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Ted Cruz Non-Endorsement Triggers Explosion of Boos in Biggest Convention Moment So Far

July 20, 2016 - 11:45pm
Trump family sits stonily as Ted Cruz winds up his speech
Trump family sits stonily as Ted Cruz winds up his speech

To say Donald Trump's closest and most bitter primary rival failed to endorse the Republican presidential nominee Wednesday night is an epic understatement.

Cruz's only mention of Trump during a 25-minute speech at the Republican National Convention was during the first three minutes, when he congratulated Trump on his victory.

The rest of the Texas senator's address, strong as it was, seemed a vehicle to show off his gift of oratory and elaborate on his own conservative principles.

It was a while before the crowd came to the conclusion Cruz was attempting to feather his own nest by criticizing Trump's conservative credentials.

But as soon as he mentioned voting your "conscience," the crowd finally understood: This is not a pro-Trump speech.

It turned on a dime. From enthusiastic love and support, the floor became aggressive. Counter-chants of "USA!" and "Trump!" broke out, led by the New York delegation in front of the stage.

Cruz was jeered for the rest of his speech, even when he tried to return to the story of the young daughter of a slain Dallas police officer.

His speech concluded with a huge boo while the Trump family observed in stony silence.

Passed over for vice president, Newt Gingrich did clean-up against Ted Cruz's bitterly received speech.

“I think you misunderstood one paragraph of what Ted Cruz said," Gingrich explained.

“Ted Cruz said you can vote your conscience for anyone who can uphold the Constitution," he continued. "In this election, there is only one candidate who can uphold the Constitution.

“So to paraphrase Ted Cruz, if you want to protect the Constitution this fall, there’s only one possible way and that’s to vote the Trump-Pence ticket.”

CNN reported that Jonathan Barnett, a delegate from Arkansas, walked off the floor after Cruz's speech, steaming that the Texas senator didn't endorse Trump.

"He's self-centered. It's all about Ted Cruz. All he did is ruin his political career," Barnett said. "I think he's finished."

A similar sentiment from Arizona delegate Bruce Ash:

“Cruz missed his moment. All he had to do was say 'Trump' and he used the dog whistle for 'conscience.' A very disappointing message," Ash texted.

Cruz’s wife, Heidi, was escorted out of the arena after getting heckled by Trump supporters yelling "Goldman Sachs!" -- the firm she worked for before her husband’s presidential campaign.

"I don't talk to the media, thanks," she responded when reporters tried to ask her a question.

CNN reported a source who was just in the donor suite level at the same time as Ted Cruz said people were going up to him and calling him a disgrace right to his face.

The source saw a state party chairman yelling at him so angrily that he had to be restrained.

And while Ben Carson was getting mobbed by fans asking for selfies on the same level, Cruz and his wife walked by with a security detail as everyone fell silent and avoided eye contact. No one said a word to him.

The Hill newspaper grabbed longtime Donald Trump ally, political consultant and Miami resident Roger Stone as Stone was leaving Quicken Loans Arena.
"By Ted Cruz not supporting the nominee, he's exempted himself from real conservatives," Stone said. "No voter gives a crap about what Ted Cruz does. The only person this hurts is Ted Cruz. ...

"Ted Cruz thinks he's Ronald Reagan. The problem is, he's not anything near Reagan in terms of being an inspiring, likable figure," Stone said. "He's a dumb SOB who thinks he's smarter than everybody else. He's a despicable human being."

CNN's "Live Blog" was a source for much of this story. Reach Nancy Smith at or at 228-282-2423. Twitter: @NancyLBSmith


Senator Cruz committed political suicide with his speech at the Republican not supporting Donald Trump when he signed a pledge to support the nominee. He did not honor the pledge, and is a very self-centered person. He also has never gotten along with his peers in Washington, and has refused to support legislation passed in Congress. He started the feud with Donald Trump when he ran for the Utah Primary. Senator Cruz who continually emphasizes Christianity allowed a flyer circulated for the Utah Primary with a nude professional photo of Melania Trump in a magazine before she married Donald with a "slogan" about Melania as First Lady. This flyer was backed by a Super Pac, Make America Awesome headed by Liz Mair, a Republican strategist who worked for Carly Fiorina and Governor Scott Walker. Governor Walker terminated Ms. Mair in 2015. So, Senator Cruz had to see this flyer, but wasn't honorable, and didn't insist it should not be used. Instead, he was only interested in winning that primary. He won with 69% of the vote. Butt, the primaries caught up and didn't support him. Americans dislike his brash attitude and the fact that Senator Cruz can't get along with his peers in Congress. He said in his speech at the convention, he didn't like Mr. Trump insulting his wife and father. He never apologized to Mr. Trump about that nasty flyer when he had to know about it in advance of the primary, which is probably why Mr. Trump sent a tweet of Mrs. Cruz comparing her with beautiful Melania. Senator Cruz's father was shown in the National Inquirer, never explained., picked up by Donald Trump. Senator Cruz should have endorsed Mr. Trump who needs the Latino vote. Instead, he chose to ruin his career. I don't think he will ever get the Republican vote again, and I hope when it's time for his re-election that a Republican steps up in Texas and runs against him.

Cruz and Kasich have done their political careers no favor. At least Cruz showed up at the convention while Kasich has ignored It completely.

Nancy Smith buys into the sensationalism, as usual. Ted Cruz received applause and enthusiastic cheers throughout his speech. In the final couple of minutes Trump,supportes began to chant "Endorse Trump" He didn't and they booed. The cheers out weighed the boos. Watch it on C-Span an listen for youself. It was the best speech of the convention, for the person that is the best candidate for President.

I wish that there was a pill for people who are delusional to take so we can get on with what IS, instead of always having to wade through people like you in order to breathe fresh air.

We know a narcissist when we saw one.

Get over it "Detfan". Cruz lost. And he'd probably have been a loser in the November election. I supported Cruz with contributions when he ran for Texas Senator. I supported Cruz with contributions during the primaries. I will NEVER give another cent to this dishonorable man. Cruz is a small man, putting his petty emotions ahead of his country. Cruz is NOT a statesman and it is too late for him to recover any honor for a future national office bid. Cruz signed a pledge, giving his word that he would endorse the GOP nominee. He did not. Because Cruz broke his promise, his dishonor only differs from the corrupt serial liar, Hillary Clinton, in its magnitude. But Cruz lost his honor and that is something he'll never get back no matter how many times he waves our Constitution at us. Cruz joins Glenn Beck, George Will, Bill Kristol, George Romney, John Kasich, and Jeb Bush in the ash-heap of "has-beens" who haven't the sense to understand that the ONLY "principle" to stand on is the survival of our constitutional republic, something that we cannot just suspend for 40 years while the combined Obama-Hillary damage plunders freedom and our Constitution.

No, what Cruz did was put his family over politics. Makes sense to me as my priorities are 1 God 2 Family 3 Country You wouldn't get over it if he insulted your mother or said your kid was fat and ugly. You may say your would but we know you wouldn't throw your family's honor out for a trust fund politician.

Petty emotions So I say your mother is a hooker and your father is a pedophile you are going to endorse me, I doubt you will

I will NEVER get over how Trump won the primary with over 9 million democratic votes. So shove dribble up your lower orifice, you anti american clodpoll!!

Harsh, unjustified reply. The alternative to another devastating Progressive-Socialist administration, at this point, is simply the GOP nominee = Trump. If you can't "get over" it and unify with the Party, it is You who is perhaps anti-American.

It wasn't enough that Cruz's massive ego tried to go toe to toe with master counter-puncher Trump in the primary run and lost, alienating vast numbers of Republicans. Last night's sophomoric antic was akin to slitting his wrists as he will never be able to muster enough support to run for dog catcher. His self-inflicted wound reminds me of an old Chinese proverb, 'big winds come from empty caves'. Time to shut down the rhetoric Ted and go home.

You pop culture voters have your candidates. Let the circus begin.

At least conscience means something to Ted Cruz - unlike anyone else surrounding him. Trump and his supporters reek of Fascism.

I agree. What I saw was so refreshing; to see someone stand up in front of millions and actually speak from his heart and conscious. Of course, some of us are critical because we are so used to being told what we want to hear and not be afraid to show some character and ethics for a change. I respect Cruz for his dignity and honor and being brave enough to risk a few votes for the sake of honor. One of my biggest problem in politics is that I never know weather they are lying or telling the truth and honoring their promises to the American people after they are elected..

"Fascism," really? You pop-out the current trendy favorite of the Left? Thanks for tipping us off to who you really are. - from a former Cruzer

But "honor" means nothing. Cruz gave his word by signing the pledge to endorse the GOP nominee when he thought HE would be the nominee. Then he reneged. His word means nothing. Those who try to excuse his shabby behavior are not living in the real world where choices aren't always what we want them to be. But we must do the best we can to assure the best outcome. Voting for anyone other than Trump (the ONLY candidate who can defeat Hillary Clinton and save our Republic) is akin to a childish tantrum and self-delusional. It is NOT an act of "principle".

You are misguided, and YOUR post is as one that IS A PILLOCK. America is doomed. The only hope is the continued fast growth of the Constitution Party to get this country back. I just hope there will still be a United Sates, after Trump or Hillary. By the way, I just retweeted an very ugly picture of your wife and lied about your father. Will you support me now? LOL What a moron!!

Again shows how incompetent Trump is that would have allowed this. Especially after Trump attacked his wife, father so badly because Trump has no clas or business being president. The hate filled proven lies about Hillary, Obama yet they stil say them like they ae criminals. Yet they are electing the biggest criminal that even if elected, will be impeached as he goes to trail for fraud. What has become of decency in the republican party? They clearly show they are not Christian, fiscally conservative or decent people backing such lies.

It shows that Trump expects people to keep their word. Your promise is your bond. Cruz didn't do that. So, I ask you, are you NUTS?

ROTFLMAO!! Trump requiring anyone to keep his word when he violates it within the same paragraph, sometime in the same sentence! I've hever seen a bigger liar than Trump. A recent speach he gave was rated 59% lies! That you can't see that means your brain is gone. What a gullible fool you are and those like you.

So, I guess you are still supporting the serial fornicator, serial adultery, serial liar, Planned Parenthood loving, continued big government central collective supporting, platform changing, denigrating, intimidating, foul mouthed secular humanist ? Yeah whose nuts, you clodpoll?

I liked the theme of FREEDOM, and I liked Cruz standing up for the people. Whether he was promoting his own career or not, to me, as a voter, was 2nd. The thug union tactics at the Convention by the RNC and Trump Team has gone hugely underreported. Delegates had to do Snapchat and Live video to report themselves. Why Nancy? Senator Lee and Utah delegation and Colorado delegation were hugely cheering Cruz. Utah and Colorado delegates were the most "abused" by Trump supporters. We haven't heard the end of it. And I would not be surprised one iota if Cruz runs 3rd Party, and is setting it up. Ego? Absolutely. Is he maxed out on supporters? I believe so. But tonight, he accomplished what he wanted. And unity? That's not Cruz's responsibility, that's Trump's. Trump who insulted Cruz's wife and blamed Cruz's Dad for being involved in JFK assassination. Did Trump issue an apology? I am not a Cruz supporter, but the blame displacement and rhetoric is out of hand. TRUMP MADE NO GESTURES FOR UNITY THROUGHOUT WHO CONVENTION. Trump just expected and demanded it. You earn people's votes, they are not coerced, bought, or forged.

He wasn't standing up for the people. He was still trying to plug himself.. If he cared about the people he'd let them vote.. Not the delegates in their behalf.. I want my own say.. Communism is someone else speaking for me.. This is 'We the people' not you the Government.. That is what ruined Cruz's chances.. he did it himself.. when he went behind the peoples back..... Boo to Cruz

How dare Ted Cruz make a case for "we the people." Having known Trump since living in NYC in 1987, I know how morally corrupt he is. Nancy... why not mention the reason why Trump gave $100K of the money he raised for vets to Becky Beach, or is that a secret the media doesn't want unsuspecting voters to know about? And what about that VictoryPassport thing the media failed to mention also? Who in the RNSC was getting the misdirected funds from Trump?

Ken: So is it YOUR position that a thoroughly corrupt amoral serial liar is preferable to Donald Trump, a man of real achievement? Careful, you might drown in your sea of conspiracy theories.

Quit posting like a pillock!!

Maybe he can go back to his old job as Uncle Festus on "The Adams Family." Since I don't watch it, I won't ever have to see him again. I am a Republican Conservative, but Ted Cruz is not my leader. I think he is pitiful.

Well deserved from a low life snake like Cruz. He single handedly wrecked his career. Better for us.

Looks like the Canadian got his bacon handed to him!

LOL. You obviously didn't watch the speech, and you are ignorantly holding on that Cruz is not a U.S. citizen. Please grow up and be a conservative American, instead of a clodpoll.

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