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Florida Dems Denounce ICE Deportations, but Conveniently Forget the 8 Years Of Obama Raids

July 18, 2019 - 8:30am
Miami is an ICE-targeted city
Miami is an ICE-targeted city

The only thing more predictable than the Florida Democrats expressing opposition to the Trump administration's ICE agents enforcing sweeps, is those same Dems misrepresenting the facts of what's taking place. Add to that a remarkable touch of delusion surrounding the prior administration and you begin to wonder if the Florida Democratic Party even has access to news outlets.

What has the party in its latest state of frenzy was the announcement that Immigration and Customs Enforcement would conduct sweeps to collect illegals (criminals), with Miami slated to be one of the cities where the raids would be staged. In response, party Chair Terrie Rizzo issued a press release, displaying many of the aspects of misrepresentative spin.

"This is another ugly stain on America's morals," she said. "Florida is a state of immigrants who work hard to make our communities better, and these xenophobic raids only serve to create fear and chaos, with the sole purpose of pleasing Trump's base. We are united against these raids. Immigrants have rights and we are committed to protecting our communities."

In following this narrative about the immorality of deportations, Rizzo and the Dems have had to ignore one major fact: President Obama was far more adept at ICE raids and deportations. To go on and label these raids as “xenophobic” (which apparently they were NOT from 2008 through 2016), and to state that “immigrants have rights” evades the central issue. These raids target only those who have broken the law -- that is, the immigrants with legal standing to be here are not being targeted.

Some on the left attempt to say Obama’s call for raids was ethically different, because he only targeted those who were criminal. Well, according to the Immigrant Defense Project, that is the case now, too. The raids -- called for the past weekend, but delayed for the time being -- are targeting those who have become listed with “court-ordered removal.” Additional classifications for those sought by ICE are those who possess some form of lawful status but carry certain criminal convictions. 

In a discussion on MSNBC, Miami Mayor Francis X. Suarez seemed confused. “We have not been informed, we have not been asked to coordinate,” he said to Ali Velshi, but then made his own disqualifying explanation. “We don’t typically coordinate with any immigration enforcement -- that’s not something our police department does.” Given that ICE is a federal enforcement division is one explanation. Another is the number of cities declaring themselves sanctuary cities, and actually working against the federal agency.

The state Democrats have been even more emotional and less pragmatic. In a prior news release days earlier the Florida Democrats highlight a joint call with Congressman Darren Soto, state Sen. Bobby Powell, and state Rep. Cindy Polo. The purpose was to address the announced ICE activities, what they described as “attacks to immigrant communities.” There was no shortage of rhetoric, with all manner of hand-wringing concern, including Polo suggesting these raids would be “putting families at risk.” One shortage in the talk was any mention of ILLEGAL when referencing the immigrants in question. 

This is the standard from Democrats in just about any discussion of border. They refuse to have an honest discussion on the matter, because they always conflate all immigrants and related issues when the thrust of the matter concerns the ILLEGAL status of those involved. Whether it is entering the country illegally, or addressing those already here but with criminal records justifying their expulsion by ICE, the Dems make the policy or the actions to be applied to all foreigners. Then racism is attached to the talk, and any rational discussion goes out the window.

All this proves, then, is that the Democrats are not interested in solutions. The refusal to even address the illegal status of those falling under the deportation orders means they are making purely political statements. Let's call it a HYPOCRISY alert: They don't want solutions, they want the talking point. And the only way to do that is through demonization of the actions -- actions they had approved of for eight years prior to President Trump.

Brad Slager, a Fort Lauderdale freelance writer, wrote this story exclusively for Sunshine State News. He writes on politics and the industry and his stories appear in such publications as RedState and The Federalist.


If immigration doesn't effect you or your people and you have an opinion about it, then your privileged. . It doesn't target people? Yes, it does. If you're Brown you have to prove you're innocence vs their proving your guilty. Why aren't we detaining Euro-Americans and asking them to prove their innocence? If even one of your family members/ancestry didn't enter the "right way" , then your citizenship is nulled and you should be subject to deportation. You can stand in line like everyone else.

The "Democrat" party really no longer exists per se. They are a super SPLINTERED group who know NOTHING about American history - just look at the number who want to run for President in 2020... they have no cohesive ideas, platform or concept of how GOOD Government must work. We have been a Democratic REPUBLIC for over 230 years WITHOUT having a two-part system until Lincoln came along.

Read the title to this article very carefully one more time please. Got it? That is exactly why the two-faced lying Democratic Party and it's dwindling base of voter support is gonna totally get a painful spanking in 2020. Good riddance pestilence.

Excellent analysis.

One day, the fascism, racism, and hatred that emanates from the Democrat party will be crushed by the rest of us.

The 2020 election is clearly going to be the Racists vs. the Socialists - and whichever side wins (and it'll win big - presidency, House, and Senate) will get to run the whole show according to their preferences - and - the rest of the world will know America eaither as a racist nation or a socialist nation - and will act accordingly.

Since the racists and the socialists are all part of the democRAT party, you're saying that the democRAT party is splitting in two. Good, I hope it dissolves completely.

DEMOCRATS: Remember what your Momma used to say, when faced with your irrational tantrums ?!?... She would always say, "Be careful, or you just might get what you ask for,...and THEN some !" THAT STILL STANDS,...SO STILL BE SCARED,...VERY, VERY SCARED ! (WHY do all y'all liberal, socialist, Democrats insist upon attempting to pick up the dry-end of a turd?!?)

Just for the record. There is a difference. It's called Trump's fascism.

Since Hillary's fascism was defeated, you're going to try to pin it on Trump. That won't work. You're forgetting that normal people can see through Hillary's fascism.

Trump and his cohorts are clearly making use of a slightly modernized version of the political and propaganda techniques of Schickelgruber-Goebbels in the 1930s. Herr Drumpf's rallies look and sound just like Schickelbruber's back in the day. After-the-fact, the so-called "good German's" whined "We didn't know!" or "We couldn't do anything!".

Whether you call yourself a national socialist or a democratic socialist, you democrats sure are experts at being fascists.

There is a basic difference, Brad. You know it, but are so engaged as an accomplice in pumping up Trump in the face of total corruption, that it doesn't register.

"Pump Trump" or "Dump Trump" - THAT is the question! The deplorables versus the normals.

The democrat party is a breeding ground for hatred and dysfunction. There has not been a normal person in the democrat party since my parents left it years ago.

How many in Florida remember Bill Clinton and Janet Reno deporting Elian Gonzalez in the 90s Democrats have convenient memories

You "conveniently" forgot to mention that Miami Mayor Xavier Suarez happens to be a registered Republican. So the mayor of Florida's largest 'sanctuary' city is a Republican. And one reason why Obama removed far more illegals than Trump may be that he never "announced" raids before they took place.

Hey, wait a minute. When Florida lawmakers were working on the sanctuary city ban, all you democrats were saying that it wasn't needed because there were no sanctuary cities. But now you're admitting to at least one sanctuary city. Are you lying now, or were you lying then?

May we never hear that "servant mystery man's" name "Tontobama" again!!!!

Does the Suarez party affiliation matter? It was not germane to the Fla Dems opinions. And I have no clue what a difference announcing makes; the Dems are calling the raids immoral, which they never did under Obama. How does the announcement change anything?

Bam!!!! Excellent points!!

We can always count on the Democrat party to by hypocrites.

We can always count on the Democrat party to be hypocrites.


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