Social Media Aflutter with Florida's Education Achievements, New Standards

By: Allison Nielsen | Posted: March 28, 2014 3:55 AM

The Foundation for Excellence in Education has a new campaign to promote Florida’s education successes, taking to social media and television airwaves to speak about the positive strides made in the Sunshine State’s education system.

"Learn More. Go Further." began in last fall, with a heavy focus on Florida’s education system. Its mission: to educate the public about Florida’s “education success story and great results for students, teachers and schools.”

“In the mid-2000s we had gone from the Sunshine State Standards to the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards as kind of the halfway point … to Common Core, now the Florida Standards,” explained Jaryn Ernhof, director of communications for the Foundation for Excellence in Education. “We discovered that the raising of these standards … and the state of education in Florida in general … was Florida’s best kept secret. ”

Emhof told Sunshine State News that there just wasn’t a lot of information regarding Florida’s achievement readily available for public consumption -- and so "Learn More. Go Further." was born.

Teachers from across the state have recently become involved in the campaign. Four involved in LMGF have their own Twitter accounts where they tweet messages in support of Florida’s achievements and vouch for Florida’s new education standards.

“As a teacher AND a parent, I want what's best for ALL children -- that's why I support Florida's higher standards,” wrote Faye Adams, a teacher from Tampa.

Former teacher -- now assistant principal -- Beth McClaulin is another educator who joined forces with LMGF on a volunteer basis to promote Florida’s new education standards. Her Twitter account, FLTeacherBeth, bears a striking resemblance to Adams’ and other teachers affiliated with the campaign. Many tweets are identical.

Emhof told SSN the LMGF team works “on the ground,” meeting with teachers, parents and community leaders to get them involved in the campaign.

For McClaulin, it was her firsthand experience in dealing with questions about education standards that led her to get involved in the campaign.

“I was concerned about the message that parents were coming to me as an educator, asking me about these Common Core standards and the Florida Standards and the misconceptions that they had about the whole process,” she said. “I felt like I wanted to have a voice and help everybody that has school-age children … be educated on what the standards were really and truly all about.”

The teachers have appeared on social media as well as in TV ads.

While the campaign promotes the positive steps Florida’s made over the last several years, it also promotes a topic that has gathered significant controversy over the last year -- Common Core.

LMGF’s website speaks highly of the standards and attempts to dispel “myths” propagated by anti-Common Core activists, condemning the notion that CCSS is a federal program and assuring that the new standards will give students a deeper understanding of classroom material.

“The standards provide clarity and consistency for what students across our country are expected to learn. This initiative helps provide all students with an equal opportunity for a high-quality education, regardless of where they live,” reads the site.

LMGF has plans to continue hitting ground zero in education as Florida transitions to the new Florida Standards and a new assessment test next year. LMGF ads will run for 10 weeks, but Emhof said the campaign to promote Florida’s education achievements will go on for the next two years -- and possibly beyond.  

“This year and next year are particularly critical years,” said Emhof. “[The campaign] may not always be specific ‘Learn More. Go Further.’ in the outer years, but I don’t think the conversation really ends.”

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8:49PM MAR 28TH 2014
There are no "new" standards. Just changing the name and adding the 15% of allowed additional standards that will never be tested on does not undo the full force and effect of ObamaBushcore that has been unleashed on Florida Students and parents.
10:20AM MAR 28TH 2014
Steve @ 8:01AM MAR 28TH 2014

That is the mission of Jeb Bush's PARENT TRIGGER BILL which so far has tied 20-20 in the Senate in the last two years - Calls in the night to the Villages political boss Gary Lester got Senator (Dixon) Alan Hays to change his vote but others dropped their support of the bill causing another tie.

They want to make the public school system so bad that theparents just throw up they hands and agree to let them privatize, that's was the voucher thing is about, giving our tax dollars to their for-profit schools along with the Bush push for Charter conversions, many of which are Gulen or other Muslim friends of the Bush family. ALSO, the job of Obama is to upset the people to the point that another Bush would look better than another Obama (aka Hitlary) They've got their plans in motion and no one is going to stop them!

Research the JEB BUSH PUSH for our public schools to be converted into Charter Schools while we the taxpayers still have to fund their private for profit charter schools. Jeb’s old FDOE and senate buddy JIM HORNE is the point man for this scheme to defraud teachers, parents, students and the taxpayers of their rights to public education. Remember it was JIM HORNE who was recorded by the FBI offering JIMMY JET a BRIBE to drop out of the race against former Congressman Cliff Stearns! Jeb’s push for the Florida PARENT TRIGGER BILL which if passed would give parents the right to demand our public schools be turned over to Jeb and his for-profit Charter Schools management friends. This CHARTER SCHOOL COVERSIONS by what is supposed to be the people’s lawmakers is nothing mre than a push to privatize all public schools not only in Florida but throughout the USA. The GULEN CHARTER SCHOOLS are flourishing in the USA all with the Help of the Bush family dynasty!

And of course the Madam of the Jeb Bush Foundations Patricia Levesque, who always has something to say for job justification stated, “the organization was speaking up now in part because of where the state stands in putting the standards in place”. Now? The Jeb Bush Foundations have been running all over the country for years pushing the CCS agenda.

“This year is when every student at every grade level is going to be exposed to Common Core,” she said. “Exposed” – do you mean like a virus?

In other words, Florida’s Governor Scott, Commissioner, Legislators, State School Board and District Superintendents are dancing to the tune of Jeb Bush, Chester Finn (Fordham), George Soros, Sen. Lamar Alexander (cradle to grave control), Craig Barrett (Intel), Rex Tillerson (ExxonMobil) Achieve , Edward Rust (State Farm), Condoleezza Rice, Carnegie Foundation, GE, Bill Ayers, Barak Obama and far too many to list. Oh, and let’s not forget David Coleman and Arne Duncan along with the president of the CFR Richard Haass.

Time to clean up our state – to start supporting officials by actions not party, or being lead around by a leash. Floridians Against Common Core Education (F.A.C.C.E.) has ask the Gov. Scott on more than one occasion to take a further step in cleaning up the CCS legislative apparatus in Tallahassee to include insisting that Pam Stewart, Mary Ellen Elia (Hillsborough Superintendent of Schools), and Fl. legislators John Thrasher, John Legg, Joe Negron, Erik Fresen, Anitere Flores, Don Gaetz, Kelli Stargel, and Will Weatherford remove themselves immediately from serving on the Jeb Bush Foundation for Excellence in Education. Never, ever a response from his office.
Inside the Gulen Compound - to the Pennsylvania fortress of “The World’s most Dangerous Islamist”
Fethullah Gulen, allegedly “the most dangerous Islamist on planet earth,” is alive, well, and living in Pennsylvania with over $25 billion in financial assets.
From Pennsylvania, he has toppled the secular government of Turkey, established over 3,000 schools throughout Central Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the United States, created a new country called East Turkistan, and formed a movement that seeks to create a New Islamic World Order.
6:57AM MAR 28TH 2014
LMGF is the latest desperate attempt of the coalition of leftists, Jeb Bush, Bill Gates and the education industrial complex fighting to bleed taxpayers or move control over education to the Federal government. In the end, both groups seek the destruction of parental rights and sovereignty over education. They seek to enslave and indoctrinate your children. They are evil, all of them.
6:57AM MAR 28TH 2014
LMGF is the latest desperate attempt of the coalition of leftists, Jeb Bush, Bill Gates and the education industrial complex fighting to bleed taxpayers or move control over education to the Federal government. In the end, both groups seek the destruction of parental rights and sovereignty over education. They seek to enslave and indoctrinate your children. They are evil, all of them.
8:01AM MAR 28TH 2014
What is interesting is how by every measure imagineable, the state of education has decline since the 1950's at all levels, and yet we are forced fed about how wonderful everythig is. As a parent who had 4 kids who suffered through the public education system, my only conclusion is it can't possibly be any worse so why not do away with it and let people sort it out themselves. Why are we forced to keep paying for a product no one would buy even if it sat on the shelf at Walmart with a super saving discount.
8:52PM MAR 28TH 2014
Thisis starting to be a real attractive option. First we abolish Fed Dept Ed. Then FlDOE. Then teacher unions.

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