Short-Memory Charlie Should Learn Not to Point

By: Nancy Smith | Posted: December 12, 2013 5:05 PM
I Beg to Differ

Interesting to see Charlie Crist pin one of his own moves -- a vehicle-registration fee increase -- on Rick Scott.

Funnier still that Charlie would refer to the Legislature in place in 2009 as "Rick Scott's colleagues."

"When these fees were passed by Rick Scott's colleagues and signed into law, they were never meant to be permanent," the former Republican governor running for Democratic governor said in a statement Thursday.

Let's see. What was Scott doing in 2009? Busy trying to establish Solantic as a national brand of medical clinics, as far as I can tell. I don't think he had a single "colleague" in the Florida Legislature in 2009 -- let alone any interest in a bill jacking up Florida's vehicle-registration fees.

Charlie, on the other hand ... I do believe he was the guy in the governor's office in 2009. The guy whose "colleagues" presented him with the fee-hike bill he readily signed?

As Susan Hepworth, spokeswoman for the Republican Party of Florida, snapped in an email to the News Service of Florida: "Is Crist saying he's glad Rick Scott is cleaning up his mess?"

There's no question, folks. This is how the Democrats are going to play it from now until Election Day. Charlie's going to be out there ripping Scott for his own sins on the theory that everything bad in Florida happened since Rick Scott took office. And the rest of the Democrats will be in the cheering section: "Yeah, yeah, that's how it is! Right on, Charlie!"

They must think voters are too dumb to get it.

vehicle registration-tax poster

Take a look at this "poster" the Dems released (shown left), describing 2009, the year the fee increases took effect. In his media statement, Mark Hollis who distributed it, said, "Remember 2009. The Black Eyed Peas topped the pop charts with Boom Boom Pow; James Cameron’s “Avatar” debuted in theaters; Tiger Woods took leave from professional golf; And the Republican-led Florida Legislature hiked motor vehicle fees that remain in place today."

Democrats don't think voters will remember it was THEIR flip-flopping guber candidate who loved that bill, saw it through all the way to his desk and signed it.

Even House Democratic Leader Perry Thurston whipped it up for the loyal minority, issuing this statement: “For too long, Governor Rick Scott has ignored Republican legislative leaders’ fiscal irresponsibility of leaving intact drastic tax hikes that they imposed in 2009 on working families and small businesses in the form of higher auto registration fees."

Rick Scott has already swept up a boatload of Charlie's messes, particularly the ones connected to the economy when the former governor left office.

No doubt Scott will be wielding his broom again, and sure as it rains in the forest, Charlie, Mr. See-No-Evil-Hear-No-Evil, will be lining up at the head of his new party, pretending not to point a finger at himself.

In the meantime Scott is still winning kudos for his plan to lower vehicle-registration fees by $401 million -- a plan unveiled Thursday afternoon in Tampa. When (not if) passed, it will roll back fees to register a "typical automobile" by $25.05, from $71.85 to $46.80.

It will be fun to see if Charlie can figure out a way to take credit for the rollback.

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7:30PM DEC 16TH 2013
no one is fooled by this piece. scott has still been a disaster for florida, it's citizens and environment. i see scott as truly transparent in his wish to give back to floridians to try and get a second term.
Dean Franklin
9:41AM DEC 13TH 2013
Govenors do not pass anything. They sign it, or veto it.
8:55AM DEC 13TH 2013
Oh Nancy. What we have here is a great example of the Democrats failing, so far, to develop a candidate to run and win against Mr. Scott who, by example, has been one of the worst Governors this state has had. The one item that should bother every single voter in Florida is the very fact that Mr. Scott is a liar. Now, most politicians do fabricate or lie to shape things their way. Mr. Scott has cut unemployment benefits to those who are in need, (famlies of hard working adults who lost their jobs due to the poor economy in this state) and then faults the Federal Government! He has taken credit for many projects which had been in planning for a couple years and had absolutely nothing to do with finding, or assisting in the development. What he does NOT tell everyone is of his failures. He has travelled to South America, on our dime, for "economic development" reasons. Look around and you'll see his trip(S) had very little, if anything, to contribute to our economy in a positive way. Another humerous but sad FLOP, was the trip to Kissimmee, Florida to welcome the COLT Company in their alleged relocation of one of their plants. Even the county officials hopped aboard this sinking ship by spending almost a million taxpayer dollars to rehab an older county building for Colt to move into. NO money at all invested in this by Colt, yet Mr Scott was there to take credit for this project. Colt has until the end of this month to move in,per their contract but it looks like just another FAILURE by Rick Scott and the Osceola County Board of County Commissioners! The people of this state deserve much better but a truly GOOD replacement must run for the office or we'll continue to be stuck with the spoiled millionaire as a governor!
Independent Thinker
8:35PM DEC 12TH 2013
This is a ridiculous semantic game. The people who were in the Legislature in 2009 were substantially the same people who were in it in 2011 when Scott took office. There's nothing incorrect about referring to that group as Scott's "colleagues".

(Anyone interested in an education should look up the word "proleptic" to get an idea how Crist's statement should be classified.)

Does this author think readers are too dumb to miss this?
Embarrassed Democrat
9:15PM DEC 12TH 2013
The colleagues were Charlie Crist's not Rick Scott's. I know Crist is ours now, but can't we at least be honest about him?
Independent Thinker
10:46AM DEC 13TH 2013
I am being honest. The reference by Crist was proleptic, as I said. It is perfectly legitimate to refer to the persons in question as Rick Scott's "colleagues" because it was substantially the same body of persons.

Do you understand what "proleptic" means? Please do not simply repeat back the claim made in the article, it has been refuted.

And who is "ours"? Read my handle. I'm an Independent voter who is disgusted with Scott's performance -- his budget cuts on the homeless and disabled; his lies about improving the employment situation; his misrepresentations of his accomplishments, etc. Crist was no angel, but he is a far better choice than the current monster in office, who has no heart, no compassion, and no common sense to speak of.
Embarrassed Democrat
11:23AM DEC 13TH 2013
I am a professor of English Literature and fully understand the meaning of the word "proleptic." I also understand the meaning of the term "deliberately deceptive" and understand full well the intention of Crist's phrasing. This hasn't been the first time since we embraced our candidate for governor that I've felt the need to apologize for him and/or his tactics. We should be talking about Scott's misdeeds and not Crist's.
Independent Thinker
3:12PM DEC 13TH 2013
Then you know very well that there is nothing "deceptive" in Crist's phrasing. It can only be deemed inaccurate by reading more qualifications into it than are present, or by adding words to his words. It is, as I said, a semantic game. It's really a waste of time, an effort to wrest a problem from something -- in this case to evade (as you and I apparently agree) Scott's misdeeds, which can indeed be found in plenty.
Embarrassed Democrat
5:26PM DEC 14TH 2013
You do not strike me as an independent thinker at all. You are a Scott hater. I think any tactics Chain Gang Charlie employs against Scott, you are going to make excuses for. Let me put it this way, I think we should concentrate on the issues we think Scott got wrong, not the ones that are overspill from Crist's heinous previous life.
Independent Thinker
7:22AM DEC 16TH 2013
Any informed, indepdendent thinker would "hate" someone who cut funds for the disabled and homeless, lies so egregiously about his accomplishments in terms of job creation, and ducks and dodges when called down for his mistakes. One would have to either be incredibky ignorant, or else, hate humanity, to not be so disgusted with someone so corrupt.

In any event, since you have failed to explain why this is only an "excuse"...yes. By all means concentrate on issues Scott got wrong. As of now, I have 129 non-partisan reasons why Scott should be voted out of office.

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