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Trump Switches Up Florida Campaign Team

September 8, 2016 - 6:15pm
Susie Wiles and Donald Trump
Susie Wiles and Donald Trump

Donald Trump wants to win Florida -- and to do that, he’s going to need all the manpower and ammunition in staffing he can get. The Republican presidential nominee changed up his Florida campaign staff, replacing former head of staff Karen Giorno with veteran lobbyist Susie Wiles.

Trump initially enlisted Wiles as the campaign’s senior adviser for battleground communications at the end of last month.

Wiles is perhaps best known for her involvement as campaign manager in Gov. Rick Scott’s first gubernatorial campaign in 2010. 

She currently works as managing partner at Ballard Partners’ Jacksonville office and has worked on other presidential campaigns as well. She first delved into the presidential sphere when Utah state Sen. Jon Huntsman ran for the GOP presidential nomination in 2012.

Her Republican credentials extend all the way to the party’s beloved Ronald Reagan, who she worked for as a scheduler. 

Giorno has been moved as senior adviser to the chairman of coalitions in Trump’s team and will be based in the campaign’s New York City headquarters.

“From this position I can better serve Mr. Trump by organizing my national contacts and expertise to ensure we mobilize these crucial voting blocs,” Giorno said in a statement. “This is a great honor."

A little under two months remain until the November election, and team Trump is honing its focus on the Sunshine State. Florida’s 29 electoral votes are key to any candidate who wants to sit in the Oval Office in January, and both Clinton and Trump are revving up their engines, opening up field offices and taking to the airwaves to trash each other in a battle that’s only heating up. 

Clinton’s campaign team spread across the state, opening up Florida field offices in recent months . Her campaign team already has over 50 offices statewide, while Trump is still lagging behind. His team is still playing catch up, planning to open up a South Florida office later this week and have 25 field offices open by mid-September. 

Team Trump has been a little slow on the uptake in terms of opening up field offices. In August, Trump’s campaign said they planned to open two dozen offices across Florida, but those plans didn’t pan out. 

Despite Clinton leading Trump in many polls, recent surveys suggest the race is getting close between the two candidates. A CNN/ORC poll released earlier this week showed Trump edging Clinton out by one percent and a Quinnipiac Poll released Thursday showed the two candidates in a dead heat.

Another PPP poll showed the billionaire businessman leading the former Secretary of State by one percent in Florida. That same poll showed him leading specifically with white voters which constitute a significant voting bloc in the state.

Team Trump will have to put in overtime work to clinch victory in Florida in November. Florida has gone to the Democrats during the last two presidential election cycles, and Trump needs the state -- badly. 

Trump will be campaigning in Pensacola Friday evening. 




Mr. T: One important thought you have forgotten. Given me a call or email. Two minutes will work. I share from years of experiences - winning experiences. G.H. Davis: Often the most obvious is overlooked. Zillions will appreciate my suggestion for you.

Just visited my campaign office and did you know you can get free signs, Tee shirts, bumper stickers etc.. from them.. - lots of goodies. and please while your there sign up to help... they can't keep signs and stuff on hand people are grabbing them up left and right.. soon we'll be covering the state.. Look out Hildabeast - Here we come.. Trump 2016 President Trump... for the people and the country..USA

Please contact me asap at I need to put my boots on the ground in the panhandle.

Considering Scott's unfavorability ratings, and his and Bondi's non pedantic support of Trump's presidency, absolutely Wiles makes sense. Trump thinks it's going to come down to Jacksonville and the Bible Belt for Florida? Hillary wins Florida and she wins Presidency. How hilariously defeating would it be for the GOP leadership of the state for Trump to lose. FL is not an absolute need for her, I do see it as an absolute need for him. You'd never know it from his lack of organization.

Nice words Luz, but Trump will win the state of Florida, and those (fools) who are counting their chicks prior to the actual hatching, well, in truth, doesn't matter. I understand your excitement regarding certain areas of Florida, such as whatever you perceive the "Bible Belt" (and wherever you THINK it may be) however, Trump will win Central Florida, as well as South Florida and, dare I say, a majority of the state's votes. Why? Because a clear and present majority is absolutely tired of the same old political gamesmanship by clowns like the Non Republican Rubio and Hillary's old, dragging butt, playing their games. It's time for true Americans to get out and vote to make the needed changes. GO TRUMP!!

Well said "Mark"; Trump already has THIS Democrat's vote... I am way too familiar with the mess that the Clintons' have created (for far too long) in this country to EVER cast a vote for the ALWAYS ethically flawed "Hildabeast" and her "Wienersidekick"; this nation will NEVER "heal" under another "Clinton-bloodletting-theft-of-America's-honor-and-'Exceptualism"... GO TRUMP!!!...(Help us forget the damage Obama did to our Republic and Martin Luther King's hard-fought legacy !)

Manpower and media aren't going to help Trump in Florida. No one in Florida - Republican, Democrat, Non-Affiliated, Tea Party or any others stand to gain anything by election of a Russian loving, dystopian, ego maniac in charge of the Nuclear Trigger. Even Allison Nielsen knows, but is paid not to say anything else.

The lying political whore Hillary should be in jail not running for president!

Hey Bobbie, Trump stated he liked Putin's politics and also complimented him on his choice of supporters, Obumma included. Mr. Trump will be the better choice than Hillary since she's apparently suffering from Parkinson's, or so some physicians claim. Guess everyone needs to keep a close eye on her as she could manage to hit the button without even knowing it! GO TRUMP!!

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