Strange Bedfellows: Marco Rubio For Obama on Middle East, Alan Grayson Against

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: June 30, 2014 3:55 AM
Marco Rubio, Barack Obama, Alan Grayson

Marco Rubio, Barack Obama, Alan Grayson

Two prominent members of the Florida delegation continue to take leading roles, debating how America should respond to the gains the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has made in the Middle East in recent days. 

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., penned an op-ed at CNN on Friday in which he called ISIS a threat “to Iraq’s stability" and “U.S. security” that should be dealt with.

“ISIS is a terrorist group with their own army and bank account that has a clear and growing ability to conduct terrorist attacks against the Iraqi government, Americans and U.S. interests, and even the U.S. homeland,” Rubio wrote. “ISIS, although loosely affiliated with al-Qaida, is in many respects even more extreme in its methods and its brutality than the terrorists who plotted and carried out 9/11.”

Rubio called for increased American action in the Middle East against ISIS.

“We need to move now to degrade ISIS’s capabilities,” Rubio urged. “The president’s decision to send 300 advisers to Iraq is a good first step, but their ability to deter ISIS will be limited unless we eventually engage in airstrikes to target their leaders as well as the supply lines that they use to transfer weapons and fighters between Syria and Iraq. We know where these supply lines are, we should not hesitate to halt the ISIS resupply to their strongholds in Anbar, Ninawa and Salah ad-Din.

“We also need to understand that our lack of an effective Syria strategy has allowed ISIS to take hold and flourish in the region,” Rubio continued, calling for “overtly arming the moderate Syrian rebels that are fighting ISIS in that country even as we simultaneously tackle the challenge they currently pose to Iraq.”

But even as Rubio praised President Barack Obama for calling to aid the Syrian rebels this week, a prominent Florida Democrat is increasingly breaking with the White House over policies in the Middle East. U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla., is continuing to gather petitions against increased American military action in the region.

Noting how Obama was sending 300 advisers to defend the American embassy in Baghdad, Grayson drew a historical comparison this week,

“South Vietnam 1960: 324 U.S. ‘advisers’," Grayson noted on Sunday. “Iraq 2014: 300+ U.S. ‘advisers.’ See where this is going?”

Grayson threw some jabs at former VP Dick Cheney for the Bush administration’s actions against Iraq, calling for the Republican to “slither back into your hole” while continuing to rally supporters against new military actions.  

“U.S. military intervention in Iraq: it sure didn’t work out well last time,” Grayson insisted. “Let’s not make that mistake again.”

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You are both right!
6:35PM JUN 30TH 2014
Marco Rubio is a Bush minion. Where did this ISIS come from and where did they get all this money they have? They are putting out daily propaganda that should be a clue to people with gray matter!

This is nothing more than all the rest of the Bush wars it's all about the oil and if they had to hire a few "rent a terrorists" to bring attention as to how we need to get back into Iraq and save they oil they'd do it. they have done a hell of a lot worse.

The Bush family has Jeb's son George Prescott Bush that will be throned into the Texas Land Commissioner in November 2014 in charge of Texas Oil Lands leases and the State of Texas School Budgets. Two of the family dynasty's most important financial issues.

NBC just announced Obama is sending another 300 advisors to Iraq

and like Grayson says "See where this is going?”
9:16AM JUN 30TH 2014
I also don't get the surprise on Rubio. This isn't the first time he has gone against conservative values or what is best for Florida. He was one of the first to go out for the Dream Act and Libya. I agree with Mark he needs to go.
7:22AM JUN 30TH 2014
Wow! You go a very long way including Mr. Rubio as a "prominent" member
of the Florida delegation. In fact, he's a politician wannabe who continues to fail in his less than sincere efforts to represent Floridians. His complete ineffectiveness and lack of understanding the citizens of Florida is evidenced in his support for increased military action on foreign soil. It is unfortunate that the battles in Iraq continue however, it is even more unfortunate that, once again, America is sticking its head into the business of another government whose own military forces have run from the enemy like the scared cowards they're known for and who cost the United States military many, many lives of our own military members.When will America's government understand the word enough? Haven't we taxpayers paid enough for all the military actions we've taken on foreign soils? Haven't enough military personnel been killed, or severly wounded because of our involvement? And, the taxpayers will continue to pay towards those wounded military members for as long as needed! War monger, John McCain, only wants our military involved in fighting. He's been considered a hero because he was a POW during his time in the military. Other than being a POW, just what else has he done in and for the military? I do not view him as a hero.
I believe the United States, being in such poor financial condition, must immediately cease all military invlovement with exception to our own borders. This alone would save our country billions of dollars weekly! The United States must also cease the foreign welfare checks we're sending foreign countries while those countries' citizens continue to bad mouth us! I firmly believe it's time to tighten up our own borders, tighten the rules and tighten the enforcement of our rules & laws. If certain foreigners don't want to follow our laws, let them remain in their own country, and allow the taxpayers to hold on to OUR money. STOP the giveaways, STOP foreign "aid", and STOP sticking our military in other countries' business! Iraq, Iran, Syria and other countries in that area have historically waged war amonst themselves for hundreds of years. Now, some conceited officials in D.C. actually think, after all the time which has passed, that we can walk in and be the big heros! Silliness.
People must stand up, vote current officials OUT, and send a message.

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