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State Attorney Amira Fox to Answer to Ethics Commission Friday for Campaign Violations

April 11, 2019 - 4:15pm
Amira Fox
Amira Fox

The state attorney for Florida's 20th Judicial Circuit will go before the Florida Ethics Commission Friday, answering a complaint that during 2018 and even before, she campaigned during working hours, costing state taxpayers what the complainant claims are "many thousands of dollars" in political absenteeism.

Campaigning during work hours is a violation of Florida Statutes 104.31 and 110.233.

According to the "Amira Fox for State Attorney" website, as it appeared in 2018, Fox "oversees the prosecution of tens of thousands of cases throughout Charlotte, Collier, Hendry, Glades and Lee Counties. She also supervises a team of 300 staff members including 120 assistant state attorneys." Fox was chief assistant state attorney in the office during the election period. She subsequently won the race.

Linda Malie of Sebring told the Ethics Commission in a complaint filed Sept. 6, 2018, the evidence against Fox is air-tight.

"Referencing the 2018 calendar," Malie wrote, "timesheets and political events attended during not only day working hours but also evening hours, it is not possible that Amira D. Fox could perform said services for which she receives compensation from the state."

(See the complaint attachments by clicking on the blue "Downloads" directly below this story.)

Malie particularly noted July 1, 2018, when Fox attended a campaign debate at 7 a.m. but failed to note it either on the calendar or her timesheet. "To my knowledge, this debate  however, ran well over 2 hours and was in Naples FL, a 45-minute to 1 hour drive from Ft. Myers," wrote the complainant. 

Malie, an animal rights activist, told Sunshine State News she came across Fox's timesheets while researching public records for an animal rights case. "It appeared so blatant what Amira Fox was doing, I just got stuck in to checking her out," she said.

Fox earlier this week declined to discuss the complaint or the upcoming Ethics Commission hearing with Sunshine State News.

There were earlier complaints from other parties saying Fox violated office policy. On Jan. 5, 2018, Rosemarie Mitchell, the office's human resource director, informed Fox: "You were short 19.50 hours on your December 2017* timesheet; therefore, you owe $1478.75/19.50 hours." Fox repaid the money. 

"Paying back the money does not dismiss the Florida Statute violations, and charges have not been filed," Malie said in her complaint. "Furthermore. according to 2018 public records, it appears approximately 60 Republican political events were attended during work hours, each one being a violation of Florida Statutes. It is a concern if state vehicles and gas cards were used during these times. These are political events I have potentially identified where Amira Fox campaigned during work hours ... this is not to be taken as a complete or inclusive list of all political campaigning during the two-year period."

Under Ethics Commission rules, the respondent, the complainant, and their counsel are permitted to attend the hearing to observe the Commission's deliberations. Malie said her mother is in Hospice care and she would be unable to attend; Samantha Syoen in the state attorney's office said Fox will travel to Tallahassee for the 10 a.m. hearing in the third floor courtroom, First District Court of Appeal.

Reach Nancy Smith at or at 228-282-2423. Twitter: @NancyLBSmith


Corruption in Florida government seems to be out of control. Stop giving free passes to people who break the law.

Corruption in government should not be tolerated, clean house all the way up the line.

Ethics Commission is a joke. They never go after their own. The Ethics Commission should be held in contempt, jailed until a real grand jury could investigate all wrong doings Oath of it thru the shredder, it means nothing but lip syncing to them Not worthy of office

Amira Fox refused to investigate criminal a criminal complaint against then Attorney General Pam Bondi. Fox never even spoke with the complaining witness. Now Pam Bondi's staff refuses to allow the investigation of clear criminal misconduct by Amira Fox to even be investigated. We have the corrupt good old boy network, Fox clears Bondi, then Bondi's staff (now working for Bondi's chosen successor Moody) clear Fox. Corruption by any other name.

Corruption should not be tolerated, Governor DeSantis should be notified.

No probable cause found. Case dismissed!!

Proof the complaint was totally without merit filed by a ranting bitter Crowley supporter.

I read the complaints, they are with referenced facts from Ms. Fox's own public records. If she was given a free pass there is seriously something wrong with the system.

Hmmm even Hillary Clinton would be vigorously prosecuted if she committed such egregious violations ... oh wait ... no she would not!!!

Is there a politician ANYwhere who doesn't "violate the law" in some way or other at one time or another? Apparently, starting with the example of Trump and his deplorables, the law doesn't really matter any more ... at least to politicians and the fatcats! Friggin' 'mobster mentality'!

You were in the sunlight with your first sentence then you went back in the dark in mommies basement. I guess it is Mr. Trump fault you were born. Liberal mentality will always make people ignorant and you are the perfect example.

There isn’t a Democratic politician anywhere in Congress and the senate who doesn’t not only violate the law but also lie routinely and get away with it. That’s got nothing to with Trump. It is rooted in Obama’s eight years of lies, and violation of laws and the constitution that have permanently divided this country. Treasonous Obama got away with all of it until now. His band of Islamic terrorist supporters, backed and paid off by Soros were an embarrassment to this country and should be prosecuted. I see you represent a Liberal democrat group so your delusional position is based on your politics. There is another side.Trump may be a lot of things , but not a traitor. Obama was not a patriot and hated America Soros made him rich at the expense of all Anericand

To Anonymous and the other fake names making disparaging comments on this article about ETHICS VIOLATIONS BY THE CURRENT STATE ATTORNEY (TOP PROSECUTOR) FOR FIVE FL COUNTIES — what a coward you are hiding behind an anonymous/fake name. I have a hunch these multiple names are one person — Amira Fox’s husband Mike Fox. Is Sam Steele the next commenter? It’s common knowledge among many of us that “Sam Steele” is the FAKE name/profile Mike Fox uses on Facebook. The FAKE profile has been reported numerous times, but FB fails to remove it, so we that know this — block him. MAY THE TRUTH PREVAIL!


It’s really appalling to see the nasty, attacking comments against Ms. Malie and Mr. Crowley on this article. If justice is truly blind, then the TRUTH and EVIDENCE shall prevail. Nobody is above the law — especially the person who is supposed to be obeying AND enforcing the law — the State Attorney, Ms. Fox. How can Ms. Fox be trusted to enforce the law as State Attorney if she is breaking campaign/ethics laws?

AMIRA BUSTED BY DESANTIS FOR CORRUPTION ////////////////////////////////

Fox is a dirty filthy scum of the earth as is her corrupt former cop husband. They both belong behind bars! We all know what went down. She bought her way into office with equally corrupt attorney's backroom deals! May the justice be swift and kick her arse out and felony criminal charges!!!!!!!!

Wow! Are you kidding me????? ... witch hunt!

Opinion: Anyone who has spent any significant amount of time involved in or reviewing the work of prosecutors and cops in Charlotte and Lee Counties likely sees a blind eye being turned to ethical violations committed by prosecutors, hiding of exculpatory evidence by prosecutors and police officers, confirmation bias in investigations, preferential treatment of officers, prosecutors and friends thereof who violate laws. If you read this and think it does not happen or is the rare occasion then you are naive and have not likely reviewed very many internal affairs reports, internal emails, investigative news stories, civil rights cases filed in this circuit, nor have you asked enough questions and reviewed the work of these citizens with badges. It is sad, but gone are the days when cops and prosecutors take seriously their oath to protecting and defending the Constitution. Most are not trained nor supervised adequately. Add to this equation immunity for prosecutors and qualified immunity for police officers and the result is what we have now, a dangerous culture of hypocrisy in our most important offices and agencies. We have allowed these "public servants" to feel comfortable with cheating, lying and using their positions for unlawful personal gain. We have allowed these folks to foster and build an agency culture that turns a blind eye to negligent work, laziness and violations of the right to due process. So, is it a witch hunt if there really is a witch at large? My answer is yes. Let's be fair during the witch hunt by getting the facts and finding the truth.

Guess you didn't really read all the charges and yes criminal against this witch. There are more than just this case against her. May she be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and clean house including the dirty cops she owes favors!!! No one is safe and murder and crime on the rise. She's nothing but a con job making bucks off the backs of citizens and filling her pockets with dirty lawyer money and backroom deals.

Nope a corrupt criminal SA who got caught!!!! She's a disgrace!

Campaigning during work hours is a violation of Florida Statutes 104.31 and 110.233. The law was broken, the evidence is undeniable.

Linda Malie, you seem to be unstable. There is zero proof of Ms. Fox breaking any laws whatsoever. There is no evidence to support your claims. What you claim is NOT undeniable. What you claim is not factual. The only person who was found in violation of campaign laws was Crowley who you supported. He admitted to the criminal violations and paid a penalty. He failed to win and you still rant on months after his huge failures. Again, what you claim is not supported by evidence.

Anonymous... are you Mr. Amira Fox? Your statements regarding Linda Malie are false, defamatory. The proof is Amira Fox's own records of her campaign activity during the time she was paid by taxpayers to do her job as Assist. State Attorney... Not campaign!! Running for State Attorney... breaking the Law!!! Obviously the Florida Ethics Commission found credible evidence to violation of Florida Law to schedule a Hearing. The repeated attempts by Mr. Amira Fox, and current and former State Prosecutors from the 20th District Court to discredit Chris Crowley is not going to work! Steve Russell filed the ridiculous complaint, using his position as State Attorney against Chris Crowley to help Amira Fox get elected... maybe a complaint needs to be filed to review any inappropriate, unethical actions by former State Attorney Steve Russell? As. well as Steve Russell's campaign activity on behalf of Amira Fox, since he was actively involved in Amira Fox's campaign,

Anonymous, The evidence is referenced in the complaints, I suggest you take the time to review them. The Florida Commission of Ethics does not schedule probable cause hearings based on non factual complaints.

Ms. Malie evidence is not factual just because it is written in a complaint by someone who is obviously not credible.

Both the complainant and the complaints are credible, the proof seen is detailed and undeniable. It is a serious concern when a person who is in charge of the law does not follow it and more of a concern if the people in charge of investigating complaints fail to honor their duties. Tit for tat - unethical in itself.

Amira Fox, who is entrusted by the Citizens of Florida to uphold the Law, blatantly violated the Law campaigning during work hours. Not only herself... but, State Prosecutors working under her in Florida's 20th Judicial Circuit were on Facebook all day long campaigning for Amira Fox, attacking her opponent Chris Crowley with Amira Fox's full knowledge. Not only unethical, against State Attorney Office Policy, but is stealing taxpayer dollars... and, against Florida State Law! Prosecutors not doing their job, why the dismal conviction record by the 20th District Court. Non-Prosecution of criminal activity in the counties! Lee County like a Third-World Country for animal cruelty, abuse, torture and killing of animals which Amira Fox refused to prosecute, made false statements!

I don't care who you are - everyone must follow the laws. Why should she get a pass just because she's in that position. She who is supposed to uphold our laws has become a blatant violator of them. She's made it quite clear to the people of Lee County that she doesn't give a crap what we think. Even after paying moneys that she owed, she continued to thumb her nose at the laws and continued campaigning on our taxpayer dollars all the way until the day of the election. I think she is a disgrace to the position! Amira Fox should definitely go. This is not who I'd want representing Lee County Taxpayers.. She has no respect for the laws, but expects everyone else to have to follow them. No one, I repeat no one should be exempt from following the law. There it is - printed in plain black and white for you to read Amira Fox. How could you think you could do this thievery against Lee County residents? Shame on you!!!! You don't need to worry about getting right with the people of Lee County right now. First you better worry about getting right with God!!

The People voted Ms. Fox to be our State Attorney. She won by a landslide. You making all sorts of unfounded assertions that are not supported by any evidence.


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