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Toxic Debbie Wasserman Schultz to Appear at Leadership Blue Gala

June 13, 2017 - 10:00am

Clearly the new regime at the Florida Democratic Party learned nothing from the chorus of boos that Debbie Wasserman Schultz received at the DNC convention.

The resounding chants of "shame" spewed at the disgraced former DNC chairwoman, forced to resign in infamy, hasn't convinced the failing party that putting the most divisive figure in recent Florida Democratic political history on stage at its biggest fundraising event will be a big mistake.

Whose idea is this? Wasserman Schultz's?

Is she still pulling the strings in the party? If the new chair, Stephen Bittel, thinks this is a great idea, then perhaps his judgment has to be seriously questioned.

We already are questioning Sally Boynton Brown, given her "issues" faux pas, so it very well could have come from her, but I doubt it. After all, what does she really know about Florida?

After only being in her position for a month, the president of the FDP ended up being the star of a GOP fundraising email and commercial.

Wherever the idea to feature Debbie Wasserman Schultz at the biggest fundraiser for the Democratic Party came from, it is bad.

The party is clearly trying to help Debbie redeem herself, to its detriment.

The last fundraising report was underwhelming. Who is going to want to give to a party with the face of a pending DNC lawsuit up on the stage looking back at them?

Let's be honest. Debbie Wasserman Schultz makes Democrats want to vomit, not vote.

There is already an establishment/progressive divide.

Having Debbie Wasserman Schultz onstage is only going to widen that divide.

It shows that nothing in the FDP has changed.

The relationship between Stephen Bittel and Debbie Wasserman Schultz trumps any chance the florida Democratic Party has of mending the rift between progressives and the establishment.

She made him her DNC finance co-chair, and I guess he is utilizing his new-found chairmanship to shove her down our throats.

I hope Wasserman Schultz gets booed.

I hope the chants of "shame" return.

I hope Tim Canova decides to run against her again.

Rumor has it that he will be officially announcing this week.

It looks like Debate-Dodging Debbie will once again have the protection of the party.

She's going to need it.

Leslie Wimes, a Sunshine State News columnist, is founder and president of Women on the Move and the Democratic African American Women Caucus, Follow Leslie on Twitter: @womenonthemove1


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Sore losers seem to become more sore by the day. Demonizing HRC because she won by millions of votes is ABSURD. . If these so called progressives don't grow up, dont stop whining and crying and get behind the next Democratic Candidate they will reelect Donald Trump. Who will they blame then?????

Obama weakened and ravaged the Democrat Party; but Hillary performed the "coup de grace" ! signed// a common-sense, reasoning Democrat.

I am not a Florida Dem but I am so happy to hear Tim Canova is going to campaign again. I just wish it was for the big one in 2020. Please Florida, Get damagedwashingmachine-schultz out, she needs to be taken to the dump up for what she did.

It is worth remembering why DWS resigned on the eve of the Convention: As detailed in the DNC's own emails DWS's DNC had a mole working in Sanders campaign, they brainstormed about how to use Sanders religion against him, coordinated with a SuperPAC to pay online trolls to pretend to back Her Majesty and lie about Sanders, and generally running a fake primary while never wavering from their position that Hillary Rodman Clinton was/is their (losing) nominee.

Leslie, Leslie, Leslie, DWS makes people want to vomit. Really? I've met her and found her to be a warm, compassionate woman. Of course she had a favorite in the race but she never did anything to sabotage Sanders. In fact, she went on all of the Sunday news shows to defend the Democratic Party allowing him to run in their primary. We true Democrats are tired of the berniebro mentality. There is no establishment/progressive split. I hate to inform you but Democrats are the progressive party.

Jeanene, what kind of democrat are you. The neoliberal Clintonite or the FDR type. Since I consider myself an FDR type I consider you a republican lite, not a democrat. You belong on the opposite side of the fence. The Clinton's changed what a "real democrat" is into a Corporate, Wall Street loving shills. Progressive on social issues but regressive on the economy and income inequality which the current neo-liberal so called "democrats have had so much to do with promoting. I want to see the party actually become a truly liberal party again, Since your kind of democrat came into being with the "new democrats" brought on by the Clintons I would argue we Bernie people are the true democrats. You are just a member of a second republican party.

Then suggest to Bernie that he JOIN THE PARTY!

She only was defending him because part of DNC/Hillary's strategy was to use Bernie top entice young voters, then pull the bait and switch they pulled. Months before the primary, it was beyond obvious what would happen, and then it happened. DWS probably belongs in prison for defrauding Bernie donors who are now thoroughly disenfranchised.

The Media Blackout On The DNC Lawsuit Proves That It Is Nuclear DNC Election Fraud - Nuclear Bomb Photo by Pierre J by Caitlin Johnstone June 3, 2017 --------------…/media-blackout-dnc-lawsuit-prove…/

what a sorry group of politicians we have here in florida in wasserman-schultz, rubio, rick scott, and matt gaetz.

They are like any other group of supervillains.

This is nonsense and pure hogwash. Rep. Wasserman-Schultz works hard for the people of Florida, the democratic party, and progressive ideals. Is she perfect? No- but she isn't this demon that you are trying to make her. I do not understand how someone in a leadership position in the Democratic party can attack a sitting member of congress with such impunity.

wasserman-schultz works hard for herself. she the corrupt corporate sidekick for hillary clinton. she is a despicable human being.

DWS has made some sensible and almost passionate-sounding tweets. Significantly, she fails to address critical issues

It appears Wasserman Schultz is not appearing at this Dem dinner. All of this hand-wringing about nothing. Whose side are the Sanders' Brocialists on, anyway? Their ire is based on info that was stolen and published by the Russians and their accomplices. By the way, the only Democrat that ran for president last year was Hillary Clinton. Sanders was not and is not a Democrat. The same as the Russians, their job last year was to divide the real Democratic Party and harm the Clinton candidacy. By the way, the next time you discuss "Shame" remember what happened to the "Shame" woman on Game of Thrones.

Wow threats from a DWS lovin Clintonista. How unoriginal. Who will the DNC thugs off this time? Will they get followed home by spooks and stalked for hours on end like that poor LGTBQ kid did when he tried to attend a DWS event recently? Our IRE is based on the EMAILS which showed how the DNC screwed over the American people - saying the Russians did it is just diversion from the content which is egregious!!! And if the DNC was so worried about the russians why did they not hand over the servers to the FBI? SMDH! Hilbots might be dumb enough to buy this load of crap but not Berners! SHAME ON YOU AND DWS!!! SHAME!!! Bullying and threats and lies and cheating are not the way to win. Once again - SHAME!!! The DNC is full of parasites like DWS - it needs a very strong PURGE!

"Whose side are the Sanders' Brocialists on, anyway?" I'll never vote for a fucking Democrat again. Because of creatures like you.

Amen. I framed my confirmation of my DemExit. I will never forget this election!

Same here. I have had more than enough of DWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What surprises me is that ANY Democrat is surprised that their party is still 'honoring' Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. It is well known that the more despicable, crooked, and/or corrupt any Dem or socialist is, the higher they admire and elevate them in the party. They are now held in high distinction. Heck, they just honored a terrorist responsible for 100's of bombings and several deaths in the U.S. at the NY Puerto-Rican Day Parade. Is that the best the Dems have?

Ouch! Bernie supporters, I know, are still pretty peeved that DWS played an important role in guaranteeing HRC became the candidate for POTUS. And there is NO doubt about that. Btw, does she still believe that Latino outreach as “taco bowl outreach?” Via Washington Post: Wasserman Schultz calls top Sanders aide a "damn liar"... On May 17, after controversy erupted over the Nevada state Democratic convention and how fair the process was there, Wasserman Schultz herself took exception to Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver's defense of his candidate's supporters. "Damn liar," she wrote. "Particularly scummy that he barely acknowledges the violent and threatening behavior that occurred." That wasn't the only time Wasserman Schultz offered an unvarnished opinion about the Sanders operation. And in one late-April email, she even questioned Sanders's connection to the party. "Spoken like someone who has never been a member of the Democratic Party and has no understanding of what we do," she said in response to a Politico story about Sanders saying the party hadn't been fair to him. Flippant chatter about donors In a May 16 exchange about where to seat a top Florida donor, Kaplan declared that "he doesn’t sit next to POTUS!" -- referring to Obama. “Bittel will be sitting in the sh---iest corner I can find,” responded Shapiro. She also referred to other donors as "clowns."

The DNC just needs new blood. The best thing to happen to them is in the White House. The "fake president" keeps on this path and they will have to do nothing but run commercials of all of the stupid things this "Boner" is doing and all of the things he promised he has not done... Hell, he will probably try to hook up with Wasserman-Schultz... As an Independent, I can hardly wait for all of the fireworks, it should be fun...classic.

There is NO DOUBT that the Democrat party has sunk to a new low --- they have NO MESSAGE and they have NO PLANS for America's future. It's pretty clear that the ultra-LEFT Liberals, the pure Communists are "eating their lunch" at the Democrat's table. This is the way that they have gone, ever since B. Hussein Obama has caused pure divisiveness in the party. Their only hope is the OBSTRUCTIONIST push that they will continue to push. On the RIGHT, we are seeing that the Republican party is gaining strength as the "Right Factions" slowly move into the near-same step. This includes Tea Party, Libertarians, Constitutionalists and a bevy of others. I would LOVE for the "GOP" come together (loosely?) as the "GNP" - Grand NEW Party. After all; America is a "Constitutional REPUBLIC"... Not a "Democracy".

Donate directly to progressive candidates in person and in cash. Really, I'm a registered democrat in Brevard County Florida, but that was only because of Bernie Sanders. The FDP has been complicit or ineffective over the past seven years. Does it actually matter which? Current FDP leadership are the very definition of neoliberal elitist politics. Seriously, why would you work with them? What can they offer besides platitudes and empty promises of incremental changes that won't disrupt business as usual. More and more a NPA effort seems the only hope.

The ONLY thing toxic around here is Lessie Times, a career whoner!

disagree with Mark...

This is the only time I have agreed with Leslie. Now if the party can only make Hillary, Bill and Chelsea go away.

Agree w/ Jim... but they will never go away...they ARE "America's Undertakers"...

Now, this is the Leslie I know!

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