RPOF Attacks Nan Rich for Not Backing Rick Scott's Tax Cuts

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: September 4, 2013 3:55 AM

Lenny Curry and Nan Rich

With Gov. Rick Scott proposing to cut taxes by $500 million in the 2014 legislative session, the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) is demanding to know if former Senate Democratic Leader Nan Rich, the only major Democrat to enter the race so far, will support the idea.

"After all her attacks this past weekend on Rick Scott, will Florida's leading liberal, Nan Rich, stay true to her principles?” demanded Lenny Curry, the chairman of the RPOF, on Tuesday. “Will she continue her long record against tax cuts and oppose Rick Scott's proposed $500 million tax cut that will help Florida's middle class?"

Despite being in the race since last April, Rich has struggled despite being the only major Democratic candidate to file in the race so far. Still, Rich has been growing increasingly active on the campaign trail in recent weeks and spent a busy Labor Day weekend attending Democratic and union events. She appeared on WUSF’s “Media Matters” radio show last week where she bashed Scott’s leadership.

“I think the governor should be running the state with an understanding this is not a dictatorship,” she said. “He believes he doesn’t have to talk to the legislators and understand the legislative process.”

Rich was asked if she could back further tax cuts, like the ones Scott proposed, and she opposed them to provide state services.

“Right now I would say I’m talking about how we can provide strong critical public services to people,” she said before claiming Scott cut public education and other services. “I think you need to look at the services and needs of the state of Florida. We have cut and cut. I think we now have to look at having the proper resources in place to cover these needs and that’s what I’d be looking at.”

Struggling in the polls, Rich has not impressed with her fundraising. By the end of June, she had raised more than $160,350 in cash, relied on more than $34,800 through in-kind donations and spent more than $101,100 -- leaving her with around $59,000 in the bank.

Rich could soon have competition for the Democratic nomination. Among the major candidates who have left the door open to running for that party’s nomination are former Gov. Charlie Crist who joined the Democrats in 2012 after serving as a Republican until 2010, former state CFO Alex Sink who lost to Scott in 2010 and even U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., though he has downplayed getting in the race.

Curry and the RPOF have hammered Rich throughout the year for her liberal stances on social and economic issues.

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Comments (7)

3:05PM SEP 4TH 2013
Nan who?
7:27PM SEP 4TH 2013
Yes, one shouldn't expect Fox News viewers to have actual knowledge of anyone beyond Limbaugh, Palin, Cruz, Rick Scott and other little minds . . . .

Pathetic . . .
9:36AM SEP 4TH 2013
Oh, the same tax cuts that have incresed the burden on the middle class and working poor that have been abject failures for Florida's economy. Plus have crippled Florida government's ability to be of service to its people. Meanwhile Mr Ethics's Senator Gaetz continues the model of Republican governance as being elected lobbiests paid by both the taxpayers and the interests they lobby for but only loyal to the inters they lobby for not the people. 15 years of Republican rule in Florida has resulted in more poor people and a reduced middle class.
3:05PM SEP 4TH 2013
After the mess Crist left behind, Governor Scott is bringing jobs to the State. You can't argue with statistics.
10:27PM SEP 4TH 2013
Repubctallygirl no you cannot argue with statistics . they plainly show that after 15 years of Republican rule in Florida ther are many more poor people and that the average middle class income is down over 10%. as well as the percentage that is middle class being reduced. Republican governance results in more poor, more working poor, and les opportunity. Statistics also clearly show Scott's policies have not increased the number of jobs in the state and a significant potion of added jobs are in the bottom 1/4 of income. Republican economic and tax policy is a proven recipe for failure for most American's and Floridians.
7:20PM SEP 4TH 2013
Don't you mean the mess that George W. Bush and his deregulation of banks and Wall Street brought to the nation . . . to blame Crist for the national housing bubble and the worldwide recession just continues to display your absolute denial of reality and engagement with the politics of the "Big Lie" that routinely oozes from your comments on SSN . . . . forever in denial and absolutely . . .

Pathetic . . . .
12:06PM SEP 4TH 2013
Amen !!!

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