Texas Gov. Rick Perry May Have the Cure for an Ailing Economy

By: Jeff Kottkamp | Posted: August 24, 2011 3:55 AM
Jeff Kottkamp

Jeff Kottkamp

Jobs, jobs, jobs -- from every corner of the country politicians say we must create more jobs in America.

When Obamacare was passed, then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi promised that 400,000 jobs would be created “almost immediately.” President Obama claims he has a plan to create jobs -- but he won’t share the details with the country until after a lengthy vacation.

All of the Republican candidates for president also claim to have a solution for our jobs problem. Yet only one candidate has a decade-long track record of creating jobs. That candidate is Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

Since Perry became governor more than 10 years ago, Texas has created more jobs than the other 49 states combined. In the last two years, Texas has created 47 percent of all jobs created in the country. Moreover, five of the top 10 cities with the highest job growth in the nation are in Texas.

Gov. Perry’s prescription for success is not complicated. As a staunch conservative, he has made it a priority to control spending and reduce taxes. He is the only governor since World War II to reduce state general revenue spending. Perry also signed an historic property tax cut -- as well as a much-needed tax cut for small businesses.

Three weeks ago I had the pleasure of flying to Austin to meet with Gov. Perry and his campaign team. He is genuine, he is focused, and I think he realizes that at this moment in our nation’s history, we need a leader who can do more than talk about job creation. His track record of accomplishment in Texas has, to a significant degree, insulated the Lone Star State from many of the ill-effects of Obamanomics.

My sense is that he really enjoys being governor of Texas and he is not running for president as a result of some longstanding desire to hold the highest office in the country. Instead, I believe he is running out of a deep-rooted sense of duty.

In so many ways Gov. Perry is the anti-Obama. Where Obama looks to increased spending and taxes to drive the economy (which is great if you are trying to drive it in a ditch -- which he has successfully done), Perry believes the best approach is to cut government spending, keep taxes low, reduce regulation and let the free market take off. If you compare the national economy to the economy in Texas, it is fairly obvious which approach has been more successful.

Another area where there is a stark contrast between the president and Gov. Perry is in dealing with the military. Prior to becoming president, Barack Obama had no military experience. His most notable achievement in the military arena since becoming president (apart from breaking his campaign promise to get the U.S. out of Iraq and Afghanistan) has been to end the ban on openly gay military service. Admittedly, he can also claim credit for the assassination of Osama bin Laden since it took place on his watch.

On the other hand, after graduating from college, Gov. Rick Perry actually served in the military -- taking a commission in the United States Air Force. The former Eagle Scout flew C-130s around the globe for the Air Force. He was honorably discharged with the rank of captain. Gov. Perry was not the first in his family to serve in the armed forces. His dad, Ray Perry, was a tail gunner in WWII who flew 35 missions over Europe.

One event last February that has nothing to do with politics demonstrates just how different Perry is from Obama. Perry was taking an early morning jog without his security detail -- but accompanied by his daughter’s Labrador retriever. During the run, a coyote started following Perry and the dog. Perry stopped and yelled at the coyote. The coyote stopped and was “laser locked” on the dog. Feeling that he and the dog were in imminent danger, Gov.Perry did what any self-respecting Texan would do: He drew the .380 Ruger loaded with hollow-point bullets that he carries when he jogs, and he killed the coyote. Perry later said, “Don’t attack my dog.”

If you put President Obama in the same situation it would have been handled far differently. First of all, you would have to convince the president to jog rather than shoot hoops. If he did jog, there would be a motorcade of 40 cars following him (and lots of press). When the coyote came along, he would order the Secret Service to feed the animal rather than shoot it. While they tried to figure out what to feed the animal, the coyote would help itself to the family dog.

Obama would later return to Washington and introduce a $50 billion government program to make “coyote habitat” off-limits for humans. There would also be a $5 million earmark in the budget to build a memorial to the dog.

Which brings us back to the issue of the economy and jobs. Over the next 15 months, the country will decide who is best qualified to create jobs and ignite our economy as president. Most of the candidates will make a lot of promises and do a lot of finger pointing. Meanwhile, Gov. Rick Perry will say, “Don’t take my word for it, look at the success we have had in Texas.”

Americans may find that Perry’s prescription for fixing the economy is just what the doctor ordered.

This is a guest column by Jeff Kottkamp. He served as Florida’s 17th lieutenant governor.

Comments (47)

Donald S. Sowers
8:54PM NOV 9TH 2011
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6:35PM AUG 24TH 2011
What about the $26 billion deficit that Texas is facing? Although jobs are important it does not look like he knows anything about fiscal responsibility (just like the majority of state officials).
5:43PM AUG 24TH 2011
Great article! I have been waiting for a REAL conservative to enter the race.
4:30PM AUG 24TH 2011
He killed a coyote, but there's more coyotes than ever. Like most of his "accomplishments". He created jobs, but they are mostly minimum wage jobs. The joke in Texas is, "Yeah, I got three of Perry's new jobs."

His "prescription" for the economy is eliminating the income tax, which would, in effect, eliminate the Federal Government. Sounds like fun! Good preparation for the rapture, which Perry appears to believe is imminent.

Jeff, since you are a trial lawyer, I know you are smarter than this article makes you appear.
10:37AM AUG 24TH 2011
Obviously Rick Perry scares Obama supporters to death....typical liberal approach---attack the messenger (Kottkamp), attack the message (Perry's impressive record)---and if all else fails play the race card.
10:59AM AUG 24TH 2011
Having read the editorial and the comments, I don't get the sense that anybody is afraid of Rick Perry.

Afraid of Kottkamp's lack of ethics and class, yes. Afraid of Rick Perry, no way.

Rick Perry for President? Politicians like Perry are the reason why I left the Republican Party. Perry represents all that is wrong with the Republican Party, so I say bring it on. We could all use a good laugh.
8:00PM AUG 24TH 2011
You obviously don't know Jeff
Fragile Habitat
9:51AM AUG 24TH 2011
Hey, Faux News has an opening for you. Please get your stats right before you print bull[filtered word] like this. Let's see, white people jog and black people play "hoops". You racist.
9:34AM AUG 24TH 2011
I don't know what the failed lt. gov. of Florida is smoking, but I definitely don't want any for myself.

Kottkamp's record is just an internet search away. He's known for many sociopathic behaviors, but perhaps he is best known for abusing the use of taxpayer dollars and Republican Party resources to the benefit of both himself and his family, but he has done SO much more. Gov. Crist despises him for ... well, Kottkamp knows why ;)

Oh, Jeff, I'm thinking it's time you focus on healing yourself and your relationships with your family and God. Shed the hate. It's killing you and your reputation (what's left of it).
Where there is smoke...
9:04AM AUG 25TH 2011
Speaking of smoke...

From the Democrat:

The fire that destroyed the Tallahassee home of ex-Gov. Charlie Crist’s former communications director was sparked by an arsonist who sprinkled fuel through several rooms, but there is no evidence to arrest anyone in the case, state investigators concluded on Wednesday.

“It is believed that an unknown person(s) entered into the structure and poured
splashed an ignitable liquid throughout the residence and ignited the vapors with an open flame,” said the report by Brock Dietz of the Fire Marshal’s Office. “Only a Dell laptop computer was reported missing from the residence. At this time, no further leads exist for the development or filing of any criminal charges. I request that this case be closed pending the receipt of additional information.”

The investigation report said the couple denied any knowledge of how the fire could have happened and consented to a computerized “voice stress analysis” examination three days after the blaze.

The report said Matthew Isaac passed the test but that Erin Isaac “did not respond truthfully to the relevant question, ‘Did you conspire with someone to have your house set on fire? The subject responded ‘No.’ ”

Hmmmm. Everyone knows that Erin and her husband were in deep financial trouble because they were trying to flip houses. Wonder what the jail term is for arson?
Takes an androgynous freak to like one
7:49AM AUG 25TH 2011
I would say that if the androgynous little freak Charlie Crist hates him, he must be OK.
Crying Wolf
5:12PM AUG 24TH 2011
See what I mean? Poor Mr. Doc... you really do have some problems.
9:13AM AUG 24TH 2011
Gov. Perry's job creation prowess is a myth. Private-sector jobs in Texas have declined in the last few years while the number of government jobs have surged.

Texas has used the federal stimulus money to create or save jobs while Perry rails against it. Perry has his own state fund to "bribe"companies to move to Texas. A lot of that money goes to his campaign donors.

The Texas unemployment rate is 8.4%, only 27th of the 50 states. North Dakota is tops with just 3.3% unemployment so the governor of North Dakota would make a better candidate if jobs is the biggest issue.
10:07AM AUG 24TH 2011
Tim and Jan, next time you want to parrot somebody else's talking points, at least have some facts to back it up.

Wanna try again?
8:13PM AUG 25TH 2011
The fact remains that the Texas unemployment rate in July 2011 was 8.4%, which is 27% of the 50 states. That is not that impressive.

Many private sector jobs in Texas were the result of a rapid population increase. That cannot be duplicated in all states.

Perry also spent hundreds of millions to lure companies to Texas from other states. That doesn't work on a national level.

The following chart says private-sector jobs in Texas from 2007-2010 declined by 178,000 while public-sector jobs increased by 125,000 for a net loss of 53,000 jobs.
8:25AM AUG 24TH 2011
WOW people like Jeff Kottkamp who live in a FOX News fantasy world are the reason this country will fail
Cassio Miranda
8:17AM AUG 24TH 2011
Your publication should feel ashamed for publishing this kind of garbage. I kept looking to see if this article was in a comedy or parody section of the newspaper and was shocked to find out it was not. This is much more than rhetoric between political views or criticism of policies adopted by the President. This article is full fledged destructive "kool-aid". This kind of mentality and the media outlets that publish this is what is fostering the current gridlock in Washington. President Obama may have done mistakes and his policies might not please everyone, but given the current problems (many of which he inherited from the previous administration) the country should be working together to find solutions and common ground. To work together does not mean "my way or the highway" like the Tea Party advocates. Bottom line, is that the mind set of this author and the mentality it fosters is poisonous in a Democratic system. If we continue like this, I strongly recommend that we teach our children and grandchildren Mandarin because the new bosses are coming.
Jan McGlumphy
6:19AM AUG 24TH 2011
I still am not sure how he created more jobs. Could you elaborate on that?
6:10AM AUG 24TH 2011
Anyone who thinks Gov Perry has the cure for an ailing economy must be bias, uninformed, or a little short in the brains department. Anyway, there is a new clean and very cheap energy technology hitting the market soon: LENR using nickel. 1/10th as expensive as dirty coal, and there is more nickel than all the oil, coal, and natural gas combined. Here is a video of a Nobel prize winner in physics explaining:
Also, if you can convince the Swedish Skeptic's Society, you ought to seriously consider this legitimate:
On the other hand, if you fall into either of the three categories above, just pretend it is Fox News, and ditto it into your head without question.
6:07AM AUG 24TH 2011
How in the world was this guy a leiutanant Governor.
Michael Smith
5:43AM AUG 24TH 2011
It is so nice to see that Gov. Perry's mom is again writing about him.
5:37AM AUG 24TH 2011
Well a puff piece for George Bush II. Look at the success they have had in Texas. Virtually 100% of the job growth in Texas has been oil and Gas and due to the increase in oil and gas prices.

The economy of Texas has NOT taken off. Texas has one of the highest rates of poverty in the nation. The schools of Texas have continued their slide toward the bottom.

Here is from an assessment of Perry's job creation in Texas :Analysts credit a number of powerful economic factors as contributing to Texas' economic success. Among them: Rising oil and natural gas prices benefited resource-rich Texas; an infusion of Pentagon dollars into the state's large array of military installations and defense plants; booming trade from its Gulf ports to Mexico and China; the growth of public-sector jobs; a population boom;

So of the "factors" to explain job growth, two contain money from the Federal Government, one is due to the large number of Hispanics in Texas and the last is because of outsourcing to China. Really sounds like the Republican method of 'spend and lie about it."

I think Mr. Kottkamp would be hard pressed to state how Mr. Perry would bring more Large military posts to the US. How he wuold get more Government Defense Spending for the US. how he would get the US to do more processing of Chinese goods, or how he would expand oil and gas mining across the US. Would Gov. Perry have the government hire a large number of people, THE WAY HE DID IN TEXAS??

Look at Texas, in spite of its rich natural resources and size and preferred location, Texas is a net CONSUMER of Federal Tax dollar and without such money would be a third world country.

On to pof all of this, he is getting his minions, like Mr. Kottkamp, to be deceptive about Texas' and his record.

Another GWB. Are we really this stupid?
J. L. Lee
5:42AM AUG 24TH 2011
America is a nation of idiots!
5:29AM AUG 24TH 2011
The establishment is really trying to push Rick Perry ahead. You want to know why? They fear that Ron Paul will come out on top. So what will happen? Will the government and corporate run media convince the people that a Rick Perry or Mitt Romney will have the answers to our problems..? I think people are starting to realize voting for these guys is voting for continual war, and empowerment of the government to take away your rights.. IF you love Freedom and want to preserve the constitution, There is only ONE candidate and that Ron Paul.
Mark Baker
5:27AM AUG 24TH 2011
Jeff, you look like a nice guy. Maybe you went to high school with Rick Perry? If so, next time try to be a little less obvious. Your piece makes the ads for colon cleanses masquerading as news articles seem very subtle.
5:18AM AUG 24TH 2011
Obama can't claim all the credit for getting Bin Laden all he did was give the go ahead lets not forget the intelligence professionals who found him and the team that actually carried out the raid. Other than that this is a pretty fluffy piece.
Jefferson Madison
5:17AM AUG 24TH 2011
So what this economy really needs is another rodeo clown from Texas? How many horse's asses are there in Texas, anyway?
J. L. Lee
5:15AM AUG 24TH 2011
Support retroactive birth control for republican morons!
Chip Henry
5:14AM AUG 24TH 2011
OMG... what else can you say? I think you are right on the money, and you clarify some things too. Thanks for the article.
5:10AM AUG 24TH 2011
I did not know that political advertising (for Perry) now constituted "news". It was politicals like Perry that created the poor economic conditions, debt and deficits that we now have to deal with. Heaven help us if idiots continue to run the Republican party.
Blaine Nelson
5:09AM AUG 24TH 2011
I don't think shooting coyotes has anything to do with being president. As for job creation, I think there are several myths floating around: firstly, cutting government spending usually entails a loss of some jobs (lets not forget that part of the money spent goes toward paying government employees) or reduces the amount of money people have to put into the economy or at least pay their bills. Corporate tax reductions can stimulate job growth but are not necessarily guaranteed to do so... companies may choose to do what they want with the money including investing in technology that replaces workers with machines or in overseas ventures. The sad fact is that there is no magic lever that leaders can use to create jobs and that applies both to Obama & Perry.
5:03AM AUG 24TH 2011
"First of all, you would have to convince the president to jog rather than shoot hoops."

Clever, back-handed and, yes, racist remark.

You're a fool. Blaming President Obama and the Democrats for failed Republican policies isn't fooling anyone but yourself. Go ahead and keep pushing for reduced spending, deregulation, lower taxes ... all Republican policies that got us into the mess we're in today.

This is the simple truth. Your ilk has forced all of us to live with it. It's about time that you learn to do the same.

Perry doesn't stand a chance. Not a chance.
Crying Wolf
9:15AM AUG 24TH 2011
I really hate when people throw out the race card because they don't like something. It devalues the real instances of racism and does a disservice to all African Americans. Grow up.
10:09AM AUG 24TH 2011
The race card was played by the author of this op-ed trainwreck. While playing basketball isn't exclusive to African Americans, saying something like "You would have to convince President Obama to jog rather than 'shoot hoops'," is a statement that can easily be placed in the racist comment bucket.
The one who needs to grow up is you.
Crying Wolf
5:09PM AUG 24TH 2011
Well, I the way I read it, the statement alludes to Mr. Obama's love for playing basketball. It is well known, and well documented that he plays all the time. I think the racists are the ones who automatically think that basketball equals African Americans. This article is simply a reference to Mr. Obama's penchant for basketball instead of jogging.

And Mr. Doc... your posts make you sound like you have some anger/hate issues. Perhaps you should get some help with that. It will make you a nicer person.
5:45AM AUG 24TH 2011
I agree completely, Republican deregulation caused the banking disaster and Republican borrowing caused half the national debt (if you include what Obama was forced to spend to clean it up). I would add that Texas job creation strategy is just poaching businesses from other states, much like third world countries poach jobs from the USA. And like those countries Texas jobs are lower paid with few public improvements, they lead in poverty. True job creation is from good infrastructure and schools that foster lucrative new industries.
5:03AM AUG 24TH 2011
This article is a Republican fluff piece. Seemed to be a serious column, if rather simplistic regarding causes and effects of our ills as a nation, until the ludicrous Obama comparison, near the end. One Texan already got us into two wars, and cut the means to fund them. Perhaps we can get that number up to a point where it bankrupts as a nation...though it seems we reached that point some years back.
5:02AM AUG 24TH 2011
This guy is crazy! Not Perry but the guy who wrote this completely foolish piece of garbage should have an evaluation. This is the kind of politicians we have, I'm ashamed.
4:58AM AUG 24TH 2011
this is bull[filtered word] - most Texas jobs were GOVERNMENT jobs!
4:52AM AUG 24TH 2011
I would like to ask that the writer read Rick Perry's book, and look at his record on educations, and also research exactly the kind of jobs and where they came from.
4:52AM AUG 24TH 2011
You're a right wing rascist idiot
Crying Wolf
9:17AM AUG 24TH 2011
I really hate when people throw out the race card because they don't like something. It devalues the real instances of racism and does a disservice to all African Americans. Grow up.
4:51AM AUG 24TH 2011
I thought I was going to be reading a serious analysis. what a dissappointment.
4:47AM AUG 24TH 2011
"Another area where there is a stark contrast between the president and Gov. Perry is in dealing with the military. Prior to becoming president, Barack Obama had no military experience. His most notable achievement in the military arena since becoming president (apart from breaking his campaign promise to get the U.S. out of Iraq and Afghanistan) has been to end the ban on openly gay military service. Admittedly, he can also claim credit for the assassination of Osama bin Laden since it took place on his watch."

As if he shouldn't get credit for bin Laden's death? Why can't you just admit that Obama did what his two successors couldn't get done: get rid of Osama bin Laden. Perhaps you'll say that Bush somehow deserves more credit, even though he said later in his presidency after 9/11 that finding bin Laden wasn't a priority.
8:14AM AUG 24TH 2011
Obama didn't bag Bin Laden. He just HAPPENED to be president at the same time the guys in the field found Bin Laden.

Texas has a lot of poverty and school dropout issues that other states don't have. It also has a MILLION illegal Mexicans that other states don't have, plus about 6 million spanish-speaking legal Mexicans, with a dropout rate of over 25%. Just a data point.
Benjamin Turner
11:35AM AUG 24TH 2011
Obama was very much responsible for bagging bin Laden. He made it the CIA's #1 priority--GWB had basically given up. Then he put in Panetta (the CIA director) and told him to go get him. Then he gave the order to do the crazy mission with helicopters versus the Air Force's plan of bombing the house and destroying evidence.

Did he kill him? Absolutely not. But arguing that he just "HAPPENED" to be president is like saying Bill Gates just happened to be CEO when they invented Windows.
8:27AM AUG 24TH 2011
President Obama just HAPPENED to be in charge when they captured Osama? really? OMG, whose head would be on a stick had the mission failed? Who gave the final go ahead and insisted that we did not inform the Pakistanis? Who insisted in having enough troops as back up and if necessary enough troops to fight our way out of Pakistan. Rmorgan, do everyone a favor: turn FOX off, get out of the trailer and find the nearest library.

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