What Alan Grayson's Divorce Antics Say about Him

By: Nancy Smith | Posted: July 4, 2014 3:55 AM
Alan Grayson

Alan Grayson

There's never a good time for a messy divorce, but Alan Grayson's -- in a year when Democrats are trying to convince voters it's the Republicans conducting the War on Women ... well, his divorce is fast becoming a major embarrassment.

Perhaps other women won't see the "D" after Grayson's name and think "Despicable." I'm sorry, I can't help it, that's what I see.

It isn't the accusations hurled back and forth and the personal stuff between Grayson and his wife Lolita. That's shades of one of those long CNN daytime trials that go on for weeks and months. You can listen, you can hear the drama, but you can never really sort out the he-saids-she-saids. 

Lolita Grayson claims her husband physically abused her. Alan Grayson says she's lying. He claims his wife, originally from the Philippines, was already married when they tied the knot in 1990. She says she was divorced at the time, had signed divorce papers in 1981. She claims she threw him out of the house in January because he was cheating -- an accusation to which he has not responded publicly.

I Beg to Differ

Let's ignore that for a moment. Let's look instead at what this says about Alan Grayson's character. His moral fiber. How he's handled himself. How he's treated his wife. These things are the real crux of the embarrassment for Democrats -- how their firebrand liberal dealt with adversity inside his own home.

I'll tell you how.

After 24 years of marriage, the millionaire Orlando congressman is looking for a loophole.

He's looking to slick-lawyer his way out of any obligation to pay a dime of alimony or child support to his wife -- with whom he has five children.

Oh, he's looking for so much more than that: He wants the marriage annulled. He wants his wife to “make an accounting of all of the money and property she has received” and establish a trust, “providing for their return to (him).” He wants parental responsibility for the four minor children. He wants exclusive use of their six-bedroom home and their seven vehicles, including a 1981 DeLorean. He wants her to pay court costs. And he's suing for damages.

He told his wife point blank: You aren't getting a penny, you are getting nothing.

This is one gem of a man. I don't care how much bitterness is involved. Here is a lawyer-congressman worth more than $32 million talking about turning the mother of his children out on the streets.

His behavior reminds me of Republican Newt Gingrich, another train wreck, who in the early 1980s tried to discuss divorce terms with first wife Jackie Battley while she was in the hospital battling cancer. And while that was going on, he was cheating on her with his second wife, Marianne Ginther.

Alan Grayson is the same disrespectful Democrat who in 2012 called a female Obama official "a K-Street whore."

He is the same Democrat and father -- the one who today wants the media to keep his children off limits -- who in March 2010 used his daughter Skye's name on a "Send Daddy Money" letter to hustle bucks out of campaign supporters -- written as if it had actually come from Skye, who was still a young child.

In it, Skye tells the story of a “special birthday gift” she received from her dad, to whom she refers as “Congressman Daddy.” His “present” on her 10th birthday was to tell the story of how Skye got her name. Apparently, Grayson read a book once about children born to Vietnamese mothers and American servicemen during the Vietnam War. One of the girls in the book felt too ashamed to look up at the sky.

Grayson and his wife, Lolita, whom the letter mentions is Asian, didn’t want their daughter to be embarrassed like the girl in the book, so they tacked on an E and named her Skye. End of story. The e-mail ends with a “Thank you” from the child to “Congressman Daddy,” and right below that, a place to contribute to Grayson’s re-election campaign.

Susan MacManus, a University of South Florida political scientist, said Grayson’s aggressive approach to the divorce comes as no surprise. “The all-out attack is very consistent with his reputation. … He has a reputation for pulling out all the stops and going for broke.”

I think we've seen that.

It's not easy to say how Grayson's actions during his divorce will affect voters in his congressional district. MacManus believes he has already polarized them, so the divorce probably won't make much of a difference.

I know that in Gingrich's case, polling experts always maintained the callous treatment of his ex-wives cost him votes. 

In the end, the issue with Alan Grayson is a matter of character. It's a need to see leaders behave with basic decency. Grayson has failed on both counts. He offends women deeply -- this woman at least. With Grayson in tow, the Democratic Party -- so often calling itself the Party of Women and Children -- fails too.

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What do you expect?
5:13AM JUL 6TH 2014
They're all in the family!

Sunshine State News, LLC originally incorporated November 21, 2009 by Justin Sayfie – Fort Lauderdale, Florida – original manager along with one Lane Wright.

Bush Donor Profile

Justin J. Sayfie
Occupation: Lobbyist
Employer: Poole McKinley & Blosser
Home: Miami, FL

Lobbyist Justin Sayfie was a political assistant in the early 1990s to a Miami developer named Jeb Bush. From 1995 to 1998, Sayfie represented other land owners seeking development permits through the Miami office of corporate law and lobby firm Greenberg Traurig (see Jack Abramoff and James Miller). Governor Jeb Bush hired Sayfie back in 1999 as a speechwriter and media director and later appointed him deputy policy director. Sayfie, who edits a Florida political newsletter called the Sayfie Review, left that Bush administration in 2001 to lobby for Poole McKinley and Blosser. The firm claims three Bush Pioneers (see James Blosser and Van Poole). Sayfie reported 11 Florida lobby clients in 2003, including Accenture, the Seminole Tribe, several local governments and hospitals and JM Family Enterpriese. James Moran, the billionaire owner of JM, which sells, finances and insures vehicles (see Paul Anderson), was convicted of tax cheating in the 1980s and the company did not pay Florida corporate income taxes for most of the 1990s. JM subsidiary Southeast Toyota, the world’s largest independent Toyota distributor, shook down local and state governments for $15 million in corporate welfare in 1999 after threatening to move to Georgia. Another Sayfie client, AutoNation, is part of the H. Wayne Huizenga empire (including Blockbuster Video, National and Alamo car rentals and sports teams), which created conflicts for Sayfie’s firm when it hired Huizenga’s top lobbyist, Pioneer James Blosser. Blosser had led Huizenga’s efforts to tap tax dollars for new Dolphins, Marlins and Panthers stadiums before new Marlins owner John Henry hired Poole McKinley & Blosser to help publicly fund a $400 million new stadium. The firm resigned when Henry decided to fund it with a rental-car tax—which would bite into Huizenga’s empire. All apparently was forgiven, with the firm lobbying for Huizenga’s AutoNation in 2003. Sayfie told the St. Petersburg Times in 2003 that Florida Pioneers face stiff competition. “It takes a lot of phone calls, and it takes a lot of time to go through your Rolodex and to reach people who haven’t been reached out to before,” he said.
Sandra Brady
2:53PM JUL 5TH 2014
I personally think that Alan Grayson has put forth many laws to help the peoples of Florida. In fact more so than any other Congressman except for Senator Graham, who was also the best Governor Florida ever had, and that we the people should be grateful that he has out interests at heart. I also think that we the people have no right to judge him or anyone for their personal lives....we don't know the facts, nor the differences that have occured. Shame on Nancy Smith for making assumptions to his detriment. Speaking of assumptions from reading the article I'd say that she's in the Koch Brothers camp who are doing everything they can to discredit every Democrat in Congress so they can rule the country like Kings. They already own the Un-Supreme Court!
he meant well at one time
11:50AM JUL 5TH 2014
This guy is not owned by the establishment democrats. He has made some really stupid statements.

But the first time he was elected to congress he actually mailed out copies of the US constitution to his constituents! And, he even mailed out some DVD's of him interviewing the Fed Chief Bernake and demanding the right to audit the Federal Reserve. His DVD showed pictures of the Red Carpet Inn and all kinds of properties he said belonged to the US Taxpayers! But, then he must have learned the Us Taxpayers DO NOT OWN THE FEDERAL RESERVE. It is a privately held corporation owned by the Rothschilds; the Rockefeller's and six other families.

Amazing how every wino on the streets has known this since birth, but they don't teach them that in law(less) school.
Dan Walsh
9:41AM JUL 4TH 2014
Here's the problem with a Florida divorce..
8:58AM JUL 4TH 2014
I definitely wouldn't want to marry him, but he's an exceptionally good legislator.

If you rely on personal character to vet politicians, sadly all our halls would be empty.
8:44AM JUL 4TH 2014
Bottom line here is the FACT that as a Congressman, Grayson delivers for his home district, period. Funny how his wife's behavior was actually documented in that little tape when he attempted to pick up some of his clothing. It was very clear to see "Lolita" as the agressor, and being wrong! I'm a bit disappointed with your writing Nancy, and your attempt at smearing the Congressman with nothing but your opinion. Come on Nancy, you're better than this, step out of the mud puddle and step into a dry spot!
8:24AM JUL 4TH 2014
Smearing the "Congressman with Guts" are we? It doesn't matter. His job performance counts with me. He's got my vote!
7:41AM JUL 4TH 2014
This guy is the creep of all creeps. The KKK should endorse this creep.

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