Tea Party Leaders Endorse Gingrich: High Risk, Low Reward

By: Kenric Ward | Posted: January 28, 2012 3:55 AM
Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich at the Lakeside Inn in Mount Dora on Thursday, Jan. 26, 2012.

In throwing their support to Newt Gingrich, a group of Florida tea party leaders risk throwing away their clout and credibility, observers of the movement say.

"The Florida Tea Party Coalition With Newt" endorsed the former House speaker on Thursday, saying they would "help defeat Massachusetts Moderate Mitt Romney and then President Barack Obama."

“It is clear to me and many others in the tea party movement that Newt is the Reagan conservative that America needs,” said Peter Lee, founder and director of the East Side Tea Party of Orlando.

Lee was joined by statewide tea leader Patricia Sullivan, who said, “I stand with Newt because I know he will stand up to the establishment and insist on fiscal reforms."

In all, more than 30 Florida-based tea activists signed on to the coalition. The geographically diverse representatives ranged from the Panhandle to Broward County.

Separately, the TEA Party of Florida, the only political tea party registered with the state Division of Elections, endorsed Gingrich.

Chairman John Long said Gingrich "articulated direct and serious steps designed to reduce spending, cut our deficits, pay down our national debt, and return liberty to our citizens in doing so."

But the endorsements may be too little and too late for the former House speaker, whose poll numbers in Florida have slumped amid two lackluster debate performances on Monday and Thursday.

Meanwhile, Gingrich continues to mystify and anger conservatives as he panders on illegal immigration and rationalizes his $1.6 million contract with Freddie Mac while adopting populist poses that resemble left-wing class warfare.

Still, some tea party leaders, fearing the growing inevitability of Romney as the GOP nominee, felt they had to take a stand before Tuesday's Florida primary. Romney is perceived as the "establishment candidate" and widely distrusted by tea party groups, who have received little or no attention from the former Massachusetts governor.

Billie Tucker, leader of the First Coast Tea Party in Jacksonville, is not endorsing any candidates, but acknowledges Gingrich has strong appeal in the movement.

Gingrich won 43 percent of the 322 votes cast in a First Coast straw poll on Jan. 17. Ron Paul received 26 percent, Romney garnered 19 percent and Rick Santorum netted 10 percent.

Gingrich's ties to the tea party movement are deep and long-lasting.

In March 2009, when tea parties were just beginning to be organized, the Georgian pledged to use his prodigious mailing list at American Solutions to publicize the inaugural Tax Day event.

He posted a link on every website he owned, sent emails to everyone in his database and produced a video while publicly announcing his support of the tea party movement -- long before radio talkers like Glenn Beck jumped on the bandwagon.

Sullivan, who chairs a statewide tea group called the Tea Party Network, is repaying the favor by mobilizing her Lake County-based "Patriot Army" on Gingrich's behalf.

"Once I decided to support Newt, I got to work and took a group of Patriot Army members to South Carolina where we walked precincts for three days, then waved signs at the polls," Sullivan said.

Then she returned to Florida, where she set up a Gingrich rally at Mount Dora.

"Time for talk is over, we need to be about action. That is why I actively support the candidate I believe will stand up to the establishment and rein in spending," she said.

Explaining the mechanics of the coalition endorsement, Sullivan said, "The leaders and members will share their views with their tea party and actively work to get out the vote for Newt."

"I don't believe another candidate has a coalition of tea party leaders willing to get out and work for their candidate, but I could be wrong."  

Sullivan, who previously supported Herman Cain, said the Tea Party Network is not involved in the endorsement.

Some say the tea endorsement is a risky move, coming after other tea party favorites -- Cain, Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry -- each exited the race amid controversy or anemic polls.

"If Gingrich loses, the tea party is over," predicted one veteran tea party activist from South Florida. "If he loses, what does that show you about the clout of the tea party?"

The activist, who spoke on condition of anonymity, cast his early ballot for Ron Paul this week. "He stands for what we stood for in 2009."

A former executive with the Florida TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party doubts that the coalition backing will help Gingrich much.

"Far more influential was the endorsement of the reconstituted TEA Party of Florida. That tea party has a much-desired email list of over 100,000 opt-in participants. And, unlike the self-pronounced 'tea party coalition,' it has a track record of actually receiving votes for candidates," said Doug Guetzloe, an Orlando-based political consultant who has returned to the Republican Party.
"The 'coalition tea party' backing is one of the last acts of an inflated collection of egos," Guetzloe said. "Their endorsement will make no difference."

Some tea activists steered clear of endorsing out of concern that they might run afoul of election laws or tax codes. Others simply  disagree with Gingrich politically.

Gingrich's infamous couch talk with Nancy Pelosi about "global warming" and his dismissal of Rep. Paul Ryan's entitlement reforms as "right-wing social engineering" fly in the face of conservative orthodoxy.

Illustrating the fractious character of the tea movement, Steve Vernon, vice president of Tea Party Manatee, signed on to the Gingrich coalition, even though Rick Santorum won a straw poll conducted by his group before the South Carolina primary.

Vernon said he and others in his Gulf Coast tea party consider Santorum a "bigger government guy" who repeatedly voted for earmarks as a two-term Pennsylvania senator.

"Some say he can't win," Vernon added.

"We could have a totally different outcome this week. It's still up in the air," Vernon said, emphasizing that the Gingrich tea coalition is made up of individuals, and not binding on groups.

Several large tea organizations remain unaligned. In addition to Tucker's First Coast Tea Party, sizable tea and patriot organizations in Naples, Englewood and Venice are absent from the coalition. The combined membership of these groups is estimated at 15,000.

Still, Tucker does not dispute or begrudge the coalition's action.

"They have chosen to stand up for their guy and that is their decision," she said.

Danita Kilcullen is less sanguine about the process. The chairwoman of Tea Party Fort Lauderdale said she is "appalled" at the endorsements for Gingrich.

"The tea party, of all people, should be aware of his globalist, progressive agenda. He would be my absolute last pick."

Beyond that, Kilcullen said endorsements can create unnecessary "splits and hard feelings" within tea parties.

"Our group overwhelmingly supports Santorum, but it's not right to endorse," she said.

Tea Party Express, a national organization, is holding off on a presidential endorsement, but that could change before Tuesday.

"The movement is coalescing around Gingrich," Amy Kremer, president of Tea Party Express, told Sunshine State News. She said former Rep. J.C. Watts would be standing in for Gingrich at the group's rally in Jacksonville on Saturday.

Kevin Wagner, a political science professor at Florida Atlantic University, said Gingrich is a good fit on at least one level.

"Mitt Romney has never been popular with tea party groups, so it is fairly predictable that they would move toward the most viable non-Romney," Wagner noted.

"With that said, Newt Gingrich has a confrontational style that taps into the anger that many tea party members have. He is a natural candidate on an emotional level, if not a policy one, for the tea party supporters."

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Comments (165)

10:34PM FEB 19TH 2012
Some of the best writing in Florida journalism.
9:45PM JAN 31ST 2012
YES.....Romney thumps Gingrich!!!
Michael Couch
10:41PM JAN 30TH 2012
In Texas we have heard nothing of Florida Tea Party supporting Gingrich. Why? So sad, your voice wasn't heard for Ginggrich!
10:20PM JAN 30TH 2012
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sal Celeste *******
Date: Mon, Jan 30, 2012 at 6:54 PM
Subject: Rience "the Plagiarizer" Priebus & the terminal GOP
To: info@gop.com

HA! The RNC Chairman stole the truth By J.J. posted on blog spoact.blogspot.com

Bill Press is talking about it on "Countdown" (Current TV) right now. Hey Bill, J.J. wants you to know he said the disgusting comment first, lol....

*Original communication emailed and posted on news comment boards:
Quotes for 2012
“My Daddy always taught me to NEVER under-estimate the damage stupid people can do. Bush/Cheney winning in 2000 is the best example I can come up with.. Bush/Cheney and the Republican controlled Congress (1994-2006) were like Captain Francesco Schettino first steering the ship into the rocks and then abandoning a sinking ship Concordia… Bush/Cheney sank our economy and then the GOP abandon good governance to go ashore to become obstructionists.
The real problem is how Republican voters REFUSE to take responsibility for their poor choices. I can only hope and pray these bucktooth, inbred, deadneck, ignorant, racist, Conservative wacko mofo’s don’t top past MISTAKES by voting in 2012. I don’t know about YOU imbeciles, but after the Bush/Cheney catastrophe , I’ll help start a ******* revolution if Republicans win the White House ever again.”
Jesse james Jones
9:30PM JAN 30TH 2012
He has now lowered himself to saying that Romney is against religion. Pretty funny coming from a man who can't seem to understand the simple statements of marriage vows. He's clearly on self-destruct mode...again.
3:07PM JAN 30TH 2012
Tomorrow, Newt should hit bottom here in Florida. Hopefully, he'll join Herman Cain on the bus selling books. Good riddance to both of them.
Michael Couch
10:47PM JAN 30TH 2012
I am voting for Newt because he can make a distinction between himself and Obama. At least he is not the father of Obama care.
1:49PM JAN 30TH 2012
It is INCREDIBLE that Newt, who has never been anything but an insider is considered Tea Party. Probably the worst thing Newt has done recently is to take money from Freddie Mac just before they "went over the cliff." MANY people were warning that Freddie and Fannie were being over leveraged and headed for trouble. Newt meanwhile went merrily on his way advising (or whatever he currently says he was doing for them) and taking money from them. He even said he brought an expert to advise his group so no one would cross over the liine and have to register as a lobbyist. Obviously they were going up to that line. And this event was so serious that it contributed to nearly bringing the USA to its knees. Not as smart as he claims, I would say.
Glen Leirer
9:39AM JAN 30TH 2012
I am at a loss for words how these supposed Tea Party leaders could support this guy who has spent his last 30 years in Washington peddling his influence. The last several years he has supported every thing that most us in the Tea Party movement has marched and demonstrated against. Since Bachmann left the Race the only one left that is close to what I marched for is Rick Santorum.
Michael Couch
10:49PM JAN 30TH 2012
I am voting for Newt because he can make a distinction between himself and Obama. At least he is not the father of Obama care.
Being an Washington insider is great! We have an outsider now in Obama, how is that working?
Robert Lloyd
8:52AM JAN 30TH 2012
>>statewide tea leader Patricia Sullivan, who previously supported Herman Cain<<

At this point, how could anyone even listen to this person or care what she thinks?
Paul Henry
1:52AM JAN 30TH 2012
On the basis of the principles of most Tea Party organizations I have seen, the candidate whose record demonstrates limited constitutional government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets is neither Mr. Romney nor Mr. Gingrich. It is in fact Dr. Paul.

If one truly supports the above principles, it is a statement against interest to support a candidate that has not demonstrated these principles while in elected office and/or via other statements and actions.
Jalina Stutte
9:29PM JAN 29TH 2012
As a active member of many tea parties in Texas, I think Gingrich is the right man for the job! We are made up of many people with many opinions but will unite behind the right man. After all we've had to hold our nose and vote in the past but no more!Now how about Obama being found not a natural citizen in Georgia court? He is a fraud and must be indicted and removed from office.
2:56PM JAN 29TH 2012
Hey see new cnn story on Mitt Romney and Full Sails University. It's a freat you scratch my back story.
2:50PM JAN 29TH 2012
Who cares what Doug Guetzloe, an Orlando-based political consultant that has "returned" to the Republican Party. He's so dense he doesn't realize he's not wanted on either side.
2:12PM JAN 29TH 2012
I am voting for Newt because he can make a distinction between himself and Obama. At least he is not the father of Obama care. Look at the videos the left wing at think progress are putting out, Mitt's defense of his plan and obama defense of his are exactly the same, The folks at Think Progress are having a good laugh. Next shoe to drop, Mitt baptizing and converting dead father-in law to Mormonism and the ongoing practice by the Mormons of converting dead popes, catholic jews and even holocaust survivors, A vot for Mitt means a certain loss. Check out the articles that have hit Daily mail and other papers. Mitt roMney baptized Anne's father into the Mormon church one year after his death. even though he had refused to convert in life.
12:29PM JAN 30TH 2012
At least Newt is not Obamacare. However, Newt does own a Health Care Consulting firm that he has profitted from greatly.
Love his $106,000 per year Government pension he's received for years. His involvement with "pay for play" organizations such as Alec.org looks like more of the same ...
Jim B.
11:06AM JAN 29TH 2012
I have read all of these posts twice and then slept on what was discussed.

Mark 8:36
For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

If you are a Tea Party person and you vote for Newt only because you feel he can beat Romney or Obama what have you gained? You have lost far more than can be gained from that vote. You have lost your creditability, you have lost your soul.

Please either vote for Paul or Santorum.
4:23AM JAN 29TH 2012
Tea Partiers know the old adage: fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me ".

Newt Gingrich betrays his true self with his lies and bragging; being funny for a debate with his gross un-truths, bragging and "windies" is exemplified by his quoting his past personal support of Barry Goldwater.

I know, because I am 8 months older than Ron Paul, and I voted for Barry Goldwater, the only true conservative we have had ever since, except for Ron Paul. And Gingrich was barely out of diapers when Barry Goldwater was being cheated out of the office he truly didn't want to run for, but after seeing where the Republican Party had run off the rails, felt compelled to do something.

Ron Paul is the ONLY conservative, by definition, and is the only one who says what he means and means what he says. We do not have time to quibble , because the state of the country is Bankruptcy, and Ron Paul is the only one with a published in detail plan to balance the budget in 3 years. And the only one to uphold the Constitution, which the others have raped in word and deed, repeatedly !

Push has come to shove, and all the other candidates have no clue how badly we have allowed the war mongers that are financed by the central banking cartel and its incestuous relatives the United Nations and all its tentacles , which is directing our demise on a daily basis, to make more wars, which they have been planning and making at taxpayer expense and paying with our sons, brother, and fathers for 100 years. The plan is no longer a conspiracy theory, but is clearly fact, if you will get off your behinds and check out the history of the people we are presented with as candidates. This is the reason that the UN is pushing for control of the Internet. .Last October Obama cleverly hid his signing on to another UN based treaty on internet world control. You may not have a chance to freely use the net, as they are already censoring may sites. The Net is currently where you can find the truth if you look for it, by going to the UN and world government backed sites, and follow the dots..

Or would you rather have a repeat performance of the the president that you did not check out before allowing him to become a candidate, and has now taken this country to dictatorship ? He is instituting the directives of the U.N, as has been done since Clinton put us into the "Sustainable Development, Agenda 21" Treaty by Executive order, just as Obama has ruled by unconstitutional executive order, by which he has raped the constitution, repeatedly. He by-passes our laws and our congress that is constitutionally charged with making the laws, and now the congress is too corrupt to care , or do anything about it.

If you don't think it is time to act in self defense and elect people that are not supported by, and indebted to, the one worlders that make up the enemies of the United States, that will be only too happy to make us the replica of the corrupt and failing European Union, it is HAPPENING on an hourly basis behind the scenes. These people are the original control freaks ! (Davos, for example; they know they have stepped in it, and they are afraid of honest people like Ron Paul, and that we might elected more like him!)
1:59PM JAN 30TH 2012
1776 again, RON PAUL has some wonderful ideas but I don't know if our country would survive long enough under his adminstration for us to implement them. There are several aggressor nations out there just waiting for us to weaken militarily.
1:32AM JAN 29TH 2012
The best thing about Newt and Mitt is they are making the middle class actually sit up, take notice and study issues that really affect them in fundamental ways. The problem is republicans can only identify problems. They never solve them. We as voters need to take the lessons learned from this campaign season to craft solutions and pressure the next Obama administration to make meaningful changes to legislation we feel is innapropriate for the American people after the November election.
Robert Warnick
12:27AM JAN 29TH 2012
Now will be a time to learn if the members of the Tea Party are intelligent, free thinkers as I know them to be instead of lemmings that follow these self-proclaimed "conservatives" attempting to draw attention to themselves as king-makers at the peril of destroying the Republican Party and the credibility that the Tea Party fought for in this country.
ron robbins
8:27PM JAN 28TH 2012
thank you my fellow tea party members. mitt is out for me when he said obamacare is nothing to be angry about. he is showing his real feeling about health care.if he were to win nothing would be done to obamacare. that is the most important thing to throw out. it shows mitt does not know anything about us MITT NO NO HELL NO
6:32PM JAN 28TH 2012
Mitts book can be entitled Father of Obama care. The trailer is now showing at Hot air blog. It was produced by think progress. They took his vapid defense from the debate and compared it to Obama defending Obama care. Guess what they agree on everything. They are getiing a big laugh about it at the lib websites. They even agree about state having their own plans.
Robert Warnick
12:34AM JAN 29TH 2012
If there is anything that Mitt has said more often than anything else in this campaign it is that "HE WILL REPEAL OBAMACARE". The people claiming that RomneyCare is anything like ObamaCare are sorely misinformed of just refuse to accept the facts. Mitt took on the issue of HealthCare in his state as demanded by the people of the Commonwealth and demanded personal responsibility providing "private" health insurance to the 8% of people without it. He did that as a Governor of a state calling him to act in their behalf and he did it without raising taxes and without affecting the coverage of the 92% of people in the state who already had insurance.
6:47PM JAN 28TH 2012
Marisol, if you only had a brain. Did you notice them all bob and weave the question from the young woman who lost her job and has no health insurance? Not one of them said the truth, we need a national health care program in this country. Look at the rankings for maternal and infant deaths in the U.S. vs. other countries. We should be ashamed of the greedy goons that rip off our country in the name of "private" health care. So, if you are shocked back into the real world, look around and realize that we all should have a right to basic health care. Sorry about bursting your bubble, but Republicans and Democrats agree that something needs to be done.
6:53PM JAN 28TH 2012
Perfect Romney supporter, can I quote you on that. The repubs have a plan. It is not Romney care check it out sometimes.
6:25PM JAN 28TH 2012
After the election, Newt can write another book..."50 Ways to leave your Lover" Newt's all about the money, making money off big government at it's best. $1.6 million for historical advice to a mortgage company? Even the tea party should be able to see through that sham. Try outs for wife number 4 in 2013, because 2012 will not be his year!
6:16PM JAN 28TH 2012
Newt for President of Tiffany's credit department! He's a bungling fool and the tea party needs to wake up.
6:24PM JAN 28TH 2012
You shouldn't attack a person because he is wealthy. Isn't that what you establishment types say? I mean Mitt said he only earned a little money on his speaking fees last year. It was only a paltry 325,000. He is the really in touch with the average guy.
6:27PM JAN 28TH 2012
And Newt took $1.6 million for lobbying (excuse me, history lessons) for a mortgage company. You logic is flawed.
6:55PM JAN 28TH 2012
You lie like your liar of a candidate. Keep repeating lies and you began to believe they are true. Maybe Mitt will convert you to Mormonism just like he did for his poor dead father-in -law even though the man called it hogwash. They did it anyway in a special family meeting at the church. Did you know the vatican sent instruction to parishes not to release information to the Mormon gemeological society because they also did the baptism of the dead to the pope, several saints and lots of catholics? Holocaust surviving Jews even had to protest to get their family members off the roles. What kind of people go against an old man's wishes and do this after he is dead or do tjis to total strangers who have nothing to do with bieng a Mormon?For more details see Mitt Romney did convert Dead Father -in-law. Also Washington post, Mormons jews contend for souls of the dead. We all can find our way to God, it is arrogance to believe theirs is the only way.
6:51PM JAN 28TH 2012
You lie like your liar of a candidate. Keep repeating lies and you began to believe they are true. Maybe Mitt will convert you to Mormonism just like he did for his poor dead father-in -law even though the man called it hogwash. They did it anyway in a special family meeting at the church. Did you know the vatican sent instruction to parishes not to release information to the Mormon gemeological society because they also did the baptism of the dead to the pope, several saints and lots of catholics? Holocaust surviving Jews even had to protest to get their family members off the roles. What kind of people go against an old man's wishes and do this after he is dead or do tjis to total strangers who have nothing to do with bieng a Mormon?For more details see Mitt Romney did convert Dead Father -in-law. Also Washington post, Mormons jews contend for souls of the dead. We all can find our way to God, it is arrogance to believe theirs is the only way.
Robert Warnick
12:45AM JAN 29TH 2012
You are a religious bigot. You have been called out.
5:06PM JAN 28TH 2012
NEWT 2012! Romney just can't stop lying. Newt offers a bold conservative vision based around lower taxes, private free-market healthcare, and a strong national security. Romney advocates more abortions, more gun control, and higher taxes. The Washington establishment fears Newt, they are afraid that the status-quo of a do nothing mentality will change. Yet, populism beats elitism everytime.

Lincoln 1860, Reagan 1980, Gingrich 2012
Robert Warnick
12:43AM JAN 29TH 2012
The TRUTH is that Romney is not lieing. There is truth behind everything he has said about Newt. Newt is of the opinion that he can just declare that anyone who challenges him is a liar or is lying and the voters will just fall in line because he says it so forcefully.
7:17PM JAN 28TH 2012
LMAO "The Washington establishment fears Newt" Newt is the Washington establishment, so is Romney. Get a clue.
5:40PM JAN 28TH 2012
Shame on you for equating Newt with Lincoln. Lincoln had honor. Newt is a lying, cheating sociopath. The people will speak, and Newt will not be the candidate.
6:05PM JAN 28TH 2012
Oh wow pot meet kettle, of couse we know Romney never lies except in the last debate, like three whoppers in a row. Show me how Newt is a sociopath and I'll show you how romney is a ruthless unprincipled person. He will take any position as long as it politically suits him.
Robert Warnick
12:50AM JAN 29TH 2012
You really are an idiot! I'm sorry, but calling Mitt unpricipled qualifies you as either ignorant or a complete idiot. You obviously don't know the man and are just spouting out crap.
6:30PM JAN 28TH 2012
Simple enough. Ask his ex-wives. Stunod. Newt has a favorite position, but it's not printable.
5:03PM JAN 28TH 2012
Pam will you pleas provide sometihing to back up all of your crazy assertions? When has newt ever been for Agenda 21. Romney is the on who believes in Global warming. In June he said I believe the world is getting warmer and Humans contribute to that. boston herald andon you tube He has changed his position now because he really has no positions. Mitt has also said he is a progressive.
4:50PM JAN 28TH 2012
Under the 2006 reform law championed by Romney subsides for abortion were extended to subscribers of the new Commonwelth care program.Boston Herald fact checking Romney on abortion. Try again Goss In 2002 while running for gov he said he supported Medicaid payments for abortion. Yes Teddy was pleased.
4:50PM JAN 28TH 2012
Newt Gingrich is no conservative. He is still a member of the CFR, and other organizations whose stated goals are one world government. That gives the lie to his conversion. We believed on barack hussein obama and got burned badly because no one vetted him properly and those of us who did were called racists and other things. Now we are trying to vet candidates and we are called other things. I am not willing to put America into the hands of a lifelong slobbering agenda 21 devotee and rabid progressive. Just because he says so.
3:50PM JAN 28TH 2012
Dangy I call bs on your assertion. Show me some evidence that Newt is not on every ballot but Virginia. I'll bet you 10,000 dollars that Ron Paul wins there.
3:40PM JAN 28TH 2012
romney is not a conservative. Newt has actually advanced the cause. I quote nancy reagan Ronnie passed the torch to Newt.I quote Mitt I was independent in the nineties. I voted Tsongas when I could have voted for Bush or Buchannan. There was a Republican primary that year but he choose to lie about it at the debate. Hey guess what Think Progress has a new video overlaying your man Mitts defense of Romney care and Obama's defense of Obamacare and guess what? They are exactly the same. They are all having a good laugh about it and cannot wait until the general. But keep putting your hand in your ears and repeating Romney is conservative. Keep being led about by a man who said he was to the left of Teddy kennedy on abortion.
5:37PM JAN 28TH 2012
Remember, Ronnie had Alzheimers when he passed the torch to Newt. How long did Nancy hide that while Ronnie was in the White House. From the sounds of his moon colony, Newt may be in the early stages of dementia. And he keeps forgetting what his wedding vows were for!
4:15PM JAN 28TH 2012
Imagine Teddy's surprise when Romney vetoed every pro-abortion bill that crossed his desk, and got endorsed by the Massachusetts pro-life group. He changed his mind about abortion while governor, just as Ronald Reagan changed his mind on abortion while governor (nine months after signing a pro-abortion bill).
3:21PM JAN 28TH 2012
Well, these neocon tea party leaders don't speak for the rest of us. And, that's the truth. The tea party is done. Never again will they be able to demand fiscal responsibility, a constitutionally limited government and free markets They have been co- opted by the neo-conservatives, which by the way, are not real conservatives because they lean toward the left. The tea party leaders are either uninformed or have sold out. The movement is done, kaput, over. How can you support a person who embodies everything we supposedly have been figting against these past several years? This is either total stupidity or insanity. Newt is not a conservative, he has voted anti-constitution hundreds of times. This would be laughable if it weren't scary. My lord the tea party will be the escape goat when the dunk hits the fan. And, they will deserve every bit of scorn that goes their way. Shameful and disgraceful!
3:19PM JAN 28TH 2012
Gosseyn, So what you are saying is if I am a Baptist ,a Catholic, a Jew I have no chance of getting into heaven unless someone from the Morman church baptizes me after i am gone. Lillian you ever heard of the washington post? The post article is entitled Mormons Jews contend for the souls of the Dead.The gawker article is also now on business insider and several other sites if you would like to google those.

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