Why Does New Jersey Have Bridgegate, but There's No Judgegate in Florida?

By: Nancy Smith | Posted: March 31, 2014 3:55 AM
Chris Christie, Charlie Crist, Tom Lee

Chris Christie, Charlie Crist, Tom Lee

In New Jersey, when there was cause to suspect a breach of ethics in the governor's office, the state Legislature was on it like a kid on a cupcake. But for some unknown reason, it doesn't work like that in the Florida Legislature.

Less than three days after Gov. Chris Christie was accused of sanctioning a payback plot that saw one of his aides order traffic jams at the on-ramps to the George Washington Bridge, the New Jersey Legislature had convened its Special Committee on Investigations. A week after that, the committee issued 20 subpoenas. 

Meanwhile, lawmakers in Florida are treating a possible ethics breach by former Gov. Charlie Crist -- the selling of judgeships for campaign contributions and/or other special favors -- as if it's none of their business. If they could care less, it doesn't show.

Who would have thunk it? The much-maligned Garden State actually has less tolerance for public corruption than Florida.

George Washington Bridge

The New Jersey side of the George Washington Bridge

New Jersey had political spite and lane closures. Way bigger, apparently, than allegations that a former governor who wants to be governor again had a quid-pro-quo arrangement with a sleazy, $1.4 billion Ponzi schemer now serving 50 years in a federal prison.

Was Crist friend and Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein telling the truth in all that sworn testimony he gave? In deposition after deposition when he talked about his arrangement with Gov. Crist, his story never wavered. Was it for real? He said he put it in writing once. Anybody follow that up? And were there any more Scott Rothsteins doing the same kind of business with the governor?

What makes this stick out like a sore thumb now is that the further we get into the 2014 session, the more evident it becomes where the Senate Judiciary Committee is going with a Charlie Crist investigation.

It's going nowhere. 

It isn't even a blip on the radar because it doesn't exist.

I tried to reach out last week to Committee Chairman Tom Lee, R-Brandon, to find out why not. I even left a detailed message with one of his aides, but I never got a call back.

Lee is the main sponsor of a constitutional amendment that would make it clear whoever wins the election this fall will get to pick the next three Florida Supreme Court justices. A sobering thought under the circumstances, don't you think?

Nancy Smith

Nancy Smith

Charlie Crist could sail into office on the largest trial-attorney bankroll ever amassed for an elected state official. Already more than half his donor list is made up of lawyers and law firms. He even has a Houston hurricane-damages attorney donating $300,000 and flying him around in his private jet. Houston, Texas, for heaven's sake. What's that all about.

Does anybody believe at least a handful of the biggest fish on his lawyer-donor list won't want a say in who sits on the bench in Florida? You think they aren't salivating after reading Rothstein's testimony?

And if Crist is as innocent as a lamb, shouldn't we find out? The man was our 44th governor and he wants to be our 46th. 

Remember when Sen. Joe Negron,  R-Stuart, asked Senate President Don Gaetz, R-Niceville, for his blessing to create the Select Committee on the Indian River Lagoon and Lake Okeechobee Basin? He became a hero. Polluting Florida's waterways is an egregious public act. Negron's panel was a response to crisis. And, I submit, so would an investigation of the accusations against Charlie Crist.

How tough could it be for Sen. Lee to seek a select committee to study Crist's choices for the state's nominating commissions? The executive branch and the judicial branch can't police themselves. Floridians need to know their courts don't belong to governor's appointees, they belong to the people. 

For now, it's a little disconcerting to think New Jersey has a quicker trigger finger than Florida against public corruption.

Reach Nancy Smith at nsmith@sunshinestatenews or at 228-282-2423.  

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Kiss and Tell
7:43AM APR 2ND 2014
Scott Rothstein appears to be on a truth telling life cleansing mission just last month when he ratted out his employee Kitterman at her trial. Must admit it would be interesting to see what he would be willing to disclose on not only Charlie Crist but his handler Jeb Bush as well. Scott Rothstein admits the reality of the Thursday Night mob meetings which are rumored to occur around the state, what else would he tell?

Feb. 6, 2014 - Scott Rothstein wrapped up more than 8 1/2 hours on the witness stand Thursday by telling jurors that he is paying for his crimes and that everyone who helped him should own up and do the same. "You see these?" Rothstein said, rattling his handcuffed wrists in the air in front of him. "I'm in prison for 50 years — I will die there."

The defense for Christina Kitterman, an attorney who formerly worked for Rothstein, called the convicted Ponzi schemer who has cooperated extensively with federal prosecutors, to testify as a defense witness for Kitterman in her trial on federal wire fraud charges.

"We never called him to prove the truth of anything he said," Kitterman's defense attorney Valentin Rodriguez Jr. said after court Thursday. "The jury needed to know who he was and who he is today." Rothstein said he hopes that his cooperation with prosecutors — some of which he said involved working undercover and wearing a wire while dealing with armed criminals — will eventually persuade a federal judge to free him sometime before he dies.

But he insisted it wasn't affecting his honesty. His goals, he said, were to return the money he stole from "innocent victims" and to try to make the people who were involved in related crimes take responsibility for what he says they did. "That's the message, that's the takeaway of all this," Rothstein said.

" Kitterman had been in meetings where we were discussing illegal activity," Rothstein said, going on to explain why he chose Kitterman and sent her emails that he said clearly indicated he was involved in criminal acts. "I would never have sent this [email] to someone who was straight-laced and not in the game with me," Rothstein said.

Rothstein said he knew Kitterman could be trusted to commit crimes for him because they routinely "partied" and hung out together at what he called "THURSDAY NIGHT COUNCIL" with Mafia members and associates at Runway 84, a Fort Lauderdale restaurant.\

Kitterman has pleaded not guilty to three wire fraud charges, each of which carries a maximum punishment of 20 years in prison. She is accused of pretending she was a Florida Bar official on a phone conference call with Rothstein and some of his investors. According to the indictment, she posed as Adria Quintela, who at the time was the head of the Bar's Fort Lauderdale office, in a bid to get investors to hand over money to Rothstein.

Rothstein testified that she did not know about his Ponzi scheme but that she knew he was committing crimes and that she would be playing a role to help him out.
2:14PM APR 1ST 2014
My theory is that even if Gov. Scott could walk on water and change water into wine, he will always be regarded as an "outsider" by the career politicians of the Legislature. Former Gov. Crist, on the other hand, is one of their own (even though he switched parties). If Rick Scott hadn't showed up to the party, Bill Mccollum would probably be FL Governor today.
Rick Scot was the back up
7:22PM APR 1ST 2014
One thing everyone in the know has learned is the Bushes always have plan A and plan B and even more if needed. Something was amiss with Bill McCollum and the Bushes did not want him to be the governor. Maybe it was becuase he was so adamant about impeaching the Bushes adopted some Bill Clinton who knows, but Richard (Rick) Lynn Scott is no outsider. He is a Texas Bush family lawyer and has been involved as a partner with GW and Tom Hicks in the Texas Rangers. He and his partner Richard Rainwater fell heirs to the leftovers of the International Medical Centers when Jeb's partner Miguel Recarey fled the country on the biggest Medicare fraud before Rick Scott and his Columbia/ HCA come in second place by picking up where Recarey left off.

Does anyone out there above ground and breathing oxygen really believe that Rick Scott spent $70 MILLION of his own bucks to buy the governor's job and work for $1.00 a year? that was stolen Medicare dollars Scott got with the help of Jeb Bush and the old Miguel Recarey organization.
9:11PM APR 2ND 2014
I did not know of a connection between the Bush family and Gov. Scott. But if he is a "bad guy", as you seem to suggest, I can't understand why he would go to the trouble of getting elected Gov. of FL, just to go to work every day to create jobs and encourage business growth for Florida. (As Mr. Spock from "Star Trek" would say: "That's illogical".)
7:38AM APR 2ND 2014
Oh how true they are all corrupt.Scott pleaded the fifth on medicare fraud at his company.
6:47PM APR 2ND 2014
You are right, but the part they left out about Rick Scott pleading the 5th about the Medicare Fraud so many times is Richard (Rick) Lynn Scott (Dallas, Tx Bush oil and hospital lawyer) and Richard Rainwater both formed Columbia/ HCA and absorbed the Jeb Bush friend Miguel Recarey's International Medical Center's along with the organized Medicare Fraud Jeb Bush had helped Recarey set up by dialing Washington insiders for favors which turned into money.....

That's why Rich Scott was able to plead the 5th so many times and walk for the Medicare Fraud, Jeb Bush was his partner in crime. You don't "Dubya" was going to let little brother go to jail do you? Google Rick Scott's 1995 testimony, he had some dark side hair then but absolutely no brains, his response to the questions was totally absurd. And this idiot is the Jeb Bus puppet who claims the office of guviner of the state of FloriDUH.
2:49PM APR 1ST 2014
Oh, yes, your political insight must be correct . . . . GOP legislators will clearly welcome Crist with hugs and smiles compared to Rick Scott . . . . Right-t-t-t-t-t-t-t . . . . . .

Pathetic . . . .
the internet
8:13PM MAR 31ST 2014
Some call it Al Gore's revenge because he once claimed to have invented it. It's a handy tool alright but way too much truth gets out on this thing.

But, the funny thing is much of that truth comes right from the infamous "read my lips" man himself!

A Benevolent Dictatorship is the Best Form of Government. Everything in Secret and above the law needs to be imperative.-- George H W Bush

Former U.S. President George H. W. Bush in 1988 said: New World Order is the consolidation of more power and money into tighter, fewer, righted, eliter, whiter, hands. NAZI Adolph Hitler first coined the phrase: New World Order.

Bush further stated in June 1992 to Sarah McClendon the Granddame of the Washington White House Press Corps when she asked Bush what will the people do if they ever find out the truth about Iraq-gate and Iran-Contra? George H W Bush Replied: Sarah, If the people were to ever find out what we have done, we would be chased down the streets and lynched.

Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.--George W. Bush August 5, 2004

There's a government inside the government and I don't control it.-- President Bill Clinton

Are we to remain a nation convenient to our politicians? Are we to remain a nation that, according to Bush Goon Former Kansas Senator Bob Dole is "The Land of the Provincial and Home of the Naïve Thank God"?

Governments are only there for Us to Rob, Loot and Pillage.--President George H. W. Bush

The American People, The BUD People, The Broke Useless and Depressed. We are the MPBs, Money, Power and Brains. As long as we keep food on the BUDSTERS tables, a roof over their heads, a car in their driveway and gas in their gas tanks to go to and from work. We can keep the BUDSTERS at bay.--President George H. W. Bush

And isn't in funny how so much of the American population thinks that Obama is the problem? Obama is nothing more than a creation of the real problem. A creation which over a period of eight years is designed to make the real problem look like the solution. Another Bush in the White House!
11:04AM MAR 31ST 2014
Where was this faux outrage when Crist was a Republican . . . . perhaps, instead, we need to look into the current Governor's actual MedicareFraud-Gate, VoterSuppression-Gate, EnterpriseFlorida-Gate, Not-so-secretTrust-Gate and the like . . . . . . . but of course, a partisan site like this would NEVER stoop to such true journalism . . . . .

Pathetic . . . .
5:55PM MAR 31ST 2014
Who cares when he was Governor. If Crist sold judgeships then those corrupt judges are sitting on the bench issuing opinions today. Corrupt judges whose positions were bought with campaign favors and dirty money shouldn't be hearing cases.
6:40PM MAR 31ST 2014
Oh, you must be right . . . all those votes going against unconstitutional Republican actions like voter suppression, public employees no-cause mandatory drug testing and the like must mean all Crist appointed judges are corrupt . . . . . simply because the far right in the GOP suddenly doesn't like Charlie Crist . . . . where's the evidence? . . . . it's not the first time this site has attacked judges they didn't like or even threw accusations at Crist soon shown to be false . . . . maybe there's a good reason why there's no "JudgeGate" in Florida . . . . reasons why no GOP legislator will touch this . . . . . . especially since SSN's not willing to (or apparently capable of) undertaking actual investigative reporting and develop actual verifiable facts that'll hold up in court . . . .

Pathetic . . . .
8:32PM MAR 31ST 2014
Frank read Scott Rothstein's testimony. Don't you find it interesting that four of Crist's money men are or have been in jail? Rothstein, Greer, Eagle, Mendelsohn.......
2:37PM APR 1ST 2014
Hmm . . . . don't you find it interesting how many criminal actions were taken against the organization Rick Scott ran before becoming Governor (and how big the eventual penalty for fraud) . . . . .

Pathetic . . . . .
7:08PM MAR 31ST 2014
I have been reading this site since it started. Sunshine State News had Charlie Crist's number in 2010 when he was a Republican, they have his number now. I don't think they ever wrote a story praising him. It isn't about politics, Frank, it's about Charlie's integrity and fitness to govern.
2:43PM APR 1ST 2014
And you believe Rick Scott has integrity and fitness to govern, right . . . it's always been about politics . . . . anyone not on the far right is the enemy and must be destroyed . . . today's McCarthyism . . . .

Pathetic . . . .
9:23AM MAR 31ST 2014
Crist left office how many years ago and your bringing this up now yet Republicans get ballistic when G.W. Bush's name is mentioned. Who's being Hippocrates now? Reading how dirty the republicans are acting this election with Scott heading the pack. What you have to offer Florida republicans, besides holding back the state like it was 1936.
Bring on Real Honest Investigations
9:19AM MAR 31ST 2014
The truth is everyone with brains has been wondering for a long time why Florida organized corruption always gets a pass. Remember it was Governor Charlie Crist who had to the Florida Supreme Court to convene the 19th Statewide Grand Jury. Their report was released on Feb. 21, 2011 after Rick Scott took office (using $70 Million of his own bucks he said!) and not one ounce of attention was paid to this report, which can still be found on line today. Today Rick Scott has already started his “poor mouthing” once again only recalling his poor old mother and how hard it was for her to put food on the table. Rick, people go to hell for lying just like they do for stealing and especially stealing from the poor old taxpayers with Medicare and other frauds.
Let’s remind those long-short term memory loss people again Dallas, Tx lawyer Richard (Rick) Lynn Scott [Texas Bar License #: 17909700] is not an outsider. He was partners in the Texas Rangers with George W. Bush and Tom Hicks. He somehow would up owning a lot of South Florida Hospitals after the collapse of IMC and charges of Medicare Fraud by Jeb Bush’s friend and partner Miguel Recarey. Recarey was later charged with Medicare Fraud and fled the US to Spain. He is still a fugitive from justice in 2014.
Would Scott Rothstein know of what he speaks? Certainly he would. Since the public today is so stupid they will believe anything the establishment throws at them they will believe that some really narcissistic but charismatic guy with a law degree can move for New York to Florida and pull off a $1.4 billion Ponzi scheme all by himself.
Do your homework. It was none other than one Arnold Rothstein connected to the Rothschild’s dry goods empire and with the help of the Bronfman’s that founded organized crime in New York City. Arnold Rothstein was succeeded by Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky, Robert Vesco, Santo Trafficante, Sr. and Santo Traccicante, Jr. who was born in Tampa, Florida in 1914.
Upon the death of Trafficante Sr. in 1954 Santo Traccicante, Jr. moved to Cuba and along with Fulgencio Batista build the largest casino, gambling and mob operations between Florida and Cuba until 1959 when the Marxist Dictator Fidel Castro overthrew the mob dictator, jailed Trafficante, Jr. and later deported him back to Florida when he continued for year to run his Mafia Empire from Tampa. Reportedly financing such operations as International Medical Centers (IMC) for Jeb Bush’s friend and cohort Miguel Recarey. Congressional testimony says that Jeb Bush while his father was VP called HHS Officials to get a waver for Recarey to increase his allowable Medicare percentages. Of course Jeb says he was just trying to do a friend a favor. Investigators did find one check from Miguel Recarey to Jeb Bush for $75 thousand that Bush claims was a real estate commission although he never closed a deal for Recarey.
The Bush family developed close ties to the Batista family during the Bay of Pigs failed invasion and in 2002 Jeb Bush even appointed Batista’s grandson Raoul Cantero III as the first Hispanic to the Florida Supreme Court. In 2008 Cantero resigned and his now representing the Florida legislature on its redistricting legal problems. Some say the Scott-Bush Lt Gov appointee Carlos Lopez-Cantera is also a Batista offspring.
Bring on Real Honest Investigations
9:18AM MAR 31ST 2014
The truth is the FBI was reportedly trying to investigate some things in Tallahassee surrounding the Ray Sansom scandals along with the Republican Party of Florida corruption with the credit cards everyone had including Marco Rubio. Somehow that all went away! Jim Greer wound up with charges and a potential defense witness list that’s a who’s who of every corrupt politician, vendor and lobbyist in the State. Greer reportedly made remarks concerning Charlie Crist’s manlyhood and you can Google the FDLE report filed by Lawyer John Morgan concerning those remarks. You can also find the Jim Greer witness list online!
Former GOP Chairman Jim Greer was set to go to trial in Orlando, Florida when a Jacksonville lawyer showed up like a mafia don and cut a deal for Jim Greer to get eighteen months in the State Prison and made it all just go away! Truth is James (Jim) Greer has long been in the Bridges of America (FL FDOC Vendor) facility in Orlando, Florida for months now on a work release program where he has a day job selling recliners for a local retailer.
Truth is the rise to power and fame of Charlie Crist can be directly connected to the founder of Straight, Inc. one Mel Sembler, the Republican money man who was recently a major fund raiser for Mitt Romney. Sembler is a close ally of the Bushes having been twice appointed an Ambassador by former president George (43) Bush. It was reportedly Sembler who befriended Charlie Crist whose father Dr. Crist was on the Pinellas County School Board. It was Sembler’s connections to the Bushes that hurled Charlie Crist into his first campaign as Florida Education Commissioner, from there to Florida Attorney General and ultimately as Jeb Bush’s hand chosen replacement as Governor of Florida.
Everyone knew of Charlie’s short comings before they “post turtle” lifted him into power! His shortcomings was his only asset. The establishment was convinced that made him a controllable person. But, along the way something went bad wrong. In 2009 their was talk of the feds convening a grand jury on the Florida corruption. Charlie Crist intervened and demanded the Florida Supreme Court authorize the 19th Florida Statewide Grand Jury investigation of South Florida corruption only. Was that just smoke and mirrors? Just like the Mike Lee thing it went no where for sure! It was a controlled event designed to just make everything go away until everyone forgot about it.
You can call for a Charlie Crist “judge selling” investigation all you want and it will never happen. Not that they like Charlie because he is now labeled a former “now disgruntled” Bush machine operative. Any investigation into anything Charlie Crist will lead directly to Jeb Bush and the Republican elite of Florida and the national party as well.
Judges should respect primacy of Legislature & Executive
The governor's effort to improve his influence over the appointment of Florida judges was driven by a desire to change what Bush believed was an improper, liberal judicial philosophy. But there was also ongoing hostility among Florida Republicans about the role they played by the judiciary in the American system of checks and balances. Bush and other Republicans regularly lamented
Bring on Real Honest Investigations
9:16AM MAR 31ST 2014
the fact that public policy was made not only in the executive and legislative branches, but also in the judicial branch of government.
Bush personally distanced himself from the position held by generations of constitutional authorities that the three branches of government were co-equals. Bush pushed his position so intensely that the president of the Florida Bar questioned whether he believed in the separation of powers doctrine. Pursuing his own version of this doctrine, Bush promised to appoint judges who would respect "the primacy of the legislative and the executive as policymakers."
In other words JEB Bush demanded judges who did not “legislate from the bench” by creating “case laws” that would overrule the legislative intent of the statutes at hand.
Yes Oh Yes Nancy Florida needs a major honest investigation alright, but don’t just single out those you don’t like politically or otherwise like the turn cost Charlie Crist. The entire state of Florida needs major Grand Jury Investigations from Tallahassee to Key West. This Bush culture of corruption which began politically in earnest in Florida in 1998 had permeated itself into every county and municipal government in this state. But where can the people turn to find justice instead of “just us?” The Florida 19th Statewide Grand Jury is proof positive that the establishment rules and has no interest or commitment into the integrity, honesty and morals that are expected by the people. They don’t have to care because they control and manipulate the elections of their chosen ones who are bound to do their dirty deeds without remorse.
Maybe the time has come for the people to reclaim their rights to Fair and Equal Justice under the laws of the land and not the laws of a chosen few who goals are obviously controls of the people.
The 5th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides the power for a Grand Jury of the people without reliance upon a U.S. Attorney to concur in such criminal charges.
The powers for citizen grand juries have been affirmed by several Supreme Court decisions. Justice Powell, in United States v. Calandra, 414 U.S. 338, 343 (1974), stated:
“The grand jury’s historic functions survive to this day. Its responsibilities continue to include both the determination of whether there is probable cause to believe a crime has been committed and the protection of citizens against unfounded criminal prosecutions. Branzburg v. Hayes, 408 U.S. 665, 686-687 (1972).”
In United States v. Williams, 504 U.S. 36 at 48 (1992), Justice
Scalia, delivering the opinion of the court, laid down the law of the land:
This is why many state attorney’s have pushed for so long to abolish the Grand Jury or place little emphasis on the functions of the grand jury.
On June 16, 1858, more than 1,000 Republican delegates met in the Springfield, Illinois, statehouse for the Republican State Convention. At 5:00 p.m. they chose Abraham Lincoln as their candidate for the U.S. Senate, running against Democrat Stephen A. Douglas. At 8:00 p.m. Lincoln delivered this address to his Republican colleagues in the Hall of Representatives. The title reflects part of the speech's introduction, "A house divided against itself cannot stand," a concept familiar to Lincoln's audience as a statement by Jesus recorded in all three synoptic gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke). I want to strike home to the minds of men in order to rouse them to the peril of the times. [This speech was almost three years before the Civil War started on April 12, 1861.]
Lincoln as a statesman, and political philosopher, announced an eternal truth -- not only as broad as America, but covers the world." The speech defeated Lincoln in the Senate campaign, yet he saw it was an abstract truth, and standing by the speech would ultimately find him in the right place."
Where are the Lincoln’s, the John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s and the Ronald Reagan’s the likes of which have been silenced by this dark cloud of influence which seems to have many names but always somehow seems to end up being called the New World Order originally established in 1776.
the real JC
9:13AM MAR 31ST 2014
Christy is bubble gum! Just another brother to be chewed up and finally spit out. the goal is first to have Obama upset the people so bad that the people will not bring about an uprising when the establishment "drafts" Jeb Bush straight into the GOP 2016 presidential race. The Christy debacle along with the Paul Ryan racist attacks are designed to eliminate any possible contention that might come from that side of the non-Bush Compassionate Conservatism Republican's.

Like it or not the USA is going to have an instant replay of Bush vs Clinton. And just like 1992 as Hillary said about Benghazi "what difference does it make?" It's six to one or 1/2 dozen to the other!
9:23AM MAR 31ST 2014
And you can bet when the establishment "drafts" JEB his next step will be to chose MARCO RUBIO as his VP running mate. Can't waste all those years of grooming Rubio to be the idol of those coming over the border now can we.
the real JC
9:12AM MAR 31ST 2014
Christy is bubble gum! Just another brother to be chewed up and finally spit out. the goal is first to have Obama upset the people so bad that the people will not bring about an uprising when the establishment "drafts" Jeb Bush straight into the GOP 2016 presidential race. The Christy debacle along with the Paul Ryan racist attacks are designed to eliminate any possible contention that might come from that side of the non-Bush Compassionate Conservatism Republican's.

Like it or not the USA is going to have an instant replay of Bush vs Clinton. And just like 1992 as Hillary said about Benghazi "what difference does it make?" It's six to one or 1/2 dozen to the other!
the real JC
9:12AM MAR 31ST 2014
Christy is bubble gum! Just another brother to be chewed up and finally spit out. the goal is first to have Obama upset the people so bad that the people will not bring about an uprising when the establishment "drafts" Jeb Bush straight into the GOP 2016 presidential race. The Christy debacle along with the Paul Ryan racist attacks are designed to eliminate any possible contention that might come from that side of the non-Bush Compassionate Conservatism Republican's.

Like it or not the USA is going to have an instant replay of Bush vs Clinton. And just like 1992 as Hillary said about Benghazi "what difference does it make?" It's six to one or 1/2 dozen to the other!
8:43AM MAR 31ST 2014
Stay on top of this one Nancy!
7:02AM MAR 31ST 2014
NJ is a Blue State, with a Democrat Assembly and a Democrat Senate, and Democrats are always in attack mode going after any Republican that could be a threat. Christie is not a threat to anything except his own health, but so many influential media personnel were carrying him on their shoulders as the next Messiah for the White House that the Democrat Muck Squad was called up from the sewer to "fix it." (That's Jersey speak.)
6:59PM MAR 31ST 2014
And "Republicans stain their shorts every time the wind blows against them" . . . that's "RepublicanConscience" speak . . .

Pathetic . . . .

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