Surge of Illegal Immigrants: Should Congress Act or is White House to Blame?

By: Kevin Derby | Posted: July 1, 2014 3:55 AM
Ted Yoho and Barack Obama

Ted Yoho and Barack Obama

With more than 50,000 illegal immigrants entering the nation in recent months, many of whom came through the Mexican border and entered through south Texas, President Barack Obama urged Congress to take steps “to address the urgent humanitarian situation in the Río Grande Valley areas of our nation's Southwest border” on Monday even as a Florida Republican pointed the blame at the White House. 

Obama wrote congressional leaders, asking them to provide “new tools and resources we need to implement a unified, comprehensive federal government response” to the immigration surge. 
“While overall apprehensions across our entire border have only slightly increased during this time period and remain at near historic lows, we have seen a significant rise in apprehensions and processing of children and individuals from Central America who are crossing into the United States in the Río Grande Valley areas of the Southwest border,” Obama wrote. “The individuals who embark upon this perilous journey are subject to violent crime, abuse, and extortion as they rely on dangerous human smuggling networks to transport them through Central America and Mexico.”

Obama insisted his administration "continues to address this urgent humanitarian situation with an aggressive, unified, and coordinated federal response on both sides of the border,” pointing to efforts from the U.S.  Departments of Justice (DOJ) and Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). 

“DOJ and DHS are deploying additional enforcement resources -- including immigration judges, immigration and customs enforcement attorneys, and asylum officers -- to focus on individuals and adults traveling with children from Central America and entering without authorization across the Southwest border,” Obama wrote congressional leaders. “Part of this surge will include detention of adults traveling with children, as well as expanded use of the Alternatives to Detention program, to avoid a more significant humanitarian situation. The DHS is working to secure additional space that satisfies applicable legal and humanitarian standards for detention of adults with children. This surge of resources will mean that cases are processed fairly and as quickly as possible, ensuring the protection of asylum seekers and refugees while enabling the prompt removal of individuals who do not qualify for asylum or other forms of relief ...  Finally, to attack the criminal organizations and smuggling rings that are exploiting these individuals, we are surging law enforcement task forces in cooperation with our international partners, with a focus on stepped-up interdiction and prosecution.”

Obama also insisted that his team, specifically Vice President Joe Biden and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, is working with leaders across the region. Kerry will be meeting with Latin American leaders on the matter on Tuesday. 

Obama called on Congress to give the DHS “additional authority to exercise discretion in processing the return and removal of unaccompanied minor children from noncontiguous countries like Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador” and increase penalties on “those who smuggle vulnerable migrants, like children” across the border. 

Turning to appropriations, Obama asked Congress for funds to back an “aggressive deterrence strategy focused on the removal and repatriation of recent border crossers” including “enhanced domestic enforcement, including interdiction and prosecution of criminal networks.” Obama also called for “the resources necessary to appropriately detain, process, and care for children and adults” as well as more immigration judges.

“My administration will be submitting a formal detailed request when the Congress returns from recess, and I look forward to working with you to address this urgent situation as expeditiously as possible,” Obama concluded. 

But a freshman Republican in the Florida delegation insists Obama is to blame for the surge in illegal immigrants. 

U.S. Rep. Ted Yoho, R-Fla., weighed in on the matter at the end of last week, attacking  Obama’s policies and supporting Republican-backed legislation on the matter. Yoho sits on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. 

Yoho announced he was backing the “Southwest Border Protection Act” which would allow governors to request up to 10,000 members of the National Guard to protect the border with Mexico and the “National Border and Homeland Security Act” which adds 6,000 extra Border Patrol agents and adds additional security measures to the border. The Florida congressman also is supporting the “Illegal Entry Accountability Act" which cuts off foreign aid to Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador until Congress believes they are helping stem illegal immigration to America. Yoho also signed off on U.S. Rep. Darrell Issa’s, R-Calif., letter calling on Obama to work with Congress in securing the border.

“Poor economic conditions and violence in Central America have existed for many years and thus do not explain the recent surge of immigrants across our southern border,” Yoho said on Friday. “The current crisis along our southern border is a direct result of this administration’s failure to enforce existing law. This lax approach has only encouraged more individuals to come to the United States illegally. It is my duty as a member of Congress to support legislation that will secure our borders and protect our national sovereignty.” 

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child abusers records vanish
3:43PM JUL 2ND 2014
We the people of Florida will never win the war against child abuse as long as the system protects the abusers and not the children. This is literally just one case out of hundreds here In Florida where the abuser is protected by the system. Enough information is being provided so as any ethical person with average intelligence can verify the enclosed information for validity!
Taken directly from public records formerly available on-line:
On 1/20/2013 - MICHAEL JOHN MORROW was arrested by Leesburg, Lake County, Fl Police and booked in to the Lake County Jail - Booking #:13000734-Case #:-Inmate ID:60711 – DOB: February 1986. Place of birth: Omaha, Nb. [Franklin Scandal territory]


On 2/23/2013 – The arrestee posted a $500. Bond and was released from jail.

On 2/25/2013 – The charges against this defendant was dropped by Fifth Circuit Chief Judge Don Briggs, without comment!

12/4/2013 – Lake County Florida Circuit Court Case# 2013 DR 002421 – Name Exempt vs. Morrow, Michael John [an injunction for protection against sexual violence is filed]

12/6/2013 – Case is heard by Circuit Judge Heidi Davis! Remarks entered into docket as reference #4: Order denying petition for injunction for protection against sexual violence; court notes: The parient’s (sic) may supplement the petition to include they are filing because they feel their daughter needs this protection, not because DCF told them to file. Court will be willing to review it again; copies to petitioner by mail.

Who is this protected species? Other Lake Judges have been flippant with this man on other criminal charges as well. On 2/6/2013- Judge Donna Miller -NOLLE PROSEQUI –drug charges
On this person!

But this is blatant disregard for the safety of a child under the age of 12 years old by Judge Heidi Davis’ remarks it is apparent after the Chief Circuit Judge dropped the charges against the 28 year old attacker the parents of this sexually abused child , went to DCF – who apparently advised the parents to seek this “injunction for protection against sexual violence” in circuit court. The results of which are not only appalling, but could possible lead to the death or continued abuse of this child. What if we hear the parents of this child have taken the law into their own hands? The system would never admit they have protected this sexual offender of a child under the age of 12 years! They will blame the parents for going berserk and taking the law into their own hands. Once this case was brought to the attention of certain persons all “official Records” of this arrest as well as his drug related arrest #12009378 on 10/10/2012 disappeared from the Lake Jail website. Likewise “Circuit Court Case# 2013 DR 002421” (containing the disparaging remarks of Judge Davis) disappeared from the website of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Lake County Florida website as well. Maybe Leesburg Police still have a record of this arrest? Can't help but wonder how this arresting Leesburg Police officer feels about his attempt to get this child molester off the streets being thrown back in his face!
H.E. "Pete" Ashley
2:46PM JUL 2ND 2014
When Obama and the U.S. Congress ignore our borders and when the rewards to illegal aliens trump the penalty for their illegal presence and gives them finanical advantages over citizens and those you came here the right way, this is what you get. We have no borders.
Frank Liebert
10:16AM JUL 2ND 2014
If you "really" want to know what is happening at our *border (a very vague concept for some folks) I suggest you pay attention to what the Border Patrol is saying. If you want the truth, ask the person who is "doing" the job.
12:58PM JUL 1ST 2014
How can I put this delicately? Well, I can’t. Yoho is either lying or stupid. And it scares the heck out of me that he actually sits on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. What damage he can do!

The guy is just feeding the uninformed Republican base, those who rely solely on Fox TV for news, by his inaccurate, inane ideas he picked up from Fox.

His remarks ignore the fact the Obama administration has deported hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants, ergo, he is enforcing the law. He also ignores that Obama’s request to Congress includes beefing up border security.

I find it hard to believe this guy on the Foreign Affairs Committee is not aware how violence has substantially escalated in Honduras the past few years due to the June 2009 MILITARY COUP. Children and women with children are not fleeing for economic reasons – they are fleeing for their lives. Turn your back on that, Mr. Yoho!

Only a person incapable of logical thought, again depending on Fox to learn what is happening in the country and the world, would blame the sudden increase in immigrants on Obama. The immigrants themselves are saying it is the smugglers, reportedly making as much as $5,000 a pop, who are using the promise of safety and well being in the US to get parents to pay the money to send their kids to safety.

I wonder how many poison pills are attached to these bills Yoho is pushing. How many have the repeal Obamacare provision, how many will pay for all the authorized services by cutting food stamps or unemployment for Americans. Poison pills that will stop the senate from taking them up.
7:14PM JUL 1ST 2014
I'm not sure what kool aid you are drinking. Obama has doe little to nothing to close the borders. Deport illegals? Again, the Obama administration hadn't fine anything. Gov Jan Brewer has had meeting with Obama regarding closing the border. Basically Obama mocked Gov. Jan Brewer, as he is now mocking every American citizen. Can you not see the truth???? Our borders are WIDE open for any person to walk in.... Wether terrorist, diseased immigrant, young child, gang member or drug lord. It gas been suggested that Obama and company promoted this influx to Central American countries. Flood the system, play the race card, and voila there are a million New Democratic voters. It's unsustainable, very.unsustainable. Welcome to a third world country! Please, please wake up to realize that your prez and congress has betrayed you and ALL Americans!
Sherryl Huseonica
11:07AM JUL 1ST 2014
Good for Rep. Yoho! We need our congressmen and women to continue pursuing enforcement of our current laws, though our president would continue to ignore them and try to change them. Also, the president kept implying that congress is doing nothing to help the situation and that Republicans are blocking all attempts....well, it looks like once again, the Republicans have several bills out there addressing the situation, and they could work if passed. Problem is, like all the other good bills started in the House....once they get to Reid's desk, they are dead on arrival. Why doesn't the president ever address the Senate's refusal to bring the House bills to the floor...Reid is the real obstructionist here.
11:35AM JUL 1ST 2014
Yes, yes, by all means support the shrill Congressman who doesn't believe the 1964 Civil Rights Bill is constitutional . . . . . . .especially after supporting the comments below from one who believes the citizen's solution to illegal immigration is blood in the streets . . . . . . but then you love conspiracies, don't you, having previously stated belief in Obamacare death panels, right . . . . . tea party conspiracy theorists with their tinfoil hats . . . . . sad and absolutely . . . .

Pathetic . . . .
11:07AM JUL 1ST 2014
Yes, yes, you must be right . . . Obama is to blame for illegal immigrants . . . . we never had them before 2009 when he took office . . . . . . . more truthiness politics of the "Big Lie" from the far right . . . .

Pathetic . . . .
8:51AM JUL 1ST 2014
Now that is what we want to hear from our representatives in Washington. Rubio takes notes!
James Dinardi
7:52AM JUL 1ST 2014
Why don't we offer returning soldiers jobs securing our borders first . Then rounding up and deporting all illegals they are already trained to do this job and we have too many homeless and hungry vets on our streets they have lost everything defending our freedoms so we can go to bed at night and feel safe . America for Americans first !! These are our sons ,daughters ,brothers , sisters ,mothers and fathers . Congress do your jobs and impeach obama he is the cause of all this , congress is forcing the lagal American citizens to take matter into their own hands if obama doesnt follow the laws of our nation why should we secure our borders and deport all illegals now . AMERICA FOR AMERICANS FIRST OR THERE WILL BE BLOOD ON OUR STREETS
11:10AM JUL 1ST 2014
Methinks thou doest need a little visit from the FBI . . . . or a stay in a nice padded cell . . . . answer me this: which Native American tribe gave your forefathers an entrance visa to come live in this land . . . . . thought not . . . just an illegal immigrant, aren't you . . . .

Pathetic . . . .
Sherryl Huseonica
11:09AM JUL 1ST 2014
Excellent idea!
11:28AM JUL 1ST 2014
So you'd agree with the killing of illegal immigrants, correct . . . . or what did you think "or there will be blood in our streets" refer to . . . .

Pathetic . . . .

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