Steve Southerland and Gwen Graham Shadowbox Over Debates

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: June 25, 2014 3:55 AM
Steve Southerland and Gwen Graham

Steve Southerland and Gwen Graham

The debate over debates has begun in North Florida in one of the most competitive congressional elections in the nation. 

The team behind Democratic congressional candidate Gwen Graham, the daughter of former Gov. and U.S. Sen. Bob Graham, D-Fla., hand-delivered a letter from their candidate to U.S. Rep. Steve Southerland’s, R-Fla., campaign office in Panama City on Tuesday. In the letter, Graham called for more debates than the two she and Southerland have already agreed on.

Insisting she has spoken to “thousands of citizens across North Florida” on the campaign trail, Graham maintained they were very engaged in the election. “They are excited about this race and the implications it has for our country,” Graham wrote. “North Florida families are concerned about their jobs, their children’s future and America’s standing in the world.”

Graham did not offer any details on how many debates she wanted, where they would take place or what their focus would be, insisting those could be worked out by the campaign teams.

“My goal is to bring a new kind of approach to Washington that includes more cooperation and problem-solving,” Graham wrote. “Let’s show the voters that we care about the issues that matter to them this election. I hope you’ll join me in this conversation.”

Yet even as Graham promised “a new kind of approach to Washington that includes more cooperation and problem solving,” she went after “Southerland’s Washington politics” on Tuesday.

“There’s a clear contrast in this race between Congressman Southerland’s Washington politics and the North Florida approach of compromise and problem-solving I’m running on -- and these debates will offer residents the chance to hear directly from us,” Graham insisted to supporters on Tuesday.

Despite being a key adviser to her father and working for the likes of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and former Gov. Howard Dean, D-Vt., during their presidential bids, Graham claimed she was a political outsider who could help fix Washington.

“I’ve spoken to thousands of folks across our community, and they are hungry for an open conversation about how we fix the dysfunctional politics being practiced by D.C. politicians in both parties and start getting Congress refocused on issues that matter to us here in North Florida,” Graham noted to supporters.

Luke Strickland, Southerland’s campaign manager, noted that Graham was relying on the support of Beltway Democrats in the contest and called for her to speak against them.

“Steve certainly hopes the candidates will have a healthy debate of the issues this fall,” Strickland said on Tuesday. “But if that dialogue is going to happen, it needs to start with Gwen Graham denouncing the liberal outside groups who are smearing Steve's record and misleading voters. Once Gwen Graham demands that Nancy Pelosi and her special-interest allies stop flooding North and Northwest Florida with negative attacks and false information, we will be happy to start the process of scheduling debates. Until that point, the ball remains in Gwen Graham's court."

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Comments (5)

2:53PM JUN 25TH 2014
Bottom line is Southerland did not agree to additional debates.
2:37PM JUN 25TH 2014
Here we go with the "tie the House candidate to Pelosi" tactic. Kind of like playing the race card.
C Breeze
12:36PM JUN 25TH 2014
Yeah, John Kerry and Howard Dean,....YEAH, THAT'S the ticket Gwen ! Whatever you learned from them?..forget it and start over.
C Breeze
12:32PM JUN 25TH 2014
"Nepotism" in the political world is no indication of competence; just as "nepotism" in "Hollywood" is no indication of 'acting' ability: the "products of both rely on scripts and 'chewed over' "talking points" and both produce bad actors. Gwen Graham "absorbed" her alleged political experience while hanging around the house with relatives...(just like Hillary).
9:55AM JUN 25TH 2014
Almost sounds as though Southerland wants Graham to forego HER funding yet HE wants HIS to remain secret. Steve Southerland is an example of the quintessential Fl. Republican-decry the use the so-called "smear tactics" against opponents, but continue your own rhetoric of innuendo, half-truths, and unfounded accusations. Methinks Southerland's protestations of Graham's use of those entities in Washington who may (or not) helping her would and should apply to his campaign also-including the funding from al those "outside: interests. Southerland has been in Washington a long time; I do not think he's being truthful when he implies that he's only a small town legislator with no ties from the DC establishment. Is he finally running scared? I hope so-would love to see some fresh ideas other than the same Republican claptrap that is the hallmark of NWFL.

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