Why Nan Rich Supporters Will Never Support Charlie Crist

By: Leslie Wimes | Posted: August 28, 2014 7:40 AM
Leslie Wimes

Leslie Wimes

Tuesday night Charlie-Come-Lately Crist won the Democratic nomination for governor of Florida.

While the voter turnout was low, he still won. Nan Rich, the only true Democrat in the race, was the only hope for progressives who still believe in what being a Democrat is supposed to mean.

Now, with the nomination of Crisco Crist, we see what it means in Florida.


A big fat zero.

Do Florida Democrats have any reason to vote in November? Some say no.

I have been inundated with calls from Democrats who say they will not vote for Crist in November.

To the media, who cruelly and carelessly trashed Nan Rich’s numbers last night, remember this fact: in order for Crist to win in November, he needs us.

While that number couldn’t give Nan Rich the nomination, it certainly can stop Charlie Crist from becoming governor again.

Now let’s talk about unity. Nan Rich has been asked to participate in “uniting” the party.

Being the classy woman she is, of course she will make an appearance. Trust and believe, it is going to take a lot more than Nan Rich to repair the Grand Canyon-sized hole that currently exists in the Florida Democratic Party.

Nan Rich may forgive, but a great number of her supporters will not.

Nor will they support Charlie Crist.

In the not-too-distant past, Charlie Crist wouldn’t acknowledge the fact that Nan Rich was in the race, let alone share a stage with her. Now that he needs her supporters, he wants this unity tour?

Sorry Charlie, we aren’t buying it. You had no time for debates, issues, or Nan Rich. Now, we have no time for you.

Leslie Wimes is a registered nurse who was working in cardiovascular intensive care until she decided to form "Women On The Move," a South Florida-based networking group that promotes positivity in professional and personal areas. Her website of the same name and progressive but independent columns have thousands of readers not only in Florida but across the nation. This column is reprinted from the site with the author's permission.

Comments (44)

Mike Trout
1:36PM SEP 1ST 2014
Even though I was a lifelong Democrat in 2012, I harbored no illusions that the party would foster an environment in which there was a real competition of ideas, if I were to run for congress as a Democrat, and that's why I ran then as a progressive independent. And it's why I'm running now as a progressive independent. I too, naively believed that I would have the opportunity to debate my incumbent opponent. In spite of my repeated calls for a debate, Ted Deutch refused to consider it. Even on the occasion of the presidential debate at Lynn University, in Boca Raton, Ted was praising the debate process to the national media, while refusing to debate his own challengers. My Legislative Platform is as strong as ever, and I hope the voters of CD-21 will consider my campaign. Just Google: DumpDEUTCH.
Ana Gomez-Mallada
7:14AM SEP 1ST 2014
where does Charlie "the windsock" Crist stand on "Stand Your Ground"?
12:19PM AUG 31ST 2014
Good for Leslie Wimes! . . . . now let's NEVER have her EVER complain about the lack of adequate medical care (e.g. Medicaid expansion) in her Florida community . . . . nor hear anything from her about minority voter suppression . . . nor have her complain about the lack of needed services for minorities . . . . nor lobby for an increase to the minimum wage . . . nor be upset about ensuring equal pay and equal opportunity for women . . .

It's her vote, and she wants to leave it at home so everyone suffers (or at least the non-rich, medically underserved, minorities and women) . . . . just because . . . . rather childish, short-sighted and . . .

Pathetic . . . . .
4:22AM AUG 31ST 2014
Not voting for Charlie Crist. Sorry Nan Lost, the true Democrat in this race, but I cannot, with a clear conscience, vote for a Governor (Crist). Just 4 short years ago he stood for everything I abhor. Democrats have already lost this election. Deal with it and nominate a TRUE Democrat next time, not a fake one.
11:43AM SEP 2ND 2014
Really, so what you're really saying is Rick Scott is not so bad! Florida will continue to prosper under his excellent leadership. Oh and in 2016, he wouldn't dare suppress the vote. He'll probably add more early voting days in black and other precincts that vote heavily Democratic. He doesn't remember 2000 and 2004 when Jeb was governor? Who won and who ended up president. Wasn't it so coincidental that the Governor's brother won? And it all really fell to the FLORIDA GOVERNOR to decide who became POTUS for 8 years.
Crist was governor when Obama became president and he ensured that people who wanted to vote, got to vote early and on Sunday and by mail. We need a Democrat in the governors mansion for so many reasons. Overwhelmingly, Florida Democrats chose Crist to lead us! Overwhelmingly, Democrats are trusting him to his word.
Doesn't a governor appoint Florida Supreme Court Justices, Doesn't he/she appoint a Senator, in case something happens to Nelson or Rubio! I can't afford to not vote! I'm a true Blue Democrat and I will vote for my parties nominees every time because I know that many in my party don't always vote every election. And this is why we lose. This is why they have the house and will take over the Senate. Who knows, maybe even the presidency in 2016. Why, because we don't know how to play the game and they are experts! They are sharks who vote religiously and we are donkeys, voting only when its exactly to our liking, the weather is fair and there's an easy parking spot. And there has to be a president involved. We're doomed, we are our own worst enemies. Bill Clinton is here in Miami on Friday to support Crist. I know he's a great Democrat and obviously wants Crist to be governor in 2016 when Hillary finally has her big chance. I don't think they want to chance a truly creepy Republican governor pulling the strings during the election in Florida like 2000 and 2004. They know that history has a habit of repeating itself and they want to protect their chances and they are betting big on Crist because he is our only chance.
Melody A Heilmann
11:48PM AUG 28TH 2014
I will be writing Nan H Rich in on my ballot in November. Some have won elections this way. I won't vote for Crist. We do have 2 very corrupt Reps running for FL Governor. Each backed by a different faction of Big oil. WHY DIDNT MORE DEMS VOTE?!
9:36PM AUG 30TH 2014
I am really confused by these comments! I am sure Nan Rich is a Great Democrat. But she lost. Period. The fact is that most Democrats would rather see a Democrat in office than a disastrous Republican governor who has done a horrible job! Crist is the man that can win this race but he has to have the backing of Nan's supporters or we end up with Rick Scott, again. The man that turned away Obama's billions for the speed train and expanding Medicare protections. The governor that gives hundreds of millions in tax cuts to big corporations and slashes teacher salaries. He's against raising the minimum wage, marriage equality, immigration reform. He wants to see the president impeached! Charlie Crist got in big trouble with his old party when he hugged President Obama. Charlie famously said that he didn't leave the Republican Party, the Republican left him. Now if we can get more Republicans to think like this, we'd b
9:46PM AUG 30TH 2014
be in great shape. I wouldn't dream of writing in Crist's name if he lost or staying away from the polls. I'd be right in there with Nan. Because she is better than Scott and she is the only hope of taking back control of an out of control state. Crist is now our nominee and Dems, liberals, women, blacks, latins, gays, young people, retirees, ALL of us need to get behind him or we all lose. Millions supported Hillary over Barrack. If any of those Hillary supporters stayed home, he'd have had 8 years of McCain and Palin. Scott is just as bad as McCain or Palin, maybe worse. But we won't know because Hillary's supporters supported Barrack in the end.
Melody A Heilmann
11:46PM AUG 28TH 2014
I will be writing Nan H Rich in on my ballot gin November. Some have won elections this way. I won't vote for Crist. We do have 2 very corrupt Reps running for FL Governor. Each backed by a different faction of Big oil.
9:48PM AUG 30TH 2014
Are you a Republican operative planting senseless information to divide and conquer Democrats?
tom James
9:56PM AUG 28TH 2014
Rick Scott owns Sunshine State News! LOL!
12:01AM AUG 29TH 2014
Mr. James, that is your lame answer to everything. If people hate Crist then they are shills for Rick Scott. Get over yourself. I haven't met one person who likes or trusts Crist. Charlie isn't going to win so we hope he's paying you well. (We took your approach to things)
9:22PM AUG 28TH 2014
Leslie Wimes showed her true colors . and they are not Democrat Blue, They are Leslie Wimes green with envy because her views are irrelevant and wrong.
Scott is a disaster that can and must be put out of office.
9:39PM AUG 28TH 2014
But at whose expense must Scott be taken out. This race is now between two Republicans. People, I think, are tired of casting a ballot for someone they absolutely know won't govern according to their ideals. This is a joke. Instead of being apathetic, people should send a strong message - no to both of them. Otherwise, parties will continue shoving special interest candidates at them.
10:00PM AUG 30TH 2014
He is taken out, one vote at a time. NO candidate is perfect. Crist is not perfect but he is 95% better than Scott. Go to a campaign event with him, do some research. People change their views with time. I once voted for Reagan because I was young and listened to my Dad. Give him a chance.
Even if he's 50% better, he's better. And more than anything, I want Florida, Scott Free! When things are bad, Change is good.
Richard Block
9:03PM AUG 29TH 2014
Are you saying that a person can not change partys? If that is the case, than Ronald Reagan is still a Democrat.
Mike Archer
9:15PM AUG 28TH 2014
It's up to Crist. If he wants to win he will reach out to her supporters and respect her issues. Lip service won't do it. Party leadership should have solidified this by now. Without unity, Dems will lose- not to Scott, but to low turnout.
9:40PM AUG 28TH 2014
Crist will make all the promises you want to hear and then do none of them. Crist stands for Crist. If he gets elected -and he's a long shot - he'll abandon the office again in 2016. This is repulsive. My family and I are fed up with Dems shoving people down are throats. We are changing to Independents.
Richard Block
9:05PM AUG 29TH 2014
How do you know that he will leave office in 2016?
Ana Gomez-Mallada
7:17AM SEP 1ST 2014
He will drop Florida like a hot potato in 2016 if someone offers him a spot on the Presidential ticket. He sure was ready to do so if only the Republicans had taken him on in 2008.
stu perlin
8:59PM AUG 28TH 2014
You are wrong, I supported Nan as did most people I know. We are all coming together to defeat scott. Little letters by design. You wait and see, scott is an embarrassment to our state and nation. He must and will be defeated. He paid a 1.3 billion fine for fraud, cashed out for 413 mil. What a crook. FREE FLORIDA, CAN scott
Richard Block
9:13PM AUG 29TH 2014
Thank you stu you are a true Democrat.
9:43PM AUG 28TH 2014
We are not all coming together. Crist is as big a crook as Scott. He believes what special interest tell him to believe. He's a fraud and a phony. We're done with FL Democratic party and we donated a lot over the years. Senator Rich would have made a great governor and they chose this crook to push at us. No more 'least-worst' candidates for me. You're right Ms Wimes. You've got guts to say what many feel.
12:12PM SEP 2ND 2014
Where are the facts behind Crist is a crook? He switched to your side and has embraced your beliefs and values and you condemn him for that? I love someone who comes around to my way of thinking. And that's what most FL Dems feel. At least, that's how they voted.

I don't know much about Nan Rich, Im sorry to say. I know, if she won the primary, I'd be behind her ALL THE WAY. From what I have heard about her, she is awesome. I will support her in every race she is in and I would love it if she someday she becomes Governor or Senator or President.
Nan Rich is supporting Crist for many reasons and I am sure she will want to work with a Democratic Governor in the state house. I am sure she is not so happy with Scott. I am also sure that Crist will have some plum roles for her to fill that will add to her resume and help her advance in the future. Scott has proven himself that he is not the type to reach across the aisle. He has nothing for Nan Rich. He will not further her career. Crist has proven himself as a governor who has reached across the aisle. I just read here that he appointed Bob Butterworth and George Sheldon (Democrats) to the DCF while he was governor. He appointed black judges, one a Democrat to the PSC.
And I am sure these are not exceptions. Scott is not doing this.
2:45PM AUG 28TH 2014
Adrian Wyllie deserves my vote and yours too. He is a honest average Floridian just as you and I , that is willing to stand up and do something for the interest of all of us here in Florida. The other candidates both Republican and Democrat are owned and controlled by special interest, like puppets and will lie to your face to gain your vote, then continue the same old agenda that we complain about year after year. Time to get off this merry-go-round, election after election, thinking it will be any different. Take a stand, vote for the candidate that loves this state and is willing to take time out of his life, effort and money to SERVE the people of Florida and stop voting for these ‘paid for’ career politicians that are only out for money and fame and have zero interest in us Floridians. Even if it’s just for honesty alone, vote for Adrian Wyllie instead of the other two (Scott/Crist) which are proven liars. The choice is yours and yours alone, if you want the same old corruption and slap in the face, go ahead and vote for one of the two puppets (Scott/Crist) OR do what is right for our (yours and your children’s) future and vote for Adrian Wyllie. Support him by donating to his campaign, spreading the word and contribute to the super brochure program which I think is very powerful. Visit his website today.,.,
10:01PM AUG 30TH 2014
2:00PM AUG 28TH 2014
Richard Block
12:48PM AUG 28TH 2014
You're a total shill for Rick Scott. You obviously don't support Nan Rich, because she supports Charlie Crist and has told all her supporters to do the same. Keep campaigning for Rick Scott, but don't tell us you're a Democrat because you're not.
9:46PM AUG 28TH 2014
Hey, knucklehead, I met Ms Wimes at a Nan Rich event. Leslie Wimes is NOT a Rick Scott supporter. That is actually laughable. You are way off base on that.
12:14PM SEP 2ND 2014
Nan Lost! She wants us to vote for Crist. Seek her out and ask her directly, already!
Richard Block
8:43PM AUG 29TH 2014
I am no knucklehead. I am doing everything I can to make sure that Rick Scott is not reelected. A knucklehead is someone who supports Nan Rich but will do nothing to get rid of Rick Scott!
Leslie Wimes
1:09PM AUG 28TH 2014
You act as if I need your, or anyone else's validation as to who or what I am. Guess what? I don't. Nor do I need anyone to tell me what or who to support. Slavery days are over you racist fool.
Richard Block
1:42PM AUG 28TH 2014
That's interesting that you called me a racist. No one has ever called me that. I have fought for and will continue to fight for racial equally my whole life, even for you.
Leslie Wimes
1:53PM AUG 28TH 2014
No different than you calling me a shill for Rick Scott. I don't care who you claim to have fought for. When you start talking trash about me just because I don't agree with what YOU think I should be doing, it makes me question your real motives. People like you don't think Black women are entitled to their own opinions. So again, you are a racist fool.
12:20PM SEP 2ND 2014
Oops! We are all on the same team! Let's all treat each other with the respect all of us deserve. Nan is on the blue team, Charlie, Hillary and Bill are on the blue team. Barrack and Michelle Are the blue team. We are either united...or we lose. Unite or surrender!
Richard Block
2:22PM AUG 29TH 2014
I think you are entitled to your own opinion. I don't have to agree with your opinion, to think Black women are entitled to their own opinions. I notice you love to call people names, including Charlie Crist and me. If you care about black people, you would not be supporting Rick Scott, the real racist fool who made people on welfare take drug tests to get any assistance. He also screwed over his former Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll, a Black woman. I can go on and on on why Rick Scott is not helping the Black community. Please give me a reason why a vote for Rick Scott will help the Black community. The Democrats are the only party that truly want to help the Black community. If you are not a shill for Rick Scott, prove it! I have proved why I am not a racist fool, just ask any of the leaders of the Black community in my town, Trenton, FL.
10:25AM AUG 29TH 2014
The Primary is over. Nan lost, Charlie won. Florida needs change badly. Therefore, you are either for Scott or against him. Nan called for her supporters to back Christ. That you continue to raise decension puts you in the for Scott catagory. Shame on you! While I personally wish we had a better choice, Christ is far better than Scott. So quit working for Scott and start working for change.
Paul Harrison
11:51AM AUG 28TH 2014
Not exactly a fan, but it reminds me of the Clinton vs Obama match-up where, when Obama won the primaries, many Clinton supporters claimed Obama would never get the Clinton Democrats to vote for him.

Scott is, rightly or wrongly, a deeply unpopular governor, both across the State as a whole, and especially amongst Democrats. It seems improbable that Democrats will ignore their feelings about the current governor for the sake of ideological purity.
9:48PM AUG 28TH 2014
Holy Moly. Comparing Clinton/Obama as candidates and their primary is an insult to them. Crist is a Republican in mind, heart and soul. He is a lifelong politician who knows how to campaign. He is an opportunistic self absorbed man. I can't see people coming out to vote for Charlie Crist without an air sick bag. Make your peace with Rick Scott because he's in another 4 yrs
10:11PM AUG 30TH 2014
How do you know what is in the mind, heart and soul of any person? How can you not allow that people can change? Obama has changed radically. I don't like it, but I still strongly support him. Hillary has changed quite a bit, too. Crist says he has changed and I trust him. He gave Obama a hug. Republicans run from him or point their fingers in his face, they don't give him hugs. Have a little faith! He will be a million times better than this creep we have right now.
Paul Harrison
10:44AM AUG 29TH 2014
You're angry that your candidate lost. I get it.

I also see reasons to be unhappy with "Chaingang Charlie" (remember that?) as the Democratic nominee. I get that too.

But, whatever he may have done to get the Republican nomination, Governor Crist was not representative of the extremist side of the Republicans. He re-enfranchised felons who'd served their time, acknowledging that disproportionate enforcement against minorities and the use of the law to target cultural groups meant that such disenfranchisement was nothing more than a way to rig the vote. He supported Florida HSR (a $2.5B project that would have created tens of thousands of jobs, just for the Tampa to Orlando service) and Amtrak FEC service that would have restored connectivity to the East coast. He actually (*gasp*) figured Florida needed help when the recession hit and worked with the President to get it. He did what he could to protect public sector jobs like teachers.

That's why Republicans hate Crist. They hated him before he changed party. Crist lost to Rubio for a reason.

Scott? That's the guy that turned down Medicare expansion so he could stick it to Obama. The guy who turned down FLHSR's $2B+ so... he could stick it to Obama. He's the guy who fired huge swathes of the public sector so they could compete with the other victims of the recession for the handful of jobs that were available. He's the guy who introduced completely unnecessary and invasive mandatory drugs testing for public employees and recipients of safety net programs so that his private medical services business could rake in millions in State money.

So, short of Crist coming out against something major I consider important, I'll be holding my nose and voting for the ex-Republican in November. Like virtually every election, it's the choice between two things I'm not enthusiastic about.

Take a deep breath. Recognize the world isn't perfect. And be glad you don't live on the Treasure Coast where all of our candidates compete to be the most awful, not just those running in the Gubinatorial races.
larry wool
10:17AM AUG 28TH 2014
Just remember, not voting for Crist is a vote for Rick Scott. (But you already know that, don't you.)
10:11AM AUG 28TH 2014
Apparently 75% of democrat voters have Charlie amnesia. Wait! Is he still democrat today?
10:12PM AUG 30TH 2014
and what of Scott amnesia?

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