Tom Price: Florida Right to Reject State-based Health Care Exchange, Medicaid Expansion

By: Jim Turner | Posted: January 11, 2013 3:55 AM

Tom Price

Keynote speaker Rep. Tom Price, M.D., R-Ga.

As Florida legislators debate how to respond to the overhaul of the federal health care system, and Gov. Rick Scott continues trying to get Health and Human Services officials to accept the Sunshine State’s views on Medicaid funding, at least one U.S. congressman believes they don’t have to rush.

U.S. Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., on the Budget Committee and Ways and Means Subcommittee on Health, supported how Florida and 30 other states have refused to set up state-run health-care exchanges by 2014.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if HHS had to contract that out or delay the implementation of the federal exchange, because they are nowhere near doing it,” Price said on Thursday, while attending the Foundation of Associated Industries of Florida’s Health Care Affordability Summit in Orlando. “Or they’ll do it in a way that Washington tends to do it, which is half-hearted ...”

Administration officials had hoped President Obama’s re-election would overcome resistance to the new health-care law. But that has not been the case. Only 19 states have signed up to run their own health insurance exchanges -- in which people can shop for private health insurance or federal subsidies to help defray the cost.

As for Florida’s reluctance to expand Medicaid, instead seeking a greater control over the money, Price agreed with states that haven’t accepted the expansion because of unknown future costs.

While Gov. Rick Scott has taken heat this week for the number he’s thrown out for the potential economic hit the state could take over the next decade, Price said the unknown costs should be a concern. Once eligibility for Medicaid is expanded, he said, it will never be reduced.

Under the funding scenario, the federal government has agreed to pick up the additional funding for three years, with the state gradually getting more of the tab.

“I don’t believe you ought to expand it because I think it results in an absolute uncertainty six years out and there is no way to know if the federal government will be there at all, in which case all Floridians would be left holding the bag,” he said.

During a reception Thusday, Price, the evening's keynoter, announced that eventually the much-debated federal health-care law could die, given a few years, as Americans tire of the regulations in the law.

“They won’t tolerate it,” Price said. “The waits they won’t tolerate. The restriction of coverage they won’t tolerate. The restriction of choices they won’t tolerate. The decrease in quality they won’t tolerate.”

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Comments (6)

1:27PM JAN 17TH 2013
"decrease in quality" is certainly better than no health care at all....
7:47PM JAN 11TH 2013
tom who ? why should floridians care what some obscure right wing granny starver says. what exactly was the point of this piece.
6:31PM JAN 11TH 2013
Yes, of course older Floridians should totally trust a Georgia politician who desires to turn Medicare into a voucher program . . .

He's opposed any type of comprehensive national health care . . . shouting down fellow female congresswomen who attempted to present a different viewpoint, threatening to block all Congessional funding, and continuing to demonize the Affordable Health Care Act and promoting strategies to make it fail (like above), regardless of impacts to the states or the country's citizens . . . .

You know, rather than waste his time with trying to frustratingly repeal Obamacare, maybe he could make a much better use of his time by educating his fellow Republican colleague Dr. Phil Gingrey (co-chairman of the GOP Doctors Caucus) that Republicans should just shut up . . .

He could explain to Dr. Gingrey that by now maybe a Republican shouldn't be talking about how they believe that women regularly lie about being raped, and certainly they shouldn't be supporting the idea that Todd Akin actually had a point, that women are able to prevent a rape pregnancy simply by "being tense and uptight" . . . . Republicans talking about health care or rape . . . . . just plain . . .

Pathetic . . . .
12:55PM JAN 13TH 2013
Frank and wpb are both socialists. Learn to stand on your own feet. You have had enough of the working persons money....Get a life and get a job....Moochers....
10:06PM JAN 21ST 2013
Well said Larry
1:28PM JAN 17TH 2013
Larry...a rope and your ceiling fan buddy.

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