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St. Petersburg Times The Florida House approves a prison reform plan as lawmakers commit to creating a joint committee to finish the job

TALLAHASSEE — The investigative staff at the Department of Corrections would face an overhaul, officers who injure inmates could be subject to felonies, and the state would start a pilot project to put body cameras on prison guards, under a prison reform bill unanimously approved Friday by the Florida House.

St. Petersburg Times Despite $600 million offer, Florida Senate refuses to back off Medicaid expansion

TALLAHASSEE — It was intended to be an offer the Florida Senate couldn't refuse: Give up the quest to expand Medicaid and the Florida House would set aside $600 million in state money to protect hospitals and county health departments facing extreme budget cuts.

St. Petersburg Times A slimmer Jeb Bush seems intent on staying that way

Steak Tips Susanne, the $21 entree at the Hilton Garden Inn in Manchester, N.H., arrived as a carefully composed plate: strips of sirloin, sautéed peppers and caramelized onions atop a bed of linguine with a side of garlic bread.

St. Petersburg Times As U.S. Sugar flexes muscle, Amendment 1 supporters fret about less money for land purchases

TALLAHASSEE — Supporters of Amendment 1, an environmental ballot measure that passed last year with a resounding 75 percent of the vote, are bracing for a legal battle with legislators over how to spend a $740 million windfall.

St. Petersburg Times Growler bill passes in Legislature after three years of debate

TALLAHASSEE — After a battle that lasted three years and pumped more than $1 million to lobbyists, craft breweries will soon be allowed to sell their beer in half-gallon growlers.

St. Petersburg Times Marco Rubio's finances have presented an opportunity — and a curse

WASHINGTON — Marco Rubio nearly quit politics.

St. Petersburg Times Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio walk careful line on immigration reform

NASHUA, N.H. — Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio have turned explaining their similar positions on immigration reform into a political art form.

St. Petersburg Times In Tallahassee, Republican family feud grinds legislative session to a halt

TALLAHASSEE — Republicans in the Florida Legislature have met the enemy, and it is them.

St. Petersburg Times Buckhorn uses first pitch to discuss his support for a Tampa stadium

ST. PETERSBURG — Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn threw the ceremonial first pitch Thursday night at Tropicana Field, using the opportunity to discuss his willingness to work with the Rays with team president Brian Auld and other officials.

St. Petersburg Times Fracking bills passed by divided Senate committee

TALLAHASSEE — Despite warnings that they were creating a road map for companies to circumvent the state's public records law, a divided Senate committee advanced a bill Thursday that could allow oil and gas companies to shield the chemicals used in the fracking process.

St. Petersburg Times Florida House, Senate far from compromise on Uber regulation

TALLAHASSEE — Uber and Lyft drivers will have to buy special insurance under legislation passed Thursday by the Florida Senate and poised for a vote Friday by the House.

St. Petersburg Times Florida law restricting doctors from asking about guns is subject of JAMA article

Physicians acknowledge that they ask their patients questions that, in any other context, would be considered nosy and meddlesome.

St. Petersburg Times Gov. Rick Scott, state officials, use Canadian firm to attract jobs to Florida

TALLAHASSEE — Gov. Rick Scott's two-day job-poaching jaunt to Philadelphia in February cost more than $43,000, including fees paid to a company in Canada that set up meetings with U.S. employers.

St. Petersburg Times Gov. Rick Scott threatens Republican senators with veto power

TALLAHASSEE — As a confrontation over the state budget escalated, Gov. Rick Scott on Wednesday privately called several Republican senators into his office individually, threatening to veto their priorities without their cooperation.

St. Petersburg Times Romano: Rick Scott accuses feds of bullying -- then threatens senators over budget

It's probably fair to say the governor was fed up.

St. Petersburg Times Some wonder whether Rubio will run for Senate

One by one they have taken a pass. Pam Bondi. Jeff Atwater. Will Weatherford. Tom Rooney.

St. Petersburg Times House committee approves bill to phase out dog racing

TALLAHASSEE — The calm in the lobbyist-packed committee room belied the intensity of the behind-the-scenes battle under way to end the House of Representatives' resistance to gambling expansion.

St. Petersburg Times Florida Senate to convene rare workshop on Medicaid expansion

President Andy Gardiner, R-Orlando, is convening all members of the Florida Senate on Tuesday to discuss the precarious situation involving the health care budget.

St. Petersburg Times Florida agrees to end lawsuit over state worker drug tests

TALLAHASSEE Florida to end fight to drug-test workers

St. Petersburg Times Senate sends Scott a message with freeze on nominees

In the eighth week of the nine-week legislative session, the Florida Senate has not yet confirmed more than a dozen of Gov. Rick Scott's agency heads. All 13 remain bottled up in the Senate Ethics and Elections Committee, which is not set to meet again before the scheduled end of the session May 1.

St. Petersburg Times Steve Bousquet: Sen. Don Gaetz keeps 'ethics conversation' going in Tallahassee

"Ethics in government" might strike some people as an oxymoron. But it's a serious subject, it's back before the Legislature, and ethics watchdogs like what they see.

St. Petersburg Times New 'Clinton Cash' book stirs up candidacy

The book does not hit shelves until May 5, but already Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul has called its findings "big news" that will "shock people" and make voters "question" the candidacy of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

St. Petersburg Times PolitiFact Florida: Rubio doesn't like Dreamer policy but never voted for deportation

On the day Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., announced his presidential campaign, opponents came out with an ad attacking his record.

St. Petersburg Times In New Hampshire, signs of strain emerge between Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio

NASHUA, N.H. — That Jeb Bush's surprise decision in December to explore a 2016 Republican presidential run would complicate the ambitions of his erstwhile Florida protégé Marco Rubio seemed a given.

St. Petersburg Times Private prison vendors could face new scrutiny in Florida

TALLAHASSEE — Looming in the background in the legislative debate over prison reform is a question that could come into new focus: How productive was the move to privatize prisons and inmate health care and how much farther should it go?

St. Petersburg Times Bush calls for compromise on Medicaid

Jeb Bush was known more as a my-way-or-the-highway governor than a compromiser, but campaigning in New Hampshire last week he called on Florida and federal leaders to hammer out a deal to overcome a stalemate over funding hospital care and expanding Medicaid.

St. Petersburg Times Slew of health care proposals gain steam late in session

Medicaid aside, there are many proposals, including telehealth to provide remote care.

St. Petersburg Times Florida House Republicans: Trust no one but us

Here's what you need to understand about how Republicans in the state House of Representatives view themselves: They are right. Always and only.

St. Petersburg Times Marco Rubio wants to become household name in New Hampshire

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St. Petersburg Times Hillary Clinton staying away from Florida for now, but supporters get rolling

Florida Democrats are ready for Hillary, even if Hillary Clinton is not yet ready for them.