SD 24: Despite Staying with Crist, Altman Should Survive Challenge from the Right

Posted: July 31, 2010 4:05 AM
Sen. Thad Altman, R-Viera, jumped from the House to the Senate in 2008 and represents parts of Brevard, Orange and Seminole counties.

Conservatives have not forgotten that Altman continues to back independent Gov. Charlie Crist in the U.S. Senate race instead of Republican Marco Rubio. But Altman looks poised to survive a challenge from the right in the Republican primary.

Altman has brought in more than $288,000 and spent more than $168,000. That should help him fend off a primary challenge from conservative businessman Bart Carmichael. Carmichael has raised only a little more than $6,000 so far and spent more than $5,000.

With no Democrat in the race, the winner of the Republican primary will take on independent candidate Steve Edmonds in November. Edmonds has raised almost $4,000 and has spent more than $3,500.

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Thomas Hiers
9:56AM AUG 7TH 2010
The truth about Mr Altman is that he is for sale to the highest bidder, regardless of the bill in question or what it does. Just look at the alimony bill that he sposored and is now law. Everyone that divorces will now get hurt by this new law. Everyone that is except the family lawers. They will clean up. We attempted to speak to Mr Altman concerning his proposed Senate bill, but he refused to see us time and time again. I finally had a chance to speak to him at a fund raiser and he seemed to understand that his bill, which he had not even read yet, was a bad bill. Oh yes, he was sponsoring a bill that he blindly took from the Forida Bar and did not bother to read it, let alone understand it and its consequences. I wonder how much of a contribution the mighty Florida Bar gave him?

Mr Altman decided that to attend the Space Shuttle Rally was too much trouble for him. What a show of support for his constituents.

If you want a man that will continue to abuse his power, then Altman is your man.
5:56PM JUL 31ST 2010
Gotta love yahoo search engines...here are some simple research points: Altman is by far the most conservative (I didn't say libertarian) and RESPONSIBLE candidate in this race with endorsements from the NRA, Florida Right to Life, Chamber of Commerce and more! I met Mr Carmichael and he appears to be a nice man, but he just moved into a rental within the district and just declared bankruptcy/foreclosure. We are all facing hard economic times, so I won't criticize the guy for personal financial woes...however, how can he legislate when he has the stress and time consumption of dealing with personal issues. Both are nice men. Altman is the right choice to legislate in this race.

Have a great weekend!
Hollis Green
7:51AM JUL 31ST 2010
Certainly, if it comes down strictly to money on hand, Senator Altman has the advantage. But he also has a long record as a career politician vs. businessman Bart Carmichael. I believe voters are far more engaged & informed & will look at Mr. Altman's record in deciding how to vote. Mr. Altman has a long record of supporting big government, increasing taxes & devising creative fees-drivers' licenses, car tags, septic tank inspections, etc.--rather than finding ways to cut spending. Mr. Carmichael has pledged to uphold the conservative values of limited government, fiscal responsibility, preservation & protection of individual liberty & private property rights, free enterprise, the Constitution & the rule of law. I believe the people of District 24 are able to judge a true conservative from Mr. Altman's rhetoric which contradicts his established record.
Alice Kreitz
8:19PM JUL 31ST 2010
I have been around long enough to know that many have 'bought' elections...for years. Let's hope that does not happen in our "intellegent" Brevard County. Altmans' record shows him to be more liberal than his constituents, yet he is continually 'misconstruing' his record. His devisive fees and other underhanded way to 'stick it to us taxpayers' is indictative of a man who is too arrogant for office. Bart Carmichael is a man of integrity and intelligence. He is thoughtful, listens well, and acts with above-board action. He is not deceptive. This is the year to get rid of RINOs.

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