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St. Petersburg Times Odds do not favor backers of bill to allow new casinos in South Florida

TALLAHASSEE — The odds of passing a sweeping rewrite of the state's gambling laws appeared long on Thursday as a House committee began debate on a draft proposal to expand gambling in Florida and ended with no commitment to take up the bill for a vote.

St. Petersburg Times U.S. House passes bill changing Medicare fee formula, extending children's insurance

The House overwhelmingly approved sweeping changes to the Medicare system Thursday, in the most significant bipartisan policy legislation to pass through that chamber since the Republicans regained a majority in 2011.

St. Petersburg Times Voters suggest Amendment 1 funds were supposed to be spent acquiring land

TALLAHASSEE — John Hendershot was one of 4.2 million Floridians who voted for Amendment 1, helping it pass by an overwhelming majority in November.

St. Petersburg Times Buzz: Senate alternative to Medicaid expansion heads to floor <br /><br />

A third panel approved the Senate's proposed alternative to Medicaid expansion and now the measure is headed to a floor vote.

St. Petersburg Times Senate finds compromise on student testing

TALLAHASSEE — Florida lawmakers may have found a middle ground on the controversial subject of student testing.

St. Petersburg Times In Tampa's non-partisan council race, party politics mattered

TAMPA — When City Council member-elect Guido Maniscalco said on Election Night that he'd secured his 151-vote victory thanks to voters who went to the poll that day, he was right. And it looks like party politics drove this non-partisan race.

St. Petersburg Times Jeb Bush returns to Washington fundraising well

WASHINGTON — "I'm not an expert on the ways of Washington," Jeb Bush told conservatives last month when he was asked about a funding dispute in Congress.

St. Petersburg Times Gov. Rick Scott and Cabinet refuse to honor Confederate war heroes

TALLAHASSEE — In an emotional clash between race and Southern heritage, Gov. Rick Scott and the Cabinet on Tuesday refused to honor three prominent Floridians who were Confederate heroes during the Civil War.

St. Petersburg Times Gun-shy governor, Cabinet balk at transfer of hurricane risk

TALLAHASSEE – After nine straight years without a major hurricane, Florida's catastrophic insurance fund is flush with cash to pay claims and the cost of backup reinsurance is cheaper than ever.

St. Petersburg Times Florida House and Senate battle over tax cuts

TALLAHASSEE -- The tax cut battle lines have been drawn.

St. Petersburg Times Gun advocates win victories in House, Senate

TALLAHASSEE — Florida gun rights activists' had a victorious day in the Capitol as the Republican-controlled Legislature considered two St. Petersburg lawmakers' bills, passing one through the Senate and shooting down the other.

St. Petersburg Times Florida Senate votes to oppose U.S.-Cuba relations

TALLAHASSEE — In an emotional speech Tuesday, Sen. Anitere Flores, R-Miami, asked her fellow lawmakers to oppose President Barack Obama's recent decision to open up diplomatic relations with Cuba. All but one agreed.

St. Petersburg Times Florida House version of prison reform whittled down, rejects independent prison oversight

TALLAHASSEE — A 51-page prison reform bill intended to weed out abuse and corruption at the state's troubled corrections agency has been whittled down to a modest 12 pages in the House amid quiet opposition from Gov. Rick Scott's administration.

St. Petersburg Times Lawmakers seek limits to criminally charging youth as adults

TALLAHASSEE — When he was 16, Miguel Marino was arrested for breaking into an unoccupied home in Hillsborough County.

St. Petersburg Times Bill would give more choices to Florida students

TALLAHASSEE — Kameela Russell's daughter acted out at her neighborhood school, Madie Ives Elementary in northeast Miami-Dade.

St. Petersburg Times Bousquet: Veteran Pinellas Sen. Jack Latvala is blunt but effective

He's gruff and he's tough, and those are just two of the more endearing traits of state Sen. Jack Latvala.

St. Petersburg Times Voters in West Tampa, South Tampa, Seminole Heights to decide council runoff

TAMPA — Voters in West Tampa, Seminole Heights and parts of South Tampa go to the polls Tuesday to settle the hard-fought City Council District 6 runoff between Jackie Toledo and Guido Maniscalco.

St. Petersburg Times With Rep. Patrick Murphy in, Florida's 2016 Senate race is on

WASHINGTON — U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy, a 31-year-old Democrat from South Florida, on Monday announced his campaign for the U.S. Senate seat held by Marco Rubio, the first salvo in what should be a hotly contested race as Rubio is likely to run instead for president.

St. Petersburg Times Why Ted Cruz is a problem for Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz's entry into the Republican primary for president could bring headaches for two likely rivals from Florida, Sen. Marco Rubio and former Gov. Jeb Bush.

St. Petersburg Times Door shuts in Tallahassee on full-fledged medical marijuana

Non-euphoric pot may nudge forward in the Legislature this year, but the window for a full-fledged medical marijuana system has all but slammed shut.

St. Petersburg Times Columba Bush's painful, unlikely road toward the White House

LEÓN, Mexico — The story of Columba and Jeb Bush began by happenstance in 1971, on the elegant, sun-washed central plaza of this city in the heart of Mexico.

St. Petersburg Times PolitiFact Florida: Most of Jeb Bush's emails are public record

A claim that the former governor released 10 percent of them is wrong.

St. Petersburg Times PunditFact: Israeli ambassador tells U.S. audience Netanyahu didn't flip-flop on two-state solution

Did Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu flip-flop on the creation of a Palestinian state as part of a peace deal in the Middle East to help secure re-election?

St. Petersburg Times Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz to launch presidential bid on Monday

WASHINGTON — Texas Sen. Ted Cruz will announce Monday his plans to run for president, becoming the first high-profile Republican formally to enter the 2016 presidential contest.

St. Petersburg Times Seen as linchpin, Florida is focus of Jeb Bush's 2016 plan

TALLAHASSEE — The political apparatus surrounding former Gov. Jeb Bush, determined to avoid embarrassment in a state that has vexed his party and family in national elections, is plotting a vast operation aimed at turning Florida into a bulwark for his presidential campaign, according to dozens of interviews.

St. Petersburg Times Group petitions for inquiry into claims of 'climate change' ban

TALLAHASSEE — An environmental group wants Florida's inspector general to check out reports of an unwritten policy prohibiting state agencies from using the terms "climate change" and "global warming."

St. Petersburg Times Candidates in Tampa council runoff have different styles

TAMPA — Not since a guy threw a chair at Joe Redner has Tampa politics seen a local race as ugly or personal as the one between Guido Maniscalco and Jackie Toledo.

St. Petersburg Times The Miami billionaire backing Marco Rubio's presidential ambitions

MIAMI — The tattered American flag that hung inside Marco Rubio's office when he was Florida House speaker was a patriotic statement, a nod to his immigrant family's success story — and a sign of his close relationship with the man who loaned him the 1775 antique, an auto magnate named Norman Braman.

St. Petersburg Times Liberal group calls for investigation into Jeb Bush's emails

A liberal group also wants him to be fined.

St. Petersburg Times Gay adoptions would be limited under proposed amendment

One week after Florida's first openly gay lawmaker announced the state might finally strike its unconstitutional 1977 gay adoption ban, conservatives have quietly crafted a legislative amendment that would allow private agencies to deny adoptions based on "religious or moral convictions."