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A crowded second week of session
By: Will Weatherford | Posted: March 12, 2010 4:55 PM
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On Wednesday, the halls were packed with members of the Florida Cattleman’s Association and the Florida Catholic Conference. Catholics and Cattlemen from around Florida were here to meet with their elected officials on important issues. For the Catholics, it was parental notification. For the Cattlemen, it was growth management.

I had the opportunity to meet with several constituents from my district, which is always a pleasure for me.

I met with students from ENLACE Florida (ENgaging Latino, African-American and other Communities for Education). The students were here calling for higher curriculum standards in K-12, increased graduation requirements in high school and a change in the way Florida disburses its financial aid for college students.

At the annual Catholic Days at the Capitol luncheon, I was awarded with the Florida Catholic Conference Defensor Parentum (Defender of Parents) Award. This award was given for my efforts and the defense of parents in the education of their children.

After lunch, we were on the floor and in session during the afternoon. We took up bills and joint resolutions on third reading for a final vote in the House. We voted out repealer bills, which remove obsolete language from the Florida Statutes.

Later, the Pre K-12 Appropriations Committee, of which I am chairman, met and we rolled out our budget. Unlike other areas in health and human services and transportation, our initial budget for education doesn’t have major cuts.

I ended my day at the Capitol in a meeting with my staff. We went over the agenda for next week’s Education Policy Council.

Thursday proved to be another busy day despite my having had only one committee meeting. That was the Rules & Calendar Committee, which met late in the afternoon.

My calendar was completely filled with appointments. I met with various groups to discuss my class size legislation, and I also discussed legislation dealing with teacher quality.

Rep. Will W. Weatherford, R-Wesley Chapel, is chairman of the Education Policy Council and serves on Full Appropriations Council, Education & Economic Development, Full Appropriations Council on General Government & Health Care, PreK-12 Appropriations Committee, Rules & Calendar Council, Select Policy Council on Strategic & Economic Planning.

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