RPOF Chair Lenny Curry Defends Opposition to Retention

By: Jim Turner | Posted: September 29, 2012 3:55 AM

Lenny Curry

Lenny Curry

Republican Party of Florida Chairman Lenny Curry has taken to the keypad to defend the party’s opposition of the three state Supreme Court justices up for retention in November.

In an editorial running this weekend in a number of outlets across the state, Curry rejects any notion that Gov. Rick Scott was involved in the decision by the executive committee to take on the retention of Justices R. Fred Lewis, Barbara Pariente and Peggy Quince.

Also, Curry pushes back against attacks that the party is “politicizing” an item that is on the statewide general election ballot.

“Predictably, the political allies of these justices, including the Florida Bar Association, are crying foul because Lewis, Pariente and Quince now have to campaign on their performance record,” Curry wrote. “Their political strategy is to accuse the RPOF of 'injecting politics' into their elections, while at the same time pretending that these are 'independent judges' who are above politics of any sort.

“But a major ally of these justices, the Bar Association, only pretends to be above politics. Recently, when President Obama criticized the United States Supreme Court ahead of a major ruling, the supposedly apolitical Bar Association decided to exercise its right to remain silent. But again, here in Florida, they are complaining when Republicans criticize their candidates.”

The three justices have long been a thorn for the RPOF, going back to the Florida Supreme Court’s stances in Bush v. Gore.

On Monday, the Florida State Fraternal Order of Police and Florida Professional Firefighters will come out opposed to the RPOF’s position, declaring the attacks on the court as a threat to public safety.

“Law enforcement depends on a fair and impartial judiciary that the citizens of Florida can trust to make decisions based on the law and the Constitution,” a Friday release from the police and firefighters stated.

“The very foundation of Florida’s independent judicial system is being compromised by those who are determined to turn the courts into political fiefdoms that make decisions based on what is politically expedient. Such efforts weaken the rule of law and make the jobs of law enforcement and public safety officers much more difficult.”

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Comments (7)

12:09PM SEP 30TH 2012
Don't go away RPOF just go away
8:38PM SEP 29TH 2012
Lenny Curry needs to be ashamed of this transparent blatant partisan political party attempt to oust judges in a effort to increase Republican turnout.

I'm sure Lenny Curry made sure the Republican leadership in Florida had plausible deniability. Is anyone so naive to believe that this could have happened IF EVEN ONE OF THE LEADERSHIP HAD OPPOSED IT?

For the moment at least, the leadership is staying eerily and suspiciously quiet over where they stand, except to deny they played a role (imagine that, the entire Republican elected leadership not involved). Expect a panic if this starts to blow up in their faces, and a sudden "coming to Jesus" conversion to oppose this effort should that happen.

This is just another modern update of Nixonian era, shameful dirty politics. SHAME, SHAME RPOF!
Franklin Thompson
9:24AM SEP 30TH 2012
Any group, by whatever named called, can advocate for or against anyone who is up for election or retention. If the Florida DNC (or the Florida RNC for that matter) had publicly announced they were [for] retention of the SC justices in question, we never would have heard anything from the 'Franks' of the world.
4:25PM SEP 30TH 2012
So it's your contention that judge retention should be TOTALLY POLITICAL, and that all those Republicans, including the past Republican Chairman of the RPOF, who have come out against this are all full of crap - that's your position, correct?

Franklin Thompson
5:00PM SEP 30TH 2012
If the situation were reversed and the DPOF had said to retain, you would not have made a sound. You are the poster child for hypocrisy.
5:59PM OCT 1ST 2012
So now you're inventing scenarios and proclaiming my hypocrisy for a position neither I nor the Democratic Party ever took!

Incredible! Unethical! Illogical! Pathetic!
Franklin Thompson
9:26AM SEP 30TH 2012
Sorry, I meant RPOF AND DPOF.

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