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St. Petersburg Times Watchdog groups ask Justice Department to investigate Jeb Bush's Super Pac

Two watchdog groups on Wednesday asked the Justice Department to investigate whether Jeb Bush and his Super PAC are "engaged in knowing and willful violations of the campaign finance laws," the latest in a string of complaints against the Florida Republican.

St. Petersburg Times Obama to raise cash in Miami, tour National Hurricane Center

President Barack Obama, who isn't running for any political office anymore, will use the power of the presidency on Wednesday to help the Democratic Party raise money for the 2016 election.

St. Petersburg Times New EPA clean water rules on stream protection hailed, criticized

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama on Wednesday announced a sweeping new clean water regulation meant to restore the federal government's authority to limit pollution in the nation's rivers, lakes, streams and wetlands.

St. Petersburg Times Republican Rick Santorum launching second White House run

WASHINGTON — A spokesman for Rick Santorum says the former Pennsylvania senator is running for president.

St. Petersburg Times State releases personal data on 13,000 people, issues 'fraud alert'

TALLAHASSEE — For the second time in two months, Gov. Rick Scott's administration has acknowledged it inadvertently released confidential personal data of private citizens, prompting the state to offer free credit monitoring services to protect people from being victims of identity theft.

St. Petersburg Times Tampa Bay business leaders push Gov. Rick Scott to support expanding Medicaid

The pro-business, largely Republican coalition of Tampa Bay executives and power brokers looks like a group that would be largely supportive of Gov. Rick Scott.

St. Petersburg Times Seeking budget breakthrough, Florida Senate offers to change its health plan

Florida Senate President Andy Gardiner on Tuesday offered a revamped version of a health care expansion proposal in an effort to gain House support and a possible breakthrough in advance of next week's special session on the budget.

St. Petersburg Times Bousquet: 'Panacea' for what's gone wrong at the Capitol

The Florida Legislature's regular session was short on accomplishments, all right.

St. Petersburg Times PolitiFact Florida: Abortion rights group gets it wrong on Bush and family planning

A Democratic political action committee ripped Jeb Bush's presidential campaign, saying his positions as Florida's governor preview what he'd be like as commander in chief — particularly when it comes to women's issues.

St. Petersburg Times Marco Rubio's tax proposal challenges Republican Party's economic orthodoxy

WASHINGTON — Ever since 1981, when Ronald Reagan sat outside his California ranch and signed a tax-reform law that reversed half a century of mostly climbing rates, the pursuit of ever-lower income tax brackets has been the prime goal of Republican economic policy.

St. Petersburg Times Faith-based leaders united Republicans, Democrats to reduce Florida youth arrests

TALLAHASSEE — James Myles is more comfortable mentoring troubled teenagers in St. Petersburg than glad-handing lawmakers in the Florida Capitol.

St. Petersburg Times History shows Democrats unlikely to make hay from state GOP budget troubles

Health care will be an issue again next session, in an election year.

St. Petersburg Times Florida's Jewish voters a target for 2016 Republicans, but a near lock for Democrats

TAMARAC — Republicans can't win the White House without winning Florida, so every presidential election cycle they look longingly at Florida's Jewish voters.

St. Petersburg Times Gov. Rick Scott okays 44 new laws including changes to child welfare, juvenile sentencing

TALLAHASSEE — Overhauls to juvenile sentencing and child welfare, as well as a provision allowing the concealed carry of guns during emergency evacuations, are among the 44 bills signed into law by Gov. Rick Scott on Thursday.

St. Petersburg Times Liberal groups dig for dirt on Jeb Bush, other GOP candidates

WASHINGTON — Jeb Bush was in New Hampshire, talking to voters about the education standards called Common Core.

St. Petersburg Times First batch of Hillary Clinton emails captures concerns over Libya

WASHINGTON — The State Department is expected to release the first batch of emails from Hillary Rodham Clinton's private email address in the coming days.

St. Petersburg Times Federal review hints at possible $1B in LIP money to Florida

TALLAHASSEE — The federal government told Florida on Thursday that its preliminary review shows that the state would need $1 billion next year to continue the so-called low income pool or LIP program that reimburses major hospitals, including Tampa General and Miami's Jackson Health System, for the cost of uncompensated care.

St. Petersburg Times Rand Paul basks in his chatty stand against the Patriot Act

WASHINGTON — Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul drew important attention to his presidential campaign Wednesday with what he advertised as a filibuster against the Patriot Act, taking the Senate floor for a talkathon as time runs out for Congress to renew the law used for the mass collection of Americans' phone records.

St. Petersburg Times Jeb Bush again says he's on his own path, while embracing family ties (w/video)

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. — Before a question was even asked at a round-table event here, Jeb Bush delivered blunt advice to those who view his last name as a burden: Get over it.

St. Petersburg Times No shutdown, Hillsborough lawmakers predict for special session

TAMPA — No shutdown. That was the message, prediction and all-but-ironclad promise from eight Hillsborough County legislators to more than 100 executives at a Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce lunch Wednesday.

St. Petersburg Times Gov. Rick Scott's health care commission meets to talk about Medicaid, hospital profits

TALLAHASSEE — A commission set up this month by Gov. Rick Scott to address health care funding will meet for the first time Wednesday afternoon to discuss providing health care to low-income Floridians and the financial affairs of the state's hospitals.

St. Petersburg Times Former state GOP chairman elected Jacksonville mayor

Former Republican Party of Florida chairman Lenny Curry defeated Democratic incumbent Mayor Alvin Brown on Tuesday with help from powerful friends like Sen. Marco Rubio and former Gov. Jeb Bush.

St. Petersburg Times Clinton urges State Department to speed release of emails

A State Department plan for a release by 2016 doesn't please the candidate or the courts.

St. Petersburg Times No teacher pay, private prison monitoring if government shuts down

TALLAHASSEE — If the state government shuts down July 1, street lights will go dark, teachers will go unpaid and the state will stop monitoring privately owned prisons.

St. Petersburg Times Between sessions, a peek inside Florida lawmakers' Medicaid mailbag

They sound angry, disappointed and embarrassed. But they still have hope.

St. Petersburg Times As technical difficulties with Florida's unemployment system persist, state seeks more money

TALLAHASSEE — Typically, when an agency chief cuts the number of employees, the state saves money.

St. Petersburg Times Sen. Marco Rubio's latest financial disclosures show added wealth from book royalties

WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio earned more than $30,000 in additional book royalties in 2014, according to his latest financial disclosure.

St. Petersburg Times Florida Senate and House agree to scope of special session

Florida Senate and House leaders said late Friday that they have agreed to the scope of a special session starting June 1.

The session became necessary after the two chambers failed to reach an agreement on a budget last month in a standoff over health care spending.

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St. Petersburg Times Adam C. Smith: Maybe the Democrats need eccentric Alan Grayson for Senate

The first time I saw Alan Grayson was in a hotel lobby in Denver during the 2008 Democratic National Convention. He leaned his 6-foot-4 frame menacingly over an uneasy-looking U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, lighting into the DNC chairwoman for not taking his first campaign for Congress more seriously. The last time I spoke with him, on …

St. Petersburg Times Marco Rubio's wife long an unseen presence in his career

She didn't want to be a senator's wife. But she challenged him to man up if he had such a problem with Charlie Crist. When he reached the nadir of doubt and decided to quit the campaign, she persuaded him to keep going.