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St. Petersburg Times Records reveal close ties between Pam Bondi and lobbyists

TALLAHASSEE — Partners with a powerful Washington, D.C., law firm aren't registered as Florida lobbyists, but that hasn't stopped them from wining and dining Attorney General Pam Bondi the past four years to discuss clients.

St. Petersburg Times Amendment asks voters to let outgoing governor name judges

TALLAHASSEE — Florida voters are being asked to approve a little-noticed amendment to the state Constitution that would rewrite the way judges are appointed to the state's highest courts and strengthen the powers of governors who are leaving office.

St. Petersburg Times Florida Insider Poll: Democrats, Republicans equally optimistic on governor's race

This is Florida, so maybe we shouldn't be surprised by the results of our final Florida Insider Poll of the 2014 election cycle: More than 140 of Florida's most sophisticated political operators view the neck-and-neck gubernatorial race between Charlie Crist and Rick Scott in starkly partisan terms.

St. Petersburg Times Speeches, campaigning wind down; voters head to polls Tuesday

About 20 percent of potential votes are in.

St. Petersburg Times Report: Red Cross left volunteers at Republican National Convention in Tampa instead of helping Isaac victims

TAMPA — Despite receiving millions of dollars in donations, the Red Cross botched recovery efforts after Hurricane Isaac and Superstorm Sandy and part of the problem revolved around the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, an investigation by ProPublica and

St. Petersburg Times U.S. Justice Department watching for voting irregularities in Florida

TALLAHASSEE — The U.S. Department of Justice says it will be on the lookout for voting irregularities in Florida and is publicizing a Tampa telephone line so people who suspect voting rights abuses can report it to federal prosecutors.

St. Petersburg Times Corporations lavish gifts on states' attorneys general to squelch investigations

St. Petersburg Times Hernando blogger critical of candidates has his own problems with election laws

BROOKSVILLE — During the weeks leading up to the August primary election, local news junkies could read one posting after another critical of local Democratic candidates on a new Internet blog.

St. Petersburg Times The Buzz: Three-time loss would make history books

Charlie Crist is courting political history in next week's election.

St. Petersburg Times Legal questions surround Florida's potential medical marijuana amendment

Florida's Amendment 2, which would legalize medical marijuana, contains new protections for patients, doctors, caregivers and dispensaries: Those who follow the rules will not suffer "civil liability or sanctions.''

St. Petersburg Times New poll shows approval for medical marijuana initiative

A new poll commissioned by the sponsor of Florida's Amendment 2, which would legalize marijuana for medical use, shows 62 percent of likely voters will approve it, 35 percent are opposed and 3 percent are undecided, according to a United for Care release.

St. Petersburg Times The nightmare scenario: A race for Florida governor too close to call

TALLAHASSEE — It's the nightmare scenario nobody wants to discuss: an election night result for Florida governor that's so close it demands a recount.

St. Petersburg Times Gov. Scott tells lawmakers that Florida is prepared for Ebola

TALLAHASSEE — In a brief conference call with Florida lawmakers Tuesday, Gov. Rick Scott led with the only update that mattered.

St. Petersburg Times Brandon Sen. Tom Lee draws only write-in opposition

His competition in District 24? Only two-write ins.

St. Petersburg Times In Pinellas, Duke Energy claim stirs bipartisan mudslinging

ST. PETERSBURG — With Election Day a week off, some Pinellas candidates have reached an odd moment of bipartisanship: Democrats and Republicans are slinging the same mud at each other.

St. Petersburg Times In Florida's early vote wars, Rick Scott leading but Charlie Crist gaining

The race for Florida governor is tied in the polls, but the past week has brought more good numbers for Democrat Charlie Crist than Gov. Rick Scott.

St. Petersburg Times Bousquet column: On Gov. Rick Scott's campaign bus, every minute counts

Charlie Crist has his fan, and Rick Scott has his timer.

St. Petersburg Times Bush family rallies around Jeb Bush for likely 2016 presidential run

WASHINGTON — When Jeb Bush decides whether to run for president, there will be no family meeting à la Mitt Romney, no gathering at Walker's Point in Kennebunkport, Maine, to go over the pros and cons.

St. Petersburg Times As Democrat, Charlie Crist would still tilt toward center if elected to second term

TALLAHASSEE — Charlie Crist may be the Democratic Party's best hope of regaining the Governor's Mansion after a 16-year drought, but those who know him well say that if he gets his former job back, the newly-minted Democrat will govern much like the Republican he was four years ago.

St. Petersburg Times Charlie Crist flubs talking point on property insurance regulation

A claim made about insurance rates confuses two types of insurance.

St. Petersburg Times Fact-checking the Sunday news show

Discussion about the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, and how the virus has spread to the United States, has produced a string of inaccurate claims in recent weeks.

St. Petersburg Times The Buzz: Maxed out on TV commercials

It's no secret that Florida is essentially several different states in one. How one area of Florida views the world — and votes — is often quite different from how another does. The Tampa Bay Times tried a little experiment one evening last week, monitoring the political commercials that aired in three distinct TV …

St. Petersburg Times Cabinet candidates seem assured of re-election yet still build warchests

TALLAHASSEE — Both Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam and Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater are shoo-ins for re-election on Nov. 4.

St. Petersburg Times Mail and early voting surging ahead of Nov. 4 election

In Pinellas County, 52 percent of the approximately 269,000 ballots mailed to voters were returned by Friday afternoon.

St. Petersburg Times Republicans eye supermajority in the Florida House

TALLAHASSEE — For Republicans in the Florida House, five is the magic number.

St. Petersburg Times Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, as part of Republican AG coalition, active in faraway court fights

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St. Petersburg Times In North Florida, a barn-burner of a race for Congress

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St. Petersburg Times Campaign jabs aside, Pinellas commission candidates differ on key issues

Ugly and expensive. The race for the Pinellas County Commission's countywide District 2 seat has been both. For months, Largo Mayor Pat Gerard and state Rep. Ed Hooper have hurled accusations at one another and spent tens of thousands of dollars on attack ads and direct mail pieces.

St. Petersburg Times PolitiFact: Republicans ads attack Democrats for voting with Obama

In many races this election season, the favorite Republican talking point against Democratic incumbents is how often they voted with President Barack Obama.

St. Petersburg Times Gov. Rick Scott won't show for deposition but will attend fundraiser instead

TALLAHASSEE — Gov. Rick Scott is planning not to appear Friday for a deposition in a lawsuit he filed in California to block the release of information about Google email accounts used by him and his executive staff.