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'Taxpayer Revolt Tour' Thunders Through Florida, Hits Tally Wednesday

April 4, 2017 - 3:00pm
Jim Martin and Apryl Fogel
Jim Martin and Apryl Fogel

This week, the 60 Plus Association is focusing on the Sunshine State, promoting its “Taxpayer Revolt Tour” across Florida. 

The 60 Plus Association, the largest conservative seniors group and often a check on the more liberal AARP, notes that its mission in Florida this week is to to raise awareness of three of its chief priorities at the federal level: ending the Death Tax; a full repeal of former President Barack Obama’s health care law; and rolling back regulations enacted by the Obama administration.

Jim Martin, a Florida native, founded 60 Plus and serves as it chairman. 

“The goal of the Florida Taxpayer Revolt Tour is simple,” Martin said. “Remind voters that we have a responsibility to make our voices heard, not just on election day but every day and to tell lawmakers that we are watching and will hold them accountable for their actions.”

Spearheading the the bus tour is Apryl Marie Fogel, a native of Titusville and currently the vice president of 60 Plus. Since 2010, Fogel has organized bus tours across Florida for 60 Plus. 

Fogel noted the bus tour addresses state issues as well as national ones. On one of the most divisive issues currently before the Legislature, the group is looking to cut corporate welfare and incorporate additional accountability and transparency measures for  Enterprise Florida and Visit Florida. 

“There is a role and function for state and local government involvement in ‘attracting’ new businesses to the state and counties,” Fogel said. “There is a proper role for tax incentives when there is a verifiable return to the tax base in doing so.  This is the basis and needs to be demonstrated and applied equally to any size business that relocates or starts up in the state. The government and its functionaries do a horrible job of picking ‘winners and losers.'" 

Another state issue on 60 Plus’ radar is the plan of state Senate President Joe Negron, R-Stuart, to buy farmland south of Lake Okeechobee in an effort to stop algae blooms from taking over water in the region. The conservative group labeled this plan as the “Joe Negron land grab.”

"Senator Negron's South Florida land grab has been the talk of the town at each stop,” Fogel told Sunshine State News. “People are shocked to hear the details of this unprecedented land grab

“What's even more surprising is that there are other ‘conservative’ senators entertaining this over-priced, job killing, big government plan,” Fogel told SSN.

Fogel insisted the bus tour is getting Floridians engaged with the issues. 

"The response to the bus tour has been overwhelmingly positive. People are glad to know there's a conservative voice encouraging lawmakers to keep their promises and call out those who have not,” said Fogel.

The bus tour has been visiting cities across Florida including The Villages and Orlando and ends with a rally in Tallahassee Wednesday.

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Grew up in the 50's in Miami Beach. Glad the area was Liberal and not conservative. We had tax money for better schools and teachers. We had money for a great park system. We had money for a great library. And we had money for a super police force so we had very little crime. When ever a bond issue came up that would help the community it passed by a very high margin, thanks to the Liberals.

I am a member of both AARP (STRICTLY for Medicare - they ARE very "Liberal", so I ignore the rest of their crap). I am also a 60-Plus supporter, and favor them greatly. THEY are the true "WATCHDOGS" for us seniors!

You may want to look into AMAC they are better than AARP and they are conservative unlike AARP.

Before we settled on 60plus, we did look into AMAC. We learned that it was created a few years ago simply to catch the members bailing on AARP. 60plus was created a couple of decades ago, before we knew we needed them. 60 plus has been supporting Conservative Seniors long before regular folks knew AARP was going liberal and heading toward a betrayal so costly that we all got edged toward the exit ramp. 60plus could use your support. You have had theirs for decades. Not only have they fought Obamacare relentlessly, Jim Martin landed the punch which put the death tax in a coma. Now he is going for the kill shot, and you can only benefit from his success.

good for them, maybe one day someone in Tallahassee will actually listen to regular people instead of those stroking the checks...

Welcome to Florida, Koch Brothers.

You're an idiot "Jim Jones"!... (But then, I understand 'morons' better than most, having worked to "save their asses" on MANY, MANY occasions over decades...)

For sure . . . where is this bus???

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