Ron Paul Looks to Slow Down Mitt Romney in Texas and California

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: May 1, 2012 3:55 AM
Ron Paul

U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas

With Newt Gingrich expected to announce on Wednesday that he is folding up his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, Ron Paul stands as the final obstacle in the way of Mitt Romney, and the maverick Texas congressman is looking to make his stand in the two largest electoral prizes on the map -- his own Lone Star State and California.

While he has been on the political stage for more than 35 years in the Lone Star State, Paul has not fared well there during his two previous presidential bids. He took less than 5 percent in the Texas primary in 2008 when he ran for the Republican presidential nomination, finishing well behind John McCain and Mike Huckabee. During his 1988 bid, when he was the Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee, Paul took 0.6 percent of the vote in Texas in the general election -- far behind George H.W. Bush, the Republican presidential candidate who had been based in the Lone Star State for more than two and a half decades.

Recent polls have shown Romney ahead in Texas and Paul upside down in the Lone Star State. A poll released by Public Policy Polling (PPP), a firm with connections to Democrats, last week found that Paul was in distant third in his home state, far behind Romney and Gingrich.

Still, Paul is focusing on Texas and he drew large crowds when he campaigned in El Paso and Houston last week. The congressman pulled more than 6,000 supporters in Austin when he campaigned at the University of Texas at Austin last week.

With Texas holding its primary on May 29 -- and the Lone Star State bringing 155 delegates to the Republican convention in Tampa -- the Paul team looks to continue to build momentum there. The Paul team announced that they will hold another rally in Austin on Sunday, this one featuring the candidate and his son, U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky. The event is being backed by the Tea Party Express.

“The nation already witnessed history twice when a sitting U.S. senator – Rand Paul – campaigned for his father – Ron Paul – for the presidency,” said Jesse Benton, the chairman of the Paul campaign. “It occurred ahead of the Ames straw poll where Ron Paul was statistically tied for first place, and again during a daylong whistle-stop tour the Pauls held prior to the Iowa caucus.

“One day this rally will occupy a special place in our history books when the Paul family and tea party are credited with restoring American government to its constitutional limits,” Benton added. “How soon this recognition comes is up to voters.”

The Paul team is also California dreaming this week. The Golden State ranks as the largest prize in the Electoral College and will bring 172 delegates to the GOP convention in Tampa. California will hold its primary on June 5 along with four other states -- Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico and South Dakota.

With a month to go until California Republicans have their say, Paul is hitting the Golden State this week with rallies in Davis and San Diego, as well as fundraising events across the state.

The Paul campaign is also picking up delegates from Rick Santorum who ended his bid for the Republican nomination in early April. Over the weekend, the Paul team picked up some momentum in Louisiana, a state Santorum carried in the primary back in March before he exited the race. The Paul team -- which won almost 75 percent of the delegates chosen in caucus over the weekend -- hopes to control the convention in June which will send delegates to the GOP convention in Tampa.

The Paul team is hoping for similar results in other states, hoping to build up their delegate totals in Iowa, Maine and Minnesota.

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John Connolly
8:38PM MAY 11TH 2012
ROMNEY 314 | PAUL 110 (as of this moment...read on...)

thereal2012delegatecount dot com


"Actually it is really not that complicated. The process runs like this: Primary or caucus in any given state and a vote is taken where voters are able to decide who their "preference" is for the nominee. In the primary that is all show.

The real contest is for delegates. They are selected through a variety of processes depending on the states. In some states, voters cast a ballot for delegates at the polls and in other states delegates apply for the position. Once selected, delegates [go] on to county or district caucuses. Many times that can equate to thousands of delegates in any given state.

Again, depending on the states some delegates will attend Congressional District conferences and At Large delegate conferences. These votes are held at various times after the first primary or caucus and are culminated by the state Republican convention. At the convention slates of delegates are postured and manuvered, it is a chance for delegates to be "elected" or chosen by other delegates in attendance.

At the conclusion of the state Republican convention each state will select their national delegates as well as a group of alternates. It is only after that selection process takes place that we really know how many delegates a candidate has.

Consider in contrast [how] the AP determines delegates: When the primary or caucus is held in any given state, the AP takes the number of delegates allotted to that state and divides the total by the percentage of the vote gained by the candidate in the election. Even though no state convention has been held, the AP projects the number of delegates who will be "required" to vote for a candidate. If [you] have seen Reality Check recently then you know there is precedent for why delegates are not bound.

The way you all are listing delegates is the most "fair" way to do so because you are not guessing and yet you will have a very clear count by the middle to end of June.

Hope this helps,

B" Consider a donation to make the map go from demo to production. 200 pennies is good enough!
9:10PM MAY 2ND 2012
There will NEVER ...... be ..... a Romney administration!

Romney can NOT ever be our president .... he can NOT win!

In a three way race Mitt would run THIRD .... wake UP ... old guard.

Only the most "yellow dog" old guard, dedicated republicans will back Mitt .

Reliable polls show that 22% of AMERICAN voters will NEVER vote for a Mormon.
Probably a unfair prejudice BUT life is not always fair.

ONLY Dr Paul can attract voters outside the GOP and win the General election.

A new and better ( much better ) way to elect a president ....

Check out www . americanselect . org ..... THIS CAN WORK .... if Tampa doesn't!
10:13AM MAY 2ND 2012
Ron Paul is and only ever was the only candidate worth voting for. Ron Paul supporters will vote for no one else. A vote for Mitt, is a vote for Obama, period. MSM is disgusting, and what many of these 'journalist' puppets have been pushing is purely criminal.
William in Tampa
9:56AM MAY 2ND 2012
Hey, I'm a Ron Paul fan as much as anybody ('jus call me T-Par-T), but DAMN, folks... I just can't bear the though of another term of B Hussein Oduma - if THAT happens, it will be our LAST AMERICAN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.

Do what ya gotta do, but PLEASE VOTE...
Gregg Gibson
11:25PM MAY 1ST 2012
The real reason that Paul has to use the caucuses and not the primaries to accumulate delegates is very simple: the primaries are RIGGED. ALL of them. Paul is not stupid: he is well aware of this.

In the 70s, CIA Director Colby testified in open Senate hearings that all votes in the US above the county level, are counted by a dummy corporation owned and contolled by the CIA. Colby told the senators he was very, very worried that the CIA might someday start rigging our elections. In fact the CIA is universally admitted to be the world's champion vote-riggers; it is one of their specialities, and they have used this around the world to vote in politicians subservient to Washington.

Why wouldn't they also do it here? In fact, Colby broadly hinted that they already HAD.

In 1972 for example Michigan University did an after-election poll showing McGovern defeating Nixon 51% to 48%.

In the SC Republican primary I voted for Paul, but there is a statistician who has satisfactorily proven that the votes for Romney and Paul were flipped, so Paul actually got around 28% of the vote, that is assuming that the vote wasn't rigged in other, statistically undetectible ways, which it probably WAS.

So when these establishment types weep crocodile tears that the "will of the people" is being frustrated by Paul's caucus victories, bear in mind that our government has long since escaped from the will of the average voter, via RIGGED ELECTIONS. A good read on the subject is _Votescam_, which details some of the unbelievably open vote-rigging that goes on in Florida and South Carolina.
this guy
1:59PM MAY 1ST 2012
Romney doesnt stand a chance against Obama, many republicans are just going for Ron Paul and won't vote Romney and only Ron Paul can get votes from all three ends of the spectrum: republicans, independents, and yes even democrats
David Farrar
11:56AM MAY 1ST 2012
If Mitt Romney is the GOP standard bearer, then I am afraid this November's plebiscite on the American Revolution is already lost, irrespective of who wins. Neither Obama or Romney are "natural born" Citiizens, as 43 out of the last 44 elected Presidents have understood that term to mean, that being born of citizen parents within the jurisdiction. Once this simple requirement is gone -- Congress has been trying to change this term legislatively for years -- the legal status of Americans will have fundamentally changed from that of free Citizens, living in a Republic with enumerated federal power, back to what we were before the American revolution: mere subjects to the soverignty of federal power.

ex animo
11:36AM MAY 1ST 2012
Paul did indeed not fare well in '08 in Texas. He took a measly 5% of the vote. That measly less than 5% (4.87%) was more than 2 times the percentage that Romney got. He did not reach higher than 2%. Paul is not running against McCain or Huckabee to whom he lost. He is running against Romney, who won 11 states in '08 and still got beaten to pulp by Paul in Texas who was at time time even more ignored than he is now, whether that would be justified or not.

That is not a suggestion Paul will definetely beat Romney in 2012. But watch how the district conventions already played out in Texas and a picture unfolds that can hold a surprise.
10:18AM MAY 2ND 2012
People need to take pictures of their ballots and send them all to an independent source for public view. A Ron Paul loss in Texas is impossible, unless it's rigged. We all (those of intelligence) know that the whole GOP primary has been one rigged straw vote, after another, a disgusting display of 'democracy.'
Texas Chris
7:53AM MAY 7TH 2012
Want to know what's rigged? The Texas delegates, that's what.

Of the 75 in my county, 45 are Paul supporters. That's right, the delegates are already chosen for the state convention!

Vote for whoever in the Texas primary, but the delegates are already selected.
11:25AM MAY 1ST 2012
Ron Paul is against the extrajudicial assassination of American citizens without due process, both Romney and Obama support and facilitate that policy. Ron Paul warned against and voted against the Iraq war, saying it was a bad idea because we didnt have enough information while everyone else except for Dennis Kucinich voted for it. Ron Paul is against and voted against the huge bailouts on both sides, instead he wants the Federal Reserve to be transparent so he created a bill to audit them that turned up 16 trillion dollars given out as loans during the 2008 crisis alone, that's enough to pay the entire US debt. I want some REAL change and reform. Not someone who gets Nobel Peace Prizes without having done anything but involve us in even more wars.
Tom Tebow
10:42AM MAY 1ST 2012
To review, Ron Paul has won or is winning the most delegates in: Washington, Iowa, Minnesota, Louisiana, Nevada, Maine, Missouri, and Colorado. That's at least EIGHT states, the media continues to claim it's ZERO.
Texas Chris
7:55AM MAY 7TH 2012
Add Texas to that list. We selected delegates 3 weeks ago and the Paul delegates appear to have a majority.
10:21AM MAY 2ND 2012
Unless people get their facts from the Internet, they have NO CLUE what's actually going on. CNN, FOX, NBS, CBS, ABC = MSM They are pure propaganda being pushed by ALL special interest groups. Bailed-out companies, and billionaires are controlling every aspect of this GOP campaign season. When GoldmannSachs is the largest contributer to both Romney AND Obama............. what can we take from that fact?
10:24AM MAY 1ST 2012
Ron Paul and Rand Paul will be holding a Tea Party rally at the State Capitol in Austin on May 6th.

This will be an historic event. I live in the Austin area and there are RON PAUL signs all over the place. They love him here and in other places. The media bias is incredible. I've only seen one Romney bumper sticker in the last 3 months. And there is an LDS church in my neighborhood. Again... RON PAUL signs are all over. So, will someone please explain to me how Romney wins?

Look for an amazing TEA PARTY rally by the man who started the Tea Party - Ron Paul. The AUSTIN TEA PARTY - May 6th...

Ron Paul or no one at All in 2012.

Ron Paul will do well in Texas this time around.
10:23AM MAY 2ND 2012
You are absolutely correct! Thanks for your comment.
Winston Lee
9:58AM MAY 1ST 2012
Ron Paul is an economic genius who can put it all together with the delegates at the convention...a once in a hundred years true statesman, family man, Constitutionalist who has a record of KEEPIING his promises...lobbyists don't even bother with him...they can't buy him out!
rael real
9:40AM MAY 1ST 2012
Ron Paul... and that's all!
8:46AM MAY 1ST 2012
Google this...
GOP Strategist Video: "Ron Paul Has Strongest Base. He Can Beat Romney & Obama."

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