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Ted Cruz Only Sunshine Summit Candidate to Sign Pledge to End Common Core

November 14, 2015 - 6:15pm
Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-TX, officially committed to end the controversial Common Core State Standards if elected president, signing a pledge with Florida Parents Against Common Core on Friday. The pledge says he will oppose any federal efforts to mandate, impose or influence standards, assessments or curriculum across the country.

Disgruntled by the lack of response from Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Department of Education over repealing Common Core, FPACC was ready to make its voice heard in one of the most important states for 2016, and members opted to start at the top of the political chain to eradicate Common Core irrevocably.

FPACC asked all Republican presidential primary candidates at the Republican Party of Florida’s Sunshine Summit in Orlando to sign the pledge saying they would support ending Common Core.

Cruz was the first to put his name down (see below).

The education standards, which most states agreed to adopt in 2010, have become the center of intense controversy in recent years, especially within the Republican Party. With the exception of Jeb Bush, every GOP presidential candidate has voiced concern over the standards, which each claims represent a federal intrusion on American students.

That controversy has been especially profound in Florida, where the education standards were fully implemented last year.

“As the Republican Party of Florida begins its Sunshine Summit, Senator Cruz’s pledge provides needed leadership on the critical issue of education that so impacts the many residents and students of the State of Florida,” Luz Gonzalez, FPACC state coordinator, said in a written statement.

Gonzalez said Florida was one of the states most heavily impacted by the implementation of Common Core because it was home to so many large school districts.

“Florida is ground zero for the continued implementation of Common Core State Standards,” he said. “Five of the largest 12 school districts in the United States reside in the state of Florida: Miami Dade County Public Schools, Broward County Public Schools, Hillsborough County Public Schools, Orange County Public Schools and Palm Beach County Public Schools.”

Cruz’s support for ending Common Core comes as no surprise. It follows a lengthy vendetta against the standards.The Texas Republican has campaigned on a platform of promising to eradicate Common Core, slamming the standards as Washington-bred.

“We should repeal every word of Common Core,” Cruz said at an event in Florida earlier this year. “We should get the federal government out of the business of curriculum.”

Cruz has also said the problem with the standards wouldn’t be fixed by Washington politicians, indicating the real solution may come from the grassroots movement.

He was the only presidential candidate at the Sunshine Summit to officially put his name on FPACC’s pledge.

The Florida primary is four months away, on Tuesday, March 15.

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Cruz may be the only one to sign this at the Summit, but only Governor Huckabee put it in writing in his pledge to America at the beginning of his campaign.

Here's a thought: A 12 week (heck, even a quick 4 week one) course encompassing a quick synopsis of the Common Core Curriculum over a given school career. How much does anyone want to bet the whole tune changes?


Trump is one who backs common core he grate friends of Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton and Barack Obama

No offense, but were any of the other candidates even asked. There are several candidates who are just as anti-Common Core as Cruz. I have a hard time seeing Santorum or Jindal for instance not signing this pledge if they were aware of it or had time. Was dropping by the booth a requirement since it looks like it had to be signed by a witness? I've written about Common Core and the presidential race extensively and let me assure you that Ted Cruz is NOT the only candidate who opposes Common Core.

Exactly, and my guess isbthat they were not, at least not all of them. It's a political stunt, and a stupid one because the people doing it are playing dirty politics that iltimatley does nothing but tarnish the image of the very guy they think they are helping.

Yes all candidates were contacted through email. The Cruz team was the first to sign and had contacted us on Wednesday night that he could sign if someone from our team was going to be there in Orlando to meet with him. The press release had mentioned Lindsay Graham in it also but he said he does not do pledges. No where did we state he is only candidate to oppose common core but he is the only one that has taken the initiative to sign a commitment to Florida Parent.

FPACC. One more thing. Read that headline and what you said in your first sentence. It is mis-leading. In fact, if the first sentence of your comment is true then the article (or at least the headline) is a lie.

So now they were contacted hy email, yet the article says "at the summit", so which is it? The article and the pledge is a farce. Support your guy and give him all you have, but don't be use deceit in the process

We either stand and fight to stop all this sick evil our Gov. is forcing on America or we will wish we had , these things were never Voted on , just forced on the people.

The only way to get rid of it is to not vote for Jeb.

Donald Trump is against common core and will get rid of the US DOE....I have heard him state this several times...

I was at the Sunshine Summit and Trump did NOT mention common core or education one time in a 25 minute speech. Common core is a very complicated issue and I doubt if is saying he's against it, that he has the understanding of what needs to be done.

Educated mama, I'm sure if you sat down with pen and paper you could come up with a dozen more issues Trump didn't mention in his speech. So what. That proves nothing. This pledge is a deceitful campaign tactic plain and simple. I know, because I've playes the game many times in my political career.

Donald Trump said this many times at his rallys

INeligible, Canadian born Cruz, as usual jumped on another Trump Train issue to grandstand. Trump has always said he will rid our corrupt educational system of Common Core and also the DOE !!!! #Vets4Trump

You should get your facts straight "Patriotress." Cruz has supported this position for years. Also, all GOP candidates were asked to sign the pledge. If it was a priority, I would think Mr. Trump would've made the time to sign the pledge, like Sen. Cruz did. Also, Cruz was born in Canada while his parents were working in Canada. Cruz's mother is an American citizen who was of age to confer NATURAL BORN CITIZENSHIP to her son. This sniping from Trump supporters and Dem's is only going to help Cruz. Grow up.

It needs to end in Chicago IL!!

Donald Trump is against common core and will get rid of the US DOE.

Common Core was created by the National Gov Association, but it was "taken over" by the Federal Government. It became required to get a 9401 Waiver under ESEA. Hence, while it may have started as a private sector thing, it was taken over by the Feds. As a side note, I can not whether it is sponsored by the NGA, US DOE, or the man in the moon. The math standards are simply repackaged "Everyday Math" and are cognitively inappropriate in the early grades and fail flat in the middle school years, when students should be accelerating in their growth of mathematical ability. Students will, at best, make it through a lame Algebra 1 when they are done. There is significant evidence that students who complete a Common Core Algebra 1 will have less than 30% chance of graduating with ANY degree (see the Hawaii P-20W research published by ECS). This is decidedly not college ready. Further, the math skills in the lower grades do not cover the basic math skills sought by employers.. at least not employers in Alaska. The Reading, half of which is informational texts, goes against a century of research and have resulted in abysmal reading levels. Beyond the more recent research showing common core prepared college freshman reading at the 7th grade level, it is clear that the literary knowledge and the critical thinking skills of the common core do not prepare students for the workplace or the college classroom. Common Core has been a disaster.

For those who state Common Core needs to be repealled Nationally keep in mind that there has been a host of states that has already dumped it altogether. My state Indiana was the first state in the union to dump it alrogether (Hoosier Common Sense) and several other states have followed suit.

Terrye-EVERY state has either accepted Common Core or adopted it's curriculum...there's no way around it, unless we eliminate it altogether!!!

Woefully incorrect. Several states have dumped Common Core at every level. Indiana was the first to dump it and several states have followed suit.

Indiana did not dump it, but was the first to remove some of it, Mike Pence only changed about 30 percent of Common Core. Pearson Publishing has a monopoly on the K-12 curriculum in the U.S. The Florida Legislature and Gov. Scott changed less than 1 percent of Common Core (including the disingenuos name change and changed the PARCC end of the year test to the AIR test which is the evil twin of PARCC) because Jeb has been running a shadow governorship in educaton under Gov. Scott through Pam Stewart and Patricia Levesque (E.D. of Jeb's "education" ($$$) Foundation (s) for the past 7 years. The usual suspects are ignorant FL legislators, who carried the Common Core water for Jeb, Obama and Arne Duncan and David Coleman, though they have no real understanding what a diaster Common Core really is. Nikki Haley booted it 100% out of S.C. as did Gov. Fallon in Oklahoma.

Upon deep investigation as news of states such as Indiana "dumped" Common Core, it was discovered that it was just rebranded and not completely removed, but rather still being used under another name.

Woefully incorrect, yourself. No state has been able to drop it entirely. Indiana renamed it. So did S. Carolina.

So did Florida. We made 99 changes and renamed it to Florida State Standards. It's going to take understanding all the parts and pieces to get rid of it and prevent it happening again.

Um, I live in Florida and yes it is run by the states, however the federal government (No Child Left Behind Act) has their hands it also. Plus the Feds will give money to the states implementing it.

Common Core is not a federal program. It was created by the National Governors Association to set standards. I live in Indiana and they do not use Common Core here. If you don't like it, talk to your Governor. Not some self serving Senator running for President.

You must be a Trump supporter. How is Sen. Cruz signing a pledge to stop Common Core self serving? He's committing in writing via a pledge vs. other candidates who talk a good game. Talk is cheap.


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