U.S. Sugar: Deal's Not Dead

By: Lane Wright | Posted: April 2, 2010 12:03 AM
A spokeswoman for giant U.S. Sugar said Thursday the $536 million deal between her company and Gov. Charlie Crist to sell the state 73,000 acres of mostly-citrus land in the Everglades is far from dead.

U.S. Sugar spokesperson Judy Sanchez wasn't fazed by the fact that a federal judge Wednesday overturned Crist's decision to put the massive A-1 reservoir project on hold while the state and U.S. Sugar worked on the land purchase.

"This does not preclude the state from moving forward with the U.S. Sugar purchase," Sanchez said.

While federal Judge Federico Moreno did rule that the A-1 reservoir project, started under the Jeb Bush administration, should be resumed, Sanchez says he did not set a specific timetable to get that done, opening up the possibility of more delay.

"The judge's ruling simply directs the state to get the restoration going," said Sanchez.

Aside from this lawsuit brought by the Miccosukee tribe and won Wednesday, there is another involving U.S. Sugar waiting to be heard in the Supreme Court that could have a more direct impact on the deal.

In that case, the Supreme Court has to decide whether the deal has a valid public purpose and if it's possible for the South Florida Water Management District to fund it and still be able to maintain its mission of flood control and water supply.

Crist's office has said the governor's staff is reviewing the court's ruling and looking into the next steps for the state.

The Florida Supreme Court hearing is scheduled for April 7.

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3:59AM APR 3RD 2010
No response Dumbass?
3:59AM APR 3RD 2010
No response, Lane? Idiot.
11:40AM APR 2ND 2010
It's not "her company," stupid!

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