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Nancy Smith

Trump's 'Polish Workers' Is Only the Half of It

February 26, 2016 - 6:30am

Marco Rubio connected on at least half a dozen of his punches during Thursday night's GOP presidential debate, but none was more memorable than the one blasting Trump for hiring 200 undocumented Polish workers to build the New York City skyscraper that bears his name.

"If he builds the wall the way he built Trump Towers, he'll be using illegal immigrant labor to do it,' Rubio chirped. The crowd went wild.

Trump would have you believe the illegal Polish workers he hired for coolie wages to build Trump Towers is irrelevant because -- who cares, it's something that happened 36 years ago

Yet the billionaire celeb-businessman is still doing it. He's still looking to hire immigrants or hiring contractors who scoop up illegals and put them to work on Trump building sites for sometimes off-the-books wages.

No wonder the Internal Revenue Service audits Trump every year.

The latest charges of undocumented workers come from some of the workers themselves. Last year the Central American construction crew was working on the Old Post Office Pavilion, Trump's $200 million hotel renovation just down the street from the White House in Washington, D.C. 

It was about the same time Trump first publicly proclaimed of Mexican immigrants, “They are bringing drugs. They are bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

Some of the workers, hired by Trump's contractor Lend Lease, walked out, particularly after hearing the Donald's comments about illegal immigration -- which included a promise to "build a great, great wall on our southern border" and bill Mexico for the cost.

A July 6, 2015 article in The Washington Post tells the story. Interviews with about 15 laborers helping renovate the hotel "revealed that many of them had crossed the U.S-Mexico border illegally before they eventually settled in the Washington region to build new lives," according to the Post.

(An interesting and/or nauseating aside to the Old Post Office Pavilion story: Remember how Trump talked during the debate about the waste he was going to cut out of the federal government? In 2014, his company recieved a $40 million tax break for its work on the hotel under a fat federal program that allows developers to recoup 20 percent of their costs in fixing up certified historic structures. The tax break made Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Lankford's list of 100 "Federal Fumbles," a roundup of federal spending Lankford considers especially wasteful.)

And little did we know when Trump promised to bring jobs back to America, he meant foreigners' jobs, not Americans'. A 2015 analysis of U.S. Labor records shows that Trump’s businesses have imported more than 1,100 foreign workers on temporary visas since 2000.

Nine companies Trump majority-owns have sought to bring in foreign waitresses, cooks, vineyard workers and other laborers on temporary work-visa programs. His companies also filed applications for an assistant golf-course superintendent, assistant hotel manager and a banquet manager.

And two of his companies, Trump Model Management and Trump Management Group LLC, have sought visas for nearly 250 foreign fashion models, the records show.

One of his companies, the exclusive Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, applied to import 70 foreign workers to serve as cooks, wait staff and cleaners in July 2015 alone.  In all but a handful of cases, the club that describes itself as "one of the most highly regarded private clubs in the world" sought to fill the jobs with foreign guest workers from Romania and other eastern European countries.

Asked why his club must seek so many foreign workers when Americans have applied for the same positions, Trump told The New York Times in a telephone interview from Mar-a-Lago this month: “The only reason they wouldn’t get a callback is that they weren’t qualified, for some reason. There are very few qualified people during the high season in the area.”

Trump claims he has to hire immigrant help for the same reason grape growers in California need extra laborers during the harvest.

When all is said and done, Donald Trump is just another rich, sociopathic hypocrite. They're everywhere. But this particular hypocrite wants to be president of the United States. 

Trump is free to hire all the immigrants he wants, as far as I'm concerned, that's not the troubling part. Far worse, he's turned a blind eye to their legal status -- for what reason? To pay them as little as he can get away with? And Trump has millions of supporters who believe -- really and truly believe -- they've found an iron fist to lead the charge against illegal entry to this country.  

Reach Nancy Smith at or at 228-282-2423. Twitter: @NancyLBSmith 


I think the illegal workers story is noteworthy, but more noteworthy is the fact that Rubio has missed more time from work than he's been there and votes on legislative issues less than he should. More importantly, he has not crafted 1 single piece of legislation that has been helpful to Americans in any way. His finances are a wreck, he has tax troubles, and he can't speak coherently unless it is from cue cards. This is your presidential on us, classic.

The deal on the Polish workers that Rubio brought up are only about 50% true. If you look it up in Google you will find that the union Trump hired are the ones that hired the polish workers. The union worked them 12 hrs. Per day for $3.65 per hr. The whole deal ended up in court , and because it was a Trump build he was held responsible for their wage/hr deal. Trump paid the court $365,000. The case returned to court and settled for a amount that was not released. As far a Rubio goes I see him on our Orlando news every now and then and some of hjs comments are disgusting. When the topic of low wages in Florida came up Rubio said that he was not interested in anyone that made less than $100,000 per year. And you want this crook for president?

Getting a middle-man/contractor to hire the undocumented workers is an often-used trick.


PLease dont say that Trumps entire platform on Illegal Immigration is based on a disgusting hypocrisy!?!?!?? This is very damning information

Who is Nancy L.B. Smith? Nothing except her email and twitter and a phone number. What else has she authored? Trump may hire H!B Foreign workers because he won't have to pay social security taxes because these foreign workers do not pay social security. The workers are considered seasonal and while many Americans would love to have that job at Mar A Lago, they would soon be laid off and probably would not be eligible for unemployment. Trump does hire Americans. I know of at least one that works as a chef. Trump has a permanent staff. H1B is abusive as we have seen at Disney. The program is available why not use the program. Trump has never denied it. Further, Trump does not hire contractors directly. Contractors use sub contractors that have to provide a certificate of insurance and be a registered contractor in Palm Beach County. It is up to those subcontractors to be legal but like Trump can be held legally and financially responsible. The Obama Administration is not enforcing EVerify, so many employers are hiring illegals. without fear of prosecution. Florida is currently passing their own EVerify because Floridians pay out millions to support illegal aliens.

I'm watching Rubio this afternoon, and it's extremely disappointing to see the REAL Marco Polio. Unfortunately, Marco has no prospects for employment once he loses in this election; he's abandoned and "turned away" from his comfortable Senate seat (in essence, he abandoned Florida and Floridians) , He can only be just one more real estate lawyer doing house closings, or go to work for a Lobbying Group (That's MY bet !), or maybe even a frequent "talking head" on Megyn Kelly's show. Marco is visibly "melting down" right in the middle of his comedic discourse; a frantic funeral type obituary for an unprepared candidate for the highest office in the country. (I also suspect that all of JEB's campaign workers, and a good portion of his "campaign chest" as well as the support of the Republican National Committee have finally shifted "full force" to Marco Polio) [If you watch and listen to today's clips and speeches of what Rubio is going to do "when I am President..", you will be astounded and wonder where this "wonder boy" Marco Polio has been for ALL his years in the Senate..????? ALL I can say is GO TRUMP !...GOD BLESS YOU...AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ! signed// "A thinking, reasoning, common sense Democrat"

Commonsense Democrat?

Your a fool

Just a suggestion: If you're going to call someone a fool, write "You're a fool," not "Your a fool." Otherwise you appear to be an ignorant fool.

The Margo workers were brought here illegally because Trump lied on their visas as there are plenty of workers in PBC, other places will be well investigated. --------------------------------------- And unlike the Hillary probes where nothing has been found,, on Trump's, there is a lot of there there.------------------------------- And his school trail is coming up this summer for the massive fraud it was.

"YOU PEOPLE" want "illegal amnesty" and that's all you can talk about (blindly I might add, since you refuse to address the unintended consequences of that "amnesty"). NOW you whine about TRUMP hiring "illegals" decades ago to build "TRump Tower" in NYC??? REALLY?? I would thing you and your ilk would be overjoyed that he hired illegals at all.. (besides, I suspect that the contractors he hires are behind THEIR own "worker hiring practices". You fools deserve Hillary or Bernie; you're too uninformed and needy to cast a reasonable and informed vote; and the votes you DO cast are for the type of people who will TAKE AWAY YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE IF GIVER A CHANCE !

Cbreaze, you rightwing nutjob, who said I was for amnesty? It was Obama that is stopping illegals and shipping them back with their numbers dropping fast, down 1million already. Which is far more than repubs ever did.--------------------------------------------------------------------------- And it is repubs that won't pass an immigration bill or much of anything that has in fact made amnesty. That is because the repub elite want them to lower your wages by taking your job. Not Dems you idiot.------------------------------------------------------ It is repubs that made the debt of $19T vs dems that cut the deficit, even balance the budget. And please vote for Trump as it will destroy your party, joining the Whigs and Know Nothing parties.

Did you eat paint chips as a kid, fall on your head, go to a coomon core school? What you just said is delusional.

All the immigrants that Trump hired were LEGAL, you fail to see the difference . . . are you against ALL immigrants?? Trump is only against illegal immigrants. Really, Nancy, you should get your facts straight.

Some of the immigrants that Trump's company hired were ILLEGAL. They were interviewed you nitwit! You fail to see that your messiah is a con man and a hypocrite. Not to mention an outright liar. There have been countless reports of illegals working for his company. And as if that's not bad enough, he's bringing in more foreign workers using the visa program to TAKE AMERICAN JOBS! What about this do you not understand? You have been lied to. Taken for a ride. Played for a fool. Sucked in by a cheap con man. For God's sake, I knew Trump was doing this months ago. Where have you been. Under a rock? Trump and all of his supporters should be exiled to Idiot Island for eternity.

Nice job Bill. You follow your boy's lead with name calling instead of keeping it to a good discussion. Rubio can't even carry his alleged 'home' state of Florida because of his lack of decent representation for Florida in Washington. Hell, he doesn't even show up half the time for the job he was sent to do! No Rubio for me, he's already failed! GO TRUMP!

Well, then Rubio has to be held to account for his lie to voters in 2010 that he would fight amnesty only to become Charles Schumer's and John McCain's Cheeerleader for it. Ask him also why he voted to vastly expand HIB visa'a. Does Disney need to lay off another 300 American IT workers?

The more the media maligns Trump the more popular he gets, so have it. Keep trying to knock Trump down, you're just building him up. By the by Ms Smith, it is very clear you are a Robo-Rubio sycophant.

So the fact that Trump has lied over and over again doesn't bother you? The fact that his company uses illegal foreign workers is ok? His bringing in foreigners using the visa program to take American jobs, all the while telling you that he's going to put Americans back to work, doesn't smack of deception and hypocrisy? So you're supporting him even though it's been proven, by this article and dozens of others, that he lies like the other politicians he rails against for lying? Then you are just not right in the head. Rubio is just as big a liar and skunk as is Trump so, no, I am not a Robo-Rubio sycophant. And the fact that Trump's support gets stronger every time he gets caught doing something filthy, nasty, illegal or immoral says as much about his moronic supporters as it does him. You've all got your Trump 2016 banners ready to fly. But you don't know squat about how the system works. No Republican candidate is going to get a majority (over 50%) of the delegates. That means the RNC will hold a brokered convention. They will never nominate Trump. And for once, I thank God for that court full of jesters. Hillary would eviscerate Trump in the general election. He proved last night that he cannot debate policy. She is an evil human being, but she knows policy. Along with that fact, if Trump were nominated, a large number of Republicans would stay home and not vote at all. This would hand the presidency to HRC. It's awful funny how, because of their blindness and ignorance, the very people who love The Donald so much because he loves America (barf) so much, are willing to give this nation over to the liberal/socialist Democrats. You are all to be congratulated. That kind of stupidity is rarely seen.

Sure hope Hillary gets the POTUS POSITION because she is definitely the best QUALIFIED! ! TRUMP IS GOING DOWN WITH THE REPUBS

This article is a desperate effort to breathe life into Robot Rubio's campaign. The boy is DONE!

A spirited debate indeed. Wonder how long it took Marco to memorize all that stuff? Marco is lucky Trump didn't just punch him in the mouth. Donald would win that fight too.

You are too dumb to see trumps bs. I've got a bridge to sell ya.

How about stories about Rubio being an anchor baby and Cruz being born in Canada with a Canadian birth certificate. Show us accomplishments from each of these like their Senate voting records if you cared so much.

Probably find subcontractors hired them.

Can you imagine the uproar if Obama did the same? Nancy for once is right but even a stopped clock is right 2x's/day. Everything about Trump shows he is a jerk. But apparently repubs want jerks. And thank you for making it so easy to beat repubs, not just president, but all down the card as decent repub stay home or even vote for Hillary. Dems will likely take over the Senate and they way repubs are going, maybe the House too.

Hallelujah. Can't wait to see our First Female President. The Red party is helping us out with their petty games.

Hallelujah. Can't wait to see our First Female President. The Red party is helping us out with their petty games.



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