/11-10/9/11)
1st – LA County RPLAC Straw Poll – (10/13/11)
1st – Charleston County Republican Party – (10/18/11)
1st – Ohio GOP Swing State Straw Poll – (10/22/11)
1st – Des Moines Iowa Voters NFRA Presidential Straw Poll – (10/29/11)
1st -Des Moines Non-Iowa Voters NFRA Presidential Straw Poll – (10/29/11)
2nd – West Alabama Straw Poll – (10/29/11)
1st – Illinois GOP Straw Poll – (11/5/11)

The media holds their nose when talking about him because his policies would strip power away from the super-rich. . The most conspicuous thing is the lack of curiosity. The media is supposed to be curious about things. That's their job. Especially things that have registered in such a way as to become a phenomenon. NO matter how much money Ron raised or how many people come to his gathering, there never seems to be anyone in the media asking who or why.
Ron Paul 2012
1:08PM NOV 30TH 2011
Ron Paul Supporters: December 16th is our time to stand together and give Dr. Paul the money he needs to storm into the primaries. It's time to stop procrastinating, pledge now, donate to what you believe in - http://www.teaparty11.com/

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