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Stephanie Murphy Calls for Puerto Rican Statehood

March 4, 2017 - 6:00am
Stephanie Murphy
Stephanie Murphy

A congresswoman from Florida took to the House floor this week, calling for Puerto Rican statehood. 

Honoring the centennial of the Jones-Shafroth Act, which gave Puerto Ricans American citizenship, U.S. Rep. Stephanie Murphy, D-Fla., spoke on Thursday and said she backed statehood for that island commonwealth, noting that Central Florida, parts of which she represents, is home to a fast-growing Puerto Rican population.  

“A century ago today, a federal law granted U.S. citizenship to individuals born in Puerto Rico,” Murphy said. “Island residents have made countless contributions to this country in times of peace and war, serving with exceptional valor in our armed forces. The bonds between Puerto Rico and Florida are unbreakable.  The state is home to over one million Puerto Ricans, with most living in central Florida.

“Puerto Rico is going through difficult times, and I am determined to help the island get back on its feet,” Murphy added. “The main reason Puerto Rico is struggling is because, as a territory, it is treated unequally under federal law.  I support equal treatment for Puerto Rico because I oppose second-class citizenship. Ultimately, I believe Puerto Rico should discard its territory status and become a state or a sovereign nation.  The choice lies with the people of Puerto Rico.  My personal hope is that they will choose statehood, so they have full voting rights and full equality.  Puerto Ricans have earned the right to become first-class citizens of the nation they have served with honor.”

 Puerto Rico is set to have a referendum in June over what its future status should be with the choices narrowed to statehood and independence or free association. The New Progressive Party of Puerto Rico, including Gov. Ricardo Rosselló, PNP-PR, is pushing for statehood. 

Murphy was not the only member of the Florida delegation to focus on Puerto Rican affairs this week. U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., joined up with U.S. Rep. Carlos Curbelo, R-Fla., and U.S. Rep. Nydia Velázquez, D-NY, to unveil a proposal giving that island and other American territories relief from a health-care tax.  The three legislators showcased the “Territory Health Insurance Tax Relief Act of 2017” on Tuesday. Under former President Barack Obama’s federal health-care law, health insurance providers were hit with annual fees, including ones in the territories where residents don’t have access to the marketplaces set up under that law. 




In 1508, when Ponce de Leon first came to Florida, he came from Puerto Rico. His crew was formed by Spaniards and Taino Indians. My point is that we have been around for quite a while. By the way, I am retired from the United States Army after 20 years of service.

Someone please tell this congresswoman from Florida that 56% of the residents of Puerto Rico REPUDIATE Statehood for Puerto Rico, so she should tend to her own Florida constituents and mind her own business. The island of Puerto Rico and its people are NOT this woman's business, no matter how many Puerto Ricans may be living in her district.

You are so ignorant can you imagine what will happen to Puerto Rico with out the support of United States. On what are people of the Island will survive if they loose everything like Cuba. Think about the elderly, disables and the rest of the population. I might don't write English that good but at least I'm smarter than you.

I say move the Puerto Ricans to Florida and give the Island to the Syrian refugees. We solve two problems at the same time.

The "Syrian problem" is NOT OUR problem... "CeeBreeze???"...Barak Obama: Is that you trying to imitate me ? (Tell 'em Barak, the "Syrian situation" is YOUR doing, BastidU!)

How 'bout we move the Puerto Ricans into your neighborhood CeeBreez? The idea of moving the refugees to the island would assist in Naval and Air Force training! They can fine tune their aims!

Puerto Ricans are American citizens who are good enough to serve in the US armed forces. More than you bigoted haters did, Ill bet. And note, "C. Breeze"'-- I've at least got enough guts to use MY own name.

That's NOT your real name !...(I know your brother "Tom"!)

You have a point, Mike, even though small. Those who served should be, and have been applauded! Quite frankly, Mike, I'm simply tired of the rise in criminal cases committed by Puerto Ricans and blacks. Racist? No. Factual? Yes.

Puerto Ricans NEVER wanted "Statehood" !... We've known THAT fact from all the way back in the 1950's when Puerto Rican "separatists" shot up Congress from the upper gallery (they've been REFUSING "Statehood" ever since). Puerto Ricans ONLY "want the money"!... They are the "original" "entitlement seekers"! Now that they have been 'mass-migrating' to MIAMI (the "seat" of entitlement seekers...), we should begin to think SERIOUSLY about separating Florida into TWO States... [Stephanie Murphy is a "newbie" who "doesn't have a clue", and no awareness of this country's history, but only knows how to pander to HER voters]...

Probably the only thing we will ever agree on. South Florida is pretty tired of carrying the rest of the state. North of Orlando I don't see how there is an economy to support themselves. Jacksonville sure as hell won't be able to do it on there own. Especially if Orlando decides to stay in the south.

As stated earlier, either Puerto Rico becomes a state, or they should stand on their own without any further assistance/giveaways from the USA. No more financial aid, no more free citizenship where Puerto Ricans come to the US to get in line and collect their freebies. I'm certain the Washington politicians would continue to give aid however, I feel they deserve the attitude I have, sink or swim, as they've been unable to determine in previous votes whether to be a state or remain a territory. I believe they've become too large to remain a mere territory.

Like I said they don't even have to come here for that they can get the freebies over there because even tho they pay no federal taxes the u.s. sends a budget to be distibuted as they want and it's bullshit here if u get aids they want proof that your looking for employment over there since the u.s doesn't monitor it once u get on wellfare section 8 or food stamps your on it for life ... it's bullshit those aids need to be reduced or cut so they can bail themselves out daughters mother has been on that boat for like 18 years never worked a day in her life popped out 2 kids and gets a free 3 bed condo plus 400 a month for food plus 600 dollars from me a month thank GOD that second kid isn't mine or might be 1000 a month from me to buy whatever she wanted enogh is enough

Just the Thought of having Puerto Rico as one of our States would be wonderful. To bad we are $20 Trillion dollars in debt on the National debt. There isn't one of the 50 States that if you go into each States debt clock, badly in debt. Our country is a mess with division, the Left is so against the right and vise versa. Puerto Rico has it's share of problems also but not near as bad as all the other 50 states. We just can not afford another State at this time. Maybe the U.S. should consider selling Puerto Rico to another country that can afford to help Puerto Rico.

NOT a bad idea but, who the heck would want to buy the headaches & problems?

YOU, my "anonymous" friend, are a "part of the problem", and your ONLY "solution" is to subsidize Puerto Rican emigrees even when they flee their own failing protectorate "homeland" for "greener pastures" . They are no better that the Middle Eastern hoard of 'Illegal Alien Invaders' that our former feckless, incompetent, niggler (look it up!) President "flooded" America with ...

Puerto Rico's problems have nothing to do with its not being a state. Puerto Rico suffers from too much government, both coming from the U.S,. and locally. Where Puerto Rico to become a state its problems would be much worse, as it would then be subject to the U.S. income and Obamacare taxes, and also inherit its share of the U.S. national debt. Puerto Rico's status as a territory is the best thing it has going for it. I live here now, pay no federal taxes on my income or capital gains, and if Puerto Rico becomes a state I would be forced to move.

BINGO ! ! !... Another "entitlement" leech..of "one kind, or another!.. "I rest my case !"

OUR PROBLEM is this country is simply known to Puerto Ricans as a giveaway country where they can come and first stop after the airport is the welfare/food stamp office! The USA MUST cut the strings tying us to even more debt!

My daughters mother lives in puerto rico has not worked in 30 years gets fre housing section 8 and food stamps and 600 dollas in child suport from me a month ... If they let thes ppl live for free why would they ever work cut the housing funding and food stamps and force the lazy people to go work ... I guarantee the unemployment rate would drop the next day because they would ha e no chice but to work .. Puerto Rico is the only place where every 5 min you drive you pass a public housing complex ... and #2 they pay no federal taxes why should we the federal tax payers bail them out ? When they don't even contribute federal taxes Im sorry but the truth is 90% percent of them want a free ride it has to stop ... Yes they have contributed to the military but they also have been compensated no taxes paid school G.I. bill they get all the same benefits as any other american soldier ... The U.S. just gives the housing and food stamp budget but lets them distibute it and they force nobody to go find a Job cut that and watch the economy in Puerto Rico get 100% better ...p.s. I lived in puerto rico for 20 years so trust me I know what Im talking about I've seen it imwith my own eyes

It's time to pay the piper and, it's about time!

I agree it's about time .... cut them off and watch how they will be forced to get off the their asses and go work no more section 8 projects with u bunch of Lexus beemers and Benzes in the parking lot ... #backtolife #backtoreality hahahaa

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